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Don't know what's in store for 2001, 

but you want to make it good?

Mystic Net hears you.  We've put together a few things everyone can do to grow their spirit life and obtain calm, peace, communion and happiness.  Give it a whirl and tell us what you think!  

Ten ways to enhance your spiritual connection...


1.    Meditate

        Even if just for five minutes a day, meditation is essential.  Some people think they cannot meditate, simply because their mind will not stop long enough to do so. But make no mistake...everyone can absolutely meditate.  Meditation requires the stilling of the mind, the quieting of your day's experiences.  It is only when we are still, quiet and ready that the supernatural can really wash over us, permeating our spirits.  


2.    Breathe

        Did you know that panic attacks would never happen, were we all to just breathe the way God intended us to?  Typically, the majority of people breathe from their chest...very shallow, brief breaths.  This is not using our own rejuvenating energies in the best possible way!  When breathing, always breathe deeply, "all the way to your toes."  Feel it in your diaphragm, your belly.  Pay attention to your breathing.  Have an alarm go off at certain times of the day, or keep some notes jotted down on your planner---telling you it is now time to observe your breathing.  Once you become aware of the quality of your breathing, you can change it for the better.  Complete "bellyfuls" of breath oxygenate every inch of us, chasing away disease, stress and disillusionment.  So just sit back and BREATHE!


3.    Laugh

        Laughter truly is a potent stress-chaser.   Even the Bible says that a merry heart does good like a medicine.  Not only can laughter heal our wounded hearts, it can also help stimulate our spirit and our faith life.  Joy is one of the most special gifts we are given in this life, and it is a shame not to enjoy it!  Do you know that there are actually groups that meet simply to sit in a circle and laugh?  At first, the laughter seems forced and strained, but within minutes the laughter is real and rumbling...and people are on their way to feeling lighter, happier and purposeful!  So remember to laugh whenever you can...and if you never do...then start today!


4.    Prayer

        How often do you speak to God?  Only when you're in trouble, or when traffic is bad?  Or when you're about to throttle your boss' neck?  Though it is good to turn to God in all times, it is especially effective when we actually talk to God on a day to day basis, tapping into the endless pool of wisdom, love and peace that comes with it.  Through the centuries there have been many different notions about how to pray.  We're now in an age when we know that prayer is simple and can be very, very sweet.  Ask God and your angels to assist you.  Tell them when you're frustrated.  Call on them for help.  Just talk.  Be affirming, believe in the connection you are making.  It is by and through this connection that you will move mountains.


5.    Read a good book

        How often do you just sit down and read a chapter?  Who cares what kind of can be pulp fiction, a historical reference or a book on the Genome.  But when do you actually do it?  You see, that which we do not use (and/or exercise) necessarily must atrophy.  If you do not read, your mind will not be inclined to it...and your mind must have stimulus in order to thrive throughout your life.  Pick up a book, something juicy or affirming...and read.  It will enhance the quality of your existence in ways you would never have imagined!


6.    Give

        Are you distrustful of the charities you see on television, or the ones that are promoted in your workplace?  You are not alone.  Much of our disillusionment with the administrative aspect of charities spurs us to inactivity.  But you can give every day, and little and large ways.  Does your community have a center that sponsors Thanksgiving dinners, food drives and clothing gifts?  Is there an angel tree in your local mall, or a neighbor you know that cannot give their children the necessary school supplies needed?   All around us people are hurting.  Nursing homes are jam packed with old souls that would simply burst with joy if someone actually visited them on a regular basis.  Charity is for everyone.  And the best thing about giving, is that the giver is ALWAYS the one who gets the benefit...that being the satisfaction of helping another, the joy in realizing we have the character to give...and the peace in knowing we are doing a little something to help this world.


7.    Put your Self aside

        Try this exercise.  While engrossed in your next conversation with your husband, friend or family member, see how eager you are to jump in with how the topic is relevant to you.  Do you find yourself chomping at the bit to get your two cents in?  Sometimes starting a sentence before another has completed theirs?  This is a sure sign that a paradigm shift must occur in your life.  You are too self-focused.  You need to learn how to listen to others, and put aside the needs and desires that drive you to do the things you do.  Perhaps your child would like a story, but you'd rather watch t.v.  Turn the set off and give your child what she or he wants.  Perhaps your mate needs to talk, but you'd rather stew in your juices and give her/him the silent treatment.  Set aside your frustration and sacrifice your anger.  Try every day to do one little thing that is not for you.  If you do this every day for a month, it will become a habit.  If you do this every month for a year, you will be a new person!


8.    Take a moment before sleep

        How many of us watch the nightly newscast or a violent movie at night, and then go directly to bed?  No wonder so many suffer from fitful sleep and insomnia!  It's also no surprise that we tend to wake up grumpier than when we went to bed, with no good reason as to why.  Give your body a break.  Before hitting the pillow, try to meditate for a few minutes.  If you cannot do that, then sit in a quiet room and simply  breathe.  Center yourself; identify where your scattered energy is and pull it back to you, gently.  Think on good things; your children, your pets, your friends, your life.  Remember the provisions that have been given you.  Thank God for them.  If you do this every night, you will enjoy quality sleep and wake up a more contented person!


9.    Enjoy your true friendships

        If we get through this life with even one good friend, we are lucky.  Take some time to acknowledge the friendships that sustain you.  Send a card, a flower, make a phone call.  Maintenance is required for all things to grow...even friendships.  Count yourself lucky if you have a friend (even if that friend is your mate, or your child, or your parent).  And if you don't have a friend, not even one...well then get out into the world and find one.  Around every corner there is a person looking to make a connection...why shouldn't it be you?


10.  Give up on false notions, and realize the true ones!  

        This year must be different.  No more will we desperately grasp for all the material things we think we should have.  No longer will we feel gypped or unworthy when we find ourselves unable to juggle marriage, children, career, household and spirit.  You are not the bionic man (/woman).  No one can do it all, no matter what you hear the other person say.  Pare down your life, enjoy the bare minimum.  This is not to say that you should give up your dreams...never!  But if you're going to have a dream, give it some room...don't clutter your life with so many other things that you are unable to get to the dream.  Manage your time, give up false fantasy notions that will never come true...and be grateful and happy for the things that you have. It is enough!   


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