In this work on The Problem of Good and Evil, as given elsewhere in the instruction of the School of the Natural Order, the referent for the concept labeled "person," "personality," "ego," "egoism," has been described as an abstraction from points of reference in the Collective-Soul-of-Man (the Race Oversoul or Race-Psyche) which is so often called the Adamic Man.

At the outset, in entering upon the study of this treatise, the attention of the student is directed to the essential point of orientation from which it was written. In the opinion of the author, nothing makes sense, especially what is called history, unless evaluated from the standpoint of the Collective-Soul-of-Man. The study of comparative religions, the drive-force called religion, philosophy, modern psychology, sociology, the rise and fall of cultures, etc., seems utterly futile without a comprehensive understanding of the meaning, and significance of that differentiated field in the Cosmic-process we call the Race-psyche-man as a unified whole, the Adamic Man. With this understanding it is dumbfounding how the parts and pieces of that jigsaw puzzle called the evolutionary process fall into an intelligible picture.

Every devotee of the Gnosis is naturally desirous to know something of the evolutionary progress of this Collective-Soul-of-Man, its origin and place in the Cosmic Scheme. Available literature on the subject is diffuse and unsatisfying. It offers a mass of disconnected details about phenomenal effects- early master and slave moralities, feudal systems, capitalis-


tic economies, industrial revolutions, archeological discoveries, studies in comparative religion, etc.- without unifying them into any helpful light, and deals rather with matters of minor and temporary history than with what alone is of real moment, the essential nature of this Field in which each person is integrated. By reason of canalization in the objective manifold of values, we are still limited in outlining cultural developments by reference to scriptural and religious literature. Even this is helpful if we keep in mind that of all evidential effects of expanding consciousness in the race-psyche, scriptural and religious literature is more nearly representative. Therefore, such an outline, the details of which a student may fill in for himself by subsequent study of his own, may perhaps prove more serviceable than a mass of fragmentary facts over which one may pore indefinitely and with much interest, yet without perceiving their interrelation or coordinating them into one comprehensive impressive whole. The purpose of giving such an outline is of course obvious, as no better basis for The Problem of Good and Evil could be devised than a comprehensive grasp of the design governing the race-psyche- the fulfillment of its destiny in bringing forth Individualized Sons of The Good.

From the study of scriptural and religious literature of the race one constant and ever-recurring theme emerges as the background and basis of each and all of them- they are founded in and have developed out of what is called the Gnosis, and Ancient Wisdom, a fundamental Knowledge of Structure, Function and Order of Cosmos, given in Mystery Schools and Orders of Initiation having their origin in Ancient Egypt. Once this fact is seen or acknowledged, questions naturally arise: What was the nature of these Ancient Mysteries? To what end and purpose did they exist? What need is there to perpetuate them today? For what purpose was Initiation


instituted? Did the Ancient Mysteries at any time serve any real purpose? Can they do so now? Were they ever more than ecclesiastical systems are today- mere perfunctory ceremonial observances leading to nothing of essential value and emphasizing only a few moral principles and elementary truths which we know already?

One of the first things which impresses every student of scriptural literature and comparative religion is the remarkable presence of common factors, common beliefs, doctrines, practices and symbols, in the religions of all races alike, whether ancient or modern, eastern or western; however separated from others by time or distance, however intellectualized, elaborated, primitive, simple, etc., in each cultural and representative literature, particularly of a religious nature, similar ideas, symbols, practices and objectives. Modern religious and philosophical literature of India stresses this similarity and uniformity in the use of various symbols representative of fundamental ideas underlying all religions. The authors of this Indian literature delight in supplying evidence of the close correspondences in various unrelated systems and in demonstrating how ancient and universal such ideas, symbols and practices have been; and they go so far as to explain the reason for this antiquity and universality. This becomes important to serious students of the Gnosis in the West, as it signalizes the evolutionary trend toward the one basic factor which will unite the peoples of the world into one Brotherhood of Man. If members of each religious organization could be brought to accentuate points of agreement, which they hold in common with all other religions, a force for oneness and unity would be released which would exceed all other goodwill programs combined. In the future any stressing of differences will be considered as coming from evil; and the insistence by ecclesiastics of one man-devised system,


that they alone are true representatives of the one "God-revealed" system, that they alone are representatives of the One True Religion, of The Good, etc., will be looked upon as personifications of evil and treated accordingly. But, to arrive at the truth and to clarify understanding of the origin of these common fundamental factors requires the undoing of many evils and falsehoods deliberately or ignorantly perpetrated upon our race-consciousness during the formative period of the passing cycle; i.e., when the religious doctrines were in process of formation during the first three to five centuries of the Christian-era.

The explanations for the universality and uniformity of ideas, symbols, etc., referred to aver that at one time, long back in the Lemurian period of the race, there existed or was implanted in the consciousness of the whole human family then existing, an archetypal picture of the infolded or epitomizational record and replica of the Cosmic-process. This archetypal and unconscious impress has been called the "Root-Doctrine of the nature and destiny of the soul of man and its relation to the Deity."

In our foolish pride and vainglory that we are wiser and more advanced in understanding, specifically anent man's relation to the dynamic Cosmic Plan, than our pre-christian ancestors, we assume that they lived in spiritual darkness out of which we have since gradually emerged into comparative light. All the evidence, however, indicates the exact opposite; for we are just now (this mid-twentieth century) beginning to perceive how the intellect, in its identification with objectivity, has led us away from the Natural Order Process of evolutionary development. Consequent to this perception we are also seeing that part of the process of regaining the point of departure from the Natural Order is a revival of that understanding of the Gnosis held by our pre-christian ancestors


which is more important to our own future continuance and well-being, that is: no matter how intellectually undeveloped- according to our standards- they were, their psychic-awareness and perceptive powers of the Mind-level far transcended our own. For all our inventive cleverness, technological know-how and intellectual development in the natural sciences, we are nevertheless plunged in darkness and ignorance about our own intrinsic nature, the invisible world around us, and the realization of Structure, Function, Order of the Dynamic Cosmic-process in which we are essentially integrated.

There must be some valid reason for this seemingly anomalous, and even paradoxical, departure from the norm- the Natural Order evolutionary process- on the grounds that nothing happens by chance. The analogy that "not a sparrow falleth without your Father knoweth it and are ye not greater than they" illustrates the empiric fact that phenomena are representations of content of the psychic 'side' of the race Oversoul, and neither the psychic-nature of an individual in process of Becoming nor the psychic-nature of the race- Adamic Man- can function outside of the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious of a given differentiated Field is conscious. There can be no doubt that the "valid reason" will be found in the necessity to perfect the mental "department" of the psychic-nature so that complete severance with the animal-group-soul can be effected, before entrance upon the next phase of the evolutionary process is possible; and in doing this the Power-to-be-conscious in the mental has gone to extremes and is attempting to set itself up on the mental level in a permanent and self-sufficient manner. In this, of course, the mental latitude has been reached and a severe check has to be imposed.

Therefore, the tradition is universal that the collective


soul of the human race has sustained a "fall," a moral declension from its true path of life and evolution. The feeling that scientific and mental development has about severed man from his creative source is becoming general and before he sinks more deeply into mental, intellectual and scientific self-satisfactions- which inevitably will become destructive to the whole human race- some drastic change must eventuate. Any appeal based upon the old tribal notion of human sacrifice and blood atonement would not only be of no avail, it would appear ridiculous; for those who see and understand the context of situation are not interested in saving the 'physical' existence of themselves. There is, rather, a World Dharma which motivates their concern, the necessity of getting the race-psyche "back on the beam"- the true Path of the Natural Order in progress and development.

It must not be overlooked that this evolutionary necessity or design (development of the mental or intellectual part of the psychic-nature), which metaphorically could be portrayed as a "fall" of man, was utilized by the literalizers of the ancient allegorical, mythological, analogical and Egyptian uranographical symbolical representations of this fact to make a 'history' of it; or contort it into a 'historical' presentation.

However, we would evaluate the darkening of the reflection of the higher Mind of Man as a temporary eclipse- although it has run a little over eighteen hundred years- so that a rounding-out or fulfillment of his psychic-nature could be brought to completion. In this completion intellection comes into service to the main Plan, the purpose which it was destined to serve. Henceforth, Man, fortified with logic and reason anchored in scientific facts anent the Structure, Function and Order of the Dynamic Cosmic-process, may experience a stabilization in points of progress made, entirely lack-


ing in the old- but then, necessary- mystical, occult and metaphysical systems.

This trend, or designed plan, to logic, reason, scientific knowledge, etc., anent the true nature of Man and his place in the Cosmic-process was greatly feared, because the ultimate purpose of this trend was not understood, or that the literalized and historicalized fraud would be exposed. It is only today that we can say: "This trend to logic, reason, etc., was to understand the true nature of Man and his place in Cosmos," etc. It was feared on the grounds that it looked like a departure from belief and faith in the Gods, instead of an ultimate and scientific assurance of Their existence, based on Knowledge (Knowing by and with Mind Perception) in which both belief and faith as well as 'revealed' religion would be transcended. This trend to scientific inquiry was brought in through Socrates, for which he was put to death; and its progress is marked by the death of uncounted numbers. (There are "hang-overs" yet in our own times exemplified by fierce resistance to uncovering information about this sorry and bloody past, expose of the literalization of allegorical symbolism into 'history,' and in most recent times to the acceptance of well substantiated facts pertaining to ecclesiastically inspired wholesale murders in World War II.)

This trend to scientific inquiry was dreaded on higher levels and for different reasons, as when the philosophers were saying: "Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman- a rope over an abyss; a dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal."

As our respective understandings become clarified anent the position of Adamic race- Man- in the Cosmic Plan, and when realization dawns that we, in our present life on


earth, are both witnesses to and participate in the crucial point of the "crossing-over," a sharp segregation of members of the race into new realignments and groupings is clearly perceived. It seems like some giant allelomorphic force- as in meiosis- is at work in the race, configurating smaller groups out of the larger mass.

Various aspects of this observation could be selected for expansion and development; as for example: The moral declension from the True Path as a defect in the development of the Oversoul or race-psyche, accounting for the "fall" of Man; the androgynous-self (Adam-Eve) cast out of the Garden of Aarru (the allegorical Garden of Eden); the historical results of the "fear and dread"; individual man's gethsemane, as he is torn between fear of the crossing and courage to attempt it; the courageous spirit who looks only to the Christos-afflatus of the Power-to-be-conscious on the Mind-level- as he effects the crossing; the present-day buffoonery in 'high' places as a few who understand the crisis are striving to steady the ship of state; the dichotomous process- sorting sheep from goats- at the close of a great cycle; the sweetness-and-light little butterflies flitting around on the brink of a volcano about to erupt; the fearless revival of the true Foundation upon which our form of government (in these United States of America) was based; a delineation of the "squeeze play"- evolved by two foreign totalitarian dictatorships- in which we are caught; a clear description of the Cosmic-process as the one way out; the meaning of Evil (as developed in this book) for a guide to Rightness, etc.

Since Constantine took over the Christian Church (c.321 A.C.) the doctrine of the "fall of man" has become traditionally established in our race-psyche; although this doctrine has not remained without question. And now at the dawn of this New Age, when old frauds, forgeries, evils and hidden


deceits in the race-psyche must come to light (as in the purificatory process of a developing person, when the energy-matter-forces in his psychic-nature, which cannot be utilized in configurating the Higher Sheath, must be expurgated) so that a clear race-consciousness may proceed with reflection and exemplification of the Hierarchical Order of Celestial Spheres. To encompass this there are two complementary and contextual operations needful. One includes the study of the past, understanding the origin of our cultural pattern, or developing processes of the race-psyche as exemplified in representations; the other subsists in employing and faithfully following a methodology for orientation of the psychic-nature- on the part of a substantial number- to the Noetic-Self, or Mind-level. To the latter the work and effort of the School of the Natural Order is devoted; to the former we expect soon to have adequately trained scholars and students of the Gnosis to help us put into presentable shape a wealth of available material.

The research into the fundamental source and origin of our race-psyche properly begins with the Mystery Schools of Greece, through them to their source in Egyptian Wisdom, then to the Vedic Period of India wherein will be found the lore of Ancient Lemuria. To indicate one of the links in this chain of evidence, we are reprinting in the following pages a lecture delivered by Gerald Massey at Villa Bordighiera, New Southgate, London (c.1889 A.C.).



Fundamentally Explained

"If you would correct my false view of facts," says Emerson, "hold up to me the same facts in the true order of thought."

That is the process attempted in these lectures of mine; and the true order and sequence of the facts can only be ascertained by delving down to the foundations in the physical genesis; can only be stated by means of the evolutionary method; can only be proved by the Wisdom of Egypt. I claim that on each line of research my interpretation is derived from the facts themselves, and is not arbitrarily imposed upon them, or read into them by my own theoretic speculation. I do but flesh the skeleton of facts.

It is not the ancient legends that tell us lies! The men who created them did not deal falsely with us by nature. All the falsity lies in their having been falsified through ignorantly mistaking mythology for divine revelation and allegory for historic truth. Geology was not taught among the mysteries of ancient knowledge, floating fragments of which have drifted down to us in the Book of Genesis. The Christian world assumed that it was - or, at least, some sort of globe-making - and therefore it was found to be entirely opposed to scientific geology.

