HIGH MAGICK: The Elemental Adept

by Suba (Tobias010@aol.com)

I dedicate this paper, to all those aspiring adepts, who have fought through these illusions of every-day reality, to get where they are now. i salute thee, for thy grace, strength, and courage- for we are a dying breed; and the day is near, and when we will be needed the most. So stay strong brothers and sisters, keep to thy ways, for the harvest is near.

In special thanks and Love, i send my energy out to you Vovin, for your insights and your friendship. For in you, i find a close bond, and a strong ally. See you in 2001. Amen...


For some reason beyond my understanding, i find myself writing down those things i have come to experience in my work. Everything i write within this paper has come down to me, through the ancients, as well as, from direct contact with the elemental forces and intelligence's. Everything i write down, has been thought out, meditated upon, refined, and perfected, to the best of my knowledge and understanding. i ask no one to believe, nor follow in a robotic way, anything that is said in this paper. For Wisdom comes with experience, not through reading. The only thing i do ask, is that you allow your mind to relax for just a moment, as you read this work, keeping your thoughts silent, so that you might come to hear that inner voice once again.

i do not claim mastery over this for said Art, nor do i pride myself in having the power to move mountains, stop the weather, or cause fire to fall from the heavens. It is only the simple things, such as moving towards perfection, refining myself through contact with my higher self, being opened to beautiful things, coming to know who i am at each moment, controlling my life, keeping from being consumed by this vampire society, as well as, thousands of other long lost powers that humans have lost as a whole.

i owe this work, greatly to the many masters, whom time has blessed us with their works. For it is their knowledge and courage, that brought them unto their own wisdom, and unto their own perfection's. Thank you, for leaving us the keys to open the doors within, as well as from without. Thank you...

i will not draw out this foreword, with long drawn out words; only those necessary to weave out those unworthy to attain, to this for said Art. Beware, for this work is not for the dapplers who believe they can gain some material treasures, or love, or power. This work in its self, is not for those who simply wish to talk with elementals, and learn their ways. For this work, will blind those with an ego, destroy those who are faint of heart, and taint the souls, of those who go into this work, for selfish reasons. So know this, all those who step into these halls of Adeptship, there will never be, a turning back; for once we enter into the mysteries, we either ascend, or lose our minds to insanity; there is no compromise. Now, as to those who read for nothing more then curiosity, i hope if nothing else, you come to learn, the insanity of the Magicians ways, and come to understand another aspect of life, while receiving a seed, that might one day be water into a tree. If nothing else, at least this will make a good fiction book, to put upon your shelves.

This work is only the beginning, of a life time of work, which some have come to call, "The Great Work". This is what the Kabalist call, "Building a foundation, Walking upon the Tau, or Purifying Malkuth; our Kingdom". This work is only the beginning, of what i have come to call, "The Path of the Adept, or High Magic". There is no veils i hide, nor illusions i set. This is the truth, as i have come to know and live. i am not out to mislead anyone into believing my way, is the only way, for in truth, my way is only that, my way. i am not here to write about general magic, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo, or anything, of that nature. To-day i write simply, those things i have learned and come to practice upon my own path towards perfection. For anything more then that, would be falling to the side of stupidity. These words, are not meant for you to believe nor follow, only to be taken with a grain of salt, taking only that which might apply to your own path, and throwing the rest, to the way side.

We are all shining stars, with our own solar systems unique only to us; So lets learn, what and who we are, and travel the Universe together. For there is infinite space for all things to exist, it is only us, who need to see that which is there to see.


For all things come from the elements, be it in their purest state, or combinations there of. To the ancients, there are four elements; fire, earth, air, and water. These four, coming from the one, made up of the four, expressing its self, through the harmony of ten, through four. The elements make up, all created things, be it stones, metals, plants, animals, angels, daemons, gods, devils, fiends, phantoms, as well as all other created things. They are up in the very heights of The Heavens, and the very depths of Hell. Be it, within the infernal, terrestrial, or celestial realms, be it the spirit, chaos, or life, the elements lie therein. Its through, coming to know, and seeing their essence, or to those who would rather use other terms; their sybological and archtypical formations of thought, that empower us to utilize their virtues, and abolish their vices. We human are unique, in that we have the ability, and the will, to use all created energies conceivable unto us. for as we come to evolve further, we will come to be, opened up to more energies. One of the many beliefs of the Magicians, in regards to why the more subtle energies are not readily available to the common person, is that those energies, would come to be abused, and in that, create an imbalance in the etheric planes; which would unleash unforeseeable karmic repercussions. As it is, there is already to many children, who dapple in the lower formations of the subtler energies, without any real knowledge of what they are doing. So lets learn together, how we may come to shape the elements around us, creating our own magic carpet to fly upon, and to ascend to the higher heights.

One of the first veils, laid over our minds, is that of the flesh, which traps us into believing that we are only the flesh, and some chemicals bombarding together, creating all that we know as life. Be it true on one level of life, that that is what is happening, the veil is that, we take it as the whole truth, and not just part of it. All that is needed, to reach past this first veil, is to push our conscious perspective but an inch, and in that inch, we will start to see the other sides of the stick, which stands in the middle of our rooms. It is true that it is not easy, in fact if it were easy, most would have already come to do it. Yet, being grown to full maturity, in our present day society, not only blocks us from these truths, but it as well, kills those who teach it. For so, in my understanding of what has gone wrong in our past, is that one has to give up all they have, to reach such heights; be it their family, work, children, property, money, and everything else, just to get through the pillars, and then, when one has gone through the doors, one will have to give up, their very life. So then, what hope is there for life, if this is what everyone needs to do, to reach the higher truths. Life would cease to exist, as we know it for sure. i do not claim, that this paper is for everyone, nor that everyone who applied themselves, would reap any real benefits, i can tell you, that if you wish, you can continue on with your daily life, while doing a work like this; for i did it, while Holding a forty hour a week job, hanging out, going to the movies, playing with kids, walking dogs, etc... i did everything i always do, the only difference was that, i slowly was transforming into a better person, while starting to control my life, and then coming to control my surroundings. i started to relax, my time was more mine for enjoyment, for no more was i haughted by thoughts of work at home, or worries of the future at work. Here i am, finding the light in my job, finding enjoyment in everything i did, and leaving behind those things i did not enjoy. Becoming more conscious of myself, breathing for once, and many other things. For there might be, a time in your life, when you will come to decide upon continuing on ward, or stopping at where you are at; but worry not, for years will lie ahead of you, before that choice will have to be made. For now, do what you can to better your self; for that is all we can really do any how; anything else, is simply a bonus...

Now, it will not be easy at first, to believe in the elements, much less the beings that reside upon those planes of existence. Yet, in doing certain exercises, and meditating upon life, one will come to understand, and then believe, from ones own experience, what our ancestors from all cultures, have spoken of.

Through using our Wills, we burn with the fires, devouring all impurities that hold us down. By using our emotions, we dream the dreams, flying upon the astral waters of life. By our intellect, and our thoughts, we can soar higher then any bird, and with our strength, and patients, we can be as the mountains, which stand the tests of time. By coming to know ourselves, we can do many things unbelievable to the common person, and in that, we change the world for the better.

We are who we are? For they say, that the divinity lies within us, and it only takes but a second to realize it, and be enlightened; i say, the divine seed is within us, and that divinity is potentially within us, if only we come to purify ourselves, and come to earn it by rending the veils that lie before us, for this is the truth, even before we can think about enlightenment. By building our foundations of the elements, by purifying ourselves of our lower animalistic natures, and by planting the seeds of truth within us, we may then come to build our temples within us, while transcending each plane, till we reach our enlightenment. That if anything else, is what i desire, in accomplishing my work, anything less, is pointless.

The main tradition i follow, is the Kabalistic path, of transcending the tree. So if you feel put off, simply because of the names i utilize, know it is not so much the names we use, but the powers we give them. So, take up your own tradition, and your own names, placing them where you deem worthy, and become strong in your beliefs. For i am not here to fight over words, but to learn the truth, and come to find as many companions upon the path of light, before the darkness entangles us in its' webs.

The Elements are the building blocks of life, without them, all would fall, and even without one of them, life as we know it, would cease to exist. For through the intermingling of the elements, comes life. And within these elements, while in their purest states, resides chemical compositions, just as within our own minds, whose focus is at present, beyond our scientific measurement, and of which contains consciousness and intellect, just as within ourselves. Those in time have become to be known and named, as the Elementals. The confusion in regards to the elements, and the elementals is simply to clarify. The elements are the four forms of life: expansion, contracting, circulating, and grounding, these four, in their simplest forms, create everything we know by combinations. By determining the dance they vibrate at, will determine the form they will take. Now, the thing in regards to humans, and their uniqueness, is that they are born from the elements, conceived with the celestial virtues, born into the infernal realms(though higher then for say-Hell), and given the seed of the Universe, to plant and water as they wish. This being their gift; to do with as one deems right. Knowing of course that to violate other energy balances, will only bring down ones inevitable destruction. So, of course humans, have a more complex consciousness, with a lot more thoughts of things, other then what one vibration would have. And yet, to say that each vibration does not carry its own form of intelligence, is to completely deny our present state of science, in regards to consciousness...

Now the Elementals are beings, wholly made up of an element. They, in their own formation, can only reside within their own element. At times, one might come to see the elements at war with each other, as lighting fighting through the air, striking the ground, or fire burning the earth, while water puts out the fire. All of which, comes in the end to finds its own balance. For nature always seeks balance, and when there comes to be an imbalance, she does what it takes, to rectify it. It is through our conversations with the elementals, that we slowly come to learn how to find that balance, and how to use the elements within our lives.

i will not get into to much detail here within this paper as yet, but will move into other things right now. Our interactions with the elementals, will slowly transform us into higher beings. Not only will we once again live in harmony with them, but they will help us transcend, and leave this earth, once and for all. For of course, most believe the elementals are either figments of the imagination, or so weak of a things, to be unable to effect us. Yet, in their very essence, they influence all that we do. For be it in the astral mind, the emotional mind, the intellectual mind, or the physical one, their vibrational frequency, effects us all. It is up to us to name them, and then befriend or conquer them.

There is a difference in talking with the elementals, as within the woods on mushrooms, and when then in ceremonially invoking them. For one, it is truly dangerous to call upon the elementals, in ritual. For not only, will they play simple tricks, like hiding ones tools, knocking over ones incense, and putting out ones candles, they can, and will bring out ones worst vices. They are no toys to play with, nor stupid or weak beings, easily enchanted and controlled. For they are, the very essence of life's building blocks, they our the consciousness of the elements themselves. They are not to be commanded like other beings, but befriended and overcomed. For the moment you try to bend them to your will, will be the moment you will come to understand, just how destructive the elements can be in ones life. Know their faults, and overcome them, befriend them, and you shall receive their virtues, know them, and you shall in time, know life.

The Elementals are very unique, and strange beings. They will help you accomplish your work, for in most cases, it is in their interests, as well as your own. The strangest thing with these beings, is that you must come to gain their respect before they will help you. They are not like the angels, who will help all those in need, nor the daemons, whom if bound, will do what ever the person or persons pleases. No, the Elementals are strange in that case. Yet, in coming to know them, and living in harmony with life, one will come to befriend them.

Later in this paper, i will go into more detail in regards to the elements and their attributes, for now i want to give a better picture of the, " Great Work ". For this work that i give unto you, is only the beginning, to an ever spiraling ascension to peace, love, and light. The following are simple meditative quotes, to help one come to see what the Great Work is all about:

What is up, is only that which is below in a purer state, that which is below, is only grosser then that which is above. In the camera, light is reflected within its adverse form; that which is above, is like unto that which is below, that which is within, is like unto that which is without.

There comes a time when one must decide what they desire; their choices being: To evolve, or to stay the same.

The work is not for later, it starts now, or it never will...

When in doubt about anything, do whatever it takes, to abolish that doubt.

Humbleness, is the key to softness, to be soft is to be pliable, and to be pliable is to bend.

Egoism, is the key to hardness, to be hard is to be rigid, and to be rigid is to break.

Doors do not open by themselves.

Do not wait for truth to unveil its' self.

We create our own lives.

Magic is to cause conscious change with our Wills.

To be alive, is to know one lives.

To wake up, is to open ones eyes.

When walking against the current of societies beliefs, you come to know, that you are walking the right path.

We come to sacrifice ourselves upon the cross of the elements.

To seek truth, is to find what is not truth...

These being, only a few thoughts in regards to the path of an Adept. It is hard at first to walk the path, for in most cases we desire the outcome without having to actually work for it. There is also, the problem with wanting to reach past our present standings, trying to grasp the energies above us, without having conquered the ones we presently have. It is in not having purified our present energies, and learning how they work within our lives, while gaining control of them, that often times gets the beginning Adept in trouble. For 'tis blind ignorance, in stepping into something, without at least having prepared for it.

So in writing this paper, i have decided to write only upon the elements, so that those who see, and come to understand, will know what it takes to build a strong foundation. For if our temples are built upon sandy ground, a day will come, when it shall be struck down. Yet, if we build our foundations upon the rock, abolishing all the rot within, there will never be a fear, of it falling down around us. For no adversity, nor evil, can attach it's self to that, which has nothing for it to grow from.

Too many Magicians have failed to see their darken mistakes, until it was almost to late, and then in their despair, they had to go through unneeded misery to correct mistakes, that otherwise could have been avoided. The path of an Adept is perfection, no less, yet so very much more. If one takes this paper seriously, and does the work honestly, it is guaranteed, that in retrospect, you will be thankful that you have acted as such. Know this, with the knowledge of the Self, comes the knowledge of the World...

Now Energies. Today it is common knowledge, that everything is made up of Adams, and that though their vibrations and movements, they create life; Eve... The force is shaped within the womb, overflowing with life, we are here...

The ancients knew as much, for they in time learned, each intellectual quality within the elemental vibrational patterns, and came to name them , so that they could trick their minds, into invoking that energy vibration within themselves. This of which, they would then come to gain its' virtues. It is not my purpose to make you believe in gods, devils, angels, daemons, or any other created being. i will leave that up to the dogmatically correct religious peoples, who desire to be right without once being able to offer you anything but blind faith? For me, and in this paper, i see it for what it is worth, knowing that certain names have been charged over time with millions of peoples beliefs, and in that, coming to receive its virtues. For anything more then that, is both beyond this paper, and my present state of mind.

This paper is not meant to be stone, it is not the rules, nor the laws to Elemental Magic. It is only one system, out of the many, that work, and that is all it is. To put this above any other system, is to completely forget the point, of even walking the path of an Adept. Take that which one is, and does, very serious, yet always keep an edge of humor. For it is a serious business, and a serious work, to want to be more then society deems needed, and in that seriousness, it comes to be humorous, to see the uniqueness, and folly of life. Smile my friend, for we have just begun...

The Elements are here for life. They in their own way gives us power to be, and to act. The more we learn about them within ourselves, the more control, we will have to be ourselves. Analyze everything, know its truths, weed out its lies, and then infuse yourself with its essence. For just as the story about the husband who questioned his wife, on why she cut the edges of her ham off, and she replied, "Because it tastes better." And then he asked her how she knows that, and was told , "Because her mother told her so". So he then one day, asked the mother the same questions, getting only the same replies. So then in curiosity, he went out of his way to go to the grandmothers house, asking the same thing, and the reply was a chuckle and this, "No, no sonny, it is not because it tastes better, but because it will not fit into my oven!"

So question your beliefs, your traditions, your views, analyze yourself, for maybe those things you hold onto so dearly, are not applicable to your present state of being? For it is truly hard to say, who we are, or what we are to believe in, when everything is constantly changing. That is why the ancients came to grasp the essence of life, instead of its formations.

"Know Thy Self, and nothing in Excess". These words having traveled down the chambers of time, ever still ringing true To-day. For experience everything , but get attached to nothing.

This work is the simplest format i can create for you, in an otherwise, complex, and confusing work, in the state of decay. i will not claim this is what the ancients taught, nor that this, is the intended ideas, of those who i have borrowed from. All i am trying to accomplish, is to write the facts as i know them, and share my experiences and exercises that i have and am presently doing upon my own path. Other then that, i have tried not to allow my ego, to enter into this paper, distorting what otherwise is pretty basic. For it is of my opinion, that a High Adept is the servant, not the master of Humanity, while being the master and not the servant of The Body. For although the Aspiring Adept is to be humble in life, they need to be strong, willed, and ruthless upon their path; for there is no room for weaknesses, nor feebleness, on entering unto the kingdom. May all those who come to read this paper be blessed, with the blessings of life.

May the sunshine brightly upon thy hearts, and the moon light guide thee in thy dreams...

The Tree:

'Tis a hard thing to describe something, that for one is indescribable. This work is consider the beginning ascension upon the tree of life. The tree in its most basic formation, is an empty coloring picture, awaiting the adept to color it with their life. Each place within and upon the tree, represents levels, energies, intelligence's, situations, colors, sounds, images, thoughts, forces, places, experiences, etc... It would be folly for me to explain something as beautiful as the Tree, without completely turning it into something ugly. Even though it is not possible to explain, the best I can do is to share this work, which represents working within the kingdom, learning the formations of life, learning the rules; if there is any, with magical ceremony and many other things. It is the beginning in learning who we are, finding those cycles we have created, and learning how to overcome them. Malkuth is the first of the Ten formations, or vortexes upon the tree. As we enter upon the path, we are given a free key to say the least. That key is all the books written, and all those things that just happened to come are way, which introduce us to ourselves and to the understandings of higher philosophies. That key gives us enough knowledge to understand the soil from which the Trees' root structure receives its nourishment. Some would believe that Malkuth is the root structure of the Tree, yet in fact it is nothing but the potential seeds that drop from the other fruits of the tree. In the Beginning was the word- that should teach us a lot, for it is the word that we come to first learn of the Tree, and of the path; or at least, we come to learn of a tangible system, to which we can apply to our lives. So, it is the words, which we first attach ourselves to, in order to find stability as well as support in our individual works. The Tree is our sign post, which direct us in the right directions. It gives us warnings of what is to come, it tells us how to prepare ourselves, it is in other words, our comforting blanket. The more we learn about the Tree, the more we learn what we need to do. For although all our paths are different, and each of our Trees will bare different fruits, the sacrifices, and the things needed to be accomplished are the same.

The Tree is the Grand configuration of all the paths, created in such a way, that it enables a being from what ever tradition they might hail from, to still utilize it. It works from a physical perspective, to a emotional, mathematical, energetic, light, force, expansion, contraction, creative, destructive, and infinitely many other different forms of perspectives. In my next paper I will explain in more vivid detail, what my understandings are in regards to the Tree of life. As for now, the best thing I can do for you, is to give a short explanation of those things that I have had experienced, while directly under the influence of Malkuth.

Having no guidance in the beginning of my work, I had worked within the rays of Malkuth for three years. For what would normally have taken a year or so for me to accomplish, took me three. Thank creation, that it did. I first learn about the occult traditions in jail, by being introduced to Kundalini Yoga. Four months I worked upon rising my Kundalini, which by the way I had no real rising. Even so, what was happening, was that I was laying down the foundation from which, I would later gain strength to accomplish greater things. One year later, having strived for what I thought, was a pointless effort, started to pay off, as I was introduced to Patajali's Sutras. From there, I came upon some of Crowley's works, then the Golden Dawns, then the O.T.O.'s. From that I started to acquire learning's of the Kabbala, Hermetics, Alchemy, and then the Solomontic workings. Although, I learned of these things, I truly did not receive initiation into those things until another year past.

The way I was initiated, or introduced into the higher formations of my path, or in other words, the paths of the Tree of Life, was through watching, and becoming involved with a Goetic Magician. The details of what I went through do not matter so much, as to what was brought about by those experiences that I had.

I was constantly kept on my toes, just in order to keep from becoming a threat to this individual. I was accosted both physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically. Always, was I in need to keep my mouth in check, my thoughts reined in, and my actions kept secret. My physical possessions were constantly looked through, my diaries were read, my magical tools were programmed for the others personal benefit. I had been cursed, I had spells put upon me, my energy was taken, my dreams attached and my very resolve challenged every step of the way. The pay off for sticking through these things, was that I was introduced into the Solomonic works, the Goetia, the Red Dragon, High Witchcraft, Sorcery and numerous other forms of magic. I learned what it would take for me to become an adept, as well as what could happen, if I were to stray from the light.

In the end of that year, I had experienced ten years worth of ritual workings, torn down some of my illusions, overcome my fears of death, learned what magic was truly about, started to work with the elements, deepened my understandings of the work and all its aspects, learn what formations of being I am to work with, was introduced to my Guardian Angel, learned psychic defense, as well as things unexplainable, and unbelievable.

Each of us, has a purpose, what that is, only the self can know. Sometimes, it takes having to go through many trials, in order that we might come to see our path, and in that, gaining strength to walk it. This is my path; hard, dry, scary, and most of all, lonely. I tell you these things, not so that you will repeat them, but that you might come to see what another has gone through. For just maybe, it might give you comfort, and guidance to do the right thing. May you be Blessed upon Your Own Path.

The Pentagram Ritual:

One of the most useful tools, that has come down to us from the Golden Dawn, is the Pentagram Ritual. For in its simplicity, it truly enables the Adept to work many wonderful things. It grants the Adept protection from outside forces, as well, as its ability to open portals for Elemental beings to enter into.

It is a good practice, to do the banishing ritual of the pentagram, one or more times a day. This will build up ones faith, and powers, in its ability to work for you. The more energy one puts into things, the better they will work. Think about it... There is no negative associations with the upright pentagram, for in its simplest form, it is nothing more then the four elements under the rule of spirit. Yet, for life, to have one thing, one must have the other, so upon inverting the pentagram, having one point downward, you come to have the goats head inside, instead of a man, which symbolizes our lower natures, grounding the spirit, within the slug of our desires. For those who use this form of the pentagram, either have no idea what they are doing and saying, and are mearly following some mindless crowd, or they know exactly what it is, and are either now stuck in a rut, because of past choices, or really do not believe in something more then our present state, and having only the desire to control their physical realm with magical means. Either which way it is, neither of the two are we concerned with, in this paper.

Now each point of the pentagram corresponds to an element as seen below:

This is because of how the energy flows within the star; fire or heat moves up, air circulates down through all, water flows down to the ground that lies to the left of the spirit, and earth is grounded with the light to its right. The Spirit is the center of all that is, circumference its self, incorporating nothing, but its self once again. The star has come down to us through antiquity, some attribute it to Solomon, the great Hebrew Magician who built a Temple unto God. Whatever its history, it works, and it works very well at that.

The number five is the center of the universal numbers of ten, which then comes to recycle its self, repeating its self in higher numbers again. The number has been known, as the balancer, or justice, because it harmonizes in the middle. It brings to mind the digits of the hands, and the feet, as well as it having been known as the number of both Mercury, and Mars. For it is the glue that binds all things together, and the force to make it so. The pentagram, has been known as five Greek Alphas' together, or an unfolding five faceted pyramid. The pentagram has been used for many things, all of which build to its power as a symbol, as well as its use as a tool.

