The Death Card

    Should we be afraid when the Death card appears in our tarot spread?  It's rather ominous looking, and can be quite frightening if we don't know what the card truly represents.  But more times than not, the Death card can actually symbolize the conclusion or ending of a matter long drawn out, and the harkening of a new, welcome change. 

    The death card really doesn't represent physical death at all.  It represents the death of a thing.  When we see this card we think of divorce, a new marriage, a loss of innocence, the ending of a job, the changing of a significant position, the loss of a dream, or the beginning of a new one.  It can resemble a move, a new home, a new social circle.  (For with these new things must necessarily come an ending of the old home, the old social circles and the like.) 

    So you see, the death card can really be received with a measure of welcome as opposed to dread.  Dread is misplaced when in the company of this particular card.  Don't be afraid...change is good!

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