Mythology never did inculcate the historic fall of man. Theologists have ignorantly supposed that it did, and as a result they were bitterly opposed to the ascent of man, made known by means of evolution!

Such doctrines as the Fall of Man, the failure of God, and all that bankrupt business in the commencement of creation, the consequent genesis of evil and original sin, the depravity of matter, the filthy nature of the flesh have no other basis or beginning than in the perversion of ancient typology, and the literalisation of mythology.

According to the Hebrew Genesis the first man was born without a mother or a female of any kind. If that be fact according to revelation, it cannot be according to nature! But there is nothing gained by calling it "Revelation." By doing so "Revelation" has come to be a name ap-


plied to anything which we may not, for the time being, understand. "Revelation" has come to mean a series of confounding lies, warranted by God to be true! By making this a revelation direct from deity you destroy the character of the divine intelligence, which did not know the facts, processes, or order, of its own works; or if it did it must have palmed off a lying version on the medium of communication to the world as a divine revelation made to man.

But Adam never denoted a first man who was produced without a mother, nor Eve a first woman formed from an actual rib of Adam. That is but the literalisation of a symbolical mode of representation, the key to which has been long mislaid.

Speaking of the matter found in the Pentateuch, Philo, the learned Jew, told his countrymen the truth when he said: "The literal statement is a fabulous one, and it is in the mythical we shall find the true." On the other hand, he asserts of the myths found in the Hebrew form: "These things are not mere fabulous inventions, in which the race of poets and sophists delight, but are types shadowing forth an allegorical truth according to some mystical explanation;" not a history. The literal version is the false; and it is in the mythical that we shall find the true, but only when it is truly interpreted. Mythology is not to be understood by literalisation, even though the Christian creed has been founded on that fatal method! It is not to be made real by modern rationalizing, though that is the basis of Unitarianism; nor is it to be utilized by each one furnishing their own system of Hermeneutical interpretation. Mythology is an ancient system of knowledge, with its own mode of expression, which enshrined the science of the past in what looks to us at times like foolish and unmeaning fables. It is entirely useless to speculate on such a subject, or try to read one's own interpretation into the myths, with no clue whatever to their primordial meaning. Anybody can make an allegory go on all-fours, and read some sort of history into a myth. And, of course, he that hides can find; if you put your own meaning into what you read, you can discover it there. You may say it is so; any one can say, and possibly get a few others to hearken and believe, but no amount of mere assertion will establish the truth by means of a false interpretation of the fable. Some persons will tell us that if the "Fall of Man" be not a fact once and for all, better still, it is true for ever, because men and women are always falling; therefore the allegory is over true, and, in point of fact, a divine revelation. I have heard preachers resolve the nocturnal wrestling-match between Jacob and the angel into an


exquisite allegory, made to run on all-fours for very simple people to ride on, an allegory full of light and leading, and lovely in its moral and spiritual significance, for sorely tempted men. The night of the struggle is made internal. The angel is transformed into the devil, and we have the wrestle of the soul with the tempter, and a man on his knees all night in prayer. It is the conflict of Christian and Apollyon humanized, and fought out in a bedroom, in place of the dark valley of the shadow of death. It is in this wise that such stories are to be saved from absurdity, orthodoxy is to regain its lost supremacy, and science and religion are to be reconciled for ever. But there is no truth in it all. The history was not human at first, and this subjective mode of treatment does but reface it with another sort of falsehood. If we would ascertain what these old stories originally meant we must go to mythology. In this case the Hottentots can enlighten us. They have a myth or fable of Tsuni-Goam and Gaunab, the twins, who personate the presence of light and darkness, the powers of good and evil. These two contend in mortal conflict night after night, the good one getting the better of the bad one by degrees, and growing stronger with every battle fought. At last Tsuni-Goam grew mighty enough to give his enemy a blow at the back of his ear, which put an end to Gaunab. But just as he was expiring and falling back into his own abyss of darkness, Gaunab gave his opponent a blow in the hollow of his leg, that made him go limping for life. In consequence he was called "Tsuni-Goam," the meaning of which name is "wounded knee." The struggle was that of light and darkness in the orb of the moon, or the sun of night fighting his way through the valley of the shadow of death in the underworld, during the winter, when his movement was slower; and he was represented as being lame in one knee, or maimed in his lower member. A wounded knee with a knife thrust through it is the Egyptian hieroglyphic sign for being overcome. Hence, although he conquers the powers of darkness, Tsuni-Goam is said to have been wounded in one knee. The myth is found in many lands, and is identical with that of Jacob wrestling all night with the power called an angel, who maimed him in the hollow of his thigh, and made him a form of the "wounded knee."

Also, it is worse than useless, because misleading, to begin by applying a modern mystical system of subjective interpretation to the fragments of ancient wisdom found in the Hebrew Book of Genesis, after the manner of Swedonborg. According to him the account of the Creation in Genesis is not a real history, but a narrative written in the style of the Ancient Churches, signifying spiritual and divine things.


The general subject of the first chapter is not the generation, but the new creation; the genesis becomes the re-genesis; the perverted mythos is an intentional spiritual allegory; the six days are six states in the re-creation of man; the seventh day represents the celestial man, and he is the garden of Eden, and also the most ancient Church! Adam's nakedness denotes the purity of the internal man, or the state of innocence of the celestial Church! Eve also signifies the Church. Cain is the name of those who falsified the doctrine of the most ancient Church. The serpent going on its belly denotes the groveling of the sensual principle seeking after corporeal things. The flood or deluge was a total immersion of mankind in evil and falsehood! Everything in the Word relates to the heavenly and spiritual, and is falsified if transferred to a lower level. But spiritual significations are not primary! The natural or physical must come first, because they were first; the eschatological is last. Man was no more re-made than he was made on the sixth day. Swedonborg knows or acknowledges nothing of the origin in natural phenomena; nothing of the true mythical mode of representation; nothing of an astronomical basis for the Garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge, the serpent, or the primal pair, whose figures are pourtrayed and whose story can still be read as it was first written in the stars of heaven! The imagery and types of mythology can, of course, be used as a mode of expression for later ideas, and for moral or spiritual significations - just as we continue to say the moon rises, or the sun sets, after we know better; but, from the mundane standpoint, the natural, the physical, the external alone were primal. Hence primitive Mythology is no more moral or immoral than it is obscene, senseless, or insane, simply because the phenomena were not human. Before the Egyptian hieroglyphics were understood Swedenborg undertook to vouch for the fact that they represented spiritual ideas by means of natural objects, according to his own doctrine of correspondences; which is no more true than his interpretation of the Hebrew Genesis. This can be proved. The hieroglyphics began as direct object-pictures, which became symbolical in a later phase. The three Water-Signs of the Zodiac do not represent a spiritual experience in this "Vale of Tears," but the three months' Inundation which is annual in the Valley of the Nile. The fact is that we cannot translate the thought of primitive or pre-historic man without first learning the language in which is was expressed. The wisdom, or gnosis, so carefully hidden and jealously guarded in the past, is not to be recovered with any certitude by clairvoyant insight or intuitional


memory, whosoever sets up the claim! You may have the vision to see the hidden treasures lying buried at the bottom of the ocean, but you will not be able to bring it back to men by merely dredging for it in your dreams. There were Illuminati in the mysteries of old, but they did not trust to the intuitional faculty for that information, which took them seven or ten years to acquire. They were no mere self-illuminati! They knew that intuition could not take the place of research, and were careful to communicate all the exact knowledge they possessed to those whom they instructed. "Add to your faith knowledge," is the counsel of Paul. In vain we read our own thought into the primitive types of expression, and then say the ancients meant that! Subtilised interpretation will not read the riddle to the root. Nor did such things originate in riddles or intentional enigmas. You may believe me when I affirm, and you can prove it for yourselves, that mythology was a primitive method of teaching natural facts, and not an esoteric mode of misinterpreting them!

What we need to know is the primary meaning of the myth-makers; and this can only be recovered by collecting and comparing all the extant versions of the original mythos.

There is no beginning with the mystical or metaphysical in the past before we have mastered the mythical; that can only lead to a maze, or to being lost in a mist of mystification, as soon as we are out of the wood of literalisation!

Cardinal Baronius has said that the intention of Holy Scripture is to teach us how to go to heaven, and not how the heavens go! But the earliest Scripture did teach how the heavens go, and it became sacred because it was celestial.

The first creation of heaven and earth was but the division into upper and lower, by whatsoever means expressed, answering to the discreting of light from darkness. This was also rendered by the dividing of an Egg or Calabash, and by the cutting of the heaven, the Cow of Heaven, or the Heifer of the Morning and Evening Star, in two. It was neither earth-making nor heaven-making in any cosmical sense - nothing more than distinguishing the light from the darkness; the vault above from the void below. This is illustrated by the creation-legend found on the Assyrian tablets, which commences - "At that time the Heaven above had not announced, nor the Earth beneath recorded, a name." The word first uttered in heaven related to times and seasons, and the earliest word was uttered by the appointed time-keepers! The account of creation given in the second chapter of Genesis is that "these are


the generations of the heaven and the earth when they were created." And the generations of the heaven were astronomical.

We learn from the cuneiform legends of creation how in the beginning God created the heavens: - "Bel prepared the Seven Mansions of the Gods. He fixed the Stars, even the Twin Stars, to correspond to them; he ordained the year, appointing the Signs of the Zodiac over it. He illuminated the Moon-God that he might watch over the night" (Sayce). (This version, however, is comparatively late, because the fatherhood had then been founded!)

Then, as Hermes says in the Divine Pymander, the heaven was seen in seven circles, and the gods were visible in the stars with all their signs, and the stars were numbered with the gods in them, the gods being seven in number; when the old Genetrix is excluded.

From the first, our theology, based on the Old Testament records, has never been anything else than a dead branch of the ancient mythology; and just when all men, free to think, were finding out this fact, Mr. Gladstone came forward and made another effort to rehabilitate the old book so generally discredited, and chivalrously led one more forlorn hope for a cause that is hopelessly lost. Surely no Christian martyr of an earlier time could have made a more pathetic or pitiable appeal to human sympathies than this man of intellect - who is so much larger than his creed - holding on to his pious opinion in the face of facts the most fatal to his faith. For, with the literal interpretation of the book of Genesis, the Fall of Man remains a historic transaction, and the ascent made known by evolution is a stupendous delusion. It is a sad sight to see a man like Mr. Gladstone, who by his position and powers can attract a world's attention to his words, cheerfully content to become a leader in misleading; still fondly believing that the creations in the book of Genesis contain a veritable history that could not have been written unless it has been divinely inspired; still trying to make out that it is in accordance with geology, and the scientific interpretation of nature. In his case the child is not only father to the man, but a terrible tyrant over him as well.

Mr. Gladstone still maintains the opinion that the man who wrote the account of the creations in Genesis was "gifted with faculties passing all human experience, or else his knowledge was divine." The order of development presented, he says, is first the water population; second, the air population; third, the land population of animals; and fourth, the land population consummated in man. And Mr. Gladstone says this same four-fold order is understood to have been so affirmed in our time by


natural science, that it may be taken as a demonstrated conclusion and established fact. The reply of science is a point-blank denial. It admits nothing of this kind. It knows better. This is not the order in which the various populations according to the notion of distinct creations, which were produced at the rate of one a day or so, that any such definition or distinction could ever have been made. Whatsoever the order of succession, that succession was gradual, with a good deal of parallelism and lapping over on various lines of development. In short, the account is not geological, is not true, when judged by the earth's record itself! Besides, when the ancients placed water before earth, in their series of elements, they had no particular thought whether water or earth was first in existence. They were only concerned with water being their first recognized necessary and essential element of life. And if we were teaching our children without any pretense of revelation or assumption of divine knowledge; if we limited ourselves to the natural facts, we should have to point out that the water population as a whole did not exist before there was any land population. There was no such thing as a completion of creation No. 1, before the beginning of creation No. 2. No such thing as creation in that sense at all; neither as the act of one day, nor of a million years. We know that many forms of life on land preceded various forms which are found in the waters, and that life was proceeding on its special lines of variation in several elements at once. Moreover, though man is the crowning out-come of the animal world, it is not necessary to assume any sudden or complete ending to the animal creation before he could appear, - as if all lines of descent had to converge and culminate in him! It is very likely that man was earlier than the horse, and almost certain that he was before the dog, as we know that animal. Man had probably put in an appearance as head of his line before various other species had reached the last term of their series. It is certain there never were four or three definite and successive periods of time (and no other) in which three or four distinct populations could have originated. That which is wrong as scientific matter-of-fact cannot be made right as trustworthy matter of faith; not even by the specious dialectic of Mr. Gladstone or any other non-evolutionist. Nor is there any loop-hole of escape in supposing that the day and night of each creation were not intended by the compiler of Genesis to mean a day and night of 24 hours! We are not allowed to wriggle out of that conclusion. The six days might have meant vastly indefinite periods (after we had heard of the geological series and sequence), but


for that fatal Seventh Day which completes the week of seven days. The reason why we keep the Sabbath every seventh day is because this was the day of rest for the Lord after his six days' hard labour. "And God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because that in it he rested." This was the accepted origin of keeping holy the seventh day every week, and not at the end of aeons of time, or six ages. The plain meaning of the compiler is not to be evaded or got away from. The writer of the Hebrew Genesis says positively that all things were made and finished in one week, and for that reason we celebrate the Sabbath day. Seven days in one week are also shown by the dedication of each day to one of the seven planetary gods. And seven days in one week cannot be geological periods any more than they can apply to the subjective experience of the soul!