The first form of the pentagram ritual i will show, is the lesser banishing ritual. This is one of the two rituals i will give unto thee. If you still desire more information, then please read those books that i have written within my references.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual:

Start by facing the east, the direction of the rising sun, and newness of spirit, hope, strength and light. Literally ground your feet into the soil, or carpet, whatever it be, feel your energy go through your feet, feeling the earth intertwine her energies with yours, as you take in a deep breath, and call upon your higher self as such:

Take your right hand, either by its self, or with some tool you have consecrated, and rise it above your forehead, grasping the celestial energies above, and bring them down to your sixth chakra, or between the brow of the eyes, while you vibrate out loud, "ATOH" (Ahh-toe). Then breathing in, again take of that energy, and allow the hand to move it down the center of ones body, as you come to say, "MALKUTH" (Maww-kooth). Then taking in a breath, gather the energy, and move the hand over to the right shoulder, as you say, "VE-GEBURAH" (Vee-Gey-bur-ah). Again, take in a breath, gathering the energy, as you move your hand over to the left shoulder, and vibrate, "VE-GEDULAH" (Vee-Gey-doo-lahh). Now, take in a very big breath, gathering the energies up, as you clasp the hands at the heart, in a prayer mudra, or lock, and say, "LE-OLAHM AMEN" (Lea-ahh-loam-Amen). For as you vibrate each word, feel the energies infusing into every fiber of your being, while visualizing it moving to the ends of the Universe.

Now, one shall do the lesser banishing ritual. This ritual is specific to banishing all energies from the earthly plain. For in determining what direction you start tracing the pentagram, will determine what form of energy you will be either banishing, or invoking. If for say, one starts from the point of air, and moves away from air, tracing the pentagram until its completeness, you would be banishing all energies from the air realms. So lets say you are now moving from fire to water, with the intent of invoking the watery regions, you then would complete tracing the pentagram, which would then open a doorway for the watery type energies to manifest.

.So of course, there is two ways to banish, and two ways to invoke each element. According to the Golden Dawn system of Magic, it is generally excepted, that to invoke or banish either water or air, one is to use the horizontal line, tracing it back or forth to air or water. As for earth and fire, one uses the lines moving up to the spirit. So practice, and in time you will learn what works better for you. For in my own practice, i find it better to invoke the air by starting at earth, for them being of the opposite, it of course is logical that banishing one, you would then be invoking the other. As for water, one would then start from fire. One of the changes i have found better in elemental magic, then from what the Golden Dawn system teaches, is to place water and fire against each other, as well as air and earth against each other. For this is not only the elements natural order of things, it as well puts both of the feminine elements on the left, and both of the masculine elements on the right; again putting the natural order of things in place. i do not claim that this is the correct way of the pentagram, though i do say in Elemental magic, in my experience, it is better then the other way.

So back to the ritual, we are facing the east, take in a big breath, inhaling the energies of the eastern quadricals within you, as you trace the pentagram, starting from the earth point, and moving up to the spirits point, then move the hand down to fire as you exhale, move hand to water as you inhale, to air as you exhale, and back unto the earth, completing the pentagram as you inhale. Then focus ones attention to the center of the pentacle, pushing with you right hand, as you vibrate this name of God "YHVH (Yod He Vau He)" Allow the power to extend as far as ones imagination and Will will go. This whole rhythm, with the pentagram, and the name, creates a vibrational, as well as visual barrier to all out side forces. With time, one can even image with their eyes open , the star visually before them. Practice will lend you power, for be it imaginary or not, it works, so work it.

Now, take in a big breath as you infuse yourself with the energies of the east, and then while holding the breath, turn unto the south creating a circle of energy, or bubble of energy, around ones self. Upon moving to the south, allow the energized breath to be released unto that quadrical. Now again, trace the pentagram as was instructed above, this time vibrating the name, "ADONAI" (Ahh-don-a). Now move to the west, caring the energy as before, doing everything the same but the name of God, which for the west is , "EHEIEH" (Ahh-he-a). Moving to the north, everything being the same, just use the name, "AGLA" (Ahh-gee-lah).

Now returning to the east, completing the energy circle, extend the arms out like a cross as you say:

Before me Michael

Behind me Gabriel

At my right hand Raphael

At my left hand Uriel

Then cross hands at the heart, be it right over left, giving the dominance to the active principle, or left over right, for the passive principle, it is up to you, and your desired end, as you say:

For Around me burns the pentagram

And within me shines the sixth rayed star

Visualizing this circle of pentagrams around you, and the hexagram star, shining within you. Now complete the ritual, by again calling down the higher self, as in the beginning of the ritual as so , "ATOH", etc...

Quick note, the pentagram has been know as the microcosm, while the hexagram is know as the macrocosm; in other words, the one deals with the elemental realms, while the other deals with the celestial realms, as seen below. The next thing i will do, is explain what each name, and word used in the ritual means, so that you might in your own traditions come to find the correct correspondences.

As for the calling of the higher self, "atoh", means thou/art, "Malkuth", means the kingdom, "ve-guburah", means the power, "ve-gedulah", means the glory, and "le-olahm amen", means for ever and ever amen. Do what ever you wish with that, now as to the names of God, here is some of their meanings:

"YHVH". Pronounced (Yod He Vau He) This name for some reasons has been associated with the name Jehovah, as well as numerous other names. In fact, "YHVH", is a name whose pronunciation is known only to a few High Adept. So, when speaking of this name, it has been referred to as the Tetragrammaton, or four squared name of God, or Adonai, which i will come to in a minute. The basic symbolism of the name is order, creation, father, mother, son, and daughter. It symbolizes the four worlds of the Kabbala; the divine, the archangelic, the angelic orders, and the physical. It represents the four elements, wisdom, the first begotten, and millions of other things.

The next name is "ADONAI", which as well is another name used in public when speaking of the Tetragrammaton. Pronounced, (Adon-aye) Adonai means lord. If you study other cultures of the west as well as the east, you will come to find a name of similar spellings, as well as attributes. For Adonai is known as the Lord of the Earth and Of the Heavens. The lord who stays by our side, the benefactor, one who spirals up ward, one who perches like the Eagle.

The next name of God is , "EHEIEH", Pronounced, (Ah-he-aye). That which the eye seeth not. The simplest essence of God that we can come to conceive while in these earthly bodies. For all other names of God come from, "EHEIEH". For, from the one comes two, two to three, three to four, four to all created things. The full name used is , "EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH", which is the name given unto Moses, when he asked how the masses were to know he comes with Gods Blessing. I AM THAT I AM... The existence of the existence, He who is and ever shall be...

The last of the four names is, "AGLA", pronounced (Ah-gee-laa). The mighty god forever. The power, strength, justice, force, and vengeance. It is the name Jacob had heard, and was shown the Ladder, with which the angels ascended and descended.

Now, there is a big debate in regards to what angel belongs to what quadrical. As for the original Golden Dawn System, the angels were Raphael to the east, Michael south, Gabriel west and Uriel north. Now some systems have Uriel to the south, for him being the fire of the lord, while some have Gabriel to the north, as for the angel of Death. In my experience, i have come to find Michael in the eastern quadrical, for him being like unto the Lord, the rising Sun of the Dawn, the right hand of the Lord. It could if, you desired that Michael would be on the right side of the lord if you were looking unto the west, while Gabriel would be in the north on the left hand side of the Lord. No matter, The east is of course symbolize by most cultures as the direction of the Lord, while the west, according to the Hebrews, is know as the direction of the bride, The Shekinah, which then, has her correspondences with Uriel, or that which moves the Lord to act. i then place Raphael upon the south, for he is the great healer of light, the noon sun of light. For no darkness nor sickness may enter unto ones soul, as long as the light shines down upon thee. Gabriel i place upon the western quadrical, for him being on the left hand of God , as well as the angel of Death, or the waxing light, into the night. Uriel is placed in the north, for this angels associations are fire and earth, as well as the zodiac. It is through the angel guardian of the earth whose place is unto the unknown realms of the passing night, the teacher of the mysteries, the giver of the high Arts, all of which correspond to the north and the Zodiac, with the fires of inspiration .

Again i will say, do not make that which i speak of, some dogmatic laws. For there is one stick in a big room, with 360 ways at looking at it. There is no contradiction in what angel you place, in what ever quadrical, it is up to you. For it is that all things, are in all things.

Gabriel means "God is my strength", he is the angel who stands at the left hand of God, the angel of resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death, revelations. He who presides over Paradise, the spirit of truth, angel of war, angel of the moon.

Michael "Who is as God", the greatest of the angels, chief of the orders of virtues and archangels, prince of presents, repentance, righteousness, mercy, sanctification, conqueror of the Dragon, known as Sabbathiel. Key holder of Heaven, price of night, angel of Mercury.

Raphael, "God has healed". Labbiel. One who watches, guide of the underworld, regent of the sun, governor of the south, guardian of the west, guardian of the tree of life, angel of healing, angel of the Sun

Uriel "Fire of God". The flame of God, regent of the sun, archangel of salvation, watcher of thunder and terror, repentance, interpreter of prophecies and dreams, disclosure of the mysteries of the heavenly arcane. The month of September, bringer of the knowledge of Alchemy, giver of the cabala, He who shall break the monstrous bars of the brazen gates of Hades on the day of judgement. Angel of the constellations.

Now, take as thee wish; understand, practice, and in power your self.


The following four sections deal with the elements, and their correspondences, as well as the first experiences, that i have had upon calling each of the elementals. It is up to you to decide if these correspondences ring true within you. For as you find those things that have relevance within your life, and using them, must you disposes of those things that do not. i do not expect you to believe in what i have experienced, in fact, you can say it was all just a figment of my imagination; just as it comes to be a figment of the imagination, to those who watch the mother pick the car off her child, while in duress. What ever the case, if you believe me or not, and yet still actually go forward, and do the ritual workings; you can at least have something to lean upon, if things actually do start to happen; if not, i guess i am better at tricking myself then i thought. Remember, analyze everything, do not take anything for granted, for there will be times, when knowing the truth, will really be needed, and in having taken what someone else calls the truth, becomes only smoke in our eyes; very thin, while causes our vision to blur. And so i start...

With the beginning of each elemental section, i have given a long list of correspondences that will come to help you, with infusing the elementals energies within oneself. i will here give a small explanation of each correspondence, so that you might come to have a deeper understanding of that which i write:

King: Is the elemental king who rules that element

Elemental: The beings whose association in magic, have been designated the ruler of that element.

Ruler: The specific intelligence over each element

Archangel: The archangels who presides, over the Sephiroths upon the tree of Life

Angel: Accorded the specific angel that through antique was specified to each element

Angelic Order: Deals with the nine orders of the angels, and which of them that fall under each element

Color: The color, which finds it closest vibrational akinment to the element

Complimentary Color: That color used as a back ground, to help focus the elements natural color, so that its vibrations become more prominent within the magicians mind

Form: The shape associated with the tattwas

Magical Tool: The tool that represents the elements within the ritual

Focus: The aspect of the body and mind the element focuses on

Created: The specific form of life the element corresponds to

Stones: The stones that best represents and holds the elements energies

Plants Anatomy: the part of the plant the element is associated with

Animal: The animal form associated with element

River of Hell: The river associated with the element according to Christianity

River of Eden: The river that left Eden unto the Earth

Musical Instrument: The instrument associated with element

Musical Note: The note that's vibrational frequency, moves within the same spectrum as the elements

Archdaemon: The archdaemon associated with the element

Planet: The planets who fall under each element

Signs: The astrological signs that are under each element

Body: The area of the body the element directly influences

Chakra: The Specific chakra associated with each element, the earth one starting at or about the anus, the water starting at or about the genital area, the fire starting at or about the solar plexus, and the air chakra starting at or about the heart area. ( There is not enough room in this present work to give ample amount of explanation in regards to the chakra system, so i suggest you read those books i have in my references)

Finger: The finger associated with each element. ( There being techniques that one can do such as hand mudras, or locks, with each finger, connecting each element in such a way that one creates that specific energy, that one can then shape with their will. One could do infinite ritual work with the hands alone.)

Elemental Beings: The beings also associated with the element

Herbs: The herbs that are infused with aspects of the elements. (It is always best to make ones own incense for the rituals. Simply gathering what one can in your own town, or in some herb shop, then grinding them in a mortar and pestle, and adding a little oil to make it moist, you will have come to have made your own incense.)

Virtues: Those qualities of the element that one will desire to attain to

Vices: those qualities of the element that one will desire to abolish

Tetragrammic Letter: The letter from the Tetragrammical name "YHVH", which is best associated to each element. ( "Y" representing the father, divine, active, fire principle. First "H" representing the mother, archangelic, receptive, water principle. "V" represents the son, angelic, intermingling, air principle. Second "H" represents the daughter or bride, accumulated, earth principle.)

Temperaments: Represents the astrological temperaments of the signs, and associated element




Elementals: Gnomes

King: Ghob

Rulers: Kerub

God Name: Adonai ha-Aretz

Quadrical: North

Archangel: Uriel

Angel: Phorlakh

Angelic Order: Cherubim

Quality: Stability

Color: Yellow, brown, black, and rustic

Complementary Color: Blue

Form: Square, cross

Sense: Touch

Sign: Taurus

Tattwas: Prithivi

Magical tool: Pentagram

Focus: Senses

Created: Stones

Stones: Dark stones, and stones that help with grounding oneself

Metal: Lead, silver

Plants Anatomy: Roots

Animals: Burring animals

River of Hell: Acheron

River of Eden: Euphrates

Musical Instrument: Drums

Musical Note: "f"

Archdaemon: Mahazael/Mehazaer

Planets: Moon, Saturn, and earth

Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn's

Body: Feet to the knees, the body its self, bones

Chakra: Muladhara

Finger: Ring finger

Elemental creatures: Gnomes, brownies, elves, sylvetres, satyrs, pans, dryads, hamadryads, durdalis, goblins, dwarfs, leprechauns, giants.

Herbs: Patchouli, mugwort, horehound, sagebrush, sorrel, vervain, magnolia, horsetail, salt, roots

Some Virtues: Patience, builder, strength, thrift, acquisition, conserved, practical, dependable, stable, endurance, protective

Some Vices: Greed, addictions, obsessions, laziness, tired, lack of control, forgetful, anger, slow

Tetragramic Letter: Second He'

Phlegmatic Temperament: Respectable, endure, considerate, resolute, firm, serious, scrupulous, concentrative, sober, punctual, circumspective, resistant, dullness, tardiness, lazy, unreliable.

In my own experience, i have found it better to start ones elemental workings with their natural elemental sign. Mine being Taurus, i then started with the earth elementals. Some would disagree with me, for say, those whose sign is Leo, would then start with the fire elementals. Now according to the elders, the fire elementals are much to dangerous for the beginner to start with. i agree and disagree at the same time. For the Salamanders are very strong beings, and there is no room for weak people calling upon them, yet if the adept were well versed in their correspondences, having built up there inner strength, and act impeccable during the ritual, there would be no problem, other then the thoughts within the mind. Of course, one should know their self, before starting the Elemental ceremonies, so that you will not put your self into a position that you would then come to regret. So in saying, i would hope that you have started doing the exercises, before going into the ritual workings...

My first Elemental ritual, was calling upon the Gnomes. i have decided to write out my first entry, of each elemental Invocation from my magical diary. This will give you an idea of my head set, as well as the possibilities during and after a ritual:

"Last night i invoked Ghob and the Gnomes. Ritual was a complete success. The moment i closed the temple, i felt the strength and intelligence of one of my past lives come into me. Somehow, i was able to channel from this Occultist from France. i did ritual according to Eliphas Levi work, adding a couple of things to make it more complete. During the beginning of the ritual, i had trouble with my invocations. So i asked for the forgiveness of all present spirits, due to my lack of knowledge, as well as my nervousness. i then continued on with the ritual, calling each elemental being according to their direction, so that all representatives would be present. i then called upon the Gnomes and Ghob from the north, silencing my mind directly there after.

At first, when i was doing prayer unto the Gnomes, i could instantly feel them all around me, as they smothered my incense, tapped on the floor, walls, and ceiling, moved some of the tools around, as well as pretty much, causing me a lot of trouble. Allowing it to continue both out of disbelief as well as curiosity, i then called upon Ghob.

It felt so beautiful, this strength and energy, as it moved towards me from the north. Its motion so slow, and gentle, moved into the circle and unto my being. At first i was scared and nervous, yet within a few moments the fears left me, as i was put to ease, knowing Ghob was only feeling me out from within, as he discern my intentions. Then the incense was completely smother out, causing Ghob to leave my presents.

Getting irritated with the Gnomes, i got up to relight the coal, when my hand was bumped some how, causing the coal to land outside my circle.

Great, i needed to get it, for who knows, if it was still a little lit, for there would be nothing worse, then starting a fire in the middle of a ritual work. So i grab my sword, using it to get the coal. For at that time, i did not quiet know what would happen, if i were to leave the circle with the elementals. (Now as so you can know, upon leaving the circle with the elementals still present, one of two things can happen; they will get restless and either leave, and or start to move around the house causing you untold hassles, or two, they will stay waiting for you either very displeased causing you untold troubles, or they will act as if nothing happened at all. For in ritual, the elementals are within the circle with you, just as calling upon the angels, while infusing their intelligence within yours.)

So, i finally got the coal , relighting it again, i called upon Ghob, who returned quickly, and started to talk with me. i asked him to show me his face within my crystal ball. i came to directly see these spirits dancing together, as they turned into trees, and again, turned into a forest, turning and turning around in a circle, as if, well, as if i were flying around this forest in a helicopter. Slowly, the forest started to shrink within the crystal, turning, and rising into a crown that sat on top of this old face. At first i did not quiet understand what i was seeing, then as the face started to clarify, i saw this old man, with moss, twigs, leaves, and many other things intertwined with spirits, dancing around on his face. Eyes darker then the blackest night, soothing not frightening. A smile of wisdom and age laid upon his cracked lips of clay, while his hair flowed into the grass that blanketed the forest crown. In excitement i then asked him to show me his persons, in which i think i came to anger him a little.

For then i had to wait for ever, as the face slowly moved in and out of focus, trying ever the mean while to shrink, allowing me to see Ghobs whole persons. So i waited and waited, until i realized that Ghob was not going to grant me my request at that moment. For he was testing me, how i knew this, is still beyond me, i just knew at that moment, to fail looking, would mean very bad things. So i waited, and waited, as i sat looking at the crystal, while thousands of images floated by.

i then started to question what the point of me waiting was for, for why should i have to wait, for some being i conjured up, why i asked, and then the answer came unto me. For i would not gain the Gnomes as my friends, if i could not even be a little patient while they tested my being. So in being patient, i came to gain their respect, and in that, their help. So waited i did, until the urge to pee came upon me, what was i to do? For to stop, would only cause me a big loss, so i loudly proclaimed, that if i had to pee in my robe to get their respect, i would; and yet i still waited.

At that point it was very silent, the Gnomes were not moving anything, and the room was dead, all but myself and the feeling that something was watching. i then became angered at the whole situation and started to say as much, when the silence was broken by the most hardiest laugh i have yet to hear, and these words, "So young as of yet, my friend." That simple, and i was one with the Gnomes.

i then started to ask Ghob to grant me two servants with arms, to give me strength in all my works, which he quickly granted me the request. ( A side note, i am leaving out all my elemental friends for many reasons, one of which is so that you can in your own work come to know your own elementals, and not mine. The other big reason, is of other magicians. As sad as it is, one can not really trust other magicians for the very reason of them using your elementals, as well as them being able to tap into your work, using your energy, for their own purposes. The day nears, when that pettiness as such, will have to be set aside, for more important matters, as for now be careful, and practice silence in all ones work.

Next, i asked Ghob to grant me an Elven teacher, to teach me the old ways, as he again granted my request. After that, i asked to be shown one of my past lives, which upon looking into the crystal, i came to find myself upon the ground, looking up towards Ghanesh, as i meditated upon a lesson my teacher instructed me on. i was shown many wondrous things, as he helped me contact that life's energies, infusing them into my present state of being, gaining its strengths and its virtues.

After who knows how long, i then thanked Ghob for his gifts, and then directed my attention to my three companions. i conversed with them , asking them to show me how i will know their presents is near, while coming to learn their energies, as well as learn how to use them in my life.

By that time i had to really use the bathroom, so i gave thanks to all the Gnomes, asking them to depart in peace as well as granting thanks and leave to the other Elemental watchers, i ran to the bathroom.

On returning, i found that the Gnomes had not left the circle. So i told them that if they did not leave when asked, then i would be forced to resort to more drastic measures, really meaning what i said. Which worked very well, as i felt there presents leave the house."

That was my very first elemental invocation. To have gone so successfully, had a lot to do with my prior ceremonial works, yet even that, did not help me much. For in dealing with the elementals, there is nothing else quiet like it. For it is not as if you can bind them like a daemon; well let me take that back, you can bind elemental beings in many ways, one of which is to hold them within there opposite element, such as fire to water and earth to air. Yet in so doing, you put yourself at great risk. For unlike other beings, it is best to befriend the elemental so that, they will come to go out of their way to help you. While in binding them, they become insulted and angered, they come to do what ever is in their power to cause you trouble. Of course, any self proclaimed magician could hold something of a lesser will by their own, yet really think about it, before doing as such. For in binding something you enslave it to your will, and one would have to be impeccable with that form of elemental energy, before there would be no risk unto the self.

Now as to the earth Elementals. Since that first elemental invocation, my life has gone through so many transformation, that i would almost give it more importance, then anything else, that i have done up to date. It was a blessing, to come to read Levi's work. It seemed, such a small part of his work, and yet, now i would say i belittled it far to much. For upon sitting down, and figuring out how i could incorporate it into my own work, i came to find a great style of magic, as well as many beautiful friends. So in saying that, i will not go to far into my own work, least it come to interrupt your own. Instead, i will write upon a few things i have gained and lost.

The earth Elementals are truly studios and patient beings. They have a great knack for building things from scratch, as well as improving things already built. In my work with them, i was able to gain greater strength in my work, a force of energy, and an understanding of how to build with it. A sureness when walking in society, a little giddiness over things of life, that i knew nothing about. A faith in myself, and a sureness in my work, that up to that time was a little lacking. These qualities have always potentially been within me, yet now i have come to realize them and live with them.

i have gained many past life memories, as well as received some of their virtues and strengths. i have learned much in regards to the old ways, as well as meditations and styles of magic, i had no idea existed. There has been many times in my earthly elemental transformation, that old problems crept into my consciousness, only to be once, and for all dealt with. There was times of great addictions, which in working, were slowly eased from my being. My anger, which at one time would have controlled me, became a trifling thing only to be used as a tool.

To say these few things are but little compared to what i have gained from the earth Elementals, is to belittle just how much i have gained. No matter, one might come to argue the pointlessness of such work, yet even our present state of Psychology; our mind and emotional science, could not offer such results in so short a time, or any time at all for that. For it is not, depending on others to tell us who we are, and what we feel, but ourselves, and only ourselves, that have the power to do so.

Now do not get me wrong, i do not have in my head a belief that everyone is meant for such awareness, and so i agree with others learning the minds truths, for the masses. As said before, the path of the Adept is not for everyone, only those who care to know the pains of their truths. For it is them, who are haughted with the desire to reach perfection, while living in the flesh, and following in the foot steps of the Great ones who have lived before us. It is a hard path, full of tears, pain and loss, but in the end, it is worth more then any physical attainment could ever dream of living up to. The funniest thing is, the more one comes to walk the path, the easier it will be to gain material well being... You will see...

