Science and The Human Energy Field


I have written this for folks who like to have a "scientific" view of how all this works. (Clearly, the net is full of techies!) All of my understanding here is second-hand (as is anything "learned") as opposed to my first-hand knowledge or experiences found elsewhere on this site.

I don't want to give the impression here that I rely on "science" to back up my ideas or beliefs. (If I did I'd surely believe I was nuts by now!) For something to become "established" scientifically takes a long time...just look how often studies refute previous findings in the news. I also think there's a bias against anything considered "paranormal" (just look at this word, for example) amongst scientists, who by their tendency to be intellectual, pragmatic, and left-brained are not likely candidates for what is believed by many to be right-brain dominated experiences. (My apologies to those "scientists" who are working open-mindedly (and quietly!) at understanding the deepest roots of our existence).

As I see it, at one time the idea that the earth was round was scoffed at, the dream that man would one day "fly" was considered ridiculous, and the notion that man might travel to the moon was deemed a fantasy. Only after a few visionaries "proved" these things to be possible were they accepted by "science." One day the whole realm of the "paranormal" will merely be "normal."

Presently, modern science is making great strides in connecting scientific (objective) evidence with personal (subjective) experience. Western science now accepts that the universe (including human beings) is composed of more than molecular structures. Everything is composed of energy. Rather than a static world of fixed objects, the universe is in a constant state of change, and matter and energy are continually pulsing back and forth, much as we are continually breathing. Devices have even been invented that can measure the energy fields surrounding people, animals and humans.

Two books by Barbara Ann Brennan are most valuable for explaining the "science" behind the energy sustaining all life on this planet. The titles are "Hands of Light," and "Light Emerging." Brennan earned a degree in atmospheric physics and was a research scientist at NASA before moving on to study the human energy field, which she now has been working at for 26 years . The following basic description of the universal energy field is taken from "Hands of Light:"

"As the state of the art of our scientific equipment becomes more sophisticated, we are able to measure finer qualities of the UEF [universal energy field]. From these investigations we can surmise that the UEF is probably composed of an energy previously undefined by western science, or possibly a matter of a finer substance than we generally consider matter to be. If we define matter as condensed energy, the UEF may exist between the presently considered realm of matter and that of energy...

Dr. John White and Dr. Stanley Krippner list many properties of the Universal Energy Field: the UEF permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects, and connects all objects to each other; it flows from one object to another; and its density varies inversely with the distance from its source. It also follows the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance...the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a tuning fork and one near it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency, giving off the same sound."

The interconnectivity of these energy fields is at the heart of understanding "psychic phenomenon." The universal energy field permeates all space...hence, one who is sensitive can "connect" with another person's energy regardless of physical separation. How do you know who is on the other line when the phone rings? Their energy connected with yours before your physical hand picked up the phone. If you believe (as I do) that we survive physical "death" in some form, then it is merely a matter of our energy connecting with the energy that survives. It is a different skill than speaking to another with one's mouth, but no less valid.

A belief in and understanding of "psychic energy" in no way contradicts what is known by science. It may often exceed what is known by "science," but this is no cause for alarm or fear. Indeed, the gap between "science" and "spirituality" is closing as connections are made between physical dynamics and "non-physical" or more subtle interactions. It is an integration of the left brain (linear, analytical, focuses on one thing) and the right brain (spatial, creative, holistic, integrates input equally) that leads to conscious understanding of the "non-physical" or spiritual. Meditation is a strong tool for creating this connection.

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