Mr. Gladstone says the question is "whether natural science in the patient exercise of its high calling to examine facts finds that the works of God cry out against what we have fondly believed to be his work, and tell another tale." The answer is, they do cry out, and give the lie to that authority so foolishly supposed to be divine. The Word of God says that the act of Adam brought death into the world. The older record shows, leaf after leaf or stratum beneath stratum, that death had been at work tens of millions of years before man appeared on the earth.

In all these orthodox attempts to rationalize mythology, writers and preachers are dealing with matters which they have not yet understood, and which never can be understood on their plane of thought, or within their narrow limits. In AEsop's fable the wolf overhears the nurse threaten to throw the child to him, and he believes her; but, after long waiting for the fulfillment of prophecy to bring him his supper, he finds that she did not mean what she said. So is it with the myths; they never meant what they said when literally interpreted. And the literalisation of mythology is the fountain-head of all our false belief, mystification being the secondary source. From my point of view, this is merely slaying the slain over again. And yet this literalisation of mythology is continued to be taught as God's truth to the men and women of the future in their ignorant and confiding childhood. And some eight or ten millions of pounds are annually filched from our national revenues for the benefit of a Church and clergy established and legally empowered to make the people believe that these falsified fables are a true divine revelation, received direct from God; and if they doubt and deny it they will be doomed to suffer atrocious tortures through all eternity. Mr. Gladstone says he is persuaded that the belief of Christians and Jews concerning


the inspiration of the Book is impregnable. He believes the Genesis to be a revelation for the Christians, made by God to the Jews, such as presents to the rejecter of that belief a problem which demands solution at his hands, and which he has not been able to solve. For himself, Mr. Gladstone is so simple and profound a believer in revelation, if biblical, and in the inspiration of the Mosaic writer in particular, that he is lost in astonishment at the phenomenon it presents to him. He asks, How can these things be, and not overcome us with wonder? How came they to be, "not among Akkadians, or Assyrians, or Egyptians, who monopolized the stores of human knowledge when this wonderful tradition was born, but among the obscure records of a people who, dwelling in Palestine for twelve hundred years from their sojourn in the Valley of the Nile, hardly had force to stamp even so much as a name on the history of the world at large, and only then began to be admitted to the general communion of mankind when their scriptures assumed the dress which a Gentile tongue was needed to supply? It is more rational, I contend, to say that these astonishing anticipations were a God-given supply than to think that this race should have entirely transcended in kind, even more than in degree, all known exercise of human faculties." The answer is, that it does not do to begin with wonder in matters which demand inquiry and research - the answer is, that this matter of the Creations did not originate with the Jewish race at all. Mr. Gladstone's assumption is the sheerest fallacy. The wonderful tradition was not born among them! It was wholly and far more perfectly pre-extant amongst the Persians, the Akkadians, and Egyptians. The Book of Genesis is assigned to a man who was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. I cannot answer for the man, but I can for some of the matter. To begin with, the legend of Eden is one of those primeval traditions that must have been the common property of the undivided human race, carried out into all lands as they dispersed in various directions from one centre, which I hold to have been African. As Sharpe, an early English Egyptologist, and a translator of the Hebrew Scriptures, asserts correctly - "The whole history of the fall of man is of Egyptian origin. The temptation of the woman by the serpent, and of man by the woman, the sacred tree of knowledge, the cherubs guarding with flaming swords the door of the garden, the warfare declared between the woman and the serpent, may all be seen upon the Egyptian sculptured monuments."

The French Egyptologist, M. Lefebure, who has lately identified Adam with the Egyptian Atum, as I had done seven years earlier in my Book of Beginnings, refers to a scene on the coffin of Penpii in the


Louvre, which is similar to the history of Adam in the terrestrial paradise, where a naked and ithyphallique personage called "the Lord of food" (Neb-tefa), is standing before a serpent with two legs and two arms, and the reptile is offering him a red fruit, or at least a little round object painted red. The same scene is again found on the tomb of Rameses VI. And on a statue relatively recent in the Museum of Turin it is to Atum (Adam) that the serpent, as Tempter, is offering the round object, or fruit of the tree.

The same writer says - "The tree of life and knowledge was well known in Egypt."

And "whether the scene of Neb-tefa can be identified with the history of Adam or not, we can see that the greater number of the peculiar features of this history existed in Egypt - the tree of life and knowledge, the serpent of Paradise, Eve thinking of appropriating divinity to herself, and in short Adam himself, are all there." (Trans. S. Bib. Arch. v.9, pt.1., p. 180.)

These and other matters pertaining to the astronomical allegory and the natural genesis of mythology were pre-extant in Egypt, and had been carried out over the world untold ages before a Palestinian Jew had ever trod the earth. And yet, incredible as it may sound, Mr. Gladstone has the reckless confidence to declare that the Hebrew account of creation has no Egyptian marks upon it! That would indeed be strange if it had been written by a man who was a master of the wisdom of Egypt.

Mr. Gladstone may have been misled by the Hibbert lecturer, Mr. Renouf, who has said (p.243), "It may be confidently asserted that neither the Hebrews nor Greeks learned any of their ideas from Egypt." A statement which reveals a congenital deficiency of the comparative faculty. The same may be said of Professor Sayce, when he asserts the "the Theology and the Astronomy of Egypt and Babylonia show no vestiges of a common source."

The Creation of the Woman from the Man in the second chapter of Genesis is likewise found in the Magical Texts, where it is said of the Seven Spirits - "They bring forth the Woman from the Loins of the Man" (Sayce, Hib. Lect. 395).

This also has an Egyptian mark upon it. Such a creation is alluded to in the Book of the Dead, where the speaker says, "I know the mystery of the Woman who was made from the Man." Professor Sayce also asserts that there is "no trace in the Book of Genesis" of the great struggle between the God of Light and the Dragon of Darkness, who in one


form are Merodach and Tiamat. The conflict is there, however, but from the original Egyptian source. It is represented as the enmity between the Woman and the Serpent, and also between her Seed and the Serpent. The Roman Church renders the passage (Gen. iii. 15) addressed to the Serpent. "She shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise her heel." Both versions are Egyptian. Horus is the Son and Seed of Isis. Sometimes he is pourtrayed as bruiser of the Apap Serpent's head; at others it is she who conquers. Both are combined in the Imagery which the Egyptians set in the Planisphere, where Isis in the shape of Virgo bears the Seed in her hands, and bruises the Serpent's head beneath her feet. This Seed in one form was sown in Egypt immediately after the Inundation, and in this way (as I have shown) the Zodiacal representation reflects the Seasons of Egypt all round the year.

The Serpent itself in the Hebrew Genesis is neither an original nor a true type. Two opposite characters have been fused and confused in it for the sake of a false moral. Serpent and Dragon were primarily identical as emblems of evil in physical phenomena; each was the representative of Darkness, and as such the Deluder of Men. Afterwards the Serpent was made of a type of Time, of Renewal, and, therefore, of Life; the Dragon-Crocodile a zootype of intelligence. Both Crocodile and Serpent were combined in Sevekh-Ra. Both were combined in the Polar Dragon; and in the Book of Revelation the Dragon remains that old Serpent, considered to be the Deluder of Mankind. Both were combined in the Chnubis Serpent-Dragon of the Gnostics, which was a survival of Kneph as the Agtho-Demon or Good Serpent of Egypt. The Akkadian type as Ea, is the Good Serpent, the Serpent of Life, the God of Wisdom. Now it was the Serpent of Wisdom that first offered the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge for the Enlightenment of Mankind; whether this be Egyptian, Akkadian, or Gnostic, it is the Good Serpent. And as Guardian of the Tree set in Heaven it was the Good Serpent, or intelligent Dragon, as keeper of the treasures of Astral knowledge. It was the later Theology, Persian and Hebrew, that gave the character of the Evil One to the Serpent of Wisdom, and perverted the original meaning, both of the temptation and the Tempter who protected the Tree; which has been supplemented by the theology of the Vitriol-throwers who have scarified and blasted the face of nature on earth, and defiled and degraded the starry Intelligencers in heaven.

Professor Sayce's statements are no more correct than Mr. Renouf's and Mr. Renouf's is no more true than Mr. Gladstone's. Further evidence may be found in my "Natural Genesis." But no non-Evolutionist can


understand or interpret the Past. He is too ready to accept the re-beginning, where there can be at most a new point of departure.

Mr. Gladstone has been too much wrapt up in the One Book! He does not know that the story of Genesis is to be found written in the Bible above, and that the Happy Garden, the primal pair, the war of the serpent, and the first mother, together with the Tree of Knowledge, are all constellated in the stars of heaven, according to Egyptian mythology, and are all verifiable on the monuments. When he does learn that such is the fact, he cannot claim that the history inscribed upon the starry walls was written by the Jews, or copied from the Hebrew record! But let us see whether we cannot discover a few more Egyptian marks on the Genesis!

A Paradise or Garden that is watered without rain by a mist that went up from the earth to fall upon it in refreshing dew is certainly suggestive of an Egyptian origin, as that was the one way in which Egypt was watered from above. This was not so in the Eden at the head of the Persian Gulf. Besides which the Eight Primary Powers or Gods of Egypt were the dwellers in Eden or "Am-Smen," the Paradise of the Eight, who comprised the Genetrix and her Seven Children. The original Genesis and all the chief Types are identifiably Egyptian to begin with. But the Hebrew version was more directly derived from the Persian, as the Evil Serpent proves.

Water was the first element of life recognized by the primitive perception. Water was considered to be the mother, or Maternal Source, personified. In Egypt the Mother of Life pours out the Water of Life from the Tree of Life! She is the first form of the Celestial Waterer. In the mystical sense, Blood is the Water of Life, and therefore the Mother of Life. This beginning on earth with and from the water was Egyptian, Babylonian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Greek, British, Universal.

It is said upon an Assyrian tablet that "the heaven was made from the waters." So in the Egyptian beginning the sky was looked upon as the celestial water. This water was also entified in the river Nile, which was called the "Way of the Gods," when the Nature-Powers had been divinised. In that sense, as it were, heaven descended, to be continued on earth. From this water of heaven the land in Egypt was visibly deposited, and the earth was "compacted out of water and by means of water." When these were discreted there was the dry land. Here if anywhere is the primary hint of a cosmical beginning with a fact in nature, but not with a theory of nature nor a system of geology.


The second element of life was Breath, anima or air. In Egyptian, breath or spirit is Nef; and this was personated by Kneph, a form of the first god, who is said to be the breath of souls, or those who are in the firmament. Nef, for breath and spirit, explains the Hebrew Nephesh for soul, as the breath of life. Kneph, the breathing life in the firmament, is also the Sailor on the water! In the Hebrew version, Kneph becomes the Spirit moving on the face of the waters. In the Egyptian representation he sails the waters in his ark, - just as Ea does in the Akkadian version of the myth. The god Kneph is also the spirit that presides over the Bau, which had become the Pit-hole, or the Tomb from the Womb of the Beginning. The Egyptian Bau is the Hebrew Bohu, or the Void. In both it is a place left unpersonified. In the later phase of personification this Bau of Birth becomes the Phoenician Baev, called the Consort of Kolpia, the Wind or Spirit. The Bau was also personified in the Babylonian goddess Bohu. The Phoenician Baev points back to the Egyptian Bab (or Beb) for the hole, cave, well, source, or outrance - the original of all the Babs in later language, including Babylon.

