Touching and Crossing the Astral Threshold                        

                                                      by Ground Image


I'm gonna describe a technique for Astral projection that might be helpful if you're just beginning Astral projection or if you've been trying but haven't been able to project yet. If you're experienced at Astral projection there might still be a few things here that might be of interest to you - also there are some things about other metaphysical subjects. I just want to say that if you have some kind of heart trouble, or suffer from epilepsy, or maybe some other kind of physical condition, Astral projection might be dangerous for you, otherwise it's probably pretty safe.


I'll be talking about three things with regard to Astral projection:







The material about Astral projection is surrounded by things about many other metaphysical subjects - here is a complete listing:




           Thinking About Goose Bumps

           Trying to Jump Out of the Physical Body         

           Light Visualizations         


           How Nature Spirits Can Touch the Inside of a Pumpkin * Their

                Hand Not Going Through the Skin of the Pumpkin


           All Atoms Are Composed of Cosmic Atoms

           The Cosmic Planes        


           An Easier Alternative to Deliberately Jumping Out of the   

                 Physical Body

           Touching the Astral Threshold            



           Get a Strong Grip on Your Mind

           Wrench Concepts Around Like Dumb-Bells



           When Exactly Does the Present Turn Into the Past?

           Time is Like the Growing of a Pumpkin

           Stretching the Present Moment    

           Free Will is Part of a Higher Time



           Separation Can Be Very Dramatic 

           Allowing it to Happen


           Most People Are Experienced Travelers But Don't Remember

               * Why Should Our First Astral Projection Be So Dramatic?




           An Example of How the Principles of Karma Work

           The Gradual Awakening of Our Souls





           The Touch of the Angels      

           The Bridge Between the Lower Self and the Spirit











The separation of the Astal body from the Physical body is many times the most difficult part of Astral projection - it's possible to get really charged up with lots of good Energy but then find that you can't leave your Physical body. First I wanna talk about the building up of Energy, and then later about how that Energy can be used to bring about the actual separation of the Astral body from the Physical body.


                         THINKING ABOUT GOOSE BUMPS    


The important thing is to get charged up with the right kind of Energy - that usually means that the Enegy be generated from within - by flexing the Mind. Thinking about anything exciting or inspiring can generate Energy - the thing I want to suggest is to try thinking about the Feeling that sweeps over your body when you get goose bumps - remember how that feels? Keep thinking about it and see if you can get a goose bump rush to sweep through you - maybe you won't get bumps on your skin, but can you get the Feeling that goes along with goose bumps? - something like a wave of Energy that sweeps through you? - I'm not talking about what are commonly called "the vibrations" - that happens during the actual separation of the Astral body from the Physical.


These "vibrations" are very intense and usually just happen naturally - will talk more about it later - right now I'm talking about setting up conditions in yourself that might allow these "vibrations" to happen. The first step in this method I'm describing here is to get charged up with Energy by deliberately flexing the Mind in various ways.


Thinking about goose bumps worked for me at first as a way to get waves going - lots of other things work pretty well - thinking about or visualizing anything exciting or inspiring or beautiful or powerful can get waves going. And of course in between 'waves' there will still be Energy carrying over creating a continuous level of heightened Energy - the 'waves' being just times when Energy surges for a second or two.


If you can get a wave of Energy going - you might want to try contracting the muscles of your Physical body to see if you can push the wave along faster and further. It's probably best not to try anything Physical to get a wave going - for good quality Energy the Mind is better for starting a wave - but once the wave begins, then a combination of Physical flexing, along with intensified thinking and/or visualizing can intensify the wave. Once you get going  you might be able to create and ride about one wave a minute, or maybe more than that. Sometimes this wave-riding can produce a dizzy-type feeling - that's not usually what's wanted - it's usually better to stay really alert with strong, clean Energy coursing through you.




One of the best things is to try Willing yourself out of your body - that can get waves of Energy going, and at the same time it can develop the ability to just deliberately jump out of the Physical body. This ability would probably take many months at least! to develop - but the thing is, just trying to jump out of the body can get you charged up with good Energy - and once that is done there is an alternative method for bringing about the actual separation of the Astral body from the Physical - will describe that later. There are hundreds of approaches at this jumping out - you might want to experiment to find something that will work for you - it's easy to just make up all kinds of things.


One way is to focus on the dark field you see when you close your eyes - and try to get a feeling for the depth of the field - and then begin imagining yourself to be travelling fowards, then backwards, then forwards through the dark field. The idea is to eventually break through the wall - the outer boundary of the dark field. This would probably take many months at least of practice - but the thing is - just practicing this thing, or many other things like it, is a good way to get charged up with good Energy.


Another widely practiced thing is to just imagine yourself to be standing or floating somewhere outside of your Physical body - and attempting to transfer your consciousness to your imagined body. Doing this can also get waves going, and sometimes can result in an actual projection. If you try this and don't actually project, it might be a good idea to not leave your imagined body just floating around somewhere - you can just Will that your imagined body returns to your Physical body - reabsorbing your imagined body into your Physical body.


                              LIGHT VISUALIZATIONS


Another way to get charged up is the great realm of Light Visualizations - visualizing brightly colored Light within and/or around oneself. You might want to try thinking about the difference between SunLight and the light from a light bulb - think about any extra qualities that SunLight has - you might try endowing your visualized Light with those qualities.


There are hundreds of things to think about or visualize to build up Energy - it's easy to just make up something and try it out! Whatever method you use, if you can get some good Energy going, you'll probably begin experiencing some visual and/or audible effects - seeing and/or hearing some beautiful and/or powerful things. And, along with these things, you will probably begin experiencing some kinds of sensations - rapturous sensations! I think these kinds of sensations are the best indication that you're charging yourself up with the kind of Energy that will enable you to enter and cross the Astral threshold with your awareness still active. I'm still talking here about setting up the right kinds of conditions in yourself - will talk about the actual projection later.


Rapturous sensations are what can usually help get you across the threshold - because the Astral plane is filled with ecstasy/rapture! - one reason being that there are four Spatial dimensions on the Astral plane.






You know the Feeling of being in a Canyon? - the majestic sides of the Canyon surrounding you - creating an intense, rapturous feeling - the Feeling of being within a Space that is resounding with pleasure - just the pleasure of being there! - in that Space - three dimensional Space. Well, four dimensional Space is that much more rapturous! - just being there on the Astral plane! Even though most people do not see the Fourth dimension during dreams or projections, the Fourth dimension is still there - and everyone - Feels! - its presence! This is what probably accounts for half of that great Feeling one gets during a good dream - or during a good projection.


The other half of the Feeling probably comes from the Spirit side of the Astral plane - Spirit and Matter always being present together - Matter being a form of Space. Space itself has an inconceiveably subtle density - a Solar System being a place where Space is 'concentrated' - producing a field where we can evolve - only very great Beings can travel between the Stars - where Space is so subtle.


I'm talking about actual Spatial dimensions here - on the Physical plane there are three - height - width - and length - each dimension being at right angles to each other. The Fourth dimension is exactly like these other three, and it lies at right angles to each of the others. Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. After I finish this article, my next project is writing another article, or book, about methods I've been working on for about 12 years for visualizing Four dimensional objects - it's fun! - and can be extremely alluring - creating Feelings similar to the Feeling of the Astral plane. Also, at some time I might be writing another book consisting of an expanded version of this article - any responses you might have with regard to this article would be helpful for that!






