The Diversity of Family                                         

(an epiphany whilst peering over a turkey)


     Interesting Thanksgiving, yet again. We had the various interests represented; scientist, engineer, lawyer, writer, Inner Sanctum1computer whiz and Reverend, among others.

     The various and sundry religions had adequate representation, as well; one Fundamentalist, one Mystic, two Scientologists, two Catholics, one naysayer and a few Agnostics. (All we needed was a practicing Wiccan to REALLY spice things up!) Entrances into more meatier discussions were, therefore, a bit tentative at first. No one wanted to step on the very interesting and diverse toes in the room.  Thank goodness we all had enough respect and love for each other to actually listen, and to never be insulting.

     Half way through an insanely complex discussion on the ramifications of digital evolution I actually felt the significance of that realization. "Wow. You mean I can theorize to my hearts content about the role of true faith as it pertains to multi dimensional evolution and no one is TRULY inclined to judge?"

     I ultimately concluded that true personal growth exhibits itself in one's ability to listen (quietly) to another's opinion, no matter how short sighted and/or inflammatory, as well as to ask appropriate, thoughtful questions without dripping judgment and sarcasm. I am amazed, still, that my family, in light of the differences, is able to do this, and with such success. The Fundamentalist no doubt raises his inner brow at the Scientologist, the Agnostic sighs aloud at the ramblings of the Mystic, and the scientifically inclined Catholics roll their mental eyes at the conjecture of the remaining faithful.

     Inevitable. A bit funny. Very touching. What a blessing to have a diverse group of people able to allow for the differences, while still loving the person. And not degrade. Not put down. Not laugh aloud and flee the room.

     Ahhh, yes. This IS what it's all about, folks. A marvelous Thanksgiving it was.


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