Now, that which is performed by the Elohim en gros in Genesis is done by the Ali, or Seven Companions, in Egypt, most of whom can be recognized individually in relation to the Seven Elements. As the Hebrew Elohim, they may be dislimned and lose their likeness, but they are the same seven powers of eternal nature (as explained by the Gnostics or Kabalists). In one of the Egyptian creation-legends - shown by a monument which was restored in the time of Shabaka - it is said of the Creator, "A blessing was pronounced upon all things in the day when he bid them exist, and before he had yet caused gods to be made for Ptah." This, it appears to me, has left another Egyptian mark on the first chapter of Genesis in the refrain, "And the Elohim saw that it was good," which is uttered seven times over, in accordance with the sevenfold nature of the Elohim; and the blessing is pronounced - "And God blessed them!" "And God blessed the seventh day!" It would be going to far afield to show all the Egyptian marks in one lecture; but I must offer another example. The Hebrew word employed for creating, when the Elohim form the heaven and the earth, is "Bara." The essential meaning of the word is to give a manifestation in form to material previously without shape. Nothing could so perfectly realize it as the potter at work on his clay. And the Egyptian image of a Creator, as the Former, is Khepr, who, as the Beetle, formed his little globe with his hands, and who, as Khepr-Ptah, is the Potter sitting at his wheel, and shaping the egg of the sun and moon, or the vase of matter


to contain life - he who was the Former or Creator "in his name of Let-the-Earth-be." The Potter, in Hebrew and Phoenician, is the Jetzer; and this word is also applied to the Hebrew God as Creator, Jatzariah being Jah the Potter. Thus the Kabalist Book of Creation, named the Sepher-Jatzirah, is the Book of Creation as the workmanship of the Former or Potter. Anyone who knows anything of the monuments will here recognize another Egyptian mark; I may say the Egyptian potter's mark on the Hebrew creations. The Creator or Former, as Khepr-Ptah the Potter, is the head of the Seven Knemmu, who are his assistants in the work of creation. He is the chief of the Ali or Elohim, as the fashioner and builder of the heavens. He is also the father of the Egyptian Adam, or Atum, the Red One; just as the Hebrew or Phoenician Elohim are the creators of Adam the Red. Jehovah-Elohim, the Lord God of the second chapter of Genesis, can be further identified with Ptah, the founder of the earth and former of men. Ptah is the father of Atum (Adam), the father of human beings. He is designated the father of the fathers, an equivalent to the title of Ialdabaoth, chief of the seven Gnostic Elohim. The name of Ptah signifies the Opener from Put to open; and the Hebrew name shows that Jah is Putach (Putha), or Ptah, as the Opener (cf. Fuerst, p. 1166). These we may claim for other Egyptian marks.

But I have now learned that the account of the creations in Genesis is not so directly derived from the Egyptian as I had once thought; that is, it was re-written after the time of the captivity in Babylon, and the consequent acquaintance with the creation-legends in their latest Persian form. This can be shown by a comparison with the Parsee Bundahish or Aboriginal Creation - more literally, the Creation of the Beginning. Indeed, we may suspect that the first words of the Hebrew Genesis have to do with the title of the Bundahish. They are, "B'Rashith Elohim Bara;" and "B'Rashith," when literally translated, read, "in the beginning of," leaving an elipsis, without stating in the beginning of what! Now the meaning of the word Bundahish is, the Creation of the Beginning. This far more perfect statement seems to have been bungled in adapting it for the Hebrew version.

The first two facts distinguishable in external phenomena by man were those of Darkness and Light. The panorama of mythological representation is drawn out from these as its opening scene, and the long procession of the Powers of Nature, which became divinities at a later stage, starts upon its march through heaven above to cast its shadows on the earth below.

By observing the alternation of Light and Darkness, a primary measure


of time was first established as the creation of a night and day, marked by the Twin-Star. And "there was evening, and there was morning, one day," as the result of this earliest creation of the Beginning. In the Persian Bundahish, the deity Ahura-Mazda is the chief of the Seven Amchaspands just as the creator Ptah is of the Seven Khnemmu; and the Gnostic Ialdabaoth of the Seven Elohim. Here we learn that the God created the world in six periods, although not in six days. The first of Ahura-Mazda's creatures of the world was the sky, and his good thought by good procedure produced the light of the world. This is identical with the Elohim seeing the light that it was good; and with the blessing pronounced on his creations by the Egyptian deity. The light now separated and distinguished from darkness in the creation of time is quite distinct from the divine, the abstract, or the illimitable and eternal light already existing with Ahura-Mazda; it is the evening and morning, one day.

Darkness and light are personified and represented as being at ceaseless enmity with each other in the confusion of Chaos, but they come to an understanding as co-creators, and make a covenant, in appointing this primeval period of time.

And such was the first creation in the Persian series of six. "And of Ahura's creatures of the world," it is said, "the first was the sky, the second, water; the third earth; the fourth, plants; the fifth, animals; the sixth, mankind." The creation of light in the Hebrew Genesis is the creation of the sky in the Persian; and the creation of water in the Persian Genesis, becomes the dividing of the waters in the Hebrew version. The time of this creation is called the second day.

The third Persian creation is that of earth, which is the dry land of the Hebrew - "and the Elohim called the dry land Earth."

The fourth Persian creation, or rather creature, is that of plants. This is not a separate creation in the Hebrew version; it is thrown into the third creation, that of earth. Nevertheless, the third must have included the plants because it includes every herb yielding seed and every tree that bears edible fruit. And yet in chapter 2, verse 5, when the creations are all completed, and the Elohim had finished the work which they had made, we are told that "no plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up." Which proves how mixed and muddled, as well as un-original, is the Mosaic version. In the fourth Hebrew creation the heavenly bodies become the time-keepers for signs and seasons. This is not one of the six Persian creations, which six are followed by the "formation of the luminaries." Of these


it is said "Ahura-Mazda produced illumination between the sky and the earth, the constellation-stars and those not of the constellations, then the moon; and afterwards the sun." The fifth Persian creation is that of the animals. This creation is limited to the winged fowl, sea animals, and fishes, in the Hebrew account, which is considerably mixed.

Mr. Gladstone asks: "Is there the smallest inconsistency in a statement which places the emergence of our land, and its separation from the sea, and the commencement of vegetable life, before the final and full concentration of light upon the sun, and its reflection on the moon and planets? and as there would be light diffused before there was light concentrated, why may not that diffused light have been sufficient for the purposes of vegetation?" Certainly, as there was light enough to make day before there was any sun or moon, there ought to, and should, have been. In my reply I am not concerned to reconcile the literal rendering of the Hebrew Genesis with scientific fact, but I shall have to point out on behalf of the mythical original that according to the present interpretation the heaven and earth could and did exist before the stars, until night and day were divided and marked by the alternation of light and darkness, or by the Twin Star of Evening and Dawn, therefore the heavenly bodies were not made use of, ergo they did not exist in any requisite sense of the Mythos.

Lastly, man is the product of the sixth creation in both renderings. If taken literally, man of the sixth Persian creation appears on the scene before the stars or moon or sun, which follow the six creations, not as mere light-givers to the earth, but as time-keepers for man. And that alone will explain why the stars are said to be in existence before the moon; and the moon before the sun! In the Persian writings the invariable order is that of stars, moon, and sun! In describing the mythical mount Alborz, the mount Meru of the Persian system of the Heavens, it is said that it grew for 200 years up to the sun-station; for 200 more years up to the endless light! That is a mode of building up the heavens in accordance with the order of the Celestial timekeepers, and of the Kronian creations. Time was first told by the stars, morning and evening, and by the seven which turned round once in the circle of a year; next by means of the moon and its monthly renewal; next by means of the sun; solar time being last because the most difficult to make out.

In a papyrus at Turin it is said of Taht, the god of lunar time, in


Egypt, "He hath made all that the world contains, and hath given it light when all was darkness, and there was as yet no sun!" This was figurative, and applies solely to the moon, by which time was kept earlier than it could be defined by the sun. It is well known that the lunar year and the lunar zodiac, or pathway of the moon, were earlier than the solar zodiac of 12 signs, which is too late for the mythical Beginnings.

In the Babylonian account of creation the moon is produced before the sun. As George Smith points out, this is in reverse order to that of the Hebrew Genesis. Evidently, he says, the Babylonians considered the moon the principal body, while the book of Genesis makes the sun the greater light. "Here is becomes evident," says the Bibolator, "that Genesis is truer to nature than the Chaldean text." The uninspired Babylonians, you see, did not know that the moon was the lesser, and the sun the larger light!

Professor Sayce likewise tells us that "the idea which underlay the religious belief of Akkad" was, that "the moon existed before the sun" (Hib. Lect. 165). Neither of these Assyriologists appears to have had any notion why this was so represented!

The Akkadians, the Argives, the Quiches, and other races of men claimed to be Pro-Selenes, or those who lived before the time of the moon, not before the existence of that luminary! Truer to nature can have no meaning for an account of the creation of light prior to the existence of the heavenly bodies - that is, if literally taken. But neither the Egyptians, Babylonians, nor Persians were talking about the cosmical creation in the modern sense, as has been ignorantly assumed, and foolishly contended for, but about the mythical beginnings of the Time-keepers. In these the mapping out of the lunar month came before the solar year. Hence the sun-god was called the child of the moon-god Sin, in Assyria, and the lunar god, Taht, or Tehuti, is called the father of Osiris, the sun-god, in Egypt; the priority being dependent on the earlier observations for the keeping of time. So the Mexicans held the planet Venus to have been created before the sun! It was earlier than the moon, they said, and properly the first light that appeared in the world. Hence we are told that the first man, Oannes, came up out of the Red Sea, and landed in Babylonia on the "First Day."

The Great Mother, to whom the planet Venus was dedicated, was represented by the Heifer, the pure Heifer, the sacred Heifer, the Golden Calf, as it was called. This being of either sex, it supplied a twin type for Venus, as Hathor or Ishtar, the double Star, that was male at rising


and female at sunset, and therefore the Twin-Stars of the "First Day."

Any other earlier sense these creations have besides that of time-keeping was merely elemental, and relating to the order in which man recognized and represented the natural elements. Darkness, with its voice of thunder, was the first! Out of the darkness issued the light. These two were the Twins of eternal alternation in external phenomena, found in so many forms of the mythos as the two Brothers, who fought each other for the Birthright. The next two were moisture and air, or the water of life and the breath of life. These four creations, or, as the Bundahish has it, four creatures of Ahura-Mazda, were the four elements of darkness and light, water and air.

In Egypt they were typified by the Jackal of darkness, the Hawk of light, the Ape of breath, and the Hippopotamus or Dragon of the waters, which were made those Keepers of the four corners who are universal in mythology. They indicate four elements, or four seasons, four quarters of the year, or the four-fold heaven by which the circle of the whole was divided; and squared as it was in the circle of Yima.

I have followed out the various creations, or heavens, from beginning to end in the "Natural Genesis." At present we must turn once more to the Persian Bundahish where it says in Revelation - such being the formula frequently employed on matters of religion, or on the periods for the observance of religious duties - "the creatures of the world were created by me complete in three hundred and sixty-five days; that is the six periods of the festivals which are completed in a year." Here, then, we part company with the six days and one week of creation in the Hebrew book of Genesis! We can see that is but a condensed summary of an earlier account, which may lead us a little nearer to nature, and to those phenomenal facts on which mythology was founded - the Rock on which our Biblical Theology will be wrecked. In this version of the creation-legend the six creations are completed in one year of 365 days, or rather the year of 365 days has been finally completed in six stages, or seasons, or periods of time-keeping. In accordance with this sixth creation we learn from the Targum of Palestine that Adam, as the Adamic man, was created in the image of the Lord, his maker, with 365 nerves. Here the divine model of humanity was the solar god of time, or of the creations perfected at last in a year of 365 days! which figures are reflected in the 365 nerves. Now we can see how the Persian sixth day of celebration of each of the six creations became the six days of creation in the Hebrew Genesis, in the process of condensing mythology into cosmical and human history; and one year into one week to make it


more tangible at a later time! The creations include the elements identified, together with the various systems of keeping time, which culminated at last in a year of 365 and a quarter days. These systems may be roughly sketched as (1) the one day of a light and dark; (2) one turn round to a year; (3) the half-years of the solstices; (4) a lunar month of the four quarters; (5) planetary time; (6) solar time, or a year of 365 days.

When it says in the Persian Revelation - "The Creatures of the world were created by me in 365 days," it does not mean during that period, any more than it means the six days of the Hebrew mis-rendering of the matter. It means that the concluding creation of the six different creations culminated in a year of solar time, or 365 days to the year, in the image of which Adamic man was formed with 365 nerves.

The origin of the Sabbath in Genesis is curiously paralleled, or suggested, in the Bundahish. We read "on matters of religion," it says in Revelation thus - "The creatures (or six creations) were created by me complete in 365 days. That is the six Gahanbars, which are completed in a year." And here the matters of religion are explained as being the periods for observance of religious duties. That is, the six festivals or Sabbaths were instituted to commemorate the six creations which were created complete, or culminated, in a year of 365 days. The Persians represented their God as resting during five days after each of the six seasons of creation; and they also celebrated a great six days' festival annually, beginning on the 1st of March and ending on the sixth day, as the greatest holiday, because in this, the sixth season (in place of the sixth day in the Hebrew Genesis) Ahura-Mazda had created the most superior things. Thus the six creations in the Hebrew version have been visibly condensed into six periods of time, and there is but one period for religious observance on the seventh day! And whereas the Persians, or Parsees, hold their six festivals and periods of rest in the whole year, we have fifty-two Sabbaths, which shows the latest rendering, as well as the development of the same mythos. The Hebrew Elohim rested on the seventh day, whereas the Persian Ahura-Mazda rested for five days at a time after each of the six creations.

Further, the six seasons or periods of creation had been reduced from the earlier Babylonian version, in which the seventh day was not a Sabbath, but the period in which the Animals and Man were created.

We are also told in the Bundahish - "It says in Revelation that before the coming of the Destroyer vegetation had no thorns upon it or bark about it; and afterwards, when the Destroyer came, it was created


with bark, and things grew thorny!" And in the Avesta, an older scripture, this destroyer, the evil opponent, is a serpent - as it is in the book of Genesis.