                        THE SKIN OF THE PUMPKIN


For now, I wanna suggest the following thing - first, compare a flat, square sheet of paper with a solid cube - the 6 flat squares that form the boundary of the cube might be called the outer surfaces of the cube - the solid material that the cube is made of might be called the inside of the cube. For a square sheet of paper, the outer surfaces are the edges of the paper - the edges form the boundary of the paper - and the inside of the paper is the area that can be written or drawn on - and this area corresponds to the inside of the cube - the solid material that the cube is made of.


Now, imagine taking two sheets of paper and placing them on a table next to each other - only their edges, their outer surfaces, can be touching. But if you pick one sheet up and place it on top of the other, then the inside areas of the two sheets will be touching. The thing to realize is that the flat table can be thought of as a 2D World - and so when the two sheets are lying flat on the table - they can both be thought of as occupying the same 2D World - and when you pick one of them up off the table you are lifting it out of its 2D World of the table and into the 3D World above the table. Ane once that is done it's easy to place that sheet on top of the other one so that their inside areas are touching.


Imagine placing two cubes on a table next to each other - they both occupy the same 3D World and so only their outer surfaces can be touching - but if you lift one of the cubes out of the 3D World and into the 4D World then it may easily be placed against the other cube so that the insides of both cubes are touching! - and remember - these are solid cubes!


Thinking about this can show how things grow from the inside - a Pumpkin, for example, is the creation of a Nature Spirit - a work of art - the Nature Spirit building the Pumpkin, molecule by molecule - from the inside! - Nature Spirits being very familiar with and living within the Fourth dimension - it being very easy for them to reach into and touch the inside of a Pumpkin without their hand going through the skin of the Pumpkin - Nature Spirits being guided by Angels - but Nature Spirits are responsible for their own creations.


I'll come back to this thing later when talking about Time - for now, another thing to try is thinking of the Fourth dimension as a sort of inward depth - a type of depth that extends inwardly. The Fourth dimension doesn't really extend 'inwardly' - place your hand over a sheet of paper - your hand is next to the paper, not 'inside' the paper. All of the expressions like "inner Light" - "inner knowledge" - would be more accurate if they were called adjacent Light - adjacent knowledge. But until one can visualize the Fourth dimension it seems like it extends in an 'inward' direction.






Astral atoms are much smaller than Physical atoms but the "inward depth" of the Astral plane to some extent makes up for the smaller size atoms so that the overall materiality of the Astral plane is probably close to the overall materiality of the Physical plane. And the same thing goes for the planes above the Astral. But even though the higher planes have a sort of equal materiality - the Energy of the higher planes is much more intense than on the Physical plane - and events on the higher planes are very complex and very beautiful!




All atoms are composed of Cosmic atoms - I'll be saying more about them later - the only difference between Physical atoms and Astral atoms is that Physical atoms have a more complex arrangement of these Cosmic atoms - Physical atoms containing many thousand millions of these Cosmic atoms while Astral atoms contain much less - Mental plane atoms containing even less than Astral atoms. Much of the Energy of the Physical plane is bound up within the complex atoms - on the Astral plane more Energy is free - and the extra dimension of the Astral plane allows more "room to move" so you get really powerful and beautiful effects!


                             THE COSMIC PLANES


The planes are not really 'above' one another - higher planes interpenetrate and also surround lower ones. The Physical plane has three dimensions - the Astral four - the Mental plane has five dimensions  - the Buddhic plane six - the Atmic plane may have seven - and the two planes 'above' that, the Monadic and the Plane of Adi, may add one more dimension each. These seven planes, combined, make up the Cosmic Physical plane - each of our planes being a sub-plane in the Cosmic Physical plane. 'Above' the Cosmic Physical plane begins the Cosmic Astral plane, which also has seven sub-planes - the lowest of these sub-planes being the Physical sub-plane of the Cosmic Astral - then there's the Astral sub-plane of the Cosmic Astral and so on.


The Physical sub-plane of the Cosmic Astral plane probably has three Spatial dimensions - just like our own Physical plane - but the dimensions present on the Cosmic Astral plane are different! Think of a sheet of paper lying on a table - a line drawn on the paper in an East-West direction. The line is a one-dimensional thing with two end-points - the line extending in two directions - East and West. If you draw arrows on the end-points of the line one arrow will point East and one West.


Of course I don't know - just want to suggest the possibility that a Line in the Cosmic Astral plane might have Three end-points! The Physical sub-plane of the Cosmic Astral plane might have Three dimensions - but each dimension might be pointing in Three directions! - how's that for room to move?!!! Dimensions in the Cosmic Mental plane might extend in Four directions! I know this is impossible to conceive of - but that's to be expected of the higher Cosmic Planes - this type of change in the Nature of Space may be one of the things that may account for some of the great mysteries we encounter.


The Cosmic Mental plane lies 'above' the Cosmic Astral - the lower portion of the Soul of our Solar Logos lives on the upper sub-planes of the Cosmic Mental plane. Our Solar System is a Thought Form which is constantly being conceived of in the Mind of our Logos - our Logos constantly sending this Solar Thought to us - it washing over our Solar System like waves. The Solar Thought, like our own Thought, has two main aspects - first it has a form - and second it contains the Thought, or Idea itself. The form aspect of the Solar Thought creates and maintains the Sun, the Planets, and all other things in our Solar System - the Thought, or Idea, itself, contained within the Solar Thought - is what is called - our Spirit.


Our Solar System probably corresponds pretty much to a vegetable - but our Logos is probably not a vegetable! - our Logos living an inconceiveable Life among other Logoi and other unimaginable Beings - all of them probably very mobile! - their motion totally incomprehensible to us because of the difference in the Nature of Space on the higher Cosmic Planes. Our Logos, though, never forgets us - always sending the Solar Thought to us as one might tend a beloved Plant - our Solar System being part of the Milky Way Garden - the life of our Logos being one of the things we have to look forward to - our own Evolution designed to bring each of us to the level of our Logos - and even beyond that!






So, if you get yourself charged up with a lot of good quality Energy and sensations - rapturous sensations! - what next? - how will you actually separate your Astral body from your Physical body? Deliberately Willing yourself out of your body is probably the thing that is most desired, but that is usually the most difficult method - but as said before it might be a good idea to work at that - eventually you might develop the ability, and trying to Will yourself out of your body can generate good Energy - and of course attempting to Will yourself out can also be combined with other Energy-generating things like thinking about goose bumps or visualizing Light or hundreds of other things that might just occur to you. 








Once charged up with Energy, if you haven't been able to Will yourself out, there is an alternative method for bringing about the separation. The thing that has worked for me for 18 years is the following - it's also similar to a plan that was briefly described by Annie Besant in her great book "Introduction To Yoga".


Building up Energy usually requires intense concentration - thinking and visualizing - when you reach the point where it seems like you have charged yourself up pretty thoroughly - Stop All Thinking And Visualizing But Don't Just Allow Your Mind To Go Blank! The idea is to maintain what might be called Mind Tone - something similar to Physical muscle tone. With muscle tone, one's muscles are not actively flexing for any particular purpose - there is just a general tone running through them - keeping the body from collapsing. Mind Tone is very similar - the Mind is alert but not actively thinking about anything in particular.     


