Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga is called the "yoga of consciousness."  This style of yoga combines the use of correct and effective breathing (pranayama), bodily alignment and body movement.  Kripalu yoga does not ask the student to push too far or to exceed what said student is naturally inclined to do; instead, this form of yoga asks the student to continue with the yoga progression within the individual's personal abilities and capacities.  

It is the assertion of kripalu yoga that upon finding one's individual awareness, bodily alignment (and therefore kripalu yoga success) will necessarily follow.  There are three separate and distinct phases to kripalu.  The first phase involves actually learning and committing to knowledge the various kripalu postures, as well as determining what the natural abilities of the student are (i.e., how  much work must be done before kripalu yoga success--and/or awareness/intuition-- will be achieved).  The next, or second phase, involves employing these same kripalu postures and keeping/holding them for various amounts of time; these amounts of times growing progressively longer as the student becomes more able and skillful at the keeping of these postures.  It is within this second phase that the student develops his or her own inner awareness and intuition, as well as an enhanced strength and ability to focus his or her purpose.  The last, or third phase, is not unlike meditation, wherein the student remains contemplative and/or meditative while involuntarily moving through the various kripalu postures.    


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