Now beware, for one of the hardest things in the elemental workings, is the rooting out of all ones lower formations of thoughts, emotions, dreams and memories. There will be times of great loneliness, and feelings of despair, always remember, to ground your self in what ever way you see fit. For we all are in transition, when in learning how to hold still, those things that have always moved you into acting, will come to move away on their own. Analyze yourself, your thoughts, feelings and dreams. See what each thought or feeling is worth, come to know its roots, and find out if you desire to keep it. Think consciously, and be alive knowing, what it is you are, and who you are to become in mind , body and soul. Then, when we slowly come out of this pit that we have dug for ourselves, we will come to see the flowers growing within. We are not born evil, bad, nor sick in the soul; for it is in our programming, that we come to believe it as such. We are good, loving beings, we only need to de-program ourselves to realize it. We are who we are...


King: Paralda

Elementals: Sylphs

Ruler: Ariel

God Name: Elohim Tzaboath

Quadrical: East

Archangel: Michael

Angel: Chassan

Angelic Orders: Dominions, principalities

Quality: Reasoning

Color: Orange, yellow

Complimentary color: Violet

Form: Circle, dot

Sense: Smell, hearing

Sign: Aquarius

Tattwas: Waju

Magical Tools: Dagger, incense, and sword

Focus: Intellect

Created: Plants

Stones: Spongious, pumice stone, all stones with a yellowish tint

Metal: Copper, tin

Plants Anatomy: Flowers

Animals: Birds

River of Hell: Cocytus

River of Eden: Pison

Musical Instrument: Wind instruments

Musical Note: "e"

Archdaemon: Azazel

Planets: Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus

Signs: Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini

Body: Throat to forehead, ears, nose, skin, and all things with the respiratory system.

Chakra: Anahata

Finger: Little finger

Elemental Beings: Fays, fairies, sylphs, muses, dryads, drus, jinn, pixies, hamadryads, chameleons

Herbs: Almond, aspen, benzoin, citron, clover, dandelion, eyebright, hazel, lavender, lemongrass, lily of the valley, mace, marjoram, mint, mistletoe, sage, savory, slippery elm, pine, parsley

Virtues: speed, communications, adaptability, magnetic, fluid, optimistic, clearness, kindness, intellectual, piercing, perceptive, inventive

Vices: Gossiper, thief, dishonest, contemptible, fearful, lacking of stability, rude, air headed, unemotional

The Four Winds:

Notus- south,cloudy, moist, and sickly

Boreas- north, fierce, roaring, frost

Zephyrus- west, soft, pleasant, cold, moist

Eurus- east, waterish, cloudy, ravenous

Tetragramic Letter: Vau'

Sanguine Temperament: Penetrating, diligent, joy, Adroitness, dishonest, fickle, kind, clear, eager, contempt, Gossiper, lack of endurance

Air is the glue that holds everything together, the binder of life. The breath that breathed life to live. That which carries the seeds of life to the planets, and unto the ends of the universes. The vital spirit, moving and in transition, that which dreams are made of: the impressions of which, our shared realities are reflected into ones own. Here is my first experience with the air elementals copied from my diary:

"i called in the elemental quadricals, then proceeded to invite the sylphs, who quickly came with a light breeze putting out my lamp. Relighting lamp, i called upon Paralda who came quickly as well, within his own breeze.

i first noticed the king, by a feeling from my nose to the underside of my brain, as if the king was somehow opening up channels within me. There was little conversation, for it seems, that i am not completely ready to receive their respect, and friendship. i got the feeling, that Paralda was indignant that i invoked them while still trapped in a wandering fickle mind, and haughted by unconscious fears. (Those three things were the reasons why i was unable, at that time to completely be infused by their blessing.) For even though that was the case, i was still able to receive a few lessons; for i learned more about elemental magic, as well as how to live more in harmony with my surroundings. For we as a human nation, have forgotten how to live in balance with our surroundings. We are like children, stealing from our mothers purses, even though she has already given us much to spend and use. i have learned, that by the short cuts we take due to our laziness in life, directly prevents us from knowing the true essence of life. They granted me a fresh look into life, being able to see the hidden side of the shadows, where many other things reside.

i asked Paralda to grant unto me two beings, to help me over come my vices. At first, i tried to skry into the crystal ball, but instantly my lamp was put out, with a message to close my eyes. So i relight the lamp, and closed my eyes. There was a fluttering all around me, something that did not bring fear, but an anxiety, so i opened my eyes again, only to have the lamp go out, with the same message. So relighting the lamp, i again closed my eyes, to feel the same sensation once again. Hearing the flutters of little wings around me, quicker and quicker, as this errie light started to flash around me, over me, and under me. i was being transformed like a larvae, incubated, given the chance to transform my vices into virtues. If only I knew that that was what was happening.

i ask once again, for the two elementals and their names, which as for their names, i was specifically deigned. (Side note, now as experience has it, i have learned that not all air elementals have a name proper, but at times, represent a concept like a smell, or brisking air, etc... So if as like myself, your first invocation gets images and not direct names, know that that is their name, or symbolic representation of their being. As for calling them, all you have to do, is visualize that image within your mind, and then push it out with the will until you feel their presents.) Here follows in my diary the visualized conceptions of my first air elementals, which as i said before i am leaving out.

The last major thing i received last night, was a way to see without eyes. For i was deprived of my sight, so i had to come to see with my ears. Some how, they taught me how to use my hearing, instead of my sight to see, well in truth, the motivation in learning, was my fears. For during the ritual, i was continually distracted by sounds around me, with which my mind would play off of, creating insane scenarios. For in those moments, i came to see how pointless it is to worry over something that could not be prevented otherwise, as well, as how to live in each moment without losing it to fears. For i was in a position to learn the surrounding sounds, seeing with the ears in hearing anything that did not otherwise fit into the normal surrounding sounds.

i closed the ritual with thanks, and blessings unto the sylphs, and the other elemental watchers, ringing my bell four times to clear the area. For the bell banishes the air elementals very nicely. Thank you Adonai for thy blessing in this work. Amen"

In my elemental work, i had decided to continue calling upon each element as they unfold in nature; having started with earth, my birth element, i moved unto air, then water then fire- Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo... Some will decide maybe to start with fire, as the Astrological year starts as such, it is up to you. Maybe simply looking within, and finding out what defects you have, you will then come to call upon that element that will help elevate it, will be your starting point. What ever way you start with, start all the same; for nothing comes to those who only read. For no one, gets any real benefits from bashing around ideas only. For no matter how many different conversations i have had with theorizing magicians, and practicing ones, it is always the ones who practice, that leave knowing still what they know, because of experience, while the theorizing magician, leaves wondering, if they have made the other person see the way they see. Not much of a difference in truth, yet one will never really know, what is true, and will be no better off, then having some forms of intellectual thought patterns, while the other one, will know what is true for their selves, and will have become better for it, and changed for ever. For no matter how many war books you read, you will never be enlighten to the truth, as when behind the line.

To work is to live. It is okay to be afraid, why, in so many of my workings i had been so afraid, that i would have to hold onto my alter, just to keep my knees from collapsing on me. Yet, no matter what, i have always moved on ward, and still invoke. " Invoke Often", has been said by many, and i will say it again, "Invoke Often"...

The air Elementals truly bring up things that lie deep with us. You will be faced with so many memories, and so many fears. They have no room for petty emotions, for they are almost adroit in their beings; and yet they can, greatly effect use through our emotions. They are good at dispersing negative thoughts, and energies, they will take away your pains upon the winds. They are, if not controlled within the mind, able to feed the flames of passions, and disturb the waters of our dreams and lusts, that lie within our minds.

So many energies lie within our mind, controlling our thoughts and actions. The air Elementals will help clear away all foreign energies from us, so that we can come to grasp our inner essence. " Know Thyself", the oracles say, as the energies move through our minds.


King: Nichsa

Elemental: Undines

Ruler: Tharsis

God Name: Shaddai El Chai

Quadrical: West

Archangel: Gabriel

Angel: Taliahad

Angelic Order: Thrones, archangels

Quality: Contraction, magnetic

Color: White, blue

Complementary Color: Black

Form: Half moon

Sense: Taste

Sign: Scorpio

Tattwas: Apas

Magical Tool: Cup, crystal ball, mirrors

Focus: Emotions

Created: Metals

Stones: Pearl, crystals, and all stones associated with water, or of the color blue

Metal: Quicksilver, silver, yellow brass

Plant Anatomy: leaves

Animal: Fish

River of Hell: Styx

River of Eden: Hiddekel

Musical instrument: String instruments

Musical note: "g"

Archdaemon: Azael

Planet: Saturn, mercury, Moon, Neptune

Signs: Scorpio, cancer, Pisces

Body: Knees to waist, glands, sweat, and saliva

Chakra: Swvadhistana

Finger: Thumb

Elemental beings: Mermaids, ocenaid, oreades, nereides, limoniades, sprites, nixen, potamides, undines

Herbs: Aloe, apple, lemon balm, belladonna, birch, poplar, poppy, blackberry, burdock, camphor, chamomile, elder, ragwort, rose, coltsfoot, comfrey, daisy, daffodil, datura, sandalwood, yarrow, elm, eucalyptus, foxglove, hemlock, hemp, hibiscus, jasmine, yew, spearmint, thyme, kava-kava, ladies slipper, lemon, myrrh, morning glory, passion flower

Virtues: Receptive, understanding, empathic, sympathy, vitality, growth, loving, kind, astrally aware, divining, intune with cycles, meditative

Vices: Over emotional, disintegrating, dissolving, secretive, indifferent, no foundations, ungrounded, forgetful, lustful, clouded

Tetragramic letter: First He'

Melancholic temperament: Respectful, modest, compassionate, devoted, serious, docile, fervour, cordiality, comprehensive, meditative, calm, quick, adaptable, forgiving, tender, indifferent, depressed, apathy, shyness, lazy

In the womb of our beginning , lies the truth of our being. May no soul be born without the waters of life. For the firmaments were separated, and the waters of the lustrial skies, unlimited and vastly without number, flowed everything unknown, while the waters below bring life, and the abundance's therein. For the waters are our regeneration, our new beginning. For born of the flesh, we come to leave the celestial waters, only to find them again, in the symbolic baptism of the waters. The waters symbolize life, beginnings, birth, knowledge, growth, and abundance. The waters are the healing suave, that washes all our pain and sorrows away. The waters give hope, and comfort unto those in need. For Water symbolizes wholeness, oneness, peace, silent power, passive strength, and the will to live. For it is that understanding that came unto me, and more during my first watery elemental invocation:

"Having closed the circle, i called upon the quadricals with no disturbances or mistakes this time. Finally a good start, or maybe not, for as i then tried to force the water elementals candle upon the candle stick, it would break at the bottom where i tried to stick the needle in. Getting frustrated, i continued trying to force it, until a flash of what i call implanted thoughts, yet others would broadly categorize, as a flash of insight, came unto me. i melted the bottom of the candle, and placed it next to the needle. This being my very first lesson from the water elementals: passive force.

So i then called upon the undines and Nichsa their king, whom came quiet obligingly, with a flowing graceful movement. To say, the undines were friendly, would speak far to harshly. Yet, within their obligingness, they were the hardest for me to physical overcome. For as i called upon Nichsa, i had this urge to lay down for a moment, which of course, i then asked Nichsa if it would be permitted, least i insult the water elementals. He insisted that i should do so, as i felt a kind hand directing me down. Having laid upon the ground for but a moment, the undines from all sides, started to caress me, a feeling of an almost uncontrollable ecstasy, so uncontrollable, that i almost failed to heed to the warning within my mind, "Do not fall into their trap." So quickly i jerked up ward, while regretting every moment of it. i pushed the undines with my mind away from me. With a sigh of relief, i knew, that i was being tested, and that i had pass it with flying colors. i am just thankful, that i have been working on my lustful thinking patterns, for the past few months?

I asked Nichsa to help me overcome my lower sexual nature, which he granted me two elementals to help me do so. I then asked for a undine whose office dealt with passionate love, as well as another undine, whose office dealt with the first sight of sexual urges, which he kindly granted unto me. Having acquired a conversation with the king, i then asked him to kindly depart back unto his abode, while i did the banishing ritual of the pentagram."

This being a copy from my diary, it is suggested, that you as well keep a record of ones ritual workings. For if nothing else, you can use it in one of your books, just as i am doing right now. Seriously, the diary gives you a map of the ground you have tread upon, as well as a chronological record of your advancement. The diary is the justification and saving grace of the magician, after he leaves this earthly plain. As well, most of the knowledge we have to-day, would have been lost, if not for those few who kept record of there learning's.

The undines are truly sexual creatures, i knew it, yet had no real idea just how sexual they are. If it were not for the ritual and the charged up protection i had around me, i am afraid to say, i would not have faired so well. It is a very good thing, to get such things under the wing, least later on down the path, they come to haunt us. For our lower natures are to be controlled, not to control us. For there is far to many adepts who have failed to control their lower natures, and have in their ignorance, become controlled by their material desires. For it is a sick sight, to see some old man using his knowledge, to capture the sparkling young and ignorant in his webs.

For do not get me wrong, i do not see anything for say, bad in physical pleasures, in fact i embrace them, when given the chance. For as long as it does not harm anyone, and that it does not cause me to fall from my path, I usually come to embrace it. But, to allow it to rule over our thoughts, and to fall victim to its devilish ways, can only bring with it sorrows, and pain. And so, my friends, do not fall victim to such illusions as such. Do not pretend you have no problems, and that you have complete control of your lower nature. Do not be afraid, for if you are honest and willing to change, you will.

As in all things, we all come to fall short of perfection; some times. And so in my own curiosity, i desired to see how one might come to use the water elementals. i invoked the undine whose office dealt with sexual urges within me, and then walked down town. To say nothing, i was truly amazed. For be it my new found sureness within myself, or the energy i invoked, practically every lady who walked by, had this glean of sexual urges within her eye. i was physically stopped a few times to hear some very random invitations of sorts, as well as to be told how nice my shirt was or how beautiful my hair was. (side note, this never has happened to me, so that leaves out that argument; for normally i am not even given a second thought.) So then what, well of course, i had to try it again just to see, if i was maybe imagining it? i was not...

Now, i consider such experimentation's harmless, yet wrong all the same. For it is wrong to use ones power against another's will, even if it is only just that which i have done. i regret having done so, and have in my own way, come to pay retribution unto the universe for acting as such.

Now, i did use the same elementals, to help me overcome my own sexual desires, which has been, of great benefit in conserving my energies. For life is too short to be slobbering over every pretty morsel. "i owe much to you my friends, for granting me reprieve of my lower formations, and helping me to see the beauty that lies inside us all, thank you."

So beware of their trap, do not fall victim to their ways, and in so doing, you will be helped in setting yourself free. They are great teachers of beauty, love, and harmony; for as the music of their voices, brings the harmony of the sea, so is it within our minds, that finally sets us fee... Amen...


King: Djin

Elemental: Salamanders

Ruler: Seraph

God Name: YHVH Tzabaoth

Quadrical: South

Archangel: Raphael

Angel: Aral, Samuael

Angelic order: Seraphim, authorities, powers

Quality: Expansion, electric

Color: Red

Complimentary color: Green

Form: Triangle

Sense: Sight

Sign: Leo

Tattwas: Tejas

Magical Tool: Wand, candles, and some daggers

Focus: Will. understanding

Created: Animals

Stones: Asbestos, fire stones, or anything that is associated with fire or the color red

Metals: Gold, iron, steel, nickel, red brass

Plants anatomy: Seeds

Animals: Salamanders, crickets

River of Hell: Phlegethon

River of Eden: Gihon

Archdaemon: Samuel

Musical instrument: Voice

Musical note: "d"

Planets: Mars, sun, Pluto

Signs: Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius

Body: Waist to throat; eyes, blood, and nerves

Chakra: Manipura

Finger: Forefinger

Elemental Beings: Acthnici, salamanders, dragons, crickets, drakes, basilisk, phoenix, sphinx

Herbs: Alder, ash, basil, blood root, cactus, cedar, cinnamon, copal, damiana, dragons blood, garlic, hawthorn, heliotrope, hyssop, juniper, mandrake, oak, onion, pepper, rue, st.johns wart, snapdragon, tobacco, wormwood, yucca, sulphur

Virtues: Energetic, strength, creative, valor, loyalty, motion, perceptive

Vices: Sporadic, breakative, irritable, destructive, intemperance, anger, caught in illusions

Tetragramic letter: "Y"


Celestial-all consuming, bright, joyous, wisdom

Terrestrial-partakes in both celestial and infernal Infernal-dull, dark, consuming, pain

Choleric temperament: Activity, enthusiasm, eagerness, resolute, courage, productive, gluttony, jealous, passions, irritability, intemperance

Fire: the giver of life, strength, courage, will. The heat that moves all things, the sustainer, and the all devourer. The father of creation, the electric movement. Electricity untamed. Out flowing movement, and energy, which pervades all things from the smallest molecule to the largest sun. The all expanding circle within a circle, the giver of life, and light, devourer of darkness, the beginning seed of life.

Fire is said to be the most dangerous element to work with, being it is the element of Will power and inner strength, which most people lack. So no wonder it is one of the most dangerous to work with, for if one has not enough will power, they would come to eat you alive. So in that case, i will agree that they are the hardest to invoke, and yet, in having worked with them myself, i have found that although they are very severe and consuming, if you feed their pride without cercoming to it your self, staying calm, and in control, you will have no problems with the salamanders. They are most generous in regards to helping those who are very serious minded. i will say though, it is far better for you, to first build up your will power, before trying to invoke the salamanders. For they are masters of illusions, and very hard, on those who lack the strength to match theirs. So now, let me write my experience with the fire elementals:

" Calling the quadricals, and inviting the elemental watchers, i found it was extremely easy this time. It seems as if the elementals are now used to my presents and energy within their spheres of consciousness. Having felt their presents around me, i then called upon the salamanders into the circle, which they came very readily. Instantly the air cleared of all other energies, as if it seemed, the air its self became thin and brittle while thick and constricting at the same time. There was an errie feeling hanging in the circle, an almost upright quality of doom. i felt like i were a student, listening aptly to my teacher reprimand me for something, or a child being disciplined for some curiosity. The air was defiantly very serious, so i allowed myself a few minutes to breath in the energy, as i then called upon Djin, who quickly made his presents known. Very austere and kingly. i felt him moving into my eyes, up to the lower part of my brain, as my conscious thinking process changed. The light within the room became brighter, yet the candle flame did not grow, nor flicker in any way.

It seemed upon entering into the circle, i had felt unconsciously, insignificant in regards to my powers of fire. i was greatly put at ease though, as Djin pointed out qualities of mine, that i have looked at as trifling things, while he showed me they were not. For in my unknowing, i have had strong qualities in the element of fire, and it was mearly my misinterpreting them as nothing, that created my own disbelief. It seemed very easy, almost to easy to gain the salamanders respect, so we will see how easy it is in a few days time.

My purpose on having called upon the Salamanders there, was for completeness in my work, as well as, for once and for all gaining control of my lustful desires, as well as to gain more strength with my Will, and come to gain some virtues of the fire elementals. i asked Djin to grant me two teachers to help me learn the salamanders ways, which he readily gave me. One of which dealt with the distortions of images, and the other with electronic information. Two things of which, i had no idea they dealt with fire, until i was informed as such. It seems, i had no real idea what exactly the fire elementals represented, and in only my work, did that void become filled. Having acquired conversations with both the king and the two elementals, i then consecrated my carnelian ring unto them, and then thanked them for their presents, as i asked them to kindly depart. There was a little difficulty at first, but with a little more show of my Will, they obligingly left with good grace."

This being my first fire invocation, i would say i was more scared calling upon them, then any of the other elementals. Yet, was not only that fear unfounded, it was unjustified. The salamanders have come to be my friends and strong allies upon my path. The ritual was a complete success in all ways, and having waited to see the outcome a few days later, i found it was the easiest for me as well.

It is strange now, how i came to see the fire elementals as being stronger then all the other elementals, but upon introspection, i found it simply that, the fire elementals were only the most up front with their energy. For it is the fire elementals who show strength in overcoming, the water elementals in absorbing and integrating, the air in binding, and ascending, the earth as grounding, and smothering. All in their own way, and in their own spheres of influence, being the strongest. It just seems that upon the wheel of destiny, we are in a time of fire, which grants the fire elementals more prominence at first appearances.

Even after completing the salamander invocation, i felt as if it were too easy. For why would all the magicians claim the salamanders to be the most dangerous, if there was no merit to their claims. So in the days that followed, i watched and waited, all the mean while keeping a close watch of every thought pattern that came into my mind; nothing. The only thing that happened after that first ritual, was my ability to see patterns more clearly, and a little application of my power of Will. The exact two things i desired to accomplish upon entering into the ritual.

What is it about, Change? One could go for years to many psychologist, and still never over come one fear, yet while in the circle; being honest, humble, excited, fearful, and strong, being patient and open to the truth, one will overcome many fears in just one session. i do not claim it a form of psychology, only i claim being honest with ones self, and being willing to change. It only takes one push of the button, to erase an unwanted program. You will see. You will also come to see, your loved ones and friends looking at you differently, as well as unconsciously placing those vices back upon you, simply because they expect it of you. Be strong, and use your will to make them change their programs of you, otherwise you will either fall right back into the old patterns, or lose those who keep you from changing.

Doing away with the ritual for a moment, lets look at the emotional/mental mind while in ceremony. Here we are, knowing our good and bad qualities, desiring to overcome the bad while amplifying the good. We are honest with ourselves in all things, humbling down, as we enter into the circle, and seek help from the hidden reservoirs within our minds. Excited, filled with more energy then normal, feeling tingles up and down the spine, and the body, which gives us the fuel to carry through with the insanity, and overcome all things. And last, at peace with the truth, what ever that be, allowing that truth, to finally set us free.

So now, here we are in the circle; a circle being a geometric form, with no edges nor stopping points for energy. It, being the energy, only cycles around and around, growing in strength, while the magician calls in more outside energies, shaping them unto his will, and then releasing them to do that which they have been called upon to do. Now in life, we all want to be something special , someone who has left an imprint here, upon this soil of earth. For its upon entering the circle, that we are given the chance to change our lives for the better, and so, it becomes sacred to us. It becomes special, and in that, we become special within our own eyes. For we all are stars, we only need to realize it as such.

Opening ourselves to the circle, becoming one with the circle, as it and our alter become more and more a representation of our understanding of the universe, and our spheres of influence therein. We embrace it, and open our energies up into it. For now, we are to call upon those vibrational energies we desired to invoke, infusing them within our consciousness, and come to transform our negative qualities into good ones, and our good qualities into the light we wish to shine unto the world. We infuse that energy into ourselves, by naming, and claiming it as ours. For it is the subtle energies, that our very souls work with, for it is the very essence that gives life, and it is within our ability to use them as we see fit. Most believe nothing in the claim i lay upon this paper, yet simply look at the fruits of such people who practice, and allow that, to be your justification in doing the work. Really look at those who have empowered themselves with such actions, and you will come to see a difference. It is only the Adept, whom in time have learned to be secretive in all things they do, that they at first appear to look and act just like everyone else; watch and you will see the difference.