Try watching closely - see if you can tell the difference between when your Mind is blank and when it has some Tone. There are lots of methods - it's like building up Energy - an idea for a method might just occur to you out of the Blue and with some experimenting you may develop the ability to maintain Mind Tone - also I'll be suggesting some methods in a second. For now, assume that you've gotten yourself all charged up with Energy and you've stopped all thought and begun Mind Tone - since you're not actively thinking about anything in particular you will probably begin drifting into a deep state - like when falling asleep. That's good, but the thing is - while you're drifting deeper and deeper - keep some Tone running through your your Mind. Allowing the Mind to go blank might be helpful for falling asleep, but for Astral projection, the task is to drift into a very deep state - while the Mind still has some Tone running through it!


The situation is very delicate, but also very dynamic - since you've also got lot's of Energy coursing through you! And now, with all that Energy in your body, the idea is to stop thinking and drift into a very deep state while maintaning Mind Tone! Eventually you might get to a point where it seems like you've reached a threshold - and it might seem that in order to cross that threshold, it's necessary to stop any Mind Tone and just allow your Mind to go blank - but if you surrender all Tone your Mind will probably go blank and you'll probably just fall asleep.


It can get really tense and dramatic, in a way. This situation of being right on the threshold can go on for what might seem like a really long time - and it might seem so tempting to just give up and fall asleep. And it may seem that as long as you keep any Tone in your Mind that you'll never get across the threshold. The task is to touch the Astral threshold with the right kind of Energy combined with the right kind of Mind Tone - keeping yourself poised on the threshold long enough - touching it delicately and eventually gaining entrance! Only by experimenting can you find the right combination of Energy and Tone that will work for you.



                          METHODS FOR MIND TONE         



I'll be describing the actual projection a little later - now I want to talk about some methods for Mind Tone. As I said before - there's lots of ways to create and maintain this Tone - if you try you may find something that works for you. I want to just suggest two particular methods - first, one that uses Thought - and then one that uses Feeling.



                               STRONG THINKING


                  GET A STRONG GRIP ON YOUR MIND




This involves attempting to think without using any words or pictures. For example - try conceiving the Thought: "it might rain tomorrow, or it might be clear and Sunny" - but don't say or even think the words and don't visualize any rain or Sunshine! - pretty difficult, right?! But the thing is - if you just attempt to do this thing - it can be a way of developing some really subtle Mind Tone.


And while attempting to project, you might try repeating the following: "I want to project - I want to project - I want to project" - but see just how subtely you can say or whisper or maybe just think these words and still be able to be aware of the concept contained in the words. And it might not be necessary to whisper or think all the words - maybe just thinking the word project would be enough - the fact that you want to project being understood while thinking the word project?! - and maybe try and see just how delicately you can - think - the word - just barely touching your Mind with the slightest thought of the word.


At first this thing might seem really abstract but if you can make some progress with it it might begin growing really powerful. Have you ever wanted to be able to flex your Mind as strongly as, say - Physically lifting a heavy weight? It's easy to work the Physical muscles strongly because they're right here - but what if you want to work your Mind strongly - how do you "get a grip on it?!"


Well, the thing is - thinking without words or visualizations can allow you to get a really good grip on your Mind. Try the Thought - "I want to flex my Mind strongly!" - but just very subtely think the word "flex" with the understanding that it's your Mind that you want to flex - strongly! - and if you can get the concept in your Mind this way - try Wrenching! the concept around - try to Feel the concept occupying an actual location in your Mind and try Wrenching the concept around as you might Wrench a dumb-bell around with your arm!


Of course you could just visualize a dumb-bell and imagine wrenching it around - but practicing Strong-thinking - thinking without words or visualizations - might allow you to touch deeper regions of your Mind - resulting in stronger - more powerful - Mind flexing? Strong-thinking might be used as either a method for building up Energy, or for Mind Tone.


It might take some practice - at first maybe it would seem like the concepts you create by this method only 'weigh' about as much as a grain of sand, or less than that - but practicing Strong-thinking enough can cause concepts to begin getting heavy! - and fun! Once you get going you can just jump from one thought to another and the Mind can seem like a powerful muscle. The thing is very powerful because Strong-thinking is one of the methods our Soul uses to think.






Our Soul is a living creature with a material body - the lower portion of our Soul living on the upper levels of the Mental plane - the middle portion of our Soul living on the Buddhic plane - the upper portion of our Soul living on the lower levels of the Atmic plane - the body of the three portions of our Soul being formed by atoms of the plane that each portion is living on.


One of the sources of Feeling is Space - the Mental plane having Five dimensions and intense Energy - very powerful Feeling being present there - and along with that Feeling very powerful Strong-thinking - the combination of Feeling plus Strong-thinking somehow filling the Five dimensions with inconceiveably beautiful - majestic - patterns of Color and Sound.


There's sort of a mystery there - what is the source of the Color and Sound? - what is the relationship between Color and Sound - and Thought and Feeling? - maybe Thought and Feeling are somehow aspects of Color and Sound?


The Buddhic plane has Six dimensions and so the Feeling and Thought there are even more powerful - majestic. And the Atmic plane probably has Seven dimensions and so once again the intensity is somehow raised even greater - the aspect of Will somehow being added to Thought and Feeling. Of course Will is present on the planes below the Atmic, but the source of Will is probably the Atmic plane - the source of "Atmic plane Will" probably being an even greater plane.


The form of the Human Soul is similar to our own Physical form - a Human body surrounded by an aura - the body of the Soul being a composite of all of the best features of all of the incarnations it has had - the body of the Soul of course being formed by the atoms of the higher planes. An Angel can change to assume almost any form - they're own form, when not changing it for some reason, is about the same as a Human Soul - the aura of an Angel usually being even more 'electric' than the aura of a Soul - the body of an Angel being Human - or maybe one could say that we have the form of the Angels?! - the body of an Angel usually not being as fixed or definite as the body of a Soul - their body changing shape to some extent every second.


Also, the bodies and auras of Souls and Angels have more than 3 dimensions - their actual form corresponding to their 3D appearance similar to the way a sphere corresponds to a circle. But there's only a one dimension difference between a sphere and a circle - a circle being 2D - a sphere being 3D - there being at least a two dimension difference between the 3D appearance and the actual form of a Soul or Angel - a Soul or Angel usually being at least 5D.


Our Spirit is also a living creature with a material body - the lower portion of our Spirit living on the upper levels of the Atmic plane - the middle portion of our Spirit living on the Monadic plane - the upper portion of our Spirit living somewhere on the Plane of Adi - all three of these portions combined being what might be called our Lower Spirit - while we also probably have what might be called our Higher Spirit - living on the higher Cosmic planes.



                               A FEELING FOR TIME                             



Any Feeling, if not mixed with any Thought or visualization, is a form of Mind Tone. What I'm gonna be talking about now is a way to get a Feeling for Time.




Try moving your hand around slowly through the Air - and watch closely - how far does your hand travel during the Present moment? Where exactly does the Present stop and the Past begin? It might seem like your hand moves at least a quarter of an inch during the Present? - or maybe further than that?