It is too late to advance the claim, or assume that the Persians, the Babylonians, and the Egyptians borrowed their versions from that given by the inspired writer of the Hebrew Pentateuch. And these facts, I submit, furnish sufficient evidence that the Book of Genesis does not contain an original revelation made by God to the Jews; in short, it does not contain any revelation at all. We are compelled to seek elsewhere before we can really understand what it does contain! The Six Creations, Creative Acts, or Periods are Persian; but the Legends in Genesis have been derived from more than one source.

Of late years a mighty fuss has been made about the fact that two different systems, known as the Elohistic and Jahvistic, have been imperfectly blended and utilized in the Hebrew version of the Genesis, but with no application of the comparative process to the various systems of creations, according to mythology, and with no clue whatever to the natural phenomena in which the mythology was founded, or to the gnosis by which the myths were anciently interpreted.

According to the Persian reckoning, the human creature was formed as the sixth creation, or, as the Hebrew version has it, on the sixth day; whereas in the version of the Seventy man was created on the eighth day. Now, if we look closely at the first chapter of Genesis, we shall find both these reckonings combined, but not blended. Although there are no more than six days of creation mentioned in the Hebrew Genesis, there are eight distinct acts of creation or utterances of the Word. These are enumerated as follows: -

(1) The Elohim said - "Let there be light."

(2) The Elohim said - "Let there be a firmament."

(3) The Elohim said - "Let the waters be gathered together," * * *

and - "let the dry land appear."

(4) The Elohim said - "Let the earth put forth grass."

(5) The Elohim said - "Let there be light in the firmament."

(6) The Elohim said - "Let the waters bring forth."

(7) The Elohim said - "Let the earth bring forth."

(8) The Elohim said - "Let us make man in our image."


The Bundahish has six creations only. The eight are Egypto-Gnostic, in keeping with the Ogdoad of primary powers. According to the Gnostics, who had preserved the only true knowledge of these mythical matters, man, as the eighth creation, belongs to the mystery of the Ogdoad. Irenaeus tells us how the Gnostics maintained that man was formed on the eighth day of creation: "Sometimes they say he was made on the sixth, and at others on the eighth day." (B. 1, C. 18,2)

These two creations of man on the sixth day and on the eighth were those of the Adamic or fleshly man and of the spiritual man, who were known to Paul and the Gnostics as the first and second Adam, the man of earth and the man from heaven. Irenaeus also says they insisted that Moses began with the Ogdoad of the Seven Powers and their Mother, who is called Sophia (the old Kefa of Egypt, who is the "Living Word" at Ombos). Thus we find the two systems are run into each other, and left without the means of distinguishing the one from the other, or of knowing how they had either of them originated. So that, instead of a revelation of the beginning in the Hebrew Genesis, we have to go far beyond it to find any beginning whatever.

So it is with the Fall. Here, as before, the Genesis does not begin at the beginning. There was an earlier Fall than that of the Primal Pair. In this, the number of those who failed and fell was seven. We meet with these Seven in Egypt - (Eight with the Mother) - where they are called the "Children of Inertness," who were cast out from "Am-Smen," the Paradise of the Eight; also, in a Babylonian legend of creation, as the Seven Brethren, who were Seven Kings; like the Seven Kings in the Book of Revelation; and the Seven Non-Sentient Powers, who became the Seven Rebel Angels that made war in Heaven. The Seven Kronidae, described as the Seven Watchers, who, in the beginning, were formed in the interior of heaven. The heaven, like a vault, they extended or hollowed out; that which was not visible they raised, and that which had no exit they opened; their work of creation being exactly identical with that of the Elohim in the Book of Genesis. These are the Seven elemental powers of space, who were continued as Seven timekeepers. It is said of them, "In watching was their office, but among the stars of heaven their watch they kept not," and their failure was the Fall. In the Book of Enoch the same Seven watchers in heaven are stars which transgressed the commandment of God before their time arrived, for they came not in their proper season, therefore he offended with them, and bound them until the period of the consummation of their crimes, at the end of the secret, or great year of the world - i.e., the Period of Precession, when there


was to be the restoration and re-beginning. The Seven deposed constellations are seen by Enoch, looking like Seven great blazing mountains overthrown - the Seven mountains in Revelation, on which the Scarlet Lady sits.

The Book of Genesis tells us nothing about the nature of the Elohim, erroneously rendered God, who are the creators of the Hebrew beginning, and who are themselves pre-extant and seated when the theatre opens and the curtain ascends. It says that in the beginning the Elohim created the heaven and the earth. In thousands of books the Elohim have been discussed, but with no application of the comparative process to this and the earlier mythologies, and therefore with no conclusive result. Our bibliolators were too conceited in their insular ignorance to think there was any thing worth knowing outside of their own Books. Foolishly fancying they had gotten a revelation all to themselves, a supernatural version of the cosmical Genesis, they did not care to seek for, did not dream of, a natural or scientific Genesis, and could not make out the mythical; consequently they have never known what it was they were called upon to worship in the name of God. In his paper on the Evolution of Theology, Professor Huxley assumes that Elohim of Genesis originated as the ghosts of ancestors, in doing which he no more plumbs to the bottom than does Mr. Gladstone. The Elohim are Seven in number, whether as nature powers, gods of constellations, or planetary gods. Whereas human ghosts are not, and never were, a septenary, although they may be, and have been, confused with the typical seven as the Pitris and Patriarchs, Manus and Fathers of earlier times. The Gnostics, however, and the Jewish Kabalah preserve an account of the Elohim of Genesis by which we are able to identify them with other forms of the seven primordial powers. They are the children of the ancient Mother called Sophia. Their names are Ialdabaoth, Jehovah (or Iao), Sabaoth, Adonai, Eloeus, Oreus and Astanphaeus. Ialdabaoth signifies the Lord God of the fathers; that is the fathers who preceded the Father; and thus the Seven are identical with the Seven Pitris or Fathers in India. (Irenaeus B.1,30,5.) Moreover, the Hebrew Elohim were pre-extant by name and nature as Phoenician divinities or powers. Sanchoniathon mentions them by name, and describes them as the Auxiliaries of Kronus or Time. In this phase, then, the Elohim are timekeepers in heaven. In the Phoenician Mythology the Elohim are the Seven sons of Sydik, identical with the Seven Kabiri, who in Egypt are the Seven sons of Ptah, and the Seven spirits of Ra in the Book of the Dead; in Britain, with the Seven Companions of Arthur in the Ark; in Polynesia, with the Seven dwarf sons of Pinga; in America,


with the Seven Hohgates; in India, with the Seven Rishis; in Persia, with the Seven Amchaspands; in Assyria, with the Seven Lumazi.

They had one common genesis in phenomena, as I have traced them by number, by nature, and by name; and also one common Kamite origin. They are always seven in number as a companionship or brotherhood, who Kab, that is turn round together, whence the 'Kab-ari.' The Egyptian Ali or Ari, gives us the root meaning; the Ari are the companions, guardians and watchers, who turn round together. Hence the Aluheim or Elohim. They are also the Ili or gods, in Assyrian, who were seven in number! Eight with the Mother in the beginning, or the Manifestor in the end. In their primordial phase they were seven elementary powers, warring in chaos, lawless and timeless. They were first born of the Mother in space; and then the Seven Companions passed into the sphere of time, as auxiliaries of Kronus, or Sons of the Male Parent. As Damascius says, in his "Primitive Principles," the Magi consider that space and time were the source of all; and from being powers of the air, the gods were promoted to become timekeepers for man. Seven constellations were assigned to them, and so they could be called the auxiliaries of Kronus, when time was established. As the seven turned round in the ark of the sphere they were designated the Seven Sailors, Companions, Rishis, or Elohim. The first "Seven Stars" are not planetary. They are the leading stars of seven constellations, which turned round with the Great Bear in describing the circle of a year. These the Assyrians called the seven Lumazi, or leaders of the flocks of stars, designated sheep. On the Hebrew line of descent or development, these Elohim are identified for us by the Kabalists and Gnostics, who retained the hidden wisdom or gnosis, the clue of which is absolutely essential to any proper understanding of mythology or theology. The creation of the Elohim as auxiliaries of Kronus was not world-making at all in our sense. The myth-makers were not geologists, and did not pretend to be. The chaos which preceded Creation was simply that of timelessness, and of the unintellectual and non-sentient Nature-Powers. Creation proper began with the first means of measuring and recording a cycle of time. Thus the primary creation in the Genesis, as in the Bundahish, is the creation of time, in which the morning and evening measured one day.

But the Seven Cronies, as we may now call them, were found to be telling time somewhat vaguely by the year, in accordance with the annual revolution of the starry sphere; and, being found inexact and unfaithful to their trust, they were dispossessed and superseded - or, as it was fabled, they fell from heaven. The Seven were then succeeded by a Polar


Pair and a Lunar Trinity of Time-keepers. For example, it has been observed that there was a fixed centre, which was a pivot to the Starry Vast all turning round. Here there were two constellations with seven stars in each. We call them the Two Bears. But the seven stars of the Lesser Bear were once considered to be the seven heads - in the Akkadian Hymns and in the Book of Revelation. The mythical dragon originated in the crocodile, which is the Dragon of Egypt. Plutarch tells us the Egyptians said the crocodile was the sole animal living in water which has his eyesight covered over with a film, so thin that he can see without himself being seen by others - "in which he agrees with the first god." Now, in one particular cult, the Sut-Typhonian, the first god was Sevekh, who wears the crocodile's head, as well as the serpent, and who is the Dragon, or whose constellation was the Dragon.

The name of Sevekh signifies the sevenfold; hence the seven heads of the Dragon, the Dragon who is of the seven and "is himself also an eighth," as we are told in Revelation. In him the Seven Powers were unified, as they were in Ea, Iao-Chnubis, and various other of the chief gods who summed up the earlier powers in the supreme one, when unity was attained at last. For it is certain that no one god was ever made known to man by primitive revelation. The only starting-point was in external phenomena, which assuredly manifested no oneness in personality. The group of Totemic brotherhood preceded the fatherhood, and finally the fatherhood superseded the Totemic group in heaven, as it was on earth. One form of this god was Sut-Nub, and Nub means the golden. Thus the reign of Sut was that age of gold afterwards assigned of Typhon, or Kepha, the old genetrix, called the Mother of the Revolutions; and the Dragon with seven heads was assigned to her son Sevekh-Kronus, or Saturn, called the Dragon of Life. That is, the typical dragon or serpent with seven heads was female at first, and then the type was continued as male in her son Sevekh, the Sevenfold Serpent, Iao-Chnubis, and others. We find these two in the book of Revelation. One is the Scarlet Lady, the mother of mystery, the great harlot, who sat on a scarlet-coloured beast with seven heads, which is the Red Dragon of the Pole. She held in her hand the unclean things of her fornication. That means the emblems of the male and female, imaged by the Egyptians at the Centre, the very uterus of creation as was indicated by the Thigh constellation, called the Khepsh of Typhon, the old dragon, in the northern


birthplace of Time in heaven. The two revolved about the pole of heaven, or the Tree, as it was called, which was figured at the centre of the starry motion. In the book of Enoch these two constellations are identified as Leviathan and Behemoth (Bekhmut), or the Dragon and Hippopotamus (Great Bear), and they are the primal pair that was first created in the garden of Eden. So that the Egyptian first mother, Kefa, whose name signifies mystery, was the original of the Hebrew Chavah, our Eve; and therefore Adam is one with Sevekh, the sevenfold one, the solar dragon, in whom the powers of light and darkness were combined, and the sevenfold nature was shown in seven rays worn by the Gnostic Iao-Chnubis, god of the number seven, who is Sevekh, by name and a form of the first father as head of the seven. Another bit of evidence here may be adduced from the Rabbinical legends relating to Adam's first wife. Her name was Lilith, and Lilith (Rerit) is that Egyptian goddess whose constellation was the Great Bear. Thus Adam and Eve are identified at last with the Greater and Lesser Bears, and the mythical Tree of Knowledge with the celestial Northern Pole. The Hebrew Adam can be likewise shown to have been a form of the chief one of the earlier seven who fell from heaven. Not only is he the head of the first group of Patriarchs turned into historical characters in the Genesis, who are seven in number, preceding the ten, but also learn that, in the mysteries of Samothrace, the name of Adam was given to the first and chief one of the Seven Kabiri, who were a form of the earliest Seven time-keepers, that failed and fell from heaven! Moreover, the Gnostics identify these primary seven by nature and by name as the Seven Mundane Daemons who always oppose and resist the human race, because it was on their account that the father among the seven was cast down to a lower world! - not to the earth. One name of this father is Ialdabaoth. Adam is another name of the same mythical personage, and Adam at Samothrace was chief of the Seven. Adam, as the father among the Seven, is identical with the Egyptian Atum, who was the father-god in his first sovereignty, and whose other name of Adon is identical with the Hebrew Adonai. In this way the second creation in Genesis reflects and continues the later creation in the mythos, which explains it. The Fall of Adam to the lower world led to his being humanized on earth, by which process the celestial was turned into the mortal, and this, which belongs to the astronomical allegory, got literalised as the fall of Man, or descent of the soul into matter, and the conversion of the angelic into an earthly being. The Roman Church has always held that mankind were created in consequence of the fall of the rebel angels


who raised a revolt in heaven, which was simply a survival of the Mythos, as it is found in the texts when Ea, the first father, is said to "grant forgiveness to the conspiring gods," for whose "redemption did he create mankind" (Sayce, Hib. Lect. 140). The subject matter is celestial solely, and solely celestial because it was astronomical. The Fall was not to the earth, nor did Adam and Eve become human realities below because they were outcast gods of constellations that were superseded above. The matter is mythical, and I am trying to show, as the result of wide research, what is the meaning of that which we call "mythical," by tracing the physical origin of the ancient gods, the Hebrew included, to natural phenomena, in accordance with data and determinatives still extant.