Like i said before, i am not here to argue over this or that. For i care less what you or anyone else thinks about my path, and my way of life. If it was all just a figment of my over active imagination, i would still care nothing. For it is what makes me to-day, and in most peoples eyes who see and come to know me agree, that i am doing something right. Yet most of all, i know that i am doing what is right. In writing, i am not here to prove myself, or try to change societies out look upon things, only to shine the light for those who desire something different, and in that, making it easier for them to ascend the latter.

So how do i know that it works, you ask? Well, i am very honest with my self, i am very scientific in my approaches, constantly analyzing and trashing thoughts, i know my self very well; both my weakness and my strengths. i know my normal thought patterns, and what i think when doing something i would consciously rather not think. It is knowing these things, and acting purely upon scientific style of approach, that i come to see my thoughts and actions become more pure. It is through constant tests, and pains, that i come to see that it works. Anything other then that, is pretty pointless anyhow; for if we can not even get control of our thoughts and actions, how are we ever to think, we can reach peace within.

So question me, argue, yell, beat your fists upon the walls, call me a devil, or the anti-Christ; call me anything you desire, for it will not change me from seeking out the riddles of life. i try not to judge others, nor pretend that i am above them, for those things only come to trap us in the webs of jealousy. i do though judge myself, and in no way will i let my self get lead astray. For it is my life, and so i will neither follow behind some religious dogmas (Dog Mass), nor believe in any scientific laws, until i have proven it my self..

So in warning, be careful with the Salamanders, for although it was easy for me, it might not be for you. For it is said, that we each have one hard elemental relationship, which in my experience is true; for i in my work have had the greatest trouble with the air elementals. So take it slow, yet steady, and everything will work out...


Ones studies are very important in the beginning. For it gives one a basis to work off of, as well as giving one, techniques to practice. i in my belief, have found more merit in studies, then in simply jumping into the unknown. It is agreed with me, that everything lies within us, and all we have to do is remember. The only thing is, what might have taken years to remember, as we scrabble within our programs, would only take one minute, when read from a book, and the soul grasps upon it. For there is far to little time, to be wondering aimlessly within our minds, while things all around us moves onward. There is a reason why it is so easy to get all the knowledge from our ancestors to-day; think about it. No matter about such arguments, i would suggest one first reading things from the past. Try not to fill up your mind to much with our present day new age movements, for that is nothing but babbling fools, following their own tails. The truth is within you, not in some fool looking for a buck.

There is a few things that come to mind, when thinking about studies. For one, there is a reason why our souls chose the nationality we are. It does not mean, one is better then the other, it is only that, each nationality has some major theme to teach the soul, and that is one of the reasons why we were born in the house that we were. First come to know what ones surroundings are, learn that which you have right at your finger tips. Then take your studies to all cultures, all religious and political systems, all meditations, magic's, mythologies, philosophies, everything and anything that perks your curiosity, study it, and practice it.

For the time will come, when everything you study will work its self upon your path, and upon the tree of life. It will one day help you in ascending upon the tree, as well as it will help amplify your being, making one more rounded, and more open. For the possibilities of what is possible in life, are as limitless as the Universe its self; for knowledge is power, and depending how you use that power, be it for the betterment of life, it will one day turn into wisdom.

There is a belief, that the more you read, the worse off you will be. For it unconsciously programs you with other peoples beliefs, and experiences, robbing you of your own. So beware of that, be conscious, and analyze everything, for your soul will never mislead you, as long as you listen and not talk. Studying is a blessing, it keeps you company, and gives you hope. There is no useless information, only in how we assimilate it, and place it in our life. Be humble, honest, positive, receptive, and open, and then all things shall be made clear, in time.

Study, learn, grow, force your mind to expand, learn how to apply the knowledge to your life, be open to everything, yet analyze and critic it until only the bare truth stands above the ground, then water and watch it grow. For the more you will learn, the more your soul will awaken, the more you apply it to life, the more you will come to know of your souls purpose.

Now, as to a suggestion, when studying, come to follow the theories and laws to their sources. Do not take something as fact, just because the whole world believes it is so. For some times, the majority is wrong. Also, there will be times, when you might take something on authority, and later find out that the person either misquoted, or completely overlooked something, that changes the whole idea. Be careful, is all i am saying. For other than that, go at it till your mind is full. Now, in my experience i have come to learn older is better then the younger in wisdom, while the younger is better then the older in creativity; really think about that, for with the two, you could change the world, or at least your self.

Now before i go further, i would like again to say, that this paper i write unto you is of my own experiences, and those things i do upon my own path. This is not some ancient traditions that i teach; for say- although i do borrow from the ancients, i will not be stupid to claim that that which i do, is anything they intended. In fact, i could in my ignorance be misleading you into a hole, in which case i say STOP, before it is to late. For there is no guarantees in life, and in saying, you might not be able to trick yourself into believing this dream i weave unto you is real. In which case, it would be a waste of your time...

In and upon my path, i have come to want to learn as much as possible, leaving no stone UN-turn upon my path. Now, of course there is not enough time to learn everything, nor is there even a enough time, to learn a little of everything, only enough time to learn what i can, and then apply it to the Great Work. That is all i can really hope to accomplish, a jack of many trades, yet master of nothing other then myself. In the following, i will give you an idea of my own system of studies, and of that which i have or will be studying in the future.

Upon my path i have come to associate certain ideas, subjects, thoughts, etc.. with that which i am working on, at that present moment. So, as this paper deals with the elements, i will give you an idea of what i mean. When i work upon the earth element i will come to study the following things: Food, cooking, digestion system, biology, geology, yoga, martial arts, dance, anatomy, physiology, massage, acupressure/ puncture, astronomy/astrology, mechanics, evolution, animal/human interactions, etc...

As for water i might study everything that deals with the water, space, psychology, as well as anything that deals with the emotions, and behaviorism's, play water sports, swim, study fish, water herbs, plants, sexuality, sensualist, dance, meditations, etc...

For fire i might come to study martial arts, war, chemistry, the will and its limits, energies, electronics, lightening, volcanoes, animals, fire, medicine, different forms of magic, etc...

As for air, i might come to study flowers, pranayama, memory, how the mind works, neurology, aromas, how the hearing works, etc... You will come to find your own forms of study, it really does not matter what i study, just what you study. Just remember to study all the same. For those things i wrote, are but a few areas one might go with their path. The more you learn, the better off you will be, for you will find answers to questions in the oddest ways, you will see...

Preparing for ritual work:

There is five major sources i credit this work to: The Greater Key Of Solomon, Yoga Sutras of Patajali, Three Books Of Occult Philosophy, Initiations into Hermetics, and last of which, i owe the very idea of writing this paper to, is to Transcendental Magic by Levi. i am greatly in dept to these four adepts, whose works have made it easier for me to come upon the path that i am on. For it is through them, and others like unto them, who have helped me from losing my mind. For they did it, they walked the path and lived. So, if you are to read anything in regards to the path, i would highly suggest that you read those four books and any other book from those adepts. For if i could aspire to be half as a genius, as they, i would truly be blessed. No matter, we are what we are; praises for that...

The first need for ritual work is the tools, which help one to work. Some say one does not even need tools, to do elemental magic. i say one does not need tools in any form of ritual working; it is simply an object to focus a certain form of energy into, charging them, so that one can tap into areas within and without easier. For the tangible is more real, then that which is not. There is a need for tools at first, for in the beginning, one needs as much help as possible. i could just see it, someone blindly going into ritual with no tools, invoking the salamanders, not feeling any of the energy, then banishing them with their finger. The Salamanders would make hey day with their life, believe it. With tools, the consciousness becomes more aware, the inner strength has something to hold onto that is real, and the mind comes to attach meaning to what is happening. The following is a description of each tools purpose, though of course these are only the basics. After the explanation, there will be a consecrating of the tool. This being done, one is putting a higher meaning unto the sacred object, as well as placing ones energy and intent into the tool, in order to help you along on your journey. A day will come, when we all must form our own style of magic, yet in the beginning one should choose a style and stick with it, until its fruits are enjoyed. For the new adept, there is not enough inner force to greatly influence other beings into doing their will, so by using a system that has already been proven by others, it will come to lend its strength unto the adept, until of course he gathers his own personal force..

Circle: That which is a symbol of divinity, an unbroken chain of power, holding all hostile forces at bay, and inviting all spirits they desire to call within. The circle is an area consecrated to the work, it becomes sacred ground to those who use it. It should never be desecrated with such things as negative thoughts, sex; (well unless it is ritualistic sex), or anything other then that which is holy. The circle has no edges as said before, so the energy works in cycles, and determine the will of the magician, it can become a cone of power used for what ever the adept sees fit.

Now, determining which element you are calling forth, one should place the alter in that direction. In my work, i have had two alters in the elemental rituals, one of which will be explained later, and the other i place over the elemental tattwas, which holds my incense, elemental candle and crystal ball to skry with. For i always have a tendency to want to sit down in my elemental workings, and look into my crystal t.v.. As for finding a spot for the circle, find a place that is secluded from everything, or in a place that you can go undisturbed for a while. As you find the place, clean it of all dirt and energy by using ones holy consecrated water, incense it with sage, sweeping it with a broom like the witches, using crystals to absorb the energies, or what ever other way you can think of to do it. Having cleared an area, recite the following Psalms from the bible; 2, 67, 54 over the area. Then again incense with the adour of the art, then consecrate it with the water and oil.

Then prior to building a circle, recite the following Psalms; 113, 47, 68. Then construct circle with either chalk, paint, tape, sand, digging, etc... What ever way you find, try to put as much energy into it as you can, for this is not only your holy ground, it is also what will save your butt. As to the materials you use in constructing the circle, bless and sanctify them with water, incense, and prayer before using them. Try not to have any negative thoughts, or worries while constructing the circle, or any other tool at that; for that energy will become infused within the object you are working on. For in holding the circle as pure ground, the day will come when it infuses within us, making us and everywhere we walk pure, and sacred as well. The circle is the inner divinity expressed out side ourselves. The sooner we can bring it in, through realization, and the sooner we will be free...

Alter: This is a representation of the known universe. Some have a two cubed alter, representing as above so below, some have a three legged alter, representing the trinity and the three alchemical forces of creation, some have four legged alters for the elements and the direction, while some just have some simple table that they use. What ever you decide, it is yours to chose. Just know, that the alter represents your understanding of life at the present, and then make it from there. For the alter is the place we set our tools upon, focusing our energy, and shaping our world.

Robe: The robe is our covering, a symbolic representation of stepping away from our daily lives, and cloths, and stepping into new clothing. It helps in the beginning to have a robe, for if nothing else, to help you change your mind set. The robe is a defense against hostile phantoms and energies. The robe is a shield against all hostile forces wanting to interrupt our work. The robe helps build strength and courage within ourselves, it grants an up lifted spirit, and a feeling of power. It is a symbol of magic its self; for it is the flowing vestment of life.

One should make their own robe, in fact one should make as much of there own tools as possible. For the more work you put into your tools, the more energy they will contain, and the better they will work. As well, when using something some one else has created, you will find their thoughts and energies infused within the material, which sometimes causes unfound difficulty in ritual.

Now it is suggested the aspiring adept make there robe out of black material first for many reasons, some of which are; that black absorbs energy, helping the magician come to feel and know the energies around them, it represents our ignorance in the beginning and our impurity. It is the reflection of the heavens, for as one looks into a mirror everything is backwards, and most of all, it helps with protecting the magician from out side interference's and forces. It as well, helps eliminate obsessions, by absorbing them into the material. For a day will come when you will weave the black robe away from yourself, and move onward to other mantles of light.

The other major choice, the adepts generally decides upon, is the white robe, or the robe of purity. Their idea is to wear that which they are aspiring to be; It represents Goodness, power, reflecting energy, spiritual attainment and well being, spirit, one who walks in the heavens. It is again suggested though, that you start with the black robe, least you soil that which you call sacred by ignorance. Whatever your choice, it is your choice. Here is a list of other colors and some of their attributes:

Purple: Royalty, higher mind, higher vibrations

Blue: Water, calmness, serenity

Yellow: Air, movement, and combustion

Red: Fire, force, and explosion

Brown: Monks, earth, grounding

Green: Earth, plants, life, and energy, love

So after one has created their robe one shall recite the following psalms over it: 15, 131, 137, 117, 67, 68, 127. Then perfume with suffumigations and oil of the art, and then bless it with prayer of intent and holy water.

Then when ever you desire to put on vestments say the following:

" I clothe and indue myself with this Mantle of Power, to protect me from the adverse powers, and to guide me unto the light. By the virtues of Michael, Midael, and Muriel the protectors of the way, may all darkness be banished from this person, and this place, so that those things I wish to accomplished, may through you O Most Holy Adonai be forfilled, whose Kingdom and Empire extend from the Ages of The Aeons. Amen.

Censer: That which holds the coals for the incense. It can be anything, yet what ever it is, it should only be used for ritual work here after. A little side note, after consecrating ones tools to the work, using them for anything else, will only dispel the energy charged into them, as well as possibly distorting them with energy that you might not want in them. So having found the desired censer say the following over it.

"Most Holy of Holies, Vast Continence of Continence, by thine power, may this vessel which hath brung odours of a pleasing nature unto thine self, be made pure by thy Grace, through thee O Adonai and through thy Holy Names. Amen" Sprinkle with Holy water and oil.

Incense: It is always better to make your own incense. For adore is a wondrous thing, and in determining your own body, you will have a sense of smell unique only to your self. So in being, by creating your own incense, you will come to have the spirits you invoke recognize you by it, as well as your energy. As well, adore brings back past life experiences, that might help you gain some strength in your work. The incense is a form of sacrifice one is giving unto the spirits, a form of burning to please their beings, so that they might be more readily willing to help you. It also represents the prayers, for in praying, the incense will take it up unto the heavens, so that the desired effect might be accomplished. The incense as well will keep hostile phantoms or energy from entering into the sphere of the smoke.

Now i am using some of the Solomatic work when consecrating each tool, by using the Psalms; for they in their essence hold a lot of occult virtue, so read them and find out for yourself. There is no reason of course why you should use them if you have some feeling against the church and their words. In fact, unless you desire to work the Solomatic style of magic, it would be suggested that you do not use the consecrations, etc...i only write it to make this paper complete in its self, and give you an idea of what one can do for each tool, as well as make it easier for those who might read, and come to practice with me upon this path. No matter, you will find upon the path of High Magic, that you will have to redo over and over again things, as well as replace ones tools, every time you come to a major transition.

(Side note: One of the greatest things that has happened unto humanity, is that the Living Christ, The Perfected One showed unto us the way to enlightenment by example. One of the saddest things, is that a Dogma has been created around Jesus, which To-day repulses people away from everything that has to do with him. i am not here to cap on the church, for there is a need for the church; for of course not everyone will have the strength nor the ability to reach such states as the Perfected one- so in saying, at least they could learn good virtues, and practice good works to build up good karma, for the life when they will have the power to do so. Now of course, seeing in such narrow visions as most humans do, they take what their petty minds see as reality as the Law of God, and go around programming others to see the light. P.S. The light does not need to be burned into the people to believe, for if it is truth, the truth would need no introduction. For the Christ said many will come in my name, and show forth many miracles, preaching and coming in his name, but they will be false. For it is said, if you want a good life, then follow the Ten Commandments, and this will continue one in good standings for the next life, and a good, healthy rebirth. But as for those who desire more, to enter unto the Heavens, or what ever other name you desire to call it, if this is what you desire, then take up the cross, do not be bound anymore to the elements, and the fleshly things, sell all that you have and follow in the simple ways. For the only way one can leave this Earth for Good, is to have no attachments to bring you back. Amen.)

So having acquired the incense one shall exercise them as follows:

" O God of the Living, Lord of the timeless void, Giver of the Gift of life, deign to bless and sanctify these incense and spices, so that all impurities might hence forth be banished, so that we might receive strength, power, and purity to accomplish this work set forth by Thine hands. May all Good spirits who are in accordance to this work, be attracted to these odours, and all hostile phantoms who in which wish to disturb this work, be banished and caused to retire by Thine Holy Names and by the name Adonai, Lord of the Earth and of The Heavens. Amen. I exorcise Thee O Creature of Incense, to Banish all negativity's, energies, phantoms, devils, fiends, sickness and all kinds of things, which wish to interfere with our work. I charge Thee to take our prayers unto the Heavenly Spheres, so that by Thine odours all spirits of a beneficent nature might be appeased to help us along the path. O Great Adonai, bless and sanctify these incense so that those who partake of its essence might come to have health of body, mind, and soul, So that by the Invocations of Thy Holy Names, all things might be accomplished according to Thine Will. Amen

Now when you desire to light the incense, say a small prayer of your intent in the operation. Even when you are simply lighting an incense, charge it to help relieve you of something, or to bring serenity into the room, etc...

Chalice: Symbol of receptivity, and our understanding. It is that which over flows with the divine knowledge of life. It is the cup, that which receives the universal energies, storing and creating with them. The mother who receives the seed from the father and shapes it into life.

As we start upon the path, our cups are empty, but in time, and with experience, the knowledge grows into wisdom, which over floweth our cups with the lustrial waters of the Heavens. The cup represents the water element, and its attributes therein. It is up to you ,on what material the chalice shall be, remember though, that the material you use, will directly influence your energy within the ritual. So in saying, either brass, or copper are good choices; for those are the metals of knowledge and love, or silver for that which is the moon and reflects the wisdom above. Other then that, it is up to you to find that which suits your purpose. Having acquired a cup, say the following unto it within the circle facing the west, after you have called the quarters:

"O Chalice of divine purity, I purify and consecrate thee to receive the virtues and wisdom of the spheres of life within thyself. I dedicate this chalice to thee O Infinite Mother whose name is Shekinah, may this Chalice be blessed by Thee, and that in Thy abundance Thou will help us receive and understand the Fathers Unknowable Ways. I exorcise Thee Chalice, to bring forth the blessings, grace and tranquillity of the water elementals, and to bring forth the balance of all things. Amen."

Read the following psalms: 23

Crystal Ball: The mirror of the universe, the T.V. of the ancients, the crystal that receives from all directions, and emanates in all directions as well. One of which becomes the most useful, as well as most enjoyed tool of the magician.. Having acquired the crystal through that which comes your way, one should cleans and purify it , by the elements. Place it in the ground for three days charging the ground to take all energies away. Then soak it in consecrated water for three days, purifying any left over energies, then run it through fire three times, consecrating it to the Most High, charging it to not allow any negative or adverse energy from entering therein, then blow upon it three times thy intent within the crystal. Having done that, one shall then invite ones Holy Guardian Angel unto it by saying the following prayers over it three times. (One shall simply say Holy Guardian Angel if you do not know the name of your Angel.)

"O Great Angel Guardian (name..), Whom the Lord hath appointed unto our soul from the begging of time, descend from Thy Holy Habitation, and bring forth Thy celestial influence and presence unto this crystal stone, so that i may behold your glory and enjoy your conversation; aid and assist us both now and forever hereafter in our work! Thou whose glory is Greater then the wings of the winds, whose power and splendor shines upon the heavenly mansions, descend and be present unto our house! I humbly desire and entreat you that if ever I have merited your presents by truth, honesty and purity, that Thy will come forth in Thine external form here and now to converse with me, one of your submissive pupils, in and by the name of the great God the Father, where in all Things continually sing Praise. Amen." Having done as such, incense and bless with thy holy water.

With the crystal ball now, one can inquire a spirit to show there face or communicate with you within the ball, you will see, and come to enjoy...

Knife: The tool of air. That which cuts through the illusions of life. Pierces to the truth. Banishes by fear, all spirits whom it is directed towards. The dagger which digs within our minds, piercing our inner depths, our intellect. When consecrating the knife, one is to be in the circle facing the East, Having already called the four quarters.

Then one is to recite the following prayer:

"I conjure thee, O knife, by the powers of Yod He Vau He, AGLA, and Elohim Gibor, so that thou will serve me for a strength and defense against all powers seen and unseen. I conjure thee and entreat thee to protect me against all adversity, and all illusions; slicing through the Maya that lays over mine eyes, so that i may perceive and know creation as it really is. I exorcise thee to strengthen and bring courage in mine work by the powers of El Most Mighty, And to dispense upon me Perceptions in knowing and understanding all things by Shaddai Most Gracious. I again exercise thee by the powers of The Ten Formations, and all names There in, and by the powers of the Elemental beings whose office is to protect, and serve against harm and deception. Amen.

Then read Psalms 59, bless with water and incense.

Pentacle: That tool that represents earth and its qualities. Our shield, and our grounding force. It is our divine power brought down unto the metal, which protects us from all adversity, evil, negative energy, phantoms, devils, fiends and everything that of which can disrupt our work. It is our shield...

This pentacle is strictly for Elemental Magic, and helping one attain conversation with the Elemental Beings. One shall engrave it upon lead; for that metals represents the Earth. When engraving it, one shall be in the circle, and have called the four Elemental directions, so that all beings shall be a witness unto its construction. The pentacle as well helps bring one back unto their body when one has mentally or astrally gone to the Elementals domain. For without the pentacle, there might come a time, when you wished that you had it, as well, when dealing with elemental magic, you would insult the Gnomes for not having it.

After construction say the following prayer:

" O Adonai Whose Empire is of the Earth, I call upon Thy Grace to Bless this Pentacle here marked out with Thy Name; Descend and Empower it, so that we may accomplish all things by and in Your Name. Amen. O Uriel whom by Thy glory and power teach all things, infuse your strength and wisdom unto this pentacle, so that the Tree of Life may blossom forth from these symbols, here marked out by mine hand, given unto us to accomplish the work, and to communicate with the Elemental Forces which reside and make up all things. O Ghob King of the Element of Earth, may this here be a mark unto Thee, in a gesture of good standings to Thy Nature, so that all things might be complete accorded from the creator. Amen. O witness, unto Thee the Four Quadricals of the Heavens and the Earth, Be this a sign from me unto thee, by these signs, and by these Secrets of Secrets, may all things be forfilled according to my Will. Amen." Bless and consecrate with water and incense.

The Wand: Fire. That which focuses our energies, so that we can cause great change with our Wills. It directs our energy where ever we desire. The wand represents our will, and the power to wield it. i have found the best wand for the beginning adept, is the blasting wand. For it gathers energies very well, as well as focuses, and directs the energy in the form thy desire. For the construction of the wand do as follows:

Materials: Ten inch copper tube, two decent size crystal tips, that will fit nicely into the ends of the copper tube, magnets, pieces of quartz crystal, some leather, your choice of color, wax, and either silver or copper wire.


Wrap the leather around the tube by either stitching it, or gluing it to the metal with blessed glue. Then take hammer, or some other blessed tool, and smash magnets, and small quartz crystals into little pieces, while saying prayers, charging the pieces, with the names of God. Then, place a small piece of leather at one end of the tube, so that as you pour in the crystal, and magnet shards, they will not fall out. Fill the tube with the pieces until it is full, then on having filled the wand, place the two crystals at the ends of the tube, using the wire, to rap them in. Then use wax to seal the wire, having it so, the energy will flow with an even strength through out the wand.