Understanding how the insides of two solid cubes can touch can also be used as a way to understand the possible mechanism of Time - think of a flat sheet of Water, a Water-wafer, it might be called - the wafer is somehow suspended horizontally in the Air far above the Earth - 2D beings living in the 2D World of the Water-wafer. Now, imagine that there is another Water-wafer lying just above the first one, and another one just above the second one - and so on like this so that you've got a long series of horizontal wafers - each one almost touching its neighbor - this layered arrangement extending far into the Sky. And also there's a long series of horizontal Water-wafers extending down below the original, first Water-wafer - all the way down to the Earth.


The first wafer can be thought of as the Present moment - the wafers above the Present wafer are the Future and the wafers below it are the Past. Beginning with the Present wafer - imagine 10 of the 2D beings gathered around a 2D tree - all of the 2D beings of course have flat bodies which are completely contained within the Water-wafer - and the 2D tree is also flat. In the wafers above the Present one, all of the beings and the tree are all pretty much in the same position as in the Present wafer - but there are slight changes - and the idea is that the consciousness of the beings and the tree - jumps upwards from wafer to wafer - the slight changes in each wafer creating the experience of motion for the 2D beings.


And so for us - 3D beings - instead of wafers, we have solid objects - the entire World, actually - arranged in a corresponding way. Take a Tree, for example - one single Tree occupying the Present moment - a Future version of that same Tree located next to the Present moment Tree - the insides of both versions of this Tree touching, or almost touching - and a long series of the same Tree extending far into the Future - and a long series of the same Tree extending far back into the Past - all the way back to when it began as a Seed - the growth and motion of the Tree caused by slight changes from Tree-version to Tree-version as Time travels forward.




One of the ideas here is that the Future already exists and the Past still exists - so one might say that Time doesn't really move forward - but I don't want to get into that question now - the thing I wanna suggest now is that Time is like the growing of a Pumpkin - things changing from the inside as seconds go by and we jump from one version of the World to the next version of the World - a long series of Future World'versions, or World'vers, stretching out forwards - a long series of Past World'vers stretching out behind - our Free Will not contradicted by the existence of the Future - more about that in a second.


Going back to the Water-wafers - the 2D beings living in them are aware only of things within the flat wafers of their Present moment - they are only capable of 2D perception so Future and also Past wafers are totally outside their range of perception  - their Future and Past being located in the Third dimension. Also, rather than thinking of the inside surfaces of the wafers actually touching - an alternative is to think that there is a small gap between each wafer - and that there is a small gap between each of our own World'vers.


We are usually only capable of 3D perception so our experience is limited to the World'vers of our Present moment - Past and Future World'vers being located in the Fourth dimension - totally outside our ordinary range - even with ordinary 4D sight they would still be outside of range because of the following.


I want to point out that the Astral plane has Four dimensions, but our Past and Future do not extend into the Astral plane - if they did the entire plane would be filled by our Past and Future! The thing I want to suggest is the possibility that our Past and Future extend into - are located in - the higher Cosmic Planes - that accounting for their great mystery - the extra quality of Space in the higher Cosmic Planes easily accomodating our entire long Past and Future.




Anyway, it's not necessary to understand the entire process to be able to work with this thing - just thinking about a succession of World'vers can develop a Feeling that the "Present moment" is actually a very large thing - consisting of maybe many thousands of World'vers - the exact number not being fixed but rather constantly changing. Playing around with the idea can expand the Present - even though the World'vers of a few seconds ago - and the World'vers of a few seconds hence - are not visible - they are still very close and being aware of them can intensify the bridges of Energy which span neighboring Vers - expanding and intensifying the Present - creating a sort of Now-depth!


Eventually you can get to where it's not necessary to think about it - it just becomes something that is Felt! - a very good Feeling! - the Present becoming sort of like a Sponge! - successive World'vers being felt as a sort of 'texture' - soaking up the Energy that spans neighboring Vers! - the Present expanding sort of like a dry Sponge being placed in Water! And Now-depth'ing is a good way to maintain Mind Tone while touching the Astral threshold - the threshold also being like a Sponge in a way - the right kind of Feeling being attractive to the threshold.


There is also a Higher Order of Time - moving at right angles to our own Lower Time - our entire World, Past - Present - and Future - constantly changing as it travels along this Higher Time. Our own Past might extend into the Cosmic Mental plane while our Future might extend into the Cosmic Buddhic plane - while this Higher Time probably extends into the Cosmic Atmic plane - touching Infinity and Eternity - not a direct touch, though, since that only happens where the Cosmic Plane of Adi merges into the Absolute - about which nothing can be said - or almost nothing!




Our own World is finite - having a definite beginning and end - with a long Past stretching back to the beginning, and a long Future stretching out to the end. But since this Higher Time touches Eternity, the Past and Future involved with it probably work differently than our own familiar Past and Future. In other words, as our World moves through this Higher Time - our entire World changes - and so our World probably has what might be called a Higher Past and a Higher Future - but our Higher Past has no beginning! - and our Higher Future has no end!  - and our Free Will somehow works along with - forms a part of - this Higher Time - allowing us to slightly affect our own Lower Past and Lower Future. And as we evolve, our Will becomes stronger - giving us more control.


Every Solar System is created by a Solar Logos - but it is the inconceiveable Being, who might be called the Universal Logos, the Logos of the entire Universe, who creates the Cosmic atoms - forging them out of Space itself by the use of Spirit itself - the source of Space and Spirit being the Absolute - located 'above' the Cosmic Plane of Adi. A Solar Logos takes these ready-made Cosmic atoms, which have been forged by the Universal Logos, and fashions them into a Solar System by the use of Thought. The things built by a Solar Logos can be broken up, releasing lots of Energy - but the Cosmic atoms cannot be broken into Energy - Matter is not really a form of Energy.





                               FROM THE PHYSICAL BODY



So now, if you're charged up with good Energy - pleasurable - rapturous! - and you stop thinking and visualizing, and drift into a deep state while maintaining some form of Mind Tone - touching the Astral threshold! - you will be sort of 'suspended' within the sensations that will still be going on - another form of Mind Tone being just the act of focusing your attention on the sensations you're feeling. And, of course, even if you are not thinking or Strong-thinking "I want to project", there will still be, somewhere in your Mind - the understanding that you are waiting to project.




Seconds may get really slow - one second - two seconds - three seconds - and nothing changes! But if you can just remain poised on the threshold long enough - touching it with good Energy combined with good Mind Tone - the projection may just happen! That's what happens every time you fall asleep - the expression "falling asleep" means the separation of the Astral body from the Physical - but now, rather than entering the threshold in an unconscious state - you are entering with your Mind awake and charged up with Energy.


There are many ways for the actual separation to take place. You might just find yourself on the Astral plane. Or, you may be conscious during the actual separation. I want to describe this a little, just in case it happens to you - it can be very dramatic! You're there on the threshold - poised - waiting - suddenly it feels like you're a jet plane beginning a takeoff - intense Energy gripping your body - these are "the vibrations" that many people describe.


Or, maybe you'll be poised on the threshold, and drift into an ordinary dream that might just last for about 15 or 20 seconds, and then wake up and find yourself in the jet plane takeoff situation - that's how it always happened to me - then after about a year, I somehow began skipping the takeoff, and now it usually seems like one second I'm on the threshold, and the next 'second' I'm on the Astral.


