The Edgar Cayce Companion


A comprehensive Treatise of the Edgar Cayce Readings


compiled by B. Ernest Frejer


    For anyone unfamiliar with the life and prophecies of Edgar Cayce, the renown medium known as the "Sleeping Prophet," The Edgar Cayce Companion may not be the most appropriate place to begin your quest for Cayce knowledge.  It consists of Cayce's transcribed readings only, without much of the "filler" one might find in other books on this topic. 

    However, for those with some knowledge and familiarity of the subject matter, this reference book most assuredly hits the mark.  In his life and career as a medium, Cayce gave thousands of readings on such diverse issues as health, nutrition and past lives.  The "force" which spoke through Cayce, which the medium himself referred to as the Universal Consciousness, quite often spoke in a very complex, convoluted style.  (Not quite old English but certainly close enough.)  This can be a bit of a distraction for more casual, non-focused readers.  One must, at times, set one's mind quite firmly to the task of focusing in order to wholly understand the context and substance of Cayce's readings.  They are not unlike Shakespeare; one must labor a bit before getting into the flow of the writing, but once in, it is fairly marvelous.

    The Edgar Cayce Companion covers a variety of topics, such as Jesus' life and ministry, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Cayce's own past lives, nutrition and hygiene, as well as remedies for such maladies as obesity, constipation, tooth decay and depression.  Of the more interesting issues covered are Cayce's readings on coming world changes, meditation, chakras (which he links with our endocrine system) and reincarnation.  For anyone with even a modicum of interest in these subjects, The Edgar Cayce Companion is the book for you.

    Edgar Cayce as a man appealed (and still does appeal) to many divergent minds due to his background and evolution as a psychic.  He started out like many of us; in a small, rather regressed town, and in a strict, principled organized church.  That he transcended the confines of that experience is no less than amazing, given the scenario.  As a Fundamentalist, Cayce was afraid of his own gift and the potential it represented.  However, upon setting aside his fear and anxiety over what at first must have appeared like the "devil's work," the messages and readings grew and evolved, as did much of the world's reaction to him as both man and medium. 

    This book is recommended for readers who already have some knowledge of both Cayce and his life's work.  For those interested in a more fundamental perspective on Cayce and his career, "The Sleeping Prophet" by Jess Stearns is strongly suggested.

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