As to construction the wand, one is to be in the circle, have called the four quarters, and be facing the south. Then after completing the wand, one is to say the following conjuration over it:

" Yod He Vau He, by Thy Glory, Thy Power and by Thy Unknowable ways, we entreat Thee to Bless and to consecrate this wand, so that our will might become manifest through Thee and Thy most Holy Names Adonai. I exorcise Thee Wand, by the Power of the flames of all devouring wisdom, O Djin, by Thy grace, may this wand receive the strength of the Lion, and the power of the Eagle to accomplish our Wills. Amen" Bless and consecrate with water and incense.

In regards to the wand, it is up to you, what material you use. If you desire to use wood, find out the virtues of the wood, you desire to have in your rituals. If you use metal, find out what planet you desire to work with, if you simply use a crystal rod, charge it with an intelligence you desire to have next to you. What ever you use, know that it is for directing the will; for it is to be used like a paint brush, painting with the colors of the elements, creating anything that you desire. That is what the wand is for.

Burin or Engraver: The tool used to ingrate upon all ritual tools. When one has found a tool to use as such, one is to enter into the circle, call the four directions, then face the east and do a small prayer unto the Universe in clearing away all energy put within the object, and to charge it with the intent that you wish to accomplish with it. Then After one has done as such, bless and consecrate it, and then rap it up in silk. (Side note, After consecrating each object, and when they are not in use, one is to rap them up in silk; for silk keeps all energies from entering or leaving.)

Lamp: A symbol of divinity shining upon us as we work. The lamp is in forms outside our present sphere of work. Yet, for completeness, and a light during the ritual, i will go through the basics. It is our higher self being projected out unto the void, finding its place within the darkness of the abyss. It is that which burns, and never goes out, that which shines, yet never burns, that whose luminosity, shall out shine the flames of its birth, that which death can not have, nor consume. It is the universal spark, shining within our circle, it is the light that guides the spirits to us, it is the flames that burn our ignorance away, it is the fire that holds negativity, and adversity back, it is and never was, and always shall be. The lamp is hung above, or placed in such a way, that its light shall shine upon all ones tools, and leave no shadow within the circle, where darkness can breed. For no darkness shall exist in the circle of light.

i personally like the Aladdin lamp for my rituals, yet i have used everything there is to use, and have had great results. The Lamp shall be consecrated within the circle as before, while facing the east.

Then recite the following Psalms and prayer over the lamp: 132

" O Lord God, Whose light shines upon all things, Whose Glory infuses all things, grant unto us who perform nothing but the wonders of Thy law understanding and wisdom to perform justice, and to walk upon the strait path. May Thy light shine forth upon Thy humble servants, who call upon Thee and Thy Glory to burn from us our sinful nature; as it is said of the Messiah; He will come to baptize with Fire. Grant that we may both see and know of Thy work, so that we may in all ways walk according to Thine Will. Amen." Incense and bless with water and oil.

When one desires to kindle the Lamp say:

"I exorcise Thee, O creature of fire, by the name Yod He Vau He, Adonai, and Eheieh to enlighten all things that reside within this circle and within Thy sight. May all falsity, lies, illusions and error be banished away, and may the light of the Most High descend upon us, and enlighten our minds and hearts. Amen."

When thou wishes to put out the flame, use either ones hand, or the dagger saying the following:

" Blessed am I, a miserable sinner, whom basks under thy light, for wisdom attained, to wisdom gained. I thank you O Infinite Lord for Thy light. As i put out this flame, may it not be put out from me, for may a spark of Your wisdom O Holy Adonai, forever shine within me. Amen"

Bell: The bell is to clear the area of all energies, by pushing them outside the circle with its vibrations. The bell is the sounds of the start, and end of a ritual. As for the elemental creatures, they have a tendency to shy away from its sounds, so please, on behalf of the Elementals, do not strike it at them, while conversing.

When finding a bell, there is two major things to take into consideration. One being, a bell that rings true with your inner ear, one that strikes a cord within you; so, do not be disappointed when it takes you a while to find one that suits your being. The other thing to take into considerations, is that the bell should hold a note for a prolong amount of time, this you will find, will greatly help you with ones later invocations. Having acquired a bell one is to say the following prayer over it:

" Most Holy Adonai, I call upon Thee to bless and sanctify this bell of eternity, so that it may carry that which is pure to the ends of thy creation. May all phantoms and shells be rot in fear, as when the bell is struck with our tears. May this bell be dedicated unto Thee O Most Wise and Powerful Lord my God, unto whom all things come to be manifested. Amen." sprinkle and incense.

Now in regards to the tools, it is up to you, if you desire to follow a similar path as myself, and use these tools and consecrations, as accorded unto myself. If not, then you can easily make up your own tools, and put your own traditional beliefs within them. i in my work, use the Solomatic style of magic, and within my future works, i will be greatly influenced as such. Remember, take only that which is applicable unto thee, and let the rest fall away. For it is your own path, and so, it is your own beliefs that shall either up lift you, or bring your own destruction. Do not fall into some Dogmatic system, simply because it is easier to do so; instead study all systems, and eventually create your own. May we all one day be blessed with such.

Now, as to the present Ritual work that follows, i believe it had no intended part to do with the Solomatic works. Even though Levi was greatly influenced with the Keys, i can not find any direct correlation between the elemental invocations and the Keys. Though, the prayers to the Elementals have a close sibilance to the prayers, and conjuration's within the Keys, and if you look hard enough, you will find sentences that are exactly the same. No matter, this paper is dealing with my work, and how i have created my path. So even if, the Elemental calls had nothing to do with the Keys, it now does, for i have found a great akinement to the two forms of magic, and in that, have put them together as a whole.

The following prayers are to be said over each of the following. In doing so, you charge, bless, and make each intended thing Holy and sanctified unto the Most High.

Blessing over salt:

"May wisdom abide in this salt, and may it preserve our mind and bodies from all corruption by Hockmael, and in the virtues of Ruach Hockmael! May the phantoms of Hyle depart herefrom; that it may become a heavenly salt, salt of the earth and earth of the salt, that it may feed the threshing ox and strengthen our hope in the horns of the Flying Bull. Amen" Quoted from Transcendental Magic.

Over ash:

" May this ash return unto the fount of the living waters; may it become a furtile earth; may it bring forth the tree of life, which are the three names of Netzach, Hod, and Yesod in the beginning and in the end, by the Alpha and Omega, which are in the spirit of Azoth!Amen" Quoted from Transcendental Magic

Exercise water:

"Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters; the things which are above are like unto the things below, and the things below are like unto those things above, for the performance of the wonders of one thing, the Sun is its father, the Moon is its mother, the Wind hath carried it in its belly hereof. It ascendeth from earth to heaven and Descendeth from heaven to earth. I exorcise thee, creature of water, that thou mayest become unto man a mirror of the living God and His works, a fount of life and ablution of sins. Amen" Quote from Transcendental Magic

Mingling water, salt, and ash:

" In the salt of eternal wisdom, in the waters of regeneration, and in the ash whence the new earth springeth, be all things accomplished by Elohim, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel through the Ages and Aeons. Amen" Quote from Transcendental Magic.


Myrrh- 3 parts

Frankincense- 3 parts

Rose- 5 parts

olive oil- one dram

The Myrrh represents the feminine quality of life. The Frankincense represents the masculine aspect of life. Rose represents our devotion and love unto the Great Work, and unto all things of creation. The olive oil, is the blood of the gods in the old days, representing the divine fruits of life. Having made oil say the following over it:

"Through the anoitment of Aaron, Jacob, Solomon, Emmanuel and all our forefathers, by the blessing of Yeshewah the Son of the Living God, and by the powers of the Dove whose wings inspire the heart, and by the powers of Netzach, Hod, and Yesod; and by the higher trinity of Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, may these odours, and this perfume be blessed and sanctified by Thee O Most Holy of Holies, and may those who become anointed come to walk in Thy presents,. May all hostile phantoms, and spirits depart hence from this odour and those spirit of a kind and beneficent nature be pleased, in the Name of The Living God, may all things be accomplished by Thy will. Amen."

Then say the following:

" Then Samuel took a vial of oil, and poured it upon his head and kissed him, and said, 'Is it not because the Lord hath anointed Thee to be captain over his inheritance." Sam 10.1

Then recite Psalms 23

One of the important objects of High Magic, is to purify all things from without unto within. In the beginning of the work, one might not put much thought into cleaning, and purifying ones tools and surroundings, yet the more you do the work, the more you will come to see the purpose in doing as such. Also, at first one might think themselves too tainted and impure to walk the path, yet the more one does the work, the purer and more deserving one will be. As for those who think themselves pure upon entering the work and think they are perfect in all ways, it will be you who come to fail, and never reach any true height. My personal objective in using the Elemental Magic, was to destroy that of which i have become, and to rebuild myself, into something higher and more of my liking.

This work has personally given me a store house of blessings and gifts. i have changed for the better, and only desire to continue changing, and transforming myself. There are some that say that which i have gained is simply illusionary, and false tricks of my mind. What ever the case, even if it is illusionary, i know who i am at each moment that passes by, i know why i do the things i do, i know i have control of my life from within, and i know that which i have gained, is as real as anything else.

Sorry. You can psychoanalyze me until your hearts content, for you will never be able to belittle the gifts i have received, nor buy your way into the treasure house. The only way to receive the treasures of life, is to live, live and evolve. "Know Thyself"...


The following is the ritual work. In coming to this part, we now move into the unknown factors of life, or at least the unknown to those who have not already done some work with the etheric plains. i will not stand here and argue over the validity of there being or not being other realities that coincide with our own. In fact, i will neither say there is nor is not, i will only say, find out for your self. Now in regards to the ritual work, when first getting involved in ceremonial magic, there will not instantly be any significant miracles happening outside of your being. You will not be able to prove that you can see and hear things, you will not be able to heal some disease, or fix someone's mind. You won't, in truth, gain any real gifts after only a few rituals, such as, what is claimed by many magicians. It takes years of accumulating power and energy, before one can even begin to see there ritual work manifest in the physical plain of reality. The things you might, and will receive if you have a sincere heart, is the changing of ones life, getting control of ones surroundings, coming to overcome ones lower nature, learning ones higher purpose, maybe, depending on ones power of belief , you might come to somehow manifest things in your life, quicker then normal. You might come to see reality more clear, being able to discern life easier. Also, that which is the great benefit, you will learn numerous things in regards to the astral realms, as well as the magical arts. You will come to talk with hundreds of different intelligence's, and learn how to utilize different forms of energy within ones life. There is thousands of things you will receive, even within the first ritual you do, yet in the fault of many beginners, is that they haven't the self perception to see that which they receive, and in doing so, fail within their first ritual. Yet, most masters looking back upon their first experience, come to see it in quiet a different light. No matter, fear not, nothing might happen your first ritual, there is always a possibility; as unlikely as it is, it just could happen. What ever the case, invoke often, and you will quickly see the benefits....

Ritual: To close the circle, take salt, ash, and water, each separately, and spread it around the circle, while reciting the prayers to each as written down earlier. Saying the prayers, while you spread them around the circle. Then having done so, mix the three together and sprinkle it unto the four winds as you recite the prayer of the mingling salt, ash, and water. Again returning to the east say a small prayer unto the universe of that of which you desire to accomplish, and then recite a simple pray unto the Universe, and unto what ever aspect of God you hold as sacred. In the prayer ask for protection, guidance, strength, descernment, love, etc... What ever best suits the ritual, speak of it out loud, manifest it, so that within the work it will become reality.

Never be fooled with this or that systems prayers, meditations, chants, or invocations because of some beautiful words. Really take your time and read through it, study its roots, look for flaws, investigate its symbols, and then when one has an understanding either use it or throw it away. Know this, in my writings, i write as a small being, about big things. i try through contradictions to be humble, i never flaunt anything, i do not claim anything that is not true at least for myself, and most of all, i seek to reach true Therugic attainment; in otherwords, having purified and come to deserve such things, i desire to become an open channel for the Great Infinite, and eternal Intelligence, to move through me as one; To truly become, a Son of God, and come to realize God within myself. Reaching such stages, is all but beyond my present reality, and even saying that, is what i desire to accomplish, might just come to harm me of ever attaining to such things. But it is that which i seek, and so it is only fair that you should know where and what intent my writings are leading to. For in no way do i desire to mislead you , or steal your inner essence with lies. So if you do go into this work with your heart, know at least where you are putting your heart. Never take that which i say as fact, for if you do, and if we ever were to meet, and i was to question you on that which you claim, and you haven't the answer, i would turn my back and never know you. So to reach the highest heights, we must seek the lowest lows, for you cannot just read these words, and think you are running the show... It is the truth, run your own life, take that which is given and run with it, but never let it run you.

Now the prayers before the ritual as you come unto the circle will bring a serene and peaceful atmosphere. It helps to clear the circle of negative egotistical energies, as well as humbling ones self, so that you enable your mind to become more perceptive to the outside energies, and intelligence's. It opens the ritual with a softness, and a respect towards those things given unto us from the universe. For to be an empty vessel, enables one to be open to receive many things.

After having done prayers, then standing towards the east, one shall do invocation ritual of the Pentagram, which is done by moving towards the Element you desire to invoke. So in saying, when facing the east trace pentagram starting from earth and move over to air, then complete the tracing of the pentagram. As for facing south start at Spirit and move down to fire and so on. For west, start at fire and move over to water, then finish tracing as before. As for north start at Spirit moving down to earth, and then finish as the others. As you trace each pentagram charge them by saying that, 'You open this door from their elemental realm unto the one you are creating, inviting the Elementals and the King to come as they desire.' Also, upon saying the above or something along its lines, visualize the pentagram opening away from you and unto their world. For one of the difficult problems with elemental workings, and this ritual work, is that the elemental you are calling forth is of one element, and that the magician in his being and his work, deals with all the elements. In saying this, no one element can survive in any of the other elements, so keep that in mind when working with the elementals, for they need that element around them that they are made up of.

Now, what the invocation of the pentagram does, is opens a portal way, or doorway for the elemetals to see through, and in a since watch that which is accuring. They would be unable to influence anything outside of their own sphere, so worry not about having to deal with all their energies at one time. Now, one of the reasons for opening all the pentagrams is so that they, may know the magician and his strengths quicker, as well as, it balancing the ritual out with all the elements; for that is what becoming a Master of the Elements is; learning how to control and balance the elements.

Having opened the doors, one is to do a prayer unto each Elemental beings so that they may come to realize such a door exist, and that they are invited to watch, and protect the circle through their element. So starting at the east or Air, you do and say the following:

Exorcise the Air by breathing toward the east and then recite the following:

" The Spirit of God Moved Upon the Waters and breathed into the face of man the breath of life. Be Michael my leader, and Sabtahiel my servant, in and by the Light may my breath become a word, and I will rule the spirits of this creature of air; I will curb the steeds of the Sun by the will of my heart, by the thought of my mind, and by the apple of my right eye. Therefore I do exorcise Thee, Creature of Air, by Pentagrammaton, and in the Name Tetragrammaton, wherein are a firm will and true and steadfast faith. Amen" Quoted from Transcendental Magic

South: Exercise by Fire, by sprinkling salt, white resin, and sulphur upon coals, while thrice reciting the Three Names Of the Genii of Fire to the south:

" Michael, King of the sun and lightening

Samael King of the Volcanoes

and Anael Price of the Astral Light." Quoted from Trascedental Magic

Then recite the following as you face the South:

" I exorcise Thee O Creature of Fire by Raphael and Aral and by the Name Elohim, Whose strength shall be wield with the flames of thy Rod, and the power of the Will. Amen.

West: Exercise by Water, by sprinkling water towards the west as you recite the following:

" For God hath separated the waters from the waters, For the things below are like unto the things above and the things above are like unto the things below. May the celestial waters flow forth from the fountains of our regeneration, through the blessing of those who drink of its essence, and may we come to drink from This Cup, and come to ride upon the waters of life, through the blessing and sanctification of this circle, and through Thy Name O Most Mighty and All powerful Lord and by the Name Shaddai El Chai wherein resides a true and perfect knowledge. Amen"

Exorcise Earth by mixing salt, ash, and soil from the circle, or from within the general area of the ritual, spreading it towards the north recite the following prayer:

" For the dry land appeared and it was called Earth, for it haste brought forth life, and from its dust has man been created. Whom having rule over all beasts of the field and all fruits of its blood, by strength of virtues and strength of Will, I exorcise Thee O Creature of Earth by the name Eheieh Asher Eheieh and by the name Adonai; Lord of The Earth and of The Heavens, whose wisdom and charity extends from one end of the Earth to the other. Amen."

After having called the elemental quadricals, you shall hear and feel their presents all around you. Take a few moments to experience each direction, come to understand each of the quadricals, and maybe as well, give thanks for each of the elementals presents in coming, asking them to protect and guide thee within the ritual.

Now determining which element you desire to call forth, this would be the time that you would light their individual candle and incense. For up unto this moment, all things have been in complete balance within the ritual, no one element over any of the others. Now at this time, what one will be doing, is inviting one element within the circle while excluding the others. This enables the Elementals from the desired element, to come into your created realm. It is as if you are entering into their elemental world, in a since, yet, a lot safer then having to do so. In the next paper i will write, i will get into learning how to actually enter into each of the elemental worlds, as for now, inviting them into your world is enough, believe me. So, by charging the circle with one element, you enable those creatures that are made up of that element to enter there into. Be ware though, you will be operating in that element, and so your thought patterns, and energy will coincide with its vibration; and those things both undeveloped and developed in regards to that elements virtues and vices, will quickly make themselves apparent.. So at this point, one will stand in the correct direction, and invoke the proper prayer unto the elementals you desire to call forth. According to Levi's work, in his calls to the elemental beings, he would call upon the elemental aspect of the Creator. One of the problems with doing it as such, is that if one hasn't any build up energy, their invocation will go as naught. So in saying, i have entered in my own invocations to the Elementals and the Kings; i would again suggest that you get Levi's work, and read over his Invocations so that you can grasp what i am saying:

Prayer of the Sylphs: East.

" O Spirits of the wisdom of light, whose breath breaths the seed of life unto all things, whom taketh away life with thy absence, Thou who ascends upon the wings of the Eagle, and descends like the Dove, Thou whose breath ascends and descends, ever cycling in movement, Thou who binds all things, and infuses all things with Thy breath, O Penetrating mind, O All Knowing Air, we praise Thy Glory, and Bless Thy coming forth, O Reflecting images of dreams, O Imaginating intelligence, Thou whose instability shall become as fire, whose breath gives birth to the soul, no more shall we be ruled by fickle minds, as we ride upon the Eagles wings, O Spirits of Air, O Imperishable ones, O spirits of the East, O Sylphs, we call Thee forth in all Thy Glory, come as you are, come with the four winds who hold up the coming times, bring forth Thy strength and descend upon us. O Spirits of the Air we call Thee forth, O Divine seed of the breath, come forth, come forth. Amen."

Prayer of the Salamanders: South

" Glorious light, Eternal Flames, All Consuming Fire, O Salamanders who discern all things, whose power is exalted, whose power is UN-matched, Thou whose fingers consume life, whose breath gives warmth, whose eyes look unto the hidden depths, O Golden Splendor, O Silvery Light, Thy Majesty shines even unto the stars, O Sparkling fire, Thou who brings forth rebirth, Thou who purifies with the flames of purification, Thou who feeds life, Thou who consumes death, O spirits of Illusions, O Spirits of the Electric forces, O Mighty Spirits, O Spirits of Fire come with Thy Glorious Splendor, shine forth upon us, consume the shadows and bring forth Thy light, Thou whose time is near, whose flames shall bring forth the coming Judgement, burn in us our inequities, O Great Beings of the South, come as the flickering flames of the fire, come O Great Spirits of the flames, come. Amen."

. Prayer to the Undines: West

" O Spirits of the watery realms, Thy who brings forth life in abundance, O Undines, O Great Elemental Beings of the oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, pools, fountains, and all other abysses of water, O Spirits of the blood of life, O unstable ones who constantly move, Whose grace flows upon all things, O Sustainers, O Spirits who speak in movements, flowing within the emotions of life, O Regenerating ones, who washes away all impurities, Who haste brought forth the floods of the Heavens, O Healing Suave, O Giver of the Gift of Life, Thy whose depths reflects thy heights, Thy whose sacrifice brings forth life, O Spirits of water, O Spirits of the west, we call Thee forth, Rain upon us, and come as the four rivers that flow forth from Eden, bringing unto us the seeds from the Tree of Life, come forth, come forth, we invoke Thee, come in Thy Gentle Guise, O come Magnificent ones. Amen."

Prayer to the Gnomes: North

" O Spirits of the Element of Earth, O Friendly Ones, Thy who shakes the earth with Thy laughter, Thy who shapes the seven metals, Thy whose Glory is reflected in the twelve stones of the temple, Thy whose strength shines forth from the breast plate of Aaron, Thy who work unremittingly, Thy who reaches the very core of life, O Spirits of Earth, O strong Ones, O Knowledge holders of the four corner mysteries, O Spirits who hide in the roots, whose houses are in the trees, and in the herbs, Who goes unnoticed in the subterranean realms, Thy whose strength and patience goes UN-matched, Bring forth Thy Abundance from Thy Treasure Houses, bring forth Thy love, we call Thee forth, O Gnomes, O Spirits of the Earth, Come we invite Thee, Come forth from Thy homes, O Spirits of the North, come forth. Amen"

After Invoking the prayers, one will instantly feel the elementals around you, moving around the circumference of the circle, inside the circle, and in some cases, depending if the magician has completely been able to infuse the single element within themselves, the elementals will move within the magician as well. If it is your first few times, do not be alarmed that the elementals will start playing tricks on you, for in their own ways, they have an undying curiosity, and a love for games, The gnomes tend to be giddy, the undines luxurious, the sylphs sporadic, and the salamanders edgy. Though of course, that does not tell you one bit of what they are really about, or what they will do, just know that they might, so that, no surprises will catch you off guard.

At first, get to know and feel the energy. Learn to identify it from ones normal energy field, take it in, and push it out. Embrace it, find out what thought patterns it invokes within you. See what parts of the body it effects. Analyze it till nothing else comes to mind. Then on having slowly infused ones self with the element, allowing the body to adapt, for you are now going to call upon the king.

Invocation to Paralda:

" O Great King of the Air, O Paralda, we call upon Thee, O Lord of the Breath, Carrier of the seeds of Life, holder of the divine sciences, guide of the dreams, care taker of the four winds: Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, Boreas. O Great King of the Air, O gentle Lord of the Spirit, O Vengeful wind of the Earth, come we invite Thee, come as the Thunder, come as the flower, come forth as the wind, O Great King of the Air. Amen"

Invocation to Djin:

"Djin, all consuming, bright, joyful fire, of the celestial heavens, enlighten our hearts, souls, and minds with a spark of Thy Wisdom. O King of the Infernal flames of retribution, burn away from us all darkness, O Shadow burner, O destroyer of darkness, He who comes as the Lion, O red flames upon the black flames of life, O stars of the Heavens, O Father of life, Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer, O Great King of the South, and Lord of the Flames, we humbly beseech Thy presents, come as quickly as the lightening, O Great King of Fire, come forth and enlighten our circle."