                             ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN


During the takeoff the idea is to just go ahead and takeoff! For me, the slightest Physical motion, other than maybe very slightly twitching a finger, would usually be enough to stop the takeoff - that meant that I was unable to breathe during the takeoff! - but that was alright - it meant just holding my breath for about seven seconds - seven seconds was about how long it took for my Astral body to separate from my Physical - then I was there on the Astral and my Physical body began breathing normally, the way it always does during sleep. I could have easily breathed during the takeoff, but that would almost certainly have brought the takeoff to a sudden stop.


I've read one account where someone was in a takeoff situation and wanted to stop it but had great difficulty stopping it. I don't think that happens very often, but that possibility is something you  might want to be prepared for before the attempt. Astral projection takes some courage - so decide if you really want to try it. If you're set on the attempt, and find yourself taking off - just allow it to happen. The takeoff can happen in lots of different ways for different people.


During my takeoffs the purity of my Mind Tone had to be very great - the slightest thought or worry about anything was enough to stop the thing. One time something interesting happened to me - I was in the middle of a takeoff and I did something that I don't remember now - probably like worrying about something - and the takeoff stopped for about one second - then it somehow resumed at full force and I ended up projecting! That only happened once - every other time if the takeoff stopped at any point, it was over - leaving me pretty disappointed!


My takeoffs usually lasted for about seven seconds - then I began moving my arms around - was still concerned that I might stop the takeoff, but I gradually became aware that the takeoff was completed and that I was on the Astral. Also, during the takeoff my consciousness was exactly the same as my ordinary waking consciousness - then after seven seconds my consciousness began gradually changing in very subtle ways - but while it was happening I wasn't aware that my consciousness was changing! In a way, it felt like I was a slightly different person every time I found myself on the Astral - but actually I was still the same person - just felt slightly different. Right after the takeoff I usually found myself floating above my Physical body and immediately began moving along a route that I had decided on while awake - always used that same route - and then I was really there - free - on the Astral plane!


Another thing is that, once you've charged yourself up with Energy, and begun Mind Tone, waiting at the Astral threshold - you will only have a limited amount of time. Remember, once you begin the Mind Tone touching/waiting, the idea is to stop all thinking and visualizing - so there's now nothing going on to generate Energy. The Energy that you've charged yourself up with will probably continue at the same level for at least ten minutes or so, but after that your Energy level will probably begin falling. You'll be very aware of your Energy level as it begins falling - and after about twenty minutes, if you haven't projected, you'll probably find that your Energy is just about gone, and you might as well give up for that time, surrender your Mind Tone, and fall asleep. But, as a consolation prise, for having built up all that great Energy, and for having kept yourself poised on the threshold for twenty minutes - expect to have some exciting dreams! Or, instead of falling asleep, maybe you'd want to start over? - build up some more Energy and try again? - I usually just prefer to fall asleep and try again the next night.


There's really no limit to the amount of time that can be spent building up Energy - sometimes I spend three solid hours at that. Or, sometimes, I can get enough Energy going in ten or twenty minutes.









                                BE SO DRAMATIC?


Now, back to being there on the Astral! It's very exciting! And if you think about that some, a great mystery may occur to you - most people travel on the Astral and have adventures almost every time they fall asleep - it's just that, if you don't remember your adventures very well, they will be remembered as ordinary dreams when you wake up. So if we all are experienced travellers on the Astral - why is our first Astral projection experience so dramatically exciting?! Think about that for a while. Any ideas?


The explanation may be that ordinarily we are conscious during our Astral adventures - but not self conscious - during Astral projection we are self conscious - and so we create Karma by our actions and Thoughts and Feelings during Astral projection.


There's probably no fundamental difference between consciousness and self consciousness - it's just a matter of degree - a Rock is self conscious to some extent - more about that later.


The Astral plane is a vast world waiting to be explored by us - usually a necessary step on our journey to our Soul. But usually we must work our way up gradually to our Soul - experiencing and becoming familiar with the various levels of the Astral plane - that can be a lot of fun! - it can also be majestically awesome!


Experience on the Astral can also be deceptive at first. Thinking and visualizing things creates complex "Astral structures" around us - these thing can be encountered during projection, and then after waking one might think that their ideas about things were right because they just experienced them - actually it was their own creations that they experienced. That doesn't mean that the Astral plane is all illusion - it is not all illusion - the Astral plane is as objectively real as the Physical plane - you just might want to wait until you are very experienced there before jumping to any conclusions about anything.





                HELP MAKE YOU FEARLESS



There might be frightening experiences in store for you but an understanding of and a belief in Karma can help make you fearless. The Angels of Karma will not allow anything to happen to anyone, from the outside, that they don't deserve as a result of some Action or Thought or Feeling of theirs during their present or some past life - we can do things to ourselves that we don't deserve, though. So, looking at things from the viewpoint of the Soul - everything that happens to one - including things that might happen during Astral projection experiences - is working towards helping the person involved. We all have Karma that must be worked out at sometime - as far as our Soul is concerned, it might as well be now that our Karma be worked out. Of course - 'we' - our lower selves - might feel differently! There's the hard part - trying to see things the way our Soul sees them. Of course we really are our Soul - but there is also an apparent separation between our lower self and our Soul - that apparent separation being necessary for evolution.


But if you think about the principles of Karma enough, and really believe them - it can help make you fearless - not reckless or careless - that is what Karma teaches us to avoid. An awareness of, and a belief in the principles of Karma can result in being willing to accept whatever might happen to us from the outside without anger. But usually you won't really know what is your Karma and what isn't - so one shouldn't just surrender to adverse conditions - go ahead and try to make the best of things - including defending yourself in the case of a direct attack - just be prepared to accept without anger what might happen.


This general principle is really usesful in lots of situations - for example, if you see something that looks really strange on the Astral one's first reaction might be that it is hostile to you - then your own feelings of hate and resentment towards the thing might transform its appearance into something really horrible and frightening. The key here is your own feelings of resentment - feeling that you are a victim of an injustice. Karma teaches that injustice is impossible - looked at from the Soul's viewpoint - so if you really want to grow closer to your Soul the task is to try to always see things as your Soul sees them.


If you see something really strange and you think - "this shouldn't be happening to me" - then you are inviting the possibility for unnecessary trouble. If you understand and believe in the principles of Karma you would know that there is a reason that you are encountering this strange thing and would not feel any resentment towards it - that way the thing's appearance would not be made worse by your own feelings towards it. Maybe the thing is really hostile towards you and means you harm - that shouldn't change anything - you still deserve the encounter or it wouldn't happen so there's still no reason to feel any resentment. And, as said before, go ahead and defend yourself because maybe it's just the encounter you deserve - maybe your Karma doesn't call for you to get hurt during the encounter - so if you defend yourself maybe you'll escape without injury - this situation involves more than what I've said so far - will say more in a second.


But many times a strange thing is not really hostile towards you, and if your first reaction is not one of resentment you may soon find that you have found a friend and then its appearance might become beautiful instead of turning horrible. All of this applies to Physical encounters also, but on the Astral, where things can change appearance so dramatically, it can be even more useful to have these principles set in your Mind.


Now, it may seem that if you suffer a direct attack, or some kind of 'accident', that there would be no reason for you to defend yourself or help yourself since any injury suffered would be deserved and you would be working off Karma in the process - and it might seem that by defending or helping yourself that you might be hindering or interfering with your Karma - both ideas are false!