As nothing was known concerning the Genesis and nature of the Elohim, it has always been a moot question as to whom the speakers addressed the speech, "Let us make man in our image!" It has commonly been assumed that the "us" denotes a plural of dignity like the "we" of Royalty and Editorship. But it is not so. The Elohim are the Egyptian, Akkadian, Hebrew, and Phoenician form of the universal Seven Powers, who are Seven in Egypt, Seven in Akkad, Babylon, Persia, India, Britain, and Seven amongst the Gnostics and Kabalists. They were the Seven fathers who preceded the father in heaven, because they were earlier than the individualized fatherhood on earth. Mythology reflects the primitive sociology, as in a mirror, and we could not comprehend the reflection in the divine dynasties above until we knew something fundamental about the human relationships on the earth beneath.

The field of Babylonian Mythology is one vast battle-ground between the early Motherhood and the later Fatherhood - that is, the Mother in space, in the stellar and lunar characters opposed to the later and solar Fatherhood, which became more specially Semite; indeed, where the Akkadians wrote the "female and the male," the Semite translators prepensely reverse it, and render it by the "male and the female." This setting up of the supreme God as solely Male, to the exclusion of the female, has often been erroneously attributed to a supposed "Monotheistic Instinct" originating with the Semites! In Egypt the solar Fatherhood had been attained in the sovereignty of Atum-Ra, when the records begin; but this same battle went on all through her monumental history, more fiercely when the Heretics, the Motherites, the Blackheads, were now and again reinforced by allies from without.

When the Elohim said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness," there were seven of them who represented the seven elements,


powers, or souls that went to the making of the human being who came into existence before the Creator was represented anthropomorphically, or could have conferred the human likeness on the Adamic man. It was in the seven-fold image of the Elohim that man was first created, with his seven elements, principles, or souls, and therefore could not have been formed in the image of the one God. The seven Gnostic Elohim tried to make a man in their own image, but could not, from lack of virile power. Thus, their creation in earth and heaven was a failure. The Gnostics identify these seven as the Hebrew Elohim who exhorted each other, saying, "Let us make man after our image and likeness." They did so; but the man whom they made was a failure, because they themselves were lacking in the soul of the fatherhood! When the Gnostic Ialdabaoth, chief of the Seven cried, "I am the father and God," his mother Sophia replied, "Do not tell lies, Ialdabaoth, for the first man (Anthropos Son of Anthropos) is above thee." That is, man who had now been created in the image of the fatherhood, was superior to the gods who were derived from the mother parent alone! For, as it had been at first on earth, so was it afterwards in heaven; and thus the primary gods were held to be soulless, like the earliest races of men because they had not attained the soul of the individualized fatherhood. The Gnostics taught that the spirits of the wickedness, the inferior Seven, derived their origin from the great mother alone, who produced without fatherhood! It was in the image, then, of the sevenfold Elohim that the seven races were formed which we sometimes hear of as the pre-Adamite races of men, because they were earlier than the fatherhood which was individualized only in the second Hebrew creation. These were the primitive people of the past, - the old, despised, dark races of the world, - who were held to have been created without souls, because they were born before the fatherhood was individualized on earth or in heaven; for, there could be no God the Father recognized until the human father had been identified - nothing more than the general ancestral soul of the fathers, or the soul of the seven elemental forces. These early races were first represented by Totemic zootypes, and were afterwards abominated as the dog-men, monkey-men, men with tails, mere preliminary people, created in the likeness of animals, reptiles, fish, or birds. Warriors with the body of a bird of the valley (?), and men with the faces of ravens , were suckled by the old dragon Tiamat; and their type may be seen in the image of the twin Sut-Horus, who has the head of a bird of light in front, and the Neh, or black vulture of darkness, behind. Ptah and his Seven Khnemmu are the Pygmies.


As the black race was first on earth, so is it in the mirror of mythology. These are the "people of the black heads," who are referred to on the tablets, and classed with reptiles, during a lunar eclipse. These typical black heads were the primeval powers of darkness, to which the old black aborigines in various lands were likened or assimilated by their despisers. In the Babylonian prayers we find the many-named mother-goddess is invoked as "the mother who has begotten the black heads." These at times were intentionally confused and confounded with their elemental prototypes. Seven such races are described in the Bundahish, or aboriginal creation, as the earth-men, the men of the water, the breast-eared, the breast-eyed, the one-legged, the bat-men, and the men with tails. These were the soulless people. They are also referred to by Esdras as the other people who are nothing, "but be like unto spittle" - that is, when compared with those who descended from the father, as Adam, or Atum, on earth, and who worshipped a father, as Atum, or Jehovah, in heaven. There were seven creations altogether; seven heavens, which were planetary in their final phase, seven creators, and seven races of men. And when the one God had been evolved he was placed at the head of the Seven. Hence Ptah in Egypt was called the Father of the fathers, who in India are known as the Seven Pitris. So Ahura-Mazda, Ialdabaoth, or Jehovah, was placed first in the later creation.

The chief of the Seven Ali (Elohim) as supreme one of the group became the Semitic Al or El, designated the highest god, who was the seventh as Saturn; so that El and Jehovah-Elohim are identical in their phenomenal origin, whilst El-Shadai is the same son of the old suckler who was Typhon in Egypt and Tiamat in Assyria.

When in the second creation, and in the second chapter of Genesis, Jehovah-Elohim forms man from the dust of the ground, and woman from the bone of man, Jehovah is that one God who sums up in himself the seven previous powers, precisely as they were totaled in Atum-Ra, Sevekh-Ra, Agni, or Ahuramazda. He has been identified for us by name as one of the seven Gnostic Elohim, their Iao, or Jehovah. This God appears by name in the second chapter of the Book of Genesis, and yet in verse 26 of chapter iv, it is stated that "then began men to call upon the name of Jehovah." And again the same God, apparently, is announced by name in Exodus vi. 3, where he affirms that he has not been known previously by the name of Jah or Jehovah. But the difference between Jehovah-Elohim and Jah or Iao is a fact which can only be determined by a knowledge of the phenomena. The Jewish Kabalah and Gnosticism


have never yet been grappled with or discussed in relation to mythology and the rootage in nature. The subject has only been nibbled at in a little grazing, with a go-as-you-please, modern interpretation of the doctrines concerning spirit and matter. The seven-fold one God is the same in origin, whether known by name as Jehovah, Iao-Sabaoth, Sevekh the seven-fold, Ea the fish with seven fins, Ra with seven souls, Agni with seven arms, the Gnostic Chnubis or Heptaktis with seven rays, El of the Seventh Planet, or the Dragon with seven heads.

But these is another Jah or Iao, who is the lunar divinity, and who was that Duad of the mother and child which becomes a Triad as the child grows into the consort for the same mother. It is more ancient than the divine Fatherhood, and preceded the luni-solar trinity of father, mother and son. This was the Moon-God who rode on the heavens by the name of Jah! and in this phase the zoo-types were superseded by the human likeness, and the God was imaged as one in the three-fold human character, when time was reckoned by the mother-moon, the child-moon and the virile new moon. The human family exalted to heaven as the divine father, mother and child followed the recognition of the personal fatherhood in sociology, and the knowledge that the lunar light was derived from the sun. Just as this institution superseded the mother and the brotherhood of the Totemic stage on earth, so was it in heaven. In each phase the human sociology is reflected in the mirror of mythology. One Jewish sign of this trinity, given by Bochart, is a circle containing three yod letters, the numerical value of which is 30 - or ten days to each of three phases of the Moon. Another of the lunar types is the Ass - the three-legged ass of the Bundahish. In the Egyptian hieroglyphics the head of the ass is a sign for No. 30 on the same ground; and on account of such typology the Jews were charged with being worshippers of an ass. Thus the Elohim were the Seven Powers - elemental, pre-planetary or planetary; Jehovah-Elohim was the sevenfold one as supreme amongst the planetary Gods, and Jah is the three-fold lunar Deity, the trinity in unity - in the likeness of the human family; these were again combined in a totality that is ten-fold in the divine fatherhood. Hence the Hebrew letter Yod, the sign of ten, is a symbol of the ineffable name of Iao, Jah, or Jehovah; thus the name of the Iao can be expressed in Roman numerals by the 1 and 0, which figure the number 10: and this figure of the ten-fold totality so made up is both the heavenly man, called Adam Kadmon by the Kabalists, composed of what they term the 10 Sephiroth, and the Supreme Being worshipped by the whole


of Christiandom today as the one God, supposed to have been made known by Divine revelation to a Monotheistic race of men.

The Egyptian Aten will show us how and why the Jews could use the name of Adon as an equivalent for that of Jah or the Yod, which has the numerical value of 10. Aten as a title of Highness is determined by the numerical sign of 10, and therefore is an equivalent for I O, or Iao of the ten-fold nature, unified at last in Aten or Adon as the Lord, who was God of the 10 Tribes.

Such, to put briefly what I have elaborated elsewhere, was the origin in natural phenomena, and such was the unity at last attained in a ten-fold totality by the Supreme One, the All, the unity not being initial but final: E pluribus unum.

Mr. Gladstone's last and most pathetic plea - pitiful as a flag of distress fluttering at the mast-head of a doomed vessel visibly going down - is that the tale in Genesis is beautiful if not true! He says - "If we view it as a popular narrative it is singularly vivid, forcible, and effective; if we take it as poem it is indeed sublime!" But the question is - Is it false or true? Have we been deluded, misled, and cheated? The essence of poetry even must be truth, and not falsehood, however attractive; must not mislead us on the pretext of being a revelation. The older I grow the faster I am losing my faith in all lovely unrealities. Consider the effects of such false teaching! Only the other day a child who had been taught that God made man out of the dust of the earth was watching an eddying cloud of dust being whirled into shape by the wind, when she cried, "Oh, mother, come here! Look! I think God is creating another baby!" Our mental standpoint has been made quite as childish with regard to other Beginnings. And from every pulpit of the past we have been implored to remain as little children at the mother's knee. We have been taught and compelled to surrender our reason, doff our manhood and grovel like worms in the earth as the successful mode of wriggling our way through this world into heaven. We have been robbed by a thief in the night. Children have been cheated out of their natural senses, and the mental emasculation of men has taken the place of the physical once inculcated by the Christ (Math. xix. 12). Men who are sane on most other subjects will give up all common sense on this, and talk like intellectual lunatics. See how the teachers of the people, who ought to have learned better for themselves, continue all their life through to wear the cast-off vestments of ancient mythology.

Take Mr. Ruskin as another typical example. He is in many ways a most diligent searcher after truth, and a worshipper of all things noble


and beautiful. But he was so profoundly infected by the falsehood made religious to him in childhood as to be marked by it and mentally maimed for life. In his "Modern Painters," he tells us that "man perished in seeking knowledge," and "there is not any part of our nature, nor can there be through eternity, uninfluenced or unaffected by the fall." 'Tis most painful to see such a man, so human at heart, such a seer and lover of all loveliness believing so damnable a lie, and endorsing it not only his own lifetime, but for so long as his writings may last, because it was told to him in his own confiding childhood. It is good to waken the eyes of men to the beautiful, but still better to lead them to the enduring truth! So soon as my own eyes were opened wide enough to take in the immense imposture that has been based upon mythology, I gave up my chance of a seat upon the Mount of the Muses, and turned aside from the proffered crown of poetry as a seeker after verifiable certitude. And after all how can the picture of a divinised fool at the head of affairs with so certain a break down in the beginning be beautiful when such a representation reduces the drama of the whole universe into a most pitiful one-act farce? Any God who demands the worship of fear would be unworthy the service of love. Our modern Atheism is mainly the result of this false Theism being torn up by the root to expose its godlessness. Falsehood is always fraudulent; no matter how it may be poetized or painted; no matter how religiously we have believed it true; or how long we may have been imposed on by its fairness; and woe to the revelation that is proved to be false! woe to the sphinx when her secret is at last found out! It will then be her turn to be torn.