Invocation to Nichsa:

" O King of the Divided waters, O Lord of the Four rivers of Eden, O Emperor of the four rivers of the Infernal Realms, O Regenerating King of Life, care holder of the Elixir of Immortality, Bestower of Gifts, Granter of Blessing, Lord of Beauty, O Lord of the Vengeful waters of the flood, O Great King of the Sea, come as the rain, and water our circle with the Heavenly Dew of Wisdom, Grace us with your presence, Bless us with Your Beauty, O Nichsa come forth from Thy depths and grace us with Thy conversation. Amen."

Invocation to Ghob:

" Ghob King of the Earth, Lord whose hair is the trees, and whose beard is the roots, whose blood is the waters, whose breath is the winds, and whose heart is the very fiery core that sustains life, O King whose eyes see and know all things, O Blacken Twinkling eyes which reach the inner depths, and whose reflection echoes the abysmal caverns, O Lord of the four created things, O Master of the clay, shaper of life, receiver of all things, O Great Powerful King, whose shrug shakes the vaults of the Earth, we call Thee forth, we patiently await your presence, come O Great King of the Earth, come Ghob with Thy strength and with Thy Might. Amen."

Having acquired a conversations with the Kings, and gained that which you desired upon entering the ritual, you will come to the ending of the ritual. Simply giving thanks unto the King, and asking his pardon to leave; the King will then gladly withdraw his presents, leaving you with all the elementals to deal with. As for the elementals, one should thank the elementals for their presents and kindly asks them to depart, which, in most cases, does not do the trick, so then one is to say the following:

Exorcism of Elemental Spirits:

" Serpent, in the name of the Tetragrammaton, the Lord; He commands Thee, by the angel and the lion. Angel of darkness, obey, and run away with this Holy (exorcised) water. Eagle in chains, obey this sign, and retreat before the breath. Moving serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by this sacred fire, and evaporate before this holy incense. Let water return to water; let fire burn, and let the air circulate; let the earth return to the earth by the virtue of the pentagram, which is the morning star, and in the name of the Tetragrammaton which is traced in the center of the cross of light. Amen." Quoted from The Secret Doctrines.

Having done exorcism, one is then to give thanks to each of the elementals for their presents, and protection, asking them to depart back unto their abodes. Then do the banishing ritual of the pentagram, to each of the elements, closing the portal way you have opened earlier. Maybe, doing a little prayer of thanks to the universe, and unto your holy guardian angel after closing the quadricals would be good habit to get into. Then ring the bell to the four directions, saying something along the lines of banishing all the energies henceforth brought unto from that direction, etc... If for say, the energies of the room are still constricting, or in any way uncomfortable, do the following prayer, while lighting a small fire in a bowl, or something along those lines:

" I Invoke Thee, O God of the living one, Who dost show forth Thy splendors in the face of this fire, Whose breath breathed upon the living man, whose waters rage throughout the unforeseen caverns of life. Pour fourth Thy strength, give us Thy Blessings, awaken Thy Angels, come unto this circle; inspiring it with Thy Holy Spirit, and show your might. Awaken our minds and put to sleep all our enemies. Let there be light. I adjure Thee O Light, to abolish all adversity and negativity by Thy flames of purification and by these names I am about to speak: Adonai, YHVH, Tetragrammaton, AGLA, Elohim, Elohi, Eloha, Eheieh Asher Eheieh, Chai, El, Shaddai, Shaddai El Chai, Yah, Anaphaxeton, and by all other names of the Holy and Living Universal Intelligence of The Living and of the dead; O Lord God who is and shall ever shall be, be with us this self same hour least Thy Light be deprived from us. Amen."

That following Invocation should be able to completely cleans the room of all energies that are of a negative or adverse nature. Now having learned some of the occult virtues of the elements, and having learned the ceremonial side of this paper, which i hope you involve yourself in; for it is in the ritual circle, where no time nor space has any effect, that the adept truly comes to learn the Higher Arts. For that is when one stops being a philosophizing magician, and actually becomes a practicing one; stop philosophizing over things that one can never know, and start learning those things you can. Practice, practice, practice... So having come to an understanding of the virtues and the ceremony workings, we now move into the Occult exercise.

Before i get into the exercises, i would like to clear up any misunderstandings; occult virtues are the powers that lie dormant in each object, symbol, material, idea, etc... It is these virtues that the magician or anyone else that might know of their qualities, to use them as they see fit. For example the stone carnelian, one of its virtues is to protect the wearer of sorcery, or any other form of negative induced energy, from ever effecting the thoughts or being of the wearer. So knowing that virtue, one might make some jewelry with that stone, doing a small invoking prayer unto the stones intelligence, to bring forth it latent powers, then one would infuse that energy into the self, and Walla! You now have your self a protection amulet. As for the ceremonial side, it deals with the actual intelligence's of the elements, and how to come to utilize them within ones life. Now, coming to the Occult exercises, they are in themselves, the higher end of this paper. For in learning true Occult or hidden powers, one is able to accomplish all things, mearly by the focused of ones thoughts of the mind. Now, know this, this part of the work will take years to master, and for most, will seem pointless to actually have to go through the effort; so as to you, enjoy that which you have, and worry not about that which you do not have. As for those who are to attempt this work in its fullness, from here on out, i salute you, for it is here that we truly come to walk the path of the Tree of Life...In saying let us begin...

The work:

Slow down brothers and sisters, stop trying to rule the world, and start ruling yourselves. It is the attainment of ourselves that is the goal, not some silly power used like a rag doll. Let the selfishness leave, do not fall to the dark path, because its easier then climbing, do not be lead to the way side because of beautiful words, look into life, see its beauty, and its ugliness, see the truth, know the truth, live the truth as you know it. For sure, most who walk these halls next to you, use the knowledge for selfish ends, sure it easier to curse those who bother us, then it is to bless them, O how easy it world be for things to come thy way, by unruling magic's, let those who walk the grey lines, fall in the end, walk not the white nor the dark, but that which lies above all things. Let the Truth, and the light be thy guide within the darkness of our world. For do not believe you are doing good, when others tell you it is so, for it is only within our hearts, that we truly come to know ourselves as good or bad. Break the duality, combined their forces, and use them as a mer stepping stone to the higher realms. We are not here to stay, only to use it as a tool, in perfecting ourselves, while banishing the impurities of our souls. Do not hold onto anything, least it holds you down latter.. O brothers and sisters, are we not, in control of ourselves?

It is hard to find texts which truly give right ideas, and good pointers to the true attainment of our higher selves. For i do not claim this here paper is one of them, nor do i see it as something to be followed. i only desire that you read, and take those things that might help you upon your own path, to your own attainments. For it is the simplest things that becomes really real in our lives. For it is not the heavenly laden laws given unto the masses for control; that will help us to our attainments, but the simple, down to earth exercises, that will one day bring us unto our self enlightenment.

The process i have used in, and upon my own path in regards to Occult exercises are four in number; the first being control of the body. For it is the body which first disturbs our mind in thought. The second is the control of the desires and the emotions. For without control of these, one would always be a slave unto their lower natures. The third is the control of the mind. For in controlling the mind, one will start to control ones life, in controlling ones life, one will come to control life its self. The last is the control of the will and the creative thought, for in controlling these four things, one will have come to control their very own destinies. It will quickly become apparent that the four processes are never separate, but combined, to create each of the exercises. It is the balance of each process that brings one to self-knowledge and self-mastery; for out of the four comes One. Everything in harmony and balance...

So with no more babbling words, we shall move into the actual practices of the exercises. Remember, that which you reap is that which you sow, for as much energy you give unto the universe, will be that much more you will receive. Amen...


One of the first things i have come to do upon my path, was my confession. My own secret confession unto the universe, telling all my hidden skeletons, all my lies, and all my abominable acts. i kneeled upon a wooden floor, tears streaming down my eyes, as i recited my life out loud. Everything i could remember, from cursing my parents to my fear of death, to the sexual problems i have created for myself in life. For hours i confessed, until i felt drained of all my energy, and dumbfounded to see all at once, the life i have lived, and the pain that i have cause in living it.

Some how, i was able to hide all my problems away from my conscious mind, allowing them to lay dormant, while they control my unconsciousness in their darkened layer of decay. To say, bringing those memories up was hard, would be saying nothing. For the pain, and the tears that i shed during that first confession, was enough for many life times. For what have i become, how have i been able to live, knowing that which i have done, and allowing it to smolder inside me. For it was then, as i sat exhausted from the effort, that i felt the first lightening of weight from my shoulders, not a release, but a loosening. It was then, humbly supplicating myself to the unknown, and humbly confessing my self unto the universe, that i gained my first insight on what it takes to truly be alive. So, it was by many hard and painful confessions later, and many acts of retribution, that i came to allow myself to be forgiven, and in so doing, i started to release myself from my past.

For one of things in regards to ascending the plains, is that one has to be light enough to ascend, and pure enough to see.

If nothing else, the confessions at the least, point out those areas that one might consider working on. For it is in the confessions, that we come to see the cycles we have allowed ourselves to get caught into, and in seeing them for what they are, enables us to stop them. For there becomes a time, when we are unable to lie to ourselves any longer, and in those moments, we truly come to see the blessings of the confessions. We are who we are right now. There is no higher or lower selves, only the self. It is the changing for the better or the worse, that we have come to call the higher or lower self. Through confessions and introspection, we come to realize who we have become, and in that, we can decide if we want to stay the same, or change. We do have the power, and the control to do so, we only need to realize it...

Another aspect of the confessions, is the humbleness. For it is the lowering of ones ego, that enables ones self to accomplish the desired end. It is the passiveness, and the softness that will come to safely reach the heights. For it is said, the humble and the meek shall inherit the world; or in other words, they shall inherit themselves. For in allowing the ego to be strong and ruling over the self, shall in the end, only bring battle and confusion within their minds. We are not in a race, or competition to reach the end, for in this race there is only winners, and there is no end. Realize that which you already know, realize IT...

Now having gained insight into ones present being, and having come to realize ones defects, it now behooves you to change them and grow. For practically all groups have moral codes to live by, it is these codes that we wish to live in body and in thought. If you have your own traditions, i would say follow them, but if not, then the following will give you an idea of that which i speak of. No killing, be truthful, no excessiveness, no stealing, love thyself and thy neighbor as thy self, treat others as you desire to be treated, judge no one, live as for seven generations, be happy, share, give when asked, listen to all things, conserve ones energy, and slow down.

These shall at least give you an idea of moral conduct. Most will not be able to turn the page, and become a saint in an instant. It takes time, patients, and many self judging thoughts, before one can even begin to practice moral conduct. We learn, we practice, we grow, we live.


The next major thing i have come to do upon my own path, is different forms of purification. Having expelled the mind of the past, i then desired to become reborn, or baptized according to modern terminology. To symbolically wash away the old, and be reborn unto the new. The Solomatic work has a very good system for ceremonial baths, which in its completeness should be done quiet often. As for this work though, i have decided to give a shortened version of it. If you desire, i would suggest going and getting the Key, for in practicing the complete baths, you will truly reap the highest benefits.


Fill the tube with water, while reciting the blessing of the water written earlier, as well as adding ones own individual prayer of intent. Empower the water with the names of God from your tradition, or whatever names and ideas you have of God. Then completely submerge yourself in the water, feeling all adversity and impurities, flowing away from yourself. Then getting up, gather Hyssop in hand, sprinkling it into the water as you repeat the following: Psalms 51

" Purge me O Lord with hyssop, and I shall be clean: Wash me, and i shall be whiter then snow."

Submerge yourself again, feeling the impurities and uncleanness washing away from you. Next stand up, grabbing the salt that was blessed according to the blessing of the salt, and sprinkle in into the water, while you say ones own prayer, asking for protection and assistance in accomplishing this purification ritual. Then once again, submerge yourself into the water, allowing the salt to infuse within, purifying and preserving our inner essence. After having done purification, a simple prayer of thanks as you leave the water, would complete the bath in good form.

It is by the confessions and the purification alone that gives us the right to step into the arcane mysteries, and partake of its fruits. For the potential has always been a seed within us, we only need to find it within the murk we have created, and allow it to grow unto the Tree of Life within us. The Garden of Eden is within us, and it is our egos, that are the guardians of its gates.


Yoga comes from the root word , "Yug", meaning to bind, join, attach. To join ones self to the universal Akasa or essence, is my own definition. In my mind, there seems to be two separated factors in Yoga which i believe to be one; The external teachings, like that of what 99% of the Americans know as Yoga, and the internal teachings, such as Patajali and some of the other great teachers have taught. Both of these forms, the adept should come to use and master within time. For in doing so, one will have yet another thing helping them along upon their path to self enlightenment.

" Without a strong and healthy body, the mind can not be healthy and strong." Some where down my path, i have come to have heard that, and it has stuck with me since. For one can tell how another is, by the fruits of their labors. For if they are constantly sick, or disturb in some way, then there is something inside, that is likewise disturb and sick. As within so without... No, matter, whatever one does, be it yoga or some other form of exercise, it should be practiced everyday, so that the body shall stay fit, and healthy.

Now in regards to the system of Yoga i desire to write about. i will try to keep it as simple and basic as the original teachings, of course, one should always read the original teaching for ones self, so that you can not only form your own opinion of the words spoken, but that you can get a feel of what the author or authors, had in mind when writing it. For that is one of the biggest mistakes that i have seen occultist and magicians make everywhere, is that by taking that which is spoken through second hand as fact and right, without having traced it for ones self to its roots, and analyzing if for ones self. So, do not be a fool in reading this paper, and think it is some original thought, or that it is universally correct in its unfolding of the old teachers lessons. Instead read those books i indexed, read them, take that which i have written and compare, and see if you can improve it, or change it completely, to fit your own path. What ever you do, do not take what i say as good unless you have proven it to be so.

According to Patanjali's Sutras there is eight stages to self-knowledge. The first two Yama and Niyama, we have in some forms already gone over in the confessions, moral conduct, and the purification's. The next is Asana or postures.


In basic Yoga, one will go through many postures each sessions, yet as for our present system, we will learn more about mastering one posture over the many. One should go look at the yoga books, and find a posture that suits you while still allowing the spine and back to be straight, leaving the lungs unrestricted, and the hands free. Then having found the one you desire to work with, stick to it. For in the end, no one posture is better then any other.

So, one of the first things in Yoga, is the purification of the nerves by a techniques of pranayama. This breathing technique is as such; Plug one of your nostrils, say your right, and breath into your left to your fullest compassity without discomfort, then plug the left and breath out in one smooth motion the air, until the air is completely expelled. Then breath in the right nostril until its full compassity without discomfort. Then by plugging the right nostril again, you are to let the air out of the left till its completely expelled; for this is one complete cycle. Now in determining how much and how often one is to do this is up to you. It is suggested four times a day at 80 cycles per session. For if one is to do as such, they will have purified 90% of their nerves within three months. Now of course, the amount is completely up to you, just know that the more you do it, and the longer you do it, the better the results will be. For the practice is what makes us, or breaks us. For through the practice, we start to learn that of which the ancients were talking about within their myths, and within their stories. For the stories are only stories to the unbeliever, but as for the initiates, the stories are directions towards enlightenment. For the vices of man will always be with us, and the wise of the days knew this as such, using vice to carry the hidden traditions to those who can see the truth; what ever that truth be.

Now as for Asana, the one posture you find, should be the one you continue to use through out your whole practice. For it is not good in practice, to continue switching from one posture unto the next, this only keeps you from truly coming to reap the benefits of the practice. As well, there is in the end, no one posture that is more comfortable then any of the other. So, get into your Asana and stay there, motionless, without moving an inch, not even an eyelid, for it is that. Simple, is it not? Try it.

At first it might seem easy to stay completely motionless for a time, yet as the minutes start to drag on, your mind will start to notice something wrong; you are not moving, and that is when the practice starts to become the practice. The first few times, you might be able to hold the posture for an easily prolong amount of time, but the more you do it, the more the mind will come to associate that which is happening, with that which makes it uncomfortable. So, do not be surprised after only a few sessions, that you will have a harder time in staying still, even after only a few minutes, for it just might happen. Also, after doing the practice for a few weeks, you might find it hard to stay still even in places and times, where you had no problem staying still before. It is all the process of you body losing its control over the mind, so stick with it, and you will come to reap the benefits very soon.

At first, when staying still in ones chosen Asana; the body will start to twitch, the eyes will flutter, hands will inch away from their spot, the mouth will start to salivate, the muscles will cramp, the back will bend, the skin will itch, as well as hundreds of other little things that will seem like mountains to overcome each minute that you are motionless. In practice, you will find your own little techniques in tricking your mind into forgetting that which is happening. For in my own practice, i have come to focus every amount of my attention unto that which is disturbing me, until it either dissipates, or causes me to go crazy, and then dissipate. This enables me to learn more about my body and its ways, as well as strengthening my focusing power and strength of will. Whatever your technique, just know that it is all part of the practice.

The next thing that comes is the thoughts. It truly is amazing how creative the mind gets when put into an uncomfortable position. The thoughts will lead one into stopping the exercise because of its pointlessness, its pain, or its unhealthiness; which i will add, none of which are true. It will create such a veil over your eyes, that you will come to really question the point in such exercises. It might make your saliva run wild, or to make you believe that your head is not strait, or that your back is bent. It might make you believe the candle or incense has started a fire, or some other insanely dangerous scenario. The mind might lead you into believing, that the alarm was not set, and that the allotted amount of time has passed, but upon opening the eyes, one might only find ten minutes having passed. Millions of thoughts will come up, all trying to make you stop; and sometimes they will, and sometimes they will not, no matter what though, keep practicing, and you will come to reap the fruits of your labors, you will see.

Next comes the major cramps, so bad sometimes, that the eyes will start to tear from the strain, and the mind will think of nothing else, but the fire that is roaring throughout your body. During this time, if you stick through it, you will come to the sweats, not a running sweat, but one that comes from under the pores from all the strain, a refreshing sweat that will normally take the pain with it. For during the sweats, there will come times of ecstasy mixed with pain, confusing the mind into well, you will see. Then and only then, will the mind break down, and a feeling of the most serene and peaceful being, come over the body, and over the mind. It will seem as if you have never had such a beautifully comfortable position, then the one you presently have attained. For it is in these moments, when the body has stopped distracting the mind, that we come to reap the benefits of such toils. For it is the body which first blocks us from our inner essence. For in coming to control the body, one then comes to overcome the illusion of the body.

It is said, that having reached such stages, that the body will start to hop around like a frog, by jumping from the energy that is channeled into the nerves of the body. i have had no personal luck as such, though i can say, that i have had my whole body jerk as if having suddenly been startled awake, yet ten times more so. So i could and do conceivably believe, if one gets enough stored up energy, and releases it at one time, that the body would jump like a frog from its release.

Asana is very beautiful. It is suggested one practice at least once a day, starting with only a few minutes at a time and move your way up in minutes, until you reach the desired outcome. Please do not take me as an authority upon this, do the practices and take that which you learn as the authority, for that is the only way it should be, not any other way.


Pranayama, or the control of prana through the breath and other techniques. Prana is the essence of life, the force that moves all things, the energy of life, heat, light, gravity, magnetism, electricity, weight, measure, and all other things. It is the soul consciousness of life, breath, and death. The cycle, the wheel. Without Prana, all dissolves back into nothing. To control prana, is to control life its self. The stronger ones abilities in controlling Prana, the stronger ones abilities are, in controlling things outside ones body.

To most, Pranayama is symbolized as the control of the breath, yet it is more then just the breath, but the energy of the nerves that moves the lungs into breathing. By controlling the lungs, one comes to control the nerves that move the lungs, by controlling the force that moves through the nerves, one comes to control all the nerves. From the nerves, the mind is controlled, and from control of the mind, comes the control of ones life.

Pranayama as well, is the consciousness of breathing. It is the realization of each breath; for of course, we all know that we breath, for without the breath we die. Yet to realize ones breath, is to know that you live at each moment, to feel the air, as it is filter through the nose, down the trachea, into the lungs, expanding them, from the top to the lowest chambers, as it then oxygenates the body and the blood, uplifting the soul, and realizing the self; that is only part of what Pranayama includes. In every waking moment, we should realize the breath, focus upon this act of living, and take in as much life as possible.

When we walk we breath, find your rhythm, know your breath. In everything we do, the breath will always be with us. As for some, the breath is on autopilot. They Breath in the least amount they need to live, while for others, the consciousness of the breath is like unto them, a tool they use to bring health back unto their lives, while using it to calm their emotions, and their bodies. It as well is used to focus their mental wondering, and intune their conscious beings upon their spiritual body. For in such, they come to use the breath to join with the Universal Essence, using it to employ their conscious powers upon life as we know it. Pranayama is...

Upon deciding how much detail i was going to write about in regards to Pranayama, i decided it best not to go into to much detail. Instead i will suggest a good book; Light On Pranayama by B.K.S. Iyengar, this book will give in full detail all one basically needs to know to fully practice Pranayama. i am only going to write down the raw materials, of what one needs to know, to gain control of their prana. Everything else, is either curiosity, or completeness in its self. Either which way, i suggest you read the other book. For it will be soon enough, that you will come to find out, just what it takes to practice Pranayama, so practice this moment, right now. It is suggested as well, that you learn how the respiratory system works, so that the visualizing will be easier to accomplish. The more knowledge one has of the body, the easier the Wisdom's gained from its practices. It is high time we moved into the next faze of evolution, leave those unable to change behind, for their weight will be to heavy to carry upon thy shoulders. For all must walk their own paths to self enlightenment, the best anyone else can do for them, is to show them a way. The practice and applications is then up to them.

According to traditions, the left side of the body and nostrils, is equated with the passive, feminine, magnetic energy, while the right side and nostril, is equated with the active, masculine, electric energy. Which in turn, switches when dealing with the brain, and then again switches when dealing with the Macrocosms. Life reflexes its self upon the mirrors of the void, to know ones self, is to know the divine mysteries of life.

There is three major Nadi we are going to deal with. Nadi meaning hollow stalk, sound, vibrations, resonance. Let me regress a little bit. According to traditional yoga, there lies three major nadis, the ida, pingala, and susumna. The ida and the pingala start at the lower anal cavity and move up the spin, as they intermingle their energy, mating at each chakra or wheel, lotus, flower, energy vortex, etc... They end at the nostrils, ida being considered the feminine nadis, while pingala the masculine. Susumna now is a hollow tube that runs parallel to the spine, which when the two other nadis are join at the Mulahara chakra, our lowest major chakra, they awaken the Kundalini snake who lies rapped around the Mulahara three and a half times. Being awaken, she then rises through the Susumna to our crown chakra, mating with the seeds of divinity, and unifying our lower selves with our higher selves. Confusing yea, so as i said, read those books i have indexed, for they will come to clarify it for you.

The application of these nadis will become apparent as time moves onward. i would suggest you read, or meeting someone of a more authority in regards to the rising of the Kundalini energy. For if gone unchecked, and undisciplined, one could easily cause great harm unto themselves. For just like a fuse, if to much energy is pushed through it, it will blow, and in our cases there is no replacement fuses until the next life. So be careful, and never push yourself to uncomfortability.

Inhalation, is the active, masculine, creative, forceful breath. Taking in the cosmic Prana or energy into ones being, using it to create. The refreshing, uplifting breath, and the calming oxygenated breath; the giver of life, sustainer of creation.