First of all, the Angels of Karma are inconceiveably powerful Beings - probably working from the higher Cosmic planes - but they are not Judges! - they do not pronounce Karma upon anyone - we create our own Karma by our own actions and Thoughts - the Angels decide when and under what circumstances ones Karma should be worked off - their concern being what will result in the best lesson for the Soul involved - will give an example of this in a minute.


For now, the point is that if you suffer an attack or some kind of 'accident' and if it has been arranged by the Angels of Karma with the intention that, in addition to the attack or 'accident' itself, that you also suffer some injury for the purpose of working off some of your Karma and providing a lesson for your Soul - then nothing you can do will change the outcome - so there's no reason to worry that by defending yourself or helping yourself that you might interfere with your Karma - that's like worrying that jumping on the ground might interfere with the rotation of the Earth!



                               KARMA AND FREE WILL



Another possibility - maybe your Karma calls for you to suffer some injury - but the Angels feel that for the growth of your Soul that your Karma could either be worked off now, or at some later time - defending or helping yourself in that situation might prevent any injury - but would it make any difference to your Soul? - yes! - because Karma makes up only part of any situation - another important thing being the exercise and development of one's Free Will.


Our Free Will probably reaches all the way to the Cosmic Atmic plane - it can not be predicted by even our Solar Logos or the Angels of Karma. For most of us, our Will is in its infant stage - but if conditions during some attack, or some other dramatic situation, are balanced delicately enough our infant Will can affect the outcome - our Will being aroused by the drama of the situation - our Will growing in the process. So, once again - if one suffers an attack or 'accident', there is no reason at all not to defend or help oneself - and there is a very good reason to defend or help oneself.


 And remember - we can do things to ourselves that we don't deserve - sometimes it's not exactly clear if we are responsible in some way for the trouble in some situation - so there's another reason to go ahead and defend or help yourself. Of course we, our Soul, is always responsible for any trouble coming to it by way of Karma - but that's not the same thing as deliberately sticking your hand into a Fire - or something more subtle than that.


Another thing to be aware of is that Karma never makes any excuses - in the case of an attack if you harm someone while defending yourself you are not excused in any way - Karma is created that must be worked off in exactly the same way as it would be if you harmed someone for no reason - so defending oneself is best done in a way that causes no unnecessary harm to your attacker.          


All of this applies equally if one sees someone else under some kind of attack or in some kind of trouble - first, there is no reason to worry that helping the person might interfere in any way with their Karma for the same reason that helping yourself will not interfere with your Karma. And if the situation is that same type of thing where the person's Karma calls for some injury but the Angels feel that the injury could either happen now or later - then saving the person from injury might make no real difference - unless the person's trouble was not entirely the result of their Karma but rather was at least partially the result of something they themselves were currently responsible for - then saving them from harm would be like giving them another chance.


And if the person's trouble was entirely the result of their Karma then rendering help in such a way that it might increase the opportunity for the person to try getting their own Will aroused into action would be a very desireable thing. So again - there's no reason at all not to render help - and if it is done carefully, it can result in the growth of the person's Will.  


If someone doesn't want any help then things are more complicated - just want to point out one other thing - in the situation where the Angels have arranged for someone to suffer an injury then nothing will prevent that - but trying to prevent it might develop the Will.


I'm really just trying to make two points here - that there's never any reason to be concerned about "interfering with anyone's Karma" - and that we are always free to make the best of any situation - our Will maybe developing to some extent if we try hard enough.




The basic principles of Karma can be shown by a simple example - the actual working is more complicated than this example - just want to show the basic principles. B steps on A's toes - A deserved the toe-stomping or the Angels of Karma would not have allowed it to happen - the Angels would not directly interfere with B's Free Will, but they would have found some way, a distraction perhaps, to prevent B from stepping on A's toes. So now A's debt has been paid and A's Soul is relieved of some Karma.


But the thing is - even though A deserved the toe-stomping - B's Soul is not rewarded for giving A a deserved stomping - the opposite happens - by stepping on A's toes, B now deserves to receive some future toe-stomping! Maybe a thousand years will go by without anything happening and maybe B's Soul will be incarnated somewhere in the World - another B - another peson with the same Soul as the original B - and C will come up out of nowhere and step on B's toes. If B is not aware of how Karma works, B might feel like an injustice has been commited and feel resentment against C. But B's Soul will remember stepping on A's toes a thousand years ago and will learn the lesson that all acts against another will eventually have to be paid for.


The Angels of Karma did not pronounce the judgement that B deserved a toe-stomping - B created that Karma by stepping on A's toes - the Angels just decided when was the best time for B to pay for the act - their concern being when and under what circumstances will B's Soul receive the best lesson.


Karma might be thought of as a Force, similar to Gravity - if B steps on A's toes, a Force being created that will result in B receiving a toe-stomping, or something similar to that - the Angels of Karma just direct the Force in a way that will be most helpful to B's Soul.


Think about these principles of Karma I have outlined here - they are not my invention - they are Univesal principles that no one can escape - they are the method for our Souls to grow by experience - our Souls learning by repeated example over and over that every injustice they commit will have to be paid for at some future time - can you think of a better arrangement?! - one that is more fair and one that allows the Soul to learn that concern for others is important?




Our Souls are at least one million years old, and we have been learning Karmic lessons the entire time - learning by repeated example over and over and over again - our Souls finally realizing that they cannot escape the responsibility of their actions or Thoughts. Most people in the World today have a conscience - a Feeling for right and wrong - this is the effect of our Soul making its feelings about things known to us during our Physical incarnation. This feeling of right and wrong has taken a million years to develop - this gradual development helping to awaken our Souls - our Souls learning by experience that concern for others is necessary for progress - progress being the enjoyment of experiences and the exploration of new experiences while always being careful not to infringe upon anyone else's well-being.


Our Souls have learned this themselves - no one could force this or any other knowledge upon them - Karma being the method that has accomplished this - along with the unfailing help of the Angels of Karma.


These Universal principles always holds true, but actual situations are not so simple as stepping on someone's toes and then getting your own toes stepped on later - the actual working can be really complicated. For one thing, Thoughts and Feelings are also involved - every time one thinks or feels anything waves are sent out through the Astral and Mental planes - affecting the Astral and Mental bodies of millions of people - all this is also taken into account.


Thinking about this can give one an idea of how great the Angels of Karma are - can you imagine what is involved in keeping track of every little effect of every single Thought and Feeling by every single person on the Planet?! - each of us affecting millions of people every time we think or feel something?! - and it's not just this life that is involved - the Angels know our entire record covering at least a million years!


One question is - is our Soul also aware of this inconceiveably intricate web of influence? - if not then there would be no reason for it. The lower portion of our Soul, on the upper levels of the Mental plane, probably is aware of some of this web - the middle portion of our Soul, on the Buddhic plane probably is aware of most of it - the upper portion of our Soul, on the lower levels of the Atmic plane probably sees all of it - the Angels of Karma probably including this web of Thought and Feeling into their Karmic lessons for the purpose of helping to awaken the upper portions of our Souls.


This thing really works - a knowledge of Karma can help make you fearless in both the Physical World and the Astral World - so you can feel free to go ahead and explore! - the Angels of Karma never sleep! - there's no chance that they will ever allow anything to happen that isn't called for.


The Four great Angels of Direction - North - South - East - West - are the one's who transmit Karma to us - these Four are not the Angels of Karma - these Four being guided and instructed by the even greater Angels of Karma.