The Hebrew Pentateuch has not only retarded the growth of science in Europe for eighteen centuries, but the ignorant believers in it as a book of revelation have tried to strangle every science at its birth. There could be and was but little or no progress in astronomy, geology, biology, or sociology until its teachings were rejected by the more enlightened among men - the free thinkers and demonstrators of the facts. The progress has been in proportion to the repudiation; and, for myself, the nearer I draw towards death the more earnestly - nay, vengefully - do I resent the false teachings that have embittered my life - not for myself only, but more for others, and most of all for the children. Remember, the education of English children today is chiefly in the hands of the orthodox teachers, who still give the Bible all the preference over nature and science, and who will go on deluding the innocent little ones as long as ever they are paid or permitted to do so. But what a dastardly shame it is for us to allow the children to be taught that which we know


to be false, or do not ourselves believe to be true! The present calls upon you with an appealing voice to protect the unborn future against this terrible tyranny of the past. Do not any longer let the winding-sheet of death be the swaddling-bands put on the helpless little ones for life at their intellectual birth. It is appalling to think of the populations that have already passed on victimized, the lives that have been wrecked, the brains that have been bruised, and the hearts broken of those who have dashed themselves against these barriers to human progress and the freedom of thought, which were ignorantly erected and then made sacred in the name of God, by means of this Hebrew Book of Beginnings; in short, by a literalisation of mythology.

That should inspire one effort more,

Mightier than any made before.

The barrier-wall at last shall fall;

The future must be free for all!

In his complete works (six large tomes) Gerald Massey exhaustively traces and describes every essential phase, pivotal point, factor, allegorical representation, etc., in both the old and new testaments of the Christian Bible to and in the Egyptian Wisdom; and gives the citations where each phase, point, etc., can be found in the known Egyptian hieratic and hieroglyphic texts. The learned Egyptologist E. A. Wallis Budge amply substantiates Gerald Massey in all important particulars. So effectively had the ecclesiastics of the third century, and later, obliterated every trace of the source and origin of their doctrines - and consequently of the Christian Bible - that, insofar as objective and empiric substantiation goes, the truth would have been lost forever but for the discovery of the Rosetta Stone by one of Napoleon's soldiers in 1799. For students of the Gnosis, may it here be stated: for complete details on this subject read "Shadow of the Third Century" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Ph.D., published by Academy Press, 227 Murray Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey; but do not try to convince any emotionally involved religionists of the facts


set forth in this work. In the first place, a devotee of the Gnosis never disturbs anyone in his religious beliefs; and in the second place, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"; which means that fraud, evil, deceit, etc., are recompensed by karmic forces, and more effectively than anyone could possibly execute. Not until the New Race Psyche, representative of this New Cycle, is formed (requiring three generations from approximately 1945, when the gap between the unfinished part of the pyramid and the Capstone is to be closed - see reverse side of the Great Seal of these United States) will the Race-Psyche of our Occidental Culture be cleansed from defilement of the past and sufficiently purified for the Crowing Achievement - building The Temple in Mind Substance (putting the Capstone on top of the unfinished pyramid by finishing the gap-between).

For those who are ready and - in their own respective self-development status - can participate in the work which is right at hand, the way is clear; i.e., there is now a detailed "blueprint" available, and some of us are now in process of preparation and organization for the configurational phase of the work to be done. For some of us psychic-groping is passed, no longer "do we see through a glass darkly"; the mandate has been received, it is clear and unmistakable, and in The Presence of the Greater Ones we are at once filled with deep humility and fearless courage. We desperately need both, for while the preparation process mentioned is being carried on we must weather a gigantic psychic-storm about to break, which will sweep the planet, obscuring higher intentions, purposes and incentives in a welter of frantic concerns for 'physical' and objective self-preservation. (As these words were being written an atomic blast over in the Nevada testing grounds - several hundred miles away - rocked the house like an earthquake; an ominous accompaniment!)


There are those who are not ready and where possible must be counseled "In the Way." This is named a specialized branch of the work to be done, for it requires qualified counselors; trained in non-aristotelian identifications, gestalt psycho-logical processes, psycho-therapeutical and psychosomatic methodologies, the telestic phase of Individualization and orientation to the Noetic-Self. One may see at a glance that, in the training for the New Cycle Work, there can be no compromise with any system of the past cycle. We cannot patch up or in any way bolster the aristotelian systems. This is not some person's ideological determination; it is recognition of the dynamic requirements of the Cosmic-process for this New Cycle, which can be empirically established. In this recognition the necessity for a creation of a new orientation of consciousness is clearly perceived; "Old things will pass away and all things shall become new."

The Dynamic Cosmic-process is characterized by progress in synthesis; therefore, the essences in Natural Order processes of a preceding cycle are carried over and become incorporated into consciousness and configurational representations of the next cycle, or turn on the palingenetic helix. But, in all phenomenal aspects there is nothing left of the old cycle. Only those in identification with images - substantively appearing or otherwise - in their respective private worlds, suffer by reason of these changes in phenomenal ghosts of their objective self-conscious states. Not the change of or in phenomena but identification with and attachment to that which is based on change, causes suffering.

The educational part of these particulars begins with the more generalized study and understanding of the traditional source and origin - background of the Race-Psyche - of the motivating forces which now govern contemporary eventuations and our respective selves as integral therein. There-


fore, the revival of interest in Egyptian lore and through Egypt to the Vedic cycle of the Aryan race. The significance of pursuing this route, in study and investigation of our traditional past, will become overwhelmingly clear as we equate those lunar forces in our race-consciousness with the Egyptian culture before the Hyksos invasion from India; and equate the solar forces with the inculcation of the Sun-god religion after the Hyksos became established. As we grow in understanding of the psycho-logical forces as determinative in all respects, we will evaluate each and every configuration as representation of the gestalt of those forces; so no explanation is here offered for how fantastic the above observation must appear to those who cannot function outside of the objective manifold of values. They might be asked: Why are cultural forces so strong and persuasive? Strong enough to cause millions to go to their death in defense of them! - today as in the past. What do different divisions of the Race of Man mean when each insists on "our way of life" and will die to defend or achieve it? These questions are developed and answered in the third part of this treatise. For students who would enjoy an excellent, and an aristotelian, setting forth of these matters, read "The Meaning of Masonry" by W. L. Wilmshurts, obtainable through John M. Watkins, 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, W. C. 2, London, England. For some valued suggestions outlined in the first pages of this preface, the writer wishes here to express his appreciation of his work.

Only a few out of the many realize the vital importance of conscious abstracting; yet learning to consciously abstract - the non-aristotelian identifications as mentioned before - become a must for adequate representation and presentation of the state in the Becoming, the state in Being and the status in the Cosmic-process labeled New Age, New Cycle, etc.

Today, upon aristotelian conditioned mentalities, this


'sounds' like Kafka's symbolical portrayals of unconscious motivations becoming conscious - "The Castle" (motivations in aspirations to the Mind-level) and "The Trial" (motivational forces of karma) - must appear to the same mentalities; but tomorrow those who still function in personal identifications, objective literalisms, reifications of symbols - words - and historicalizations of Cosmic Functional Processes will seem archaic. This signalizes the dichotomy which is now issuing with those incarnated, but particularly with those coming in. This is what we mean when we say: "Today we are a few, tomorrow we shall be a people.'

Impersonality with widened compassion and universality of love - each strong, fearless, full and dynamic - in the herenow, characterizes the state of consciousness of the "New Agers"; and uniquely stamps each (even young children) as belonging to a different 'world.' Until the dichotomous process is complete and the regrouping, or differentiation, has established the two peoples, what a mutual evaluation - with a difference - 'funny-party' with laughter and merrymaking there will be! To the canalized aristotelian in objective identifications the New Ager will seem like a living, breathing dead man; and to the New Ager the aristotelian will look like a sleep-walker occupied with his dream pictures. Both are quite right, relative to their respective frames of reference; but keep the "funny-party" going for danger lurks in the shadows!

In our School of the Natural Order in addition to the preparation and organization efforts mentioned, there is a most ambitious program outlined. We are desirous of: reviving interest in the Gnosis by correlating the findings and discoveries of modern scientists with the Ancient Knowledge - there is no contradiction between the two; reprinting the complete works of Gerald Massey as our contribution to making right the evil and fraud heretofore perpetrated; inculcating the true mean-


ing and significance of our form of government by inaugurating a re-educational course of instruction in the fundamentals upon which it is based; helping in the development of the healing and therapeutical science for the New Cycle; training competent counselors in the methodological creative-force-control system for Self-development; cooperating in The Work-to-be-done for the New Age - orientation of the Race-consciousness to the Mind-level, etc.

In this program there is no limit to the number of helpers and workers, it is a job for everyone who can see the need and necessity for Racial Salvation. To prevent the Forces of Evil from taking over for another age, this Work must be done.

Yours in the Great Work,









In these psycho-logically conscious times there are so many ways of explaining and describing what our grandfathers called evil and works of the devil, that to many the idea of seriously posing a "problem" anent good and evil will seem amusing, until or unless they are apprised that the ancient issue has come to life again and is receiving considerable attention. To many others it is startling, if not shocking, to see magazines, published for and circulated among those called our best informed people, revive the old beliefs in a universal force or power called evil. With suave and subtle nuances and a sophisticated air of detachment the "Old Boy" himself is being given quite a play.

But in some of our churches, it seems that orders have gone out to straightforwardly give the old fire and brimstone doctrine special treatment. If these concurrent occurrences are indicative of a renewed revival of the old and ancient beliefs in evil-forces, a personalized representative of them, a personified actuality of evil, etc., even though it is for propaganda purposes, then we will have the old debates about good and evil back again, and consequently a "problem" of good and evil as a live issue.

Whether this revival of the old doctrines becomes a serious issue or not, we will utilize the occasion to go on record with an explanation of the origin of the concept of that which is labeled evil, and at the same time describe an aspect of karma - "The Revenge of the Will" - which does have pro-


found significance for those who study the cyclic-process of the race as a whole.

First, without reviewing the old arguments anent the problem of good and evil, let us revive some of the leading questions which invariably precipitated the arguments (this, for members of the last two generations who may never have heard of these questions and the hot arguments which they once invoked, and who - with valid reasons - may consider them funny, if not silly). The questions - generally implying some doubt - went as follows: "If God is all in all, whence came evil?" "Where does the devil fit into God's program?" "If the devil exists and God created everything that is, then did not God create the devil?" "If God is really fighting the devil, is He not fighting His own creation?" "Then what did He create him for?" "The devil seems to be winning the battle, doesn't he? and against an all-powerful God!" "If God created man and then created the Evil One just to tempt man, and man in his weakness fell under the power of the Evil One, then where is justice to be found in God?" "Do you mean to say that God set a trap for man and when man fell into the trap God condemned him to eternal hell for doing so?"

Yes, these questions do sound silly; and in digging them up out of the long forgotten past we wish to assure the students of the School of the Natural Order that in the memory of many still in their present incarnation these never-solved questions were the cause of more fear, anguish, heartache, tragedy and cruelty than can be imagined by those of the younger generations. The only comment which could possibly be made about the revival of these heinous doctrines - to again inspire fear and dread - is that they are indicative of a return to another dark age. What is difficult to recognize or admit is that another dark age has set in. There is, however,


another possible solution for this revival of these old diabolical and atrocious doctrines, and that is a sharp and definite division in the Field governing the race; or an advancement of part of the race to a relatively higher Field and a throw-back of the other part for a review, recapitulation, etc., of the present (old) cycle. To use one of the old analogies: on a world-wide scale a separation of "the sheep from the goats" and the "sheep shall be gathered into the sheep fold." Study for a moment the diagrammatic outline of the Cosmic-process here given.

Helpful suggestions: Treat the outline as an over-simplified sketch. Visualize the gradation of circles - symbols for differentiated Light-energy and Light-energy-living-matter Fields - as a process in synthesis; i.e., each relatively larger circle the synthesis of all smaller ones 'below.' For the word "Field" substitute the terms "Oversoul," "Race-psyche," "Gestalt," "Unified-Field," "The Spirit Over-Self," etc., as suitable to the level or state. Mentally expand that field or state-of-consciousness, which each circle symbolizes into as wide a band (like the color spectrum) as you can classify - concepts, labels, genera, species characteristics, etc. For example, mentally expand the dot labeled Atom into the Periodic Table; the little circle labeled Flora into as many of the 200,000 or more classifications of the plant or vegetable kingdom as possible, and at the same times visualize the synthesis or whole - of each - as one differentiated electro-magnetic field-pattern of wave-frequency-configurations in a yet greater Whole called the Cosmic-process; i.e., think of each circle as a differentiated Field. Think of this whole Cosmic-process, symbolized in the figure labeled Logos, as a synthesis of all the differentiated Fields - 'all the circles' - into One. Call this One - as we have - Logos (meaning the Cause or Reason for all subsequent differentiations), or if you prefer call this



One, "The Greater Self," "The Son of God," "The Only Begotten," "The Father of the Gods," "The Unified Field Theory" (for which Albert Einstein has been trying to formulate a mathematical construct), "Saguna Brahman," etc. The idea is to get you to think in wholes, in syntheses, in onenesses, etc., whether of one symbol - circle - or of all symbols; and of course, that which the symbol or symbols represent.

The list of designations under "Suggested Labels for Fields," treat quite extensionally; for instance, if you are conversant with electronic engineering terms, convert each designation into a band-pass. For the process of synthesis add band-passes, including resonant properties, throughout the 360-degree span of megacycles and for each syntonic complementary field. The group of circles - each circle a symbol for a field - labeled "Orders of Hierarchical Beings" can be greatly expanded and each differentiated field thereof can be labeled according to the way in which you have been taught or trained to think of these higher States, Offices, Levels, Representations of Logoidal Spheres, etc. Bible students are familiar with the terms - Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones - for these high Offices.