Exhalation, is the passive, reactive, feminine, destroying breath. The release of impurities from the body, devourer of life, the consuming death, the recycled breath of oxygen, the giver of life to plants.

Retention, is the blending of life and death, the inhalation and the exhalation, the silence and the sound. It is the moment when all things poise upon the ledge of the abyss, and the mind becomes razor sharp, crackling, breaking, then silence...

The basic pranayama techniques are as follows. Yet, once again i stress the need to learn as much as possible before jumping blindly into these exercise, for it is our lives we play with, not some computer imagining we can reboot.

To breath in a cycle of breaths is as follows: Two inhales, eight hold, four exhale, eight hold. That being the number ratio of the breaths. Now in starting Pranayama, it is implacable that one does not push the breath. So, do not force the breath, or stress the lungs. Pranayama is a smooth, calming, fluid motion, it is not meant to cause pain, nor aggravation.

In the begging it is best to start with an even ratio, with only one cycle of retention for every breathing cycle. So in saying something as four inhale, four retention, for exhale, etc. would be a good way to start. Now, it is suggested, one not retain the breath every cycle at first, but maybe do it every other few cycles. For we are not in competition with anyone, we are only here to breath, that is all. So, having gained control of that technique, one should move into four inhales, four exhales, four hold. After gaining a comfortability with these two exercise, then moving into four inhale, four hold, four exhale, and four hold. For this would not become as such a shock to the system. In time, it will come as easy as breath its self, you will find yourself doing it while walking, talking, sitting, eating, or making pleasures with a loved one. It will become a fixed aspect within your life, it will bring you many thing, one of which is yourself. From here, one should move into the ratio cycles, extending the time for each as one improves. As for the breathing technique, one is to plug one nostril as before, inhaling in the other, hold, then plug the other nostril, while letting the air out of the other. Then, repeating the cycle with the other nostril, this then would be a complete cycle.

This is in its simplest form, a system of Pranayama that will help you gain control of the prana that flows in life. If nothing else though, go very slow, and come to learn your body through these exercises. For the true Guru lives within us all, all we need to do, is come to control our egos and listen, and all things shall work out in the end. For it is by the breath, that we will come to be carried to our Guru.

Thought Control:

The next two stages are Pratyahara and Dharana, or in simple terms; controlling the thoughts. One will think at first, that they have control of their thoughts, so unto them i say, there is no need to read further, for you already are a master, as for the rest of us, i say this; guess again...

The first thing to do in gaining control of the thoughts, is to let it have free range to think its thought. In doing so, you will have hundreds of thousands of thoughts moving across your minds screen. You will come to see that they were always there, it was that, you just never noticed them before. Just watch them, do not try to control them or change them, just follow along as a third person, watching from a distance. You will find thoughts of the most horrifying natures, do not judge them or analyze them as yet, just let them flow bye. In time the thoughts will start to slow down, and in so doing, you will start to see the mental structuring that creates these thoughts; for now is the time to analyze your mind, trying to find how each thought was created, following it to its source. Look to its depths and to its heights. See where they start, and where they end. You might come to be disgusted with your thoughts, do not judge, just learn their roots, and let them go.

From here, you should learn how to stay with one formation of thoughts, be it on a subject, an idea, word, prayer, be it anything that pleases the mind, and stick with it. At first other thoughts will interrupt you, or maybe the mind will simply space off, and forget what it was you were thinking, no matter what it is, gently allow your consciousness to flow back unto the desired thought patterns. In time it will become easy, and you will find that you can hold to one thought, for as long now as you desire. From here, you move into one pointed thought.

This will take some time and patience to learn. For one is to focus the mind upon one thing, be it a picture, a letter, a sound, a word, a part of the body, whatever it be, you are to focus only on that, while excluding all other things from the mind. This at first will allude you to the point, of one not even wanting to continue the practice. You might come to find some great obstacle in your way, such as i had. For months i tried to overcome it, trying to go around it, under, over, around its sides. Nothing seemed to work, until the day i found a way to break through it, and then i found once again thousands upon millions of thoughts, one packed on top of the others; movies, images, thoughts, memories, conversations, etc... It was creating this fog over my mind, which i have come to call the t.v. fuzz or snow. So now, here i was, only having to control these thoughts and images, before i could learn how to be in one thought. It is hard, yet possible, if only you desire it to be, and stick with it. For once you come to hold one thing in your mind for a minutes, you will come to really see how things are, you will really start to see...

The last two stages of Patajali's system is Dhyana and Samadhi. These basically being, the abilities to hold one thing for a prolong amount of time, while becoming one with it, Both of which i will speak of later.

The last thing i will talk about in regards to thought control, is the ability to lose all thoughts, to the void of nothing. In theory, i have come to see the possibilities in no thoughts, in fact i have had, for seconds at a time, moments of no thoughts; its this ability to be in the void and not think of the void, that baffles my present studies, and practices. So, this stage i will simply say exists from the traditional teachings, for i can neither prove nor disprove it in this present writing. Whatever the case, it is here for completeness so that you can see, and know.

All that i have written is simply the basics of esoteric yoga. One should study and practice, for that alone will bring an understanding of the self. Really think about what i have said; do you see anything that is misleading, do you think what is said is unattainable, have i promise some grand OLE powers; no i have not. It is not that what is written is some secret science, it is only self awareness that is all. It is just that we have made it a secret, because we desire not to see. Do you really think it is a waste of your time, to do at least these few simple exercises, do you? Are you not worth your own time, do you fool your self into believing you do have control, so there is no need to work. Think about this, for i have, and it saddens me to know there is people out there who think that way. It really is saddening.

It is not easy for sure, nor will there be anyone pushing you along. You will fall, fail and lose hope of all your practices, it will become a dream, never meant to be attained. You might even come to push it away for a time, but it will always be there to haunt you. It will be there at the corners of your mind, nagging, and nudging you to look. It will become your bride or groom in life, you will be married to your hidden half forever now. You will at times regret having woken it up, but out of it all, you will be blessed and you will know it; even in the hardest of times. So no matter what, once started, you will never be able to go back. For the truth will set you free, yet at times the truth will be so heavy upon your mind, that all you will be able to do is cry, and hope for some reprieve to come your way. The gifts outweigh the sorrows, you will see; stick with it, preserver, stand strong, and seek, for you will find; yourself. Be honest with others, but most of all be honest with your self. For we are who we are, so be it...

Health and diet:

The body is our temple. When the temple is unclean the mind is unclean, when the mind is such, the soul can not be realized, and the higher self lays waiting. High magic is the purifying of our lower natures, so that the divinity may be awaken within us, and live.

Food takes energy to digest. Certain foods take more then others. Some foods gather negative charges, while others do not. Some uplift the body to health, which uplifts the mind to the higher consciousness within ourselves, while others do the opposite. i will not go into a list of what one should and should not eat, instead, i will instruct you to learn how to listen to your bodies, so that when you eat, you will come to see those things that are or are not good to eat. For in being honest with your self, and your observations, you will come to see those things that raise your energy, and you will see those things that eat your energy; from then it is up to you to chose.

Now i will tell you by my own experiences what i have come to learn. Prior to officially walking the path that i am on to-day, i was consider a spiritual, yet unenlightened person, wondering aimless around in my drugged mind. Caught was i, in the webs of drugs and food, and many other things, yet as the Great Work slowly started to infuse within my being, i came to walk away from the drugs, and then from certain foods.

In the case of the drugs, stopping them was the moment i started to gain control of my life. The drugs being speed, hallucinations, downers, alcohol, heroine, coffee and tobacco, i started to gain Will power over my life. For no more was i chained to those things that society has given unto us to lose our control. i was no longer chained to these addictions that held me by its thorns, bleeding both my energy and my health. Clarity started to come back to me, as i was now able to truly see the illusions of our reality.

As for the food, i did not at first consider it a big deal. Yet, as time went on, and my body consciousness improved, i started to shy away from meat products, for they came to drained me of what energy i had, while only giving me, energy i would rather not have experience. In quitting meat, i became even more intuned to the subtle energies around me. In time i also took away dairy, and cheese product, which again amplified my abilities to feel the energies around me. i started to have allot more energy to work with, my body did not go through crazy flashes, my stools were regulating, my body was gaining its natural rhythm, my mind was more awake, and i felt more alive. All this, from taking animal products out of my diet, and then the day came, when i took out white refined sugar. This out of the three, was the most drastic.

It is amazing still, how addicted i am to sugar, or let me clarify, white refined sugar. Lets just say, it was harder for me to put aside white sugar, then speed, alcohol and smoking put together. Yet just after one month of no white sugar, my mind and thoughts were both more pure, and more clear, then ever i remember them before.

What is the point, i would ask myself? For that question has haunted me for a long time, as i blindly knew somehow, what i was doing was right. Then one day, i realize that we are not able to enter the heavenly sanctuary until one has enlightened themselves. Enlighten in saying, to lighten their bodies from all its bonds, so that one can be light enough, to clime the spiders webbed stairs to heaven. For all these things we consume, are weights, that shackle us to this earth, and if we ever desire to leave this place, we must leave the shackles behind; for that is the point!

So after having taken those things away that caused me harm, i came inclined to cleans my body of those things, which have been building up since i was a babe. The program i have personally used is the Cleans and Purify program. It matters not which you desire to do, the idea is to clean all those things that block you from gaining access to the more subtle things of life. For life is based upon parasitic relationships, everything feeds off, some other form of energy, and in saying, some of those things we consume, have had certain energies that desire to live, by feeding off our energies, which being stored within our stomach and intestinal tracts, still resides with us. It is these things that we wish to abolish and destroy. Think about it...

Through purifying the body, mind, and soul, we come to gain back lost energies of ours, which then could be focused on transcending our fleshly prisons for a while. For the more energy we have, the stronger we will be, and the more control we will have in ruling our lives.

When we walk, talk, eat, or sleep, it will all one day become sacred. So when eating, practice right consumption, conscious breathing, and enjoying its fruits. It is always good to banish away from all food and drink its impurities, and bless and charge it with good healthy things. So as with the drink i try to always bless it with the conjuration's of the water as spoken of earlier, and for the food i say the following prayer:

" Great Adonai who is and shall ever be, i call upon thee to bless and sanctify this food, banishing and causing to retire all negativity, all sickness and unhealth, all darkness, all fiends, all phantoms, devils, and every adverse thing, so that all who consume of its fruits may be blessed and sanctified through Thy Holy name. Amen.

O Raphael, Suriel, Assiel I invoke thee O Angels of healing to take away all sickness and dis-ease from this food, all parasites, and all beings who of which wish to disturb those who consume of its fruits, in the Name of the Holy and Blessed One. Amen.

Thank you food for the energy and the strength, to strengthen the body, clear the mind, strengthen the will and free the soul. To Will the soul to the spirit, to go to the spirit to be with the spirit, I am the spirit, returning the energy the wheel turns. Amen."

That above prayer is only an idea of what one might use. For ones prayer, is always the best. You will find, that when clearing and charging the food, you will not only feel better, and find those things prayed for forfilled, but you will find it bringing ones self closer to the understanding of the higher self.

Everything we do is Holy. Even when we work, we should find the reasons why that job needs us, find the purpose of the work, and then dedicate it unto the Great Work and unto the Universe. For the Great Work will use your employment, to teach you things of the higher laws of life. Answers will come in the strangest ways, when you are looking for them. For one of the reasons why most haven't a clue of the Universal energies, is that in its all encompassing, and simplistic ways, it is easily overlooked. So learn, see, and understand, and many a blessing will be within your hands. Amen.

Exercises of the Senses:

Having worked with the mind, the next is the control of the senses. How to block out one from all the rest, or to be able to meditate on one, in exclusion of the rest. One way is to close off one of the senses for a day or two, by covering the eyes, not eating or drinking, plugging the ears, or simply touching nothing but that which the feet touch. Another way is to listen to the sound of a bell as it rings within the air, letting it dissipate, yet still holding its sound within the minds ear. Like wise, this can be done with taste, feelings, smell. or sight. All will at first come to slip through your mind, but with practice, all things will come to be easy. For time will reward you with your practice. Not only will you be able to keep an essence of a sense within the mind, but you will be able to hold complex combinations thereof.

Some of the ideas behind such meditations other then the control of the senses, is the ability to amplify them when desiring to. Also being able to focus better, having the ability to use and understand the more subtle things around ones self. Amplifying your sense perceptions when in ceremony, as well as the ability to shut out outside energies from your self when in need. These being only a few of the hundreds of other little things gained from such practices. All of which, will help you attain unto the higher ends of life, as well as help you learn more about yourself.

The next thing to do with the physical senses is to push them beyond their normal limits. To see, hear, feel, smell, touch, and taste things further away then one normally has the ability to do so. To do this, it is the concurring of their physical senses, and then abolishing them, focusing on their sprit, and its abilities to smell, see, taste, touch and hear. It is trying to use that inner essence within, that part of the self, which is, but is not part of the body. It is the ability to leave ones normal limitations aside for a moment, and extending ones imagination out, grasping upon the desired end. You will see, practice, visualize, imagine, and it will come to be.

The next thing is to try focusing on two senses at a time, trying to use ones spirit, to amplify them and perfect them. It takes a lot of time, in perfecting this art. Latter on in my other writings, i will incorporate these abilities with astral and mental traveling, that is if you haven't by then come to fall over it already.

Learning how to understand energies:

All things contain virtues, be it celestial, elemental, or infernal, all things hold an essence that the magician might use for his work. By experimentation, one can easily acquire an understanding of each objects virtues. Doing such things as carrying them around with you during the day, or sleeping with them under you pillow at night, meditation upon them within your hands, or simply holding them to you, while feeling and consciously seeing what images come into your mind, will help you understand their virtues. Transferring your consciousness into them, which i will later explain, is another good way to learn their virtues, and infuse them within ones self.

Plants, stones, metals, animals, pictures, colors, sounds, gems, objects, trees, flowers, thoughts, feelings, and every other created thing, contains an essence and virtue, which will come to help the magician amplify their being, as well as help in their rituals. For example, gathering stones, plants, herbs, colors, sounds, and images of fire qualities, prior to the ritual, will help infuse those qualities into you, making it easier for the mind to cope with the transition necessary to become one with the fire elementals. It also, is good in strengthening ones weaknesses, by caring those things infused with the desired qualities, and allowing them and their energies to become one with yours. Just ideas, think and meditate on it your self, there is many beautiful things one can do, with other things natural virtues, practice and you will learn.

With learning the virtues of things, one can gather a certain metal, stone, or what ever else, placing them in cups of purified, and blessed water, while placing in each cup something different, be it salt, or sugar, herbs or stones. Experiment, and see with what ever comes to mind. Then having let them soak for at least twenty four hours, take each out in turn and focus on that which they bring to mind. At first you might simply come to feel a difference, yet with more practice, you will come to know and see a difference. This practice alone will help you become more sensitive, and perceptive to different forms of energy. When using a object, it is of great benefit, to cleans its present energies from it, by doing the following, or something along its lines.

Placing it in the earth say: " May all energies here unto being formed, be returned unto the universe where it has come.

Placing through the fire say: " May the fires of purification burn away all things, So that it might be purifies and sanctifies by the light that sets it free."

Placing through the smoke of the Incense say: " May this incense banish away and cause to retire all energies, allowing none but the desires things to come unto thee."

Submerge in blessed water as you say: " By the foundation of our regeneration, may this object be made pure and clean, from death unto life, may it be set free. Amen"

As you place it through each of the elements, visualize and know that all energies are being taken away from the object. After which, a ritual or simply a prayer would do, as you focus your desired energy unto the object, impregnating it with your breath. Know that all things have their specific purpose, so when working with the virtues of things, know that that is what it can do, nothing other then that.

In charging the object, be it a picture, a stone, etc. the first thing that is needed is the cleansing of it. For any left over energies within the object, will only come to disrupt that of which you desire to accomplish. It is very important that you take the objects natural qualities in mind, when charging it, for it would be foolish to charge a piece of trash, with bringing out ones beautiful qualities. For instead, it would be better to charge it with taking away those qualities that keep your beauty from shining forth, as you come to release them with the trash, as you throw it away from your life. So learn the virtues, and qualities of each thing, before charging them with ones desired energy. For although it is not dangerous at this level to mess up, it would still bring worries and suffering, that could have otherwise been avoided, if only you learned its natural qualities first.

As for charging the objects, there is three major ways to do such:

By charging with the will, feel your desired Will move into the object, know it, see it, and believe it, for that is what is happening. Maybe speaking out loud that which you desire to charge into it will help you, while you impregnate it with your breath, invoke the feelings you associate with the desired outcome into it. Transfer all thoughts, images, etc. into the object by focusing your Will into the object.

The next is charging with the elements. Having learned through your own experimentation what each of the elementals qualities are, and hopefully having acquired a feel, of what each of them represent, you can invoke that essence into the stone by filling ones memory of the elemental being, then transfer that energy and those thoughts into the object. One is to first invoke the element, by what ever means you see fit, then focus that energy into your hands which hold the object, then visualize and feel, that energy becoming infused within its being. i will go into more detail, in regards to what purpose there is in charging things with the elements a little latter.

As for ritual charging, one can either place the cleansed object in the center of the alter, or upon the circle, which, those being the major focuses of energy within the circle, the object by virtue of simply being there, will gather the surrounding energies. There is also, the conscious invoking of the energy within the circle unto the objects, by using the above two forms of charging objects.

Strength of Will power and belief, gives the Adept the power to work miracles. The more one practices, the more real will the work be. It takes awhile for the work to really manifest its self. Of course, there is the instant gratification in doing the work, for if there was not some reward in the beginning, there would never be any motivation to seek out any more. The funny thing is, it will seem that one is not gaining anything more then what is at first given off hand. It will take months, if not years for the full realization of what is happening within ones self, and what benefits you are gaining to become apparent. No matter, the simplest seeds of a gift, is all there is needed, to justify moving forward upon the path. For that first realization, gives the hope of infinite things, you will see...


Whatever consciousness is, it is usable, and it gives us the freedom to focus on whatever we desire. i am not going to get into a big discussion about free will, or pre-destiny; which to me is one and the same things, just on different plains of existence. What i will say, is that consciousness gives us the ability to be or not be, what ever we desire to be. Upon one of the gifts of man, is that we contain within our DNA structures, memories of all other created things. Be it evolution or some other factor, this uniqueness gives us the ability, to shift our conscious thinking into any other form of being we desire.

If you have practiced the yoga meditations earlier written about, then you might already have an idea of what your consciousness is. The next major exercise, is the ability to shift your consciousness into one part of the body, in exclusion of the rest. Be it the finger, feel the finger inside to the outside, breath through its pores, see through its pores, know it, live it, be the finger, for at that moment, you are the finger. Meditate, believe, and visualize that it is so, for in time, you will gain great things from these exercises as well as great skill.

The next thing to do, is shifting the consciousness over to some inanimate object, be it a stone, metal or something as such. Come to know it, and be it. The technique i personally use, is simply to speak out loud, gently mesmerizing yourself, as you tell yourself all you know about the object. Telling your consciousness all that you see and feel from the object, letting go of your lower self that wishes to sustain its present memory of its self, letting the ego go, and allowing the higher self to take over, by being passive and open. Next, start to wonder how it sees and feels, how it comes to know its world. Over and over speak such things out loud, yet letting the mind become infused slowly, as you let the voice grow softer and more subtle, while infusing yourself with its essence. Ones conscious will at first rejects the image, maybe blinking it away with tears, or some other form of distraction. But with many failures, there will be times of attainment. The shift will at first be slow, yet right as you come to completely move the thought forms and sense perceptions over, there will be a light jerk in the begging, this is the complete transference. With inanimate objects, do not worry about losing yourself to them, for our consciousness is so much stronger, that one flickering image, or outside thought, will bring us back to ourselves. On returning you will feel excited on having learned some other formation of life's consciousness, yet dizzy, disorientated and tired from the practice. The more you do such exercises, the easier it will be, and the less effect it will have on the mind. For we are everything, its simply the begging of realizing it as such, that strains our present minds.

The next shift is to plants, trees, etc... One can use the above technique to acquire the transference as with inanimate objects. Although Knowing that in truth all things are animated, for they have to be, for them to be in existence, and in our plain of perceptions. It is simply moving from the lesser vibrating beings, to the higher ones, that we are learning to do. From the plants, we should move into the animal realm. Starting with simpler beings such as insects, and moving into fish, mammals, then birds. Although it is not consciously threatening to work with animals, it is emotionally, as well as mentally hard to deal with, if you haven't already practiced some consciousness transference. It is suggested for just those reasons, that you start with the lower vibrations and move up. For it is easier on the mind to deal with, as well as make it easier to do. For if one was to try transferring the consciousness to a moving animal, they might not even be able to make the transference work simply because of them not having any control, much less the belief to make it so. On returning from animals, i would personally bring back with me, there feelings, and instinctual natures. At first it was quiet disturbing, making returning to society at times, very interesting if not troublesome. So beware of the possibilities and practice. As for animals, using their heart as a way to move into their being, works very well. For the blood is the carrier of the spiritual energy. So imagine at first the animals heart beat, feel its blood flowing through its veins, hear the sounds of your heart, its heart within your ears, feel the two become one, as its beat becomes one, feel the blood flowing in your veins, the animals, allow the two to become one, taking all this out, knowing it, being it. Allow your consciousness to become one. The shift with animals is usually a drastic one, and in most case, if the animal was unaware of your presence, will freak out; they will not leave from your area at first, being it now, you both are one. For in most cases your consciousness will still be attachmented to your body. You will be looking at the animal, and then next you will be looking from the animal. It will be very strange, and even stranger, for the animal will probably come to look at your body, seeing and recognizing where its new formation of consciousness is coming from. In time you will learn how to disembody your consciousness from your actual body. Do not get this confused with astral, or even mental traveling, this is completely a different form of travel, yet in it, the possibilities are limitless. If you desire to acquire more skill in this for said art, i would suggest either finding a Native aquatinted in shape shifting, or a Medicine Person familiar with such transference's. For all though you will come to acquire these skills, and might even learn how to move with the animal in time, your learning can come that much quicker, and safer with a teacher. It is suggested, that you take each session in turn slowly, and start with a few minutes, as you move till the heart is content, while you learn what each virtues has to offer. i in my own practices have attained unto the shifting of the animals and residing with them for a while, but as of yet, have had no luck in moving with them. In time, as the old wise ones say, in time...

The next shift, which is moving your consciousness into the actual elements. If one has done ritual work, one will have already experience a little of this, yet outside ritual, as you do it anywhere, is what the desired goal is. Do just as before, talking yourself into each of the natural elements. At first, maybe using the physical elements will help, maybe using the ocean, or the rain. Use the wind, the earth's soil, or the flames of the fire. Keep in mind, start with the more physical and move to the less physical. Start with earth, then water, air, then fire. For in dealing with the elements, you are not dealing with one specific consciousness, but a collection of them. For you will see, if you practice. Now in my next writings, i will get into infusing ones consciousness into each of the elementary realms, and then into the consciousness of the spirit that resides, and creates all things. The reason being, is that at the present, that is what i am working on, and i desire not to mislead you into making my mistake. Rather i make them, and tell you what they are. As for why i tell you this, is simply for completeness, and letting you know the possibilities, least something happens to me, and i am unable to write further.