Another thing to be aware of is that even if you never develop the ability for Astral projection during your current life, the work you put into the attempt is not lost - during your next life you will be much closer to being able to project than if you had never tried during your current life. This same idea applies to everything you attempt during your present life - nothing is ever lost.


Just one other thing - kind Actions or Thoughts or Feelings also create Karma - bringing favorable things to the one who was kind - so that's one reason why it's better to return Love for Hate.






Part of the Astral plane corresponds closely to the Physical plane - while traveling through that part one can stay in touch with the Physical. All Physical things have Astral 'counterparts' - Astral atoms being much smaller than Physical atoms. All Physical things are soaked with Astral substance - the Astral substance clinging to the Physical and taking the shape of the Physical object. These Astral counterparts are what is seen during Astral projection - not the actual Physical things themselves.


Also, much of the Astral plane is not directly related to the Physical at all - but it is just as real as the part of the Astral that is closely related to the Physical. Much of my time on the Astral is spent in portions that do not correspond to the Physical. Many times, right after projecting, I'll find myself floating upside down within some brightly colored field of Energy. There are some Angels who I became aware of about 13 years ago and many times, while I'm floating upside down - they'll tease me in really funny ways while I'm struggling to get myself turned around! - making funny noises in time with the motions of my Astral body! Eventually I usually manage to somehow get upright and look out in wonder at all kinds of beautiful arrays of dazzling patterns. And the patterns are dynamic and in constant, bewildering motion. I have to be careful - my connection with the Astral is usually very delicate - any distraction, if I pay attention to it, can be enough to bring the projection to a sudden end and I'll wake up back in bed.


Sometimes I'll find myself somewhere where there will be vast collections of all kinds of intriguing things - beautiful and intricate things that I reach out and touch - gazing closely at all the detail. Sometimes there are books that I can read and sometimes remember small portions of after waking.


The difference between Present and Past seems to carry over when changing between Astral and Physical - in other words, after waking up, Astral experience is remembered - but during one's time there one's experience happens in the Present. Ordinary dreams take place in the present also, but the feeling of being there and living through the experience is much stronger during Astral projection. Of course, once you wake up - everything is a memory - so what! - that's part of the mystery!


Many times I'll find myself flying over beautiful scenery - and lots of times over large bodies of Water that are frightening at times - I don't have a special fear of Water while awake, but during projection, many times I'll fear falling into the Water and going down under. Lots of times that happens but usually I manage to somehow find land and go ashore and begin exploring - it's fun! Sometime I'd like to try exploring under the Water - that would also probably be fun!


I've never had any trouble returning to my Physical body - I'm usually trying not to return - trying to stay out as long as possible. I've read many times that to return, all that is necessary is to Will yourself back to your Physical body - I've never had to do that! - my projections either end before I want them to, or they turn into Lucid dreams and then ordinary dreams.


The way I see it now is that an ordinary dream, a Lucid dream, and an Astral projection are all types of Astral experience - in an ordinary dream one does not know that one is dreaming and just accepts whatever strange thing might happen without ever thinking - "hmm - that was a little strange". Then in a Lucid dream one is vaguely aware that one is asleep and can to some extent control what one does. And in an Astral projection, or OBE, same thing, one is very aware of what is going on and can deliberately act in any way desired - or one can at least attempt to do what one wants. So I don't see any clear dividing line between a Lucid dream and an Astral projection - one can just change into the other very easily.






A really good thing you might want to try is to talk to your Guardian Angel by using Strong-thinking - for example - you might try Strong-thinking the line - "are you there? - can you hear me?" - maybe just thinking the word "there", and/or maybe "hear" - and very carefully, watch to see if anything at all comes into your Mind. Any type of picture or Thought or Feeling that might seem to come into your Mind may be an answer from your Guardian Angel. You can be sure that your Angel does hear your question very clearly and that your Angel will answer you every time you ask anything - the task is to watch closely enough to be aware of the answer. Asking by using Strong-thinking can help get you into a delicately receptive state so that you might more easily catch the answers. With practice you can get into the habit of talking to your Angel all throughout the Day or Night - and eventually you can get to where you can have actual conversations, and even meet your Angel.


One thing to be aware of is that there are many beings living on the Astral plane who, for different reasons, sometimes impersonate others - they can give a very impressive perfomance and they can be taken for one's Guardian Angel. The person's real Angel would of course be watching the entire thing - allowing it to continue if it is felt by the Angel that it will serve as a good experience for "their person!" - that not meaning that our Angel owns us but rather that our Angel Loves us!


So there's no reason to worry that harm might come to you if you fall for an imposter - if you do suffer the suffering will be helpful to your Soul - your Guardian Angel working with the Legions of the Angels of Karma to decide what is best for your Soul - so again there's the task of trying to see things the way your Soul sees them. Sometimes what is good for one's Soul is also good for one's lower self - that's when it can really get enjoyable!


Another task is the development of Will - which not even one's Guardian Angel can predict - so the best attitude is probably not that one should just drift along,  thinking that everything will work out right - but rather to always be striving towards some ideal - the main ideal that is set before us by the evolutionary design being the strengthening of the bridge between us and our Soul. That bridge can be greatly strengthened by working with one's Guardian Angel - so even though no real harm will come by falling for an imposter - it might be best to be on the lookout for imposters.


How do you know if you have met your Guardian Angel or an imposter?! Some things to watch out for is that your real Angel will never demand anything of you - will never try to "get anything out of you". And you can expect never-ending patience from your real Angel - years may easily go by without any change in your Angel's attitude towards you no matter what you do. And of course there will be a Feeling of very strong Love from your Angel!








We - the current Human Race - spent the First Chain with our Physical permanent atom embedded within Rocks - evolving incredibly slowly - impacts against the Rocks sending impulses to our Spirit. We spent the Second Chain with our Physical permanent atom embedded within Plants and the Third Chain as Animals - and it was during the present Fourth Chain - during the present Fourth Round - on the Fourth Planet of the Round, the Earth - during the middle of the Third Lemurian Root Race, about seven million years ago - that we found ourselves in trouble and in need of help.


                                 TOUCH OF THE ANGELS


Help arrived from the Planet Venus in the form of mighty Angelic Beings called the Lords of the Flame -  these great Beings immediately taking charge of our evolution with the result that Angels began merging with the 'Souls' of the Lemurian people - they weren't actually Souls until the Angelic touch.


This touch activated the Lemurian Souls so that they could serve as bridges between the Spirit and the lower self - creating self-consciousness in the lower selves of the Lemurian people. This great event has been called many things - "The Fall of the Angels" - "The Eating of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" - etc. And ever since then, Angels have formed part of our Souls.


We all have our own Angel who has been with us since the birth of our Soul - somewhere between one and seven million years ago. Our Souls have been like babies in relation to our Angel - slowly growing over the long years - and just recently many of us (our Souls, in other words, because we are our Souls) are beginning to awaken. When one begins becoming aware of their Angel, the experience can be overwhelming - Feelings - associated with our long relationship with our Angel can easily cause anyone to cry like a baby - it's happened to me a few times, and I don't usually cry very much. But eventually we can grow stronger and become able to face our Angel - working with - even playing with our Angel.


