The Spirit World, Death and Soul Ascension

information based on an anonymous channeling


Spirits do exist in a dimension different from ours, in a reality different from ours. There is an infrastructure in the spirit realm, a code and a method to which discarnate spirits live and exist in these dimensions.

Several ascending and descending dimensions exist in which all spirits (ours included) can travel. All levels lead to God. Communion with God is ultimately a choice, the trajectory and pathway at the discretion of the spirit. A spirit or soul can chose to remain in stasis until the choice to ascend is made.

There are spirits that work around us while we are in the physical, on this earth plane. Spirits work, angels work. Again, there is an infrastructure, a way that things are done of which we know nothing about.

Death is a natural step which necessarily leads to ascension and evolution. Once evolved a spirit can choose to visit the descended levels, but never to stay. (Once enlightenment occurs, it cannot be lost, or forgotten.) A spirit visits in order to lend assistance or serve in some capacity which would be a byproduct of this spirits own plan of ascension.

Death should not be feared, but experienced; death is part of truth and inevitable to all. Spirits in the celestials experience death as well, in that death is an end of one thing and the beginning of another. Though death in these other levels is different, it is death nonetheless and inevitably leads to the ascension.

There is indeed peace and love in these higher realms, and a spirit of service and community. The earth plane is meant for training, testing and refining. It is like a maze, a gamble, a game, meant for honing. The earth plane leads to higher understanding, if the soul of a person can gravitate in that direction. Some do not, and choose to remain mired in fleshly things.

On the earthly plane exists much dogma, doctrine and theology, most of which was set in place to describe the phenomena of death and the afterlife. Though most doctrines hold some kernel of truth, none encapsulate the truth completely. All is manmade.

As it has been said, so it is true; you will not know the breadth and width of death until you experience it for yourself. As to the mysteries and the intrigues, these are high pursuits, but even these things are nearly impossible to comprehend, given our present state in dense, physical matter.

In order to ascend to higher levels, while alive or upon your entrance to other spheres, one must become proficient in certain principles, knowledgeable and agreeable to certain absolutes. Many who spend their time laboring in the physical, dense matter, choose to return again to that state upon death. Not all lessons were learned adequately, and there may even be an unwillingness to learn the lesson at the present time.

However, when a soul has learned the needed lessons, principles and absolutes in entirety, they are then given the opportunity to ascend. There is a tribunal, a committee. Things are examined and ruled upon. It is a cohesive effort on the parts of all participants when a soul is meant to ascend. Just as you are assisted by many spirit friends, so beings in other realms are also assisted by [higher] spirit friends whose purpose it is to make way for the ascension.

Not until complete communion and unity with God is there a full understanding by any being on any level. These spirits are learning as well; they are simply at a different stage in the experience.

The negative energies that surround you and surround all those in physical, dense matter are given for the purposes of training. It is the approach that you employ to these negative energies that determines the lessons learned by the individual, and how completely the lesson has been learned and integrated. An individual’s approach to these negative energies must be positive in order to transform them. Negative energies can be molded and changed by the denying of the energy’s potency. An individual can also mold the negative energy and release it back, in the ether, or in the direction of the one who sent it. However, upon releasing or returning energy, the individual must make sure said energies have been conformed to the positive. It is never worthwhile to return or release negative energy. This creates karmic imbalance and debt, and puts the individual at a disadvantage. To be remembered.