Now these shifts will greatly help you in your ritual workings. For in elemental magic, one can if you desire, infuse the called upon elementals consciousness into ones own. It is dangerous, and if you haven't a grasp on the vices of the foresaid elemental, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. Yet, the benefits in doing as such, is to gain their virtues within seconds. For by infusing ones self with the elementals, it is like charging the talismans, or objects as before, as to gain the virtues by the grace of the magician, yet it is only that we, gain the virtues of the elementals, by the grace of the universe.

Elemental Meditations:

The first thing in need to do, is to make a list of all ones good and bad qualities. Looking deep within, come to see your personality traits, do you get angered often, depressed, shy, etc... Everything and anything that comes to mind, mark it within your mind. Even better, write it down, least you unconsciously try to forget it.

For example, one of my traits that has haunted me for years. is the obsession of beautiful women. i would come to fantasize over them, as they stood within my mind, mentally masturbating over their physical image; and in some cases, as sad as it is, physically masturbating as well. Having truly been disgusted with such lack of control, and violation of others external images, i wrote this down on my own private book, under negative aspects. So, be ruthless to your self, do not let such things go unnoticed, or try to hide them from your self, mearly because you do not want to deal with them. For one can not cure a dis-ease, unless you know what it is, and only then, can one hope to overcome and cure it, as you transform that wasted energy into some higher.

Go through your life, really look, for this work is to give you control; control of your life, control of how you react to outside and inside stimuli, and control of your surroundings. It is the serenity within that we are seeking, for those who have peace inside, shall come to fear nothing, for no matter what happens to them, they will always be content.

Personal psychology is truly one of the best things you can do for your self. For just as in astrology, the stars rule our lives, until we master them, and then we rule them. For in psychology, it is those personality traits, and those psycho-babble terms that rule our lives, and until we learn the rules, and conquer them, we will then in turn come to rule psychology; or in other words, we will come to control the science of our own minds. So, learn how you react to life's ups and downs. Analyze, dissect, and purify. We have the control, if only we use it. For it is easier to let others run our lives, yet look now what has become of it. Lets take control, and lets walk through the pearly gates together.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to be ones self, while not allowing others opinions, or thoughts from disrupting who we are. You will become disgusted with who you are, and who you have let yourself become. The thoughts upon analyzing yourself, will shatter all your beliefs of yourself. For who is this i have become. Why am i so tired, why do i do these things, what do i care what they think, why do i do this thing for them, how much money do i have, will i make ends meat, will my rent go up, every little thought will add up to how your mind works; and as the philosopher said, "I think there for i am." We are our thoughts, if we worry all the time, we are a worrier, if we think like a doctor all the time, we are a doctor, if we think like shit, well, you figure it out. There is cultures that believe we are reborn unto that thought we had, when our last breath left us. If we were thinking of a dog, then we would be a dog, of a loved one, then we shall once again be with them, of a insect, and so on. Yet if we were thinking of the Godhead, then of course, we would return back unto that which we came from. It will get lonely, and everything around you will seem dark, and everyone around you will seem to be an enemy; know this is only the first of the first three great veils we must overcome to realize ourselves. The light will shine upon thee, just preserver, and be honest with your self. No one will understand, your world will be turned upside down, and you might even come to lose your feelings, towards those that at one time you cared about. It might happen, so just know it is okay if it does; for others have been there to.

For in my own experience, i have had to lose everything i held dear, my friends, my beliefs, my dreams, my loved ones, and the very ideas of who i was. i lost it all, to gain everything. It was a small price to pay for freedom. Of course, at the time, i screamed and yelled, cursing the day i started on this adventure. For why i asked, as i cursed everything around me, why should i have to suffer so much, to gain control of my life? It is hard my friends, yet if you desire to walk the path of the High Adept, it is in need to be done. Just know, that it is not easy, and that others, believe it or not, have gone through similar pains and sorrow. It's okay, it's okay...

The next thing one is to do with their list, is to categorize each quality with an element, or elements. As for my example, that lustful thinking would be under fire for its devouring personality, and its flames that burn within, and water for its sexual nature, and the way it eats me slowly inside. This exercise helps one see what elements are more or less prominent in ones life, giving one a focal point to start on with the future exercises.

So here we are with a book full of our bad and good qualities, with its elemental correspondence, what are we to do. One thing we can do, is to then write that quality which will either balance out our vices, or completely cancel them out of our sphere of consciousness. We are to rule our emotions, not be ruled by them. For as said in India, the desires\emotions are the horses, the mind the reins, the chariot the body, and the charioteer the intellect\soul. For would it not be nice to attain those qualities you like in others, while ridding yourself of those qualities you do not like within your self? Well then, do it... It is not easy, yet when using something such as the elements, grasping each quality by its root source, one can quickly acquire, and overcome all things that you desire.

Part of the occult sciences, is seeing thing for how they are. Some how, our minds have made things so complex, that understanding things much less controlling them, is almost impossible. It is not as if there is very many secrets left in the occult world, everything has in some form or another been written upon, it is simply the application of the knowledge that still baffles the uninitiated. In truth, we are simply trying to harness the universal energy without causing a influx, and it is our minds that have the greatest abilities to do so. We only need to learn how, by remembering and listening. For all things come to those who are patient and sincere.

The next thing one might come to do, is to learn how to associate each thing in life with an element or elemental. As you walk down the street, what is it you see? A car, a dog, a red light, a person, green, a fence, yellow. All to see, now come to understand its elemental correspondences. This exercise will help you understand each of the elements essences, and as well, will come to improve your understanding therein.

The Elements are the broadest form of classification known to my self, that still allows all things to be classified within them. Each object, say a computer has the elements within its essences, only with differing degrees. The electricity and all the components run off fire, the CPU is air, the screen is water, as it reflects that which accures within. The key board is earth, where all things come to manifest, and all things come to be formed. You get the idea, for the computer is far more complex then that, yet the idea is there for you to grow off of. When one gets into more detail, you will come to really see and understand the virtues of such classifications. For within such broadness, your mind will gain an ability to understand all things, come to know all sciences, and be able to penetrate into the vastness of the universe.

It is funny, for it is said that one can not know if something is true, unless you try to find out if it is for ones self. And in saying, all these things you can say are foolish, and pointless, for there can not be any merit to such claims, yet something inside you, will always never believe your own doubts until you have proven it. So you are simply going to have to jump in, and find out for your self. Just like the crystal the ancients used to communicate with other places and people, was considered fiction to the modern mind, until we started to use them in our electronics, and in our phones. What about the mirrors used to carry information, or see those things you are communicating with. We said it was superstition, yet now we use mirrors to reflex lasers carrying information, or holographic imaging to see those things communicated through the light. What is this saying, all those things we at one time thought hidden, or superstitious, now are the foundations of our very sciences, think about it. Maybe they were not wrong, they were just using different tools, in fact, they were using the greatest tool of them all; themselves...

Okay, now to the next part of the elemental exercises. Having acquired a feel for each of the elements, we now shall try to infuse ourselves with its energy. For if you have gone through the yoga practices, and have gain some mastery over the ritual workings, the following exercises should pose no problem. As for those who have jumped ahead, i at first warn thee to be careful, and secondly, i wish thee luck, for most who hurry upon the path will either miss the door, or burn up in the trying.

So sitting in ones chosen Asana position, imagine the element you desire to meditate upon all around you. Feel it, as if it were touching you from all sides. Imagine its qualities, its essence all around. Now visualize it drawing into your being with each breath. Feel the element move into your body. This exercise is different from the consciousness one, for these exercises, you are to keep your consciousness attached to your body, neither mentally nor spiritually letting the element overcome your thought patterns. So now, feel the body become infused with the element, letting it grow stronger and stronger. If fire, feel the heat rising within you, water the coolness, air the freshness and lightness, earth the stability and weight. At first take it a few moments at a time, but with practice extend the practice, as well as the amount of the element you allow to infuse within your being. For there is great need in the beginning to be careful, for you are now physically effecting your biological system with these exercises, and in so doing, can cause great sickness within the body. As for when releasing the element, allow it to dissipate from your body with each exhaled breath, allowing it to return back unto where it came from. Make sure that you release all the elements from your being, least it cause troubles, when you are not fully in control of your surroundings. Beware, and be smart.

Having acquired skill in these meditations, one is now to completely infuse their consciousness into the element. At first this exercise might appear to be like the others already given, the difference is that you are now doing it with out the element in sight, as well as disintattaching the consciousness from your body. This exercise is dangerous to those who haven't a grasp of their being, and their emotional minds. For here, not only are we going to exclude the other elements from our beings, but completely become infused within one elements purest nature. For in shifting the consciousness completely into the elements, there is created, a great unbalance within the human, who is made up of all four of the elements, and not just one. So if one hasn't already done some work within themselves, they run a great risk of becoming emotionally unbalanced through these exercises. The following exercise is to be done just as the others, starting by talking out loud. The only difference is that, as you move up through your body, you will slowly lose consciousness, and that when you come up to the point of having the element within your mind, you will find that you have lost your individuality as a person, and will have become the element. The following exercise is as such:

First go through relaxing the body by allowing each muscle in turn to relax, until your body feels like water. Next visualize that you are at the beach, watching the waves coming in and out. Smell the salt within the air, hear the seagulls in the distance, the seals are calling from afar. You see the seaweed swirling in circles around some rocks out in the distance, you can feel the sand under your feet, knowing, believing you are at the beach. Make yourself believe, by telling your mind it is so. For the mind is only a tool to be used, so use it. Next, visualize your self walking into the water starting at your feet as the water slowly swirls around the foot, under the foot, over the foot. The water starts to seep into the flesh, soothingly relaxing the foot, moving into the sides, moving under the skin, around the ankles, within the ankles, moving in the blood that flows within the foot. Feel the foot grow lighter, softer, as the water starts to take the feeling of the foot away. Slowly the foot grows lighter, softer, and softer, as it slowly becomes the water, and then floats away with the water. Now the water flows up unto the shines, and the calves, flowing gently at first around, around the skin, the muscles, the bones. Becoming infused within the calves and the shins, moving from one side to the next, as it slowly allows everything to grow lighter, soft, and softer, as it floats away in the ocean. Feel the ebb of the ocean become as your breath, as you breath the water comes in, as you breath out the water flows out. You got the idea, so do it to each part of the body, and organs. Now, as you come to the mind and the consciousness, you will have put yourself into a trace, that is if it was done right, so except it, allow it to continue, do not analyze it, or try to figure it out, just let it continue. By this time, the chances are, that you haven't been talking for a while, and that the mind has been working on its own accord. When the water moves over the mind taking it away, there will be a gentle transformation of feeling light and soft, as at first floating within water, then you might come to remember floating inside the mother, within the womb. These things will be very quick, as you move into becoming the water its self. From here i will not say anything upon that of my own experiences. This exercise is very important in learning our inner essences, and how it is that we exist.

There is a big reason why one should not do these exercises until they have good conscious control of their thought patterns. For in the return to normal consciousness, there is a great risk of the element gaining a major influence over your life, which will cause great difficulties in readapting to society. Even i, upon much preparation in these exercises, was in trouble of losing touch with my balance, as i came back to what should have been my normal state of being. Just be very careful, and remember to do a lot of meditations upon returning to your consciousness, so that you can make sure you are balanced before actually stopping the exercise. So as for coming back unto your own, you shall have prepared an amount of time for the exercise, consciously telling yourself that you would float out to sea for half an hour or so, and then return back unto the coast where the earth would come to interfere with the waters consciousness, and above the sun would be burning its fire down upon thee, heating the water, which dissipates into the air which brings one back into a balance of the four. Then slowly allow your consciousness to materialize, by the mind becoming physical again. From here the transition, should be easy, making sure that you go as slow returning as you left.

These exercises are the preliminary to those we are about to talk about. These exercises are unproven by me as yet. i will simply write that which has been handed down through antique. It is up to you to believe or disbelieve. i again state, that i have not had any experience with these following exercise other then that which i effect within my self, and a very minimal amount of temperature change in one of my last experiments.

The following exercises are to cause physical changes with the elements. The one experience i have had, had to deal with fire. i was meditating upon fire, bringing the consciousness and the element into my body, feeling it grow with each breath that i took in. After having built up the fire element within me, i transferred it to my right hand, building its heat within that area of my body, until my hand felt as if it were placed within boiling water. i then focused the fire element to leave my hand, and move it over to my left, while watching a thermometer hanging between my hands, the temperature rose a few degrees. i haven't had time to have another controlled experiment as such, so there is no way for me to say it was a flux, or an actual effect of my will.

So this is the idea behind these meditations. One should in practice go through each of the elements in turn, creating controlled experiments where one could then gadge there progress in these exercises. Using barometers, altimeters, wind pressure tools, etc. Test yourself, do not believe anything, until it is proven by your self, but don't fall into the societies mind set, and automatically assume it does not work. Give it an honest try, and see?

In time it is said one should be able to walk on fire, or dry rings of snow around ones body, to be able to lighten the body and levitate, to be able to stay cool in the desert, or be able to put the hand into boiling water without harming ones self, to be able to become heavy or as light as you desire. These being only a few of the promised gifts one would receive from these exercises.

The next thing is to actually control the elements in their physical appearances. Start by controlling the direction of smoke, dissipate the clouds, put out fire, start a fire, come to feel the earth's motions, predict earthquakes, come to know the virtues of all plants, stones, metals, etc...

What ever the possibility of these exercises, the idea is out there. And in some cases, science has proven that these things are possible; for if you come to read any of the case studies of parapsychologist, you will come to see the possibilities. What ever the case, i simply recite these exercises for completeness, that is all, for i have not as yet, come to gain much control over these exercises, although in the next few months, i do plan to go into the woods and practice these exercises, until i have had some success in them. For some things simply need our whole attention, and these are some of them.

Well, these elemental exercises are up to you to prove or disprove, what ever the case, i believe within the next few years, there will be a major shift of consciousness as a whole, and in that time, there might come a time when these exercises will be given unto the masses. Yet, there is also the problem that comes along with such gifts, and so i say learn them the right way, at your own pace, for if you get caught up in the shift unprepared, there might be little chance of holding to ones sanity. What ever the case, be it just my over active imagination, or simple paranoia, i do not know; but i do fear that the times are near. Look at the weather patterns, the way that we treat our children. Look into all the governmental problems, the mid-east. The computers have now taken the greatest step, in separating man from man. Our cities have become more dangerous then the wild. The police are a law unto themselves, and soon they will try to take our guns from us, in order to be the only power. The drugs that are feed to us, control us by our addictions. The movies and music propagate violence, which unconsciously programs it into us. We are desensitized. Natural disaster after natural disaster has slowly chipped away at out borders. Sickness is coming, because of our excessive waste. It is right to blame it on God; for we are the body of God; and God is Dying. Surly by looking, we must be able to see our sad state. Pretty soon the sun will be our greatest enemy, the air will be the poison of death, and we will burn our planet, just as mars before us. Yet in it all the change that i fear, will be within us all, there will be days when the depression will take over mass groups of people, leaving them hopeless, and desperate. More and more violence will rock our cities, nature will continue to buffet us with her fingers, prices are going to go up, while the money worth is going to go down. The economies will be at the brink of falling every day, war shall continue to be a major issue, famines, plagues, sickness, everything will lie at the corners of reality, not making a big difference at first, yet when having taken their tolls, one will come to see. Things are not okay, we can hide behind our charades and say they are, but when it comes down to the truth, they are not..

Something's are simply not for the masses to know. Least, when these times become crazy beyond our control, and everything is falling around us, that people would use those things given unto them for unruling things . Humans have not reached the stages of maturity yet to gain such powers such as these. For in talking with the elementals i have been told many things. They tell us that at one time, we had great spiritual awareness and powers, and through time, we have proven that we deserve not these virtues. So they were slowly taken away from us, and made into ridicule and quackery, which in turn has turn into the lower formations of magic as we know it today. They say the keys were given to a rare few, which unknowingly held onto them because of reasons unknown to the elementals i spoke to. They say in these days, the true essence of these keys, are once again starting to reach within our minds. They claim that in this present aeon of time, we are moving into a big conscious shift, and it will be up to those few who have acquired an understanding of themselves and the keys of the higher mysteries of man, to carry us through to the next. They say these times are times of transition, and that those who desire to hold onto those things they know, shall lose everything, while those who put their trust in the universe, will gain the new garden of life; the new Eden for say.

Well, of course only time will tell if that which happens will happen. Yet, no matter what happens, we would still be all the better off, having gone through the work as it is.

Elemental Creation:

This is the last thing you will need to know, to gain a complete conception of elemental magic. Before i move into these exercises, i would like to say, that karma works in threes unto those who do not believe, yet unto those who know, ten fold shall rule their show. In other words, if you consciously sin, your punishment shall be all the worse for it.

So now, always keep in thy sights, pure and loftier ideals. For anything that you do that effects the physical aspect of life, will keep you that much further away from those things of the spirit. Weigh out everything you do, plan everything, do not foolish waste your energy on things that matter not.

In creating Elementals, the magician charges and creates beings with the elements, embodying these beings, who and which shall serve a specific purpose. Now in creating an elemental the following rules apply:

In creating an elemental, the virtues of the elements should be taken into consideration, when setting an elemental on a task. For the Elementals can only do those things which their element allows them to do.

The elemental beings, must have a name or some other form of identification, which the magician might come to invoke and control it by..

When creating an elemental, do not make them do more then one task at a time. For they will become to spread out, and will either, not complete their tasks, or not do them at all.

Now as to creating an elemental, visualize before thee, the desired element you wish to work with; lets say Earth. Visualize the earth element growing within the circle as before, this time, do not take it into your being, but instead, allow it to fill the circle until the pressure becomes unbearable. Then use your imagination, to compress it, into a ball before thee. See it, as the ball becomes darker and darker each moment, the earth element growing within it. See the greens, browns, blacks, intermingling within, swirling together like clay and mud in water. Then feel ones consciousness, and ones desired ends, shift into the ball, charging it with ones will. Continue to charge the ball, until you feel it has acquired your intended purpose. Then, shape the ball into what ever form you desire, or leave it the same, all is at your own preference. For this type of elemental, there does not need to be a shape, though it is human nature to believe something that has form, over something that does not. What ever choice you make, this is the time where you would attach the chosen name to the elemental . Keep in mind, that it is better to use a name that is not popular, for in every time the name is called by you, or by someone who knows your magical elementals, it would come to bring that elemental into your presents. So it is always better to chose a name that is uncommon, for in doing so, you will not run the risk of bringing the elemental into your presents.

Now in creating elementals, we are karmatically attached to everything they do. If some other magician were to get a hold of one of our elementals, and use them for adverse things, that karma would be ours to share, as well as the magicians who used the elemental. So know that when creating them, and their names. Now, it is a good practice to set small spells for the elemental, to either disperse when they have completed their mission, or to return unto their element, after an allotted time. For this, will help prevent things from getting out of hand.

The last thing one is to do, is house the elemental, be it in stone, metal, a statue, sticker, what ever it is, simply shift your Will, so that the elemental becomes bound to the object. This prevents the elemental from wondering around when you are not consciously binding it. This is the basic instructions to creating an elementals.

Some of the benefits in creating elementals, is to have some task done for the magician, to transport information for you, to communicate with other magicians, to forewarn you when danger is near, to protect the magician, and many other things. The possibilities are as limitless as life its self. The idea behind an elemental, is simply a conscious charge of will that is focused, and then released unto the etheric planes. So when upon the etheric planes, the elemental does its chosen task, and then goes back unto its desired place. From the direct influx, the etheric plains slowly change things upon the mental/emotional plains, which then effects things on the physical plain.

There is two other things needed before closing this paper, this being the idea of larva's and phantoms. A larva is a being of energy created by a person who is going, or has gone through some dramatic experience, and that the energy released has created a being. This being, then feeds off the memories of the person, living off that emotional energy created. In psychological terms, it is the mind flipping, or obsessing over and over a certain thought patterns, allowing it to consume our other thoughts, and our will to think other thoughts.

The other being is the phantom, or an other words, erotic obsessions, created from heavy desires. These beings are by far more dangerous, and in some forms, more detrimental to the well being of its creator. Having these parasites living off your energy, the best way to disperse them, is to recognize their being, and then cut them off from the energy that is feeding them. With that, the baths, and prayers, will come in handy with helping ones self release those parasites.

Stay strong brothers and sisters, for the dawn is coming, rise your eyes to the coming light, and let the darkness have no more control of you. Amen...


What is there for me to say. That, if you actually take yourself seriously, you can gain control of yourself. That honesty is one of the highest virtues, upon the path of High Magic. That it will not only, not be easy, but it will be down right hard, and the feelings of impossibility will come to the mind often. That in walking the path, you will be alone most of the time, and that it will be those few you meet, whom share the work that will help keep you from losing your mind. That the tears and sorrows will fill many long nights, making things unbearable at those times. That you might lose contact with everyone you have ever cared about, because of some subtle dream, that might not even be real. Who are we kidding, it is these very reasons and thousands of others, that keep the majority of us away.

i will not claim this work will help you. This is my path, and those things i do, to find a state of peace within this crazy world. This paper is not meant to be followed to the letter, instead, it is written to help others see the possibilities, give others ideas, show others upon the path, there is others out there, and that the pain is shared, and maybe as well get me a few dollars, so that it might give me more time to practice. For you to have read this far, at least shows, there is a seed within that yearns to know more of life; I send you many Blessings my beloved friends.

The Great Work is not meant for everyone, in fact it is a miracle that it exists at all. No matter, it is here, for the pillars of the temple awaits the adept; so let them cleans and purify themselves, and enter unto the Holy Sanctuary of Mysteries. Amen

In this paper, i have tried to give the most concise work possible from my present understandings. i apologize for any errors that might have accured through my ignorance of certain things. i ask the aspiring adept, to consider wisely this work. For in its simplicity, lies a golden gem, that can help you go far. For this work, is only the beginning to our selves. This paper is only the first, of ten keys along the path to enlightenment; or at least, to my own enlightenment...

The time is near, things are unfolding at an alarming rate. It is time to start seriously working on being conscious of ourselves. Learn who you are, come to control your thoughts, take care of your body, be humble and open to the unknown. For the Adept is needed in these coming times, we are in great need to-day, lets come together, leaving behind our petty differences, and gather as one. For let the Universe be as my witness, I pray for our lives. It is time, lets gather the masses once again, for we have allowed it to deteriorate unto its present state, the peak is at hand, all must fall, so we can rise again...

Raise up your Banners, Brothers and Sisters, for the Dawn is coming; the Light is yet to be seen, but close your eyes and feel, for it is here.... Amen....


H.P. Blavatsky : The Secret Doctrines

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Gustav Davidson: A dictionary of Angels

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This being a basic, yet complete reading list for the aspiring adept to learn, and come to build a strong foundation from. It is highly suggested, that you read these other works. For it is through these and other books, that i have come to give thanks for upon my path. So read these works, if you desire to understand this work better. For although i have tried to make this work complete, there is always other angles to see from, and room for improvement. May we all come to walk in the light.

May the sun shine brightly upon thy hearts, and the moon light guide thee in Thy dreams.. .