Ever wonder why ancieant people were oftentimes more Spiritual than us even though we are supposed to be further evolved than them? One reason is because back during Lemurian, and then later, Atlantean times our Angels were new to us and very influential. Now, after millions of years - our Souls growing the entire time - our Angels have receded slightly - allowing us to take charge a little. The Atlanteans were slightly awake but allowed their Individuality to become too important. Individuality is necessary - sure there is majestic Unity on the higher planes - but it takes Individuality to experience that Unity - but concern for others is also necessary.


This method of evolution - Angels merging with and helping to form the Human Soul is not always necessary - it was for us on this Planet. And because of this Angelic help we are a little ahead of ourselves as far as the evolutionary plan goes - this still being the Fourth Round - the Round of the Astral. But even though we are ahead of ourselves a little, there's still a limit to how far our intelect and technology can develop during this Round - go ahead and try to develop further anyway!


During the next, Fifth Round, our intelect and technology will develop even further, but even then it won't be at the expense of Physical things. Even during the next, Fifth Chain, the Chain of the Mental plane, there will still be one Physical Planet during each of the seven Rounds. Each Chain has seven Rounds - each Round has seven Planets - the Life-wave being focused on one Planet at a time - each Round being an incredibly long period of Evolution - all of the long herstory/history of the Earth and all of the Future of the Earth being just one Planet of the present Fourth Round.




Our Soul serves as a bridge between our Spirit and our lower self - our Spirit here meaning the actual living creature living on the upper three planes of our group of seven planes. A Rock is self conscious to some extent - but when there is an active bridge to the Spirit the difference in the level of consciousness is so great that it's almost as if an entirely new type of consciousness is involved.


Not all Rocks, and not all Plants, are the host of permanent atoms - some of them are - the permanent atom belonging to, and attached to by a "long line", a Spirit who is evolving slowly by way of the impulses sent to it from the Rock or Plant. Animals also have a permanent atom within them that belongs to a Spirit, but Animals are different in that the entire Animal is animated by the Spirit - Rocks and Plants having their own Life - which is probably a part of the Life of the Earth Elemental, who is not the same as the Planetary Logos - the permanent atoms within Rocks and Plants being sort of like parasites in a way - friendly parasites!


The Spirit who has a permanent atom in a Rock or a Plant or an Animal is exactly the same as a Human Spirit - and in the Future will send down the Third Outpouring, as it is sometimes called - creating the bridge, by way of the Soul, that will allow its further evolution within a Physically incarnated Human. And it's likely that our Spirit is only one of a long line of Spirits - all of them being "incarnations" of our Higher Spirit, probably living on the higher Cosmic planes. So, a Lower Spirit who is currently evolving with its permanent atom in a Rock might well be the incarnation of a Higher Spirit who might be further evolved than some Higher Spirit whose current Lower Spirit is currently living in some Human - a knowledge of this would wipe out all Racial prejudice, and we would be much more respectful of all living things - including Rocks.


Each one of us still has our original Physical permanent atom - one single atom -  it is kept in our Physical Heart - the same actual atom that has been a part of us ever since the First Chain when it was embedded within Rocks. Every event we have been through in Rocks, Plants, Animals, and Humans is recorded in our atom. There can be a lot of meaning when someone says something like - "I feel it in my Heart".



                A FEW MORE THINGS ABOUT


                                ASTRAL PROJECTION       



There's all kinds of settings that can be used for projecting - some people can project in the middle of some public place! For me, and for most people, I think, privacy and some quietness is required. Also, some people like projecting in a sitting position, others lying down. One thing that might be helpful is to first get a few hours of ordinary sleep - then maybe get up and walk around for awhile, maybe 15 minutes or so, get comfortable, and then lie back down or sit down and begin! - charging up with Energy!


Charging yourself up with Energy is little like charging up a battery, and if you are able to project, the quality of your time on the Astral plane may depend on how well you've charged up your "Astral battery". That's how it works for me - I haven't yet found out how to draw in Energy from the Astral plane while I'm there, so I have to rely on the Energy I've got stored up in my "Astral battery" - when it runs out, my projection usually turns into a Lucid dream, and then into an ordinary dream - that's if I don't bring the projection to a sudden end by allowing some distraction to bother me.


When I say the "Astral battery" I'm not talking about "the vibrations" which happen during the actual projection - I'm talking about that first step of charging yourself up with Energy by visualizing Light, or thinking about goose bumps or hundreds of other things like that.



                  SOURCES FOR THE





Everything I've said about Astral projection and the geometry of the Fourth dimension comes from my own experience - what I've said about the Solar System - the Cosmic Planes - Time - Karma - Evolution - comes mostly from Theosophy - Blavatsky, Leadbeater, and Besant. Those three, about a hundred years ago, presented to the world an extremely vast system of knowledge about Nature - but there are many gaps in their teachings - deliberate gaps I think. I'm trying to fill in those gaps a little - some of the things I said here you won't find in Theosophy books - they may or may not be true - maybe you would say the same thing about the things that are found in the Theosophy books.


About 13 years ago I developed some clairaudience, and for 13 solid years, without one single break, my Angels have been singing cheerfully to me whenever I'm awake. Sometimes they are solemn and powerful. Whenever I step outside, their majestic singing fills the Sky - I love them very much. But I don't know if they are in any way responsible for my ideas - my Angels may be taking an active part in the developement of my ideas - but maybe it's just my lower mind making things up.


That shouldn't matter anyway - whatever one reads, from whatever source, might best be placed in the category - maybe it's true, maybe not - I'll wait and see. But I don't think it does any harm thinking about what might be true.



                             A COUPLE OF TRICKS



I want to add a few more things - first, a little trick I came up with about 14 years ago - using this trick oftentimes allows me to project at times when without it there's little chance of projecting. My projections are usually a little better without this thing, but even with it they can be very good.


After I've charged myself up with Energy, and begin the Mind Tone touching of the threshold, if it seems like I don't have much chance of projecting, I'll place the palms of my hands against the outer sides of my thighs. I always project lying flat on my back - have never been able to do it any other way yet - so it's easy to just keep my palms resting lightly against my thighs. For some reason this really increases my chances of projection. I don't wear any type of covering on my legs in bed - the thing might work through material - I don't know.


This thing is very similar to the millitary stance of Attention - but I'm doing it on my back! Maybe a long time ago some people found that placing the palms against the sides of the thighs increases one's stamina/alertness - then, maybe, the millitary appropriated this thing into their ranks?


Another little 'trick' I just began working on recently is to contract the muscles of the abdomen - but not in a way that results in the abdomen getting "sucked in". If you try you'll see that there are two basic ways to contract the abdomen - one way "sucks in" the abdomen - but another way just hardens the abdomen - see what I mean? While belly-flexing it's easy to also move the abdomen inwards or outwards. I've found this thing to be helpful in lots of ways.


I've found posting messages on the internet to be really helpful! - it's a great way to talk to people about all kinds of Spiritual things - people are there ready to respond to your messages - it's really fun and you can learn a lot that way - and it can really stimulate some Energy arousal for you! If you want to remain annonymous, there are message boards at various Spiritual websites where you can just make up a name, and don't have to post your email address. If you are willing to post your email address, then the mailing list option becomes available to you - many websites having mailing lists that work in a way similar to the message boards.


Feel free to email me - would love to hear any comments - questions - and any suggestions for the possible book version of this article - and I'm a'hope'n that what I've said here is a'gonna be a'helpful fer ya! - g'Day! - Ground Image


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