To indicate how long it takes for us ordinary mortals - identified in and with the objective manifold of values - to understand or realize what these names signify, we are told that if one representative of the lowest of these Orders came in contact with living-matter configurations - what we would call our 'physical' bodies - that living-matter would be instantaneously consumed; i.e., metamorphosed into Light-energy substance. So, the benign presence of One of These among us would scare us - literally - to death; yet each One of These was once as we are now and is "as we shall be." We have come a long way from the unicellular structure to the


ego, but we have a considerable way yet to go before Destiny will have been fulfilled.

The symbol - like Solomon's Seal - to the left of our diagram is a composite representation of the whole Cosmic-process. The large circle symbolizes the total Light-energy-living matter Consciousness of Cosmos; the larger triangle with apex pointing up, the Positive or Light-energy Substance; the triangle with apex pointing down, the Negative or Energy-living-matter Substance of Cosmos; the little circle in the center with the small triangle pointing up represents the Highest Triad in Cosmos and that which 'lies' at the heart or center of every configuration in Cosmos, from an atom to galaxy.

The symbol, or lettering - A U M - in the center and over the little circle enclosing a triangle, symbolizes the composite or synthesis of all resonant properties by which each wave and frequency, band-pass, field and pattern in Cosmos is characterized. Therefore, when properly sounded, every 'vibration' and every possible 'vibration' - in resonance, or properties called resonance - in Cosmos is included. When we can, by experience, penetrate to the very center of our respective selves we will hear this sound; this will enable us to know the meaning which these words signify: "In the Beginning (of any creative process) was the Word; and the Word was God." This will be carried some day to the development of a new science whereby the significance of any spoken word or sound will be known, known by the root resonant relationship to the synthesis - the A U M. (Each spoken word or sound - in terms of waves and frequencies and resonant properties exhibited - represents certain ratios and proportions to the whole or synthesis. When the synthesis is known, this and the ratios and proportions of the whole in any given sound-wave will be all the data required to precisely place


the quality, the meaning, the significance, etc., of that sound.)

One more factor on these "Helpful Suggestions": Keep evaluations relative to your private world out of your reflections, contemplations, etc., anent this and other outlines of the Cosmic-process. Your private world, with its personality, ego and all that pertains thereto, represents the gestalt of your own and your race abstractions from the Cosmic-process, and does not belong or pertain to the Cosmic-process. Keep trying to forget your private world until it no longer interferes with clear perception of this Real World we call the Cosmic-process.

Even a superficial survey of this outline of the Cosmic-process, coupled with a feel of the incomprehensibly dynamic power of That which it symbolizes, makes plain that any given phase, etc., thereof cannot expand consciousness, synthetically, into the next level, band-pass, grade, etc., until or unless all the requirements in developing processes - structure in configurational representations, organizational aptitudes in function, conditionality in increased powers, etc. - of that given phase or state have been rounded out and completed. In other words, only as one fulfills the requirements of the state he is now in can he expand consciousness beyond that state. To do so would prove disastrous; for if one cannot or has not learned to control, 'handle,' organize, etc., the forces he now has at his disposal, how would he control, etc. greater forces? If good solid structural material has not been built into his 'bodies' in sufficient degree, amount and organizational and coordinational disposition, to harmoniously 'handle' the forces he now has, what would happen to those 'bodies' if a greater degree of force was released in them? Etc.

Therefore, at the close of one of those cycles governing man on this planet, some can "go on" and others have to repeat the old cyclic processes in order to go on at the close


of the next cycle; so a separation of the "sheep" (those who go on) from the "goats" (those who stay behind) becomes a necessary process, and a most marvelous 'provision' in the Natural Order characterizing the Cosmic-process. In this "stepping up" phase in the Natural Order, do not lump all units of a given field or all fields at one and the same level or state; rather, visualize each field or group as a link in a chain of each unit - on the man level each person - as a molecule in a link, the whole fluid, i.e., dynamic; and also visualize a budding process, like in plants, mitosis, jelly-like organisms, etc., operating in each link. If we hold the idea of a chain, each link and the whole dynamic, we then could apply the analogy of a swarm of bees leaving a hive and a colony remaining in the old hive. To clearly understand this Cosmic-process in which each of us is integrated, it is important to learn to think, feel, function, etc., in and as groups, fields, gestalts, etc., but never as separate units. That "separate unit stuff" - personal, individualistic, selfish, exclusive, ego-centralized, etc. - is the most effective way to remain in the old hive over and over again. If this "separate unit stuff" is carried too far, one will die and be kicked or carried out of his hive into that which is called devolution, atavistic throw-back, etc. The higher developed one must not shrink from accepting responsibility for his younger brothers, because throughout the whole endless chain this is like a Cosmic Law - "Man is his brother's keeper," not as a moral or arbitrary obligation but as a functional fact of Nature. The heart or core of anyone's nature is his group; only mentally, in his private world, does he create a concept that he is separate. The 'spirit' of a given man is his group, the 'spirit' of a group is the next 'highest' differentiated field, etc., until the Logos is the 'spirit' of all groups or differentiated fields in the Cosmic-process. The only good we can abstract from this 'thing'


called communism is that it has caused us to become more conscious of this fundamental fact: we are our younger brother's keeper.

In our School of the Natural Order we constantly reiterate that the Cosmic-process is the fundamental basis, the actuality from which all of which we are conscious, as well as all that of which we are conscious of being, is derived, received or abstracted. When that is sufficiently described and understood, so that it constitutes a referent - in mental constructs or experience - we then venture the word "God," as a symbol representing That which we label the Cosmic-process. In describing the Cosmic-process we begin with the idea of a helix rising out of the apex of a similar helix; the line between we call the Second Crossing (referring to our major chart depicting the septenary division of the Cosmic-process).

Let us, for the sake of this lesson on the problem of good and evil and to aid us in establishing the ground for the problem, assume three turns of the dual helix, and designate them fields, as we could do with any turn of the spiral. As in the endless chain analogy, we can readily imagine the helix as a series of fields within fields, the relatively lower one being a differentiation of the higher.

We must confess that at our present racial point of development we know very little about these fields, even the electronic engineers who deal with the lines of force, the radiant energy, the radioactive forces, the electron beams, etc., of these fields know very little of what there is to know about them. I will go further and say that even those mathematical physicists who develop mental constructs symbolizing in mathematical language the structure, function, order of these fields, as yet know very little of what there is to know about them. Down through the ages there has been a better way of


arriving at the knowledge of these differentiated fields than via the objective methods of science, and that has been in the exploration of man by man, "Know thyself," penetrate into the furthest reaches or the highest levels of the Power with which you are conscious. The methodology whereby this is done has been followed by few here in the West; but those who faithfully, perseveringly and religiously have pursued that methodology have arrived at conscious experience of its efficacy and have developed a clarity of perception of an functional ability on those fields or levels of their own respective Higher Nature. In reports of those who have thus achieved we have to watch the labels used in description, because it is not the label that this one or that one gives to his discoveries or what he has found, to forces and powers, spheres of influence, details thereof, etc., which is important. Once the fundamental structure, functional order, etc., of the Cosmic-process is understood, then you can read the reports of anyone anywhere and easily translate his labels into a terminology suitable to your labels without confusion about meaning.

Apropos of this, let us introduce a word over which there has been more semantic confusion and semantic blockages than any word we know - the word "soul." Of course the purpose is to establish a referent for this word the way it is to be used in this lesson. We are desirous of using the word so that any given turn of the spiral, any given differentiated field can be labeled soul relative to the one below, and also relative to the intrinsic structure of a given field the word soul can designate the substance of the field in relation to its pattern - lines of force of that given field - and to the configuration which eventuates on those lines of force. So relative to the configuration, to the pattern of a field, we will use the word soul to signify the differentiated substance of that field; and also the next highest differentiated field - sym-



bolized by the next wider turn on the spiral - will be designated the soul of that field. In the flexible employment of the word soul, and relative to the objective self-conscious state (identity of consciousness with the manifold of values given to images appearing substantive), the psychic-nature would be called the soul, as in this context the field would be called the spirit. If the image in the psychic-nature appearing substantive is labeled body, the psychic-nature in which the image 'exists' is labeled soul, then the field of differentiated substance-pattern-configuration (from which the race-psyche together with a given psychic-nature are abstracted, i.e., developed by the abstracting process) would be called spirit. So anent these three turns of the spiral that we have designated, let us label the first one selected - animal-soul; and let us label the next one - human soul; and let us label the third one selected - spiritual-soul.

Helpful suggestions for the study of the diagram above: In this diagram we have converted the preceding one into a dual helix. By visualizing this diagram superimposed upon the chart "The Dynamic Septenary Cosmos" a much more comprehensive representation of the Cosmic-process will be made possible than we could put in here. To help in understanding correspondences and relationships obtaining between the Positive and Negative poles of Cosmos, imagine a mirror placed at the double line between the upper and lower helix, with the upper helix standing on the mirror; or imagine a cone-shaped mountain standing in the middle of a placid lake of water so that the reflection would be undisturbed. Treat every 'thing' in the reflection as a symbolical representation of a Negative Field, the 'outer' surround (like the electrons in an atom, the elements and qualities of the psychic-nature of a given man, etc.); treat the turns of the upper helix as the positive nucleus, the Positive Field of the respective


and corresponding Fields in Negative Substance, and 'in' the reflection on Negative Substance. Therefore, the 'inner' of a given configuration will be the Positive and the 'outer' will represent the Negative Substance. You will readily see that if the Positive Center - soul or spirit - withdraws, all units of Negative Substance of that given configuration will fall apart, disintegrate, etc.

Notice that in portraying the structure of Cosmos by these diagrams, no mention is made or symbol given for what is called "the objective world," "physical body," "things," "objects," etc. This is because "they" do not exist to or in the Cosmic-process; "they" only exist in consciousness focused or functioning in the psychic-nature, the private world abstracted from the Real, like a dream picture in the psyche - "in your mind" - in sleep. If you do not see this at once, be patient, you will; and for the more logical ones this can now - on empirical grounds - be established in several ways. (The terms and words used to designate turns of the helixes - animal-soul, human-soul, spiritual-soul, etc. - might be construed as an exception to the statement that "no mention is made or symbol given for what is called the 'objective' world," as these terms and words are relative to the objective manifold of values.) Only the mathematical physicists have a language with which to formulate mental constructs representing phases and aspects of the Cosmic-process; the rest of us must do the best we can with our present language.

The topmost turn of the upper helix symbolizes the Logos, a synthesis of all other differentiated fields in Light-energy Substance, together with all qualities pertaining to each or by which each is characterized.

The composite symbol of Cosmos on the first diagram can be placed at the top and over the upper helix in this diagram, as symbolically it represents the Whole. It requires quite a


lively, constructive and controlled creative imagination to "see" the structure of the Cosmic-process from or with the aid of these diagrams; because what we are striving to do is make a highly dynamic fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensionality of consciousness understandable to or in a three-dimensional state. In the three-dimensional state, space and time are conceived as separate and are dealt with separately (this means, of course, every 'thing' appearing in space and time). In the fourth-dimensional state space-time cannot be separated; it represents a reference-frame having four coordinates in which any event - 'thing' to the third-dimensional state - can be located and described (the continuum in which events occur can be sensed in the Herenow feel we have about Life-facts). The fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is called Eternity - not endless time as conceived in the third-dimensional state, but the absence of time, time as a stream, all times as now - in which space operates as a function of time. The sixth-dimensional state treats Eternity - the whole revolving wheel of the Cosmic-process as now - as a State of Self-knowing by or on the part of the One Knower - symbolized by the Highest Triad: Positive Power, Negative Substance, the Equalizer or Balancer of these two. The seventh-dimensional state equals zero, a zero which potentially 'embraces' or 'contains' all potentiality.

What a lively imagination is needed as a helper to Knowing - without the slightest trace of thinking! There is a methodology whereby the knowing is accomplished, and once mastered these imposing and formidable dimensions, etc., seem quite Natural Order. Here we must go on with our thesis, but these diagrams and brief suggestions for studying them will serve as the ground for more clearly understanding the problem of good and evil.

In again focusing attention upon those three turns of the


upper helix labeled animal-soul, human-soul, spiritual-soul, we must admit that very little is known about those fields by our electronic engineers and mathematical physicists; they known a certain number of band-passes with their waves and frequencies but not up to and including these levels. The lines of force of those fields that these scientists have investigated they know not only by the length of waves and frequencies per second, but by power exhibited, measured in terms of electron volts. They know that the shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, the greater becomes the power, the force, the electron voltage by which the lines of force are characterized. They also know that each wave exhibits resonance and can be utilized as a carrier of information; in these last two mentioned factors (in addition to the length of wave and number of frequencies per unit of time) they have worked out remarkable scales and instruments by which the exact amount of each of these characteristics is measured. They are now on the verge of discovering that the band-passes, the Light-energy-waves-and-frequencies composing these band-passes (octaves of waves) also exhibit intelligence or consciousness. The lines of force of a given field, and the field, do not only carry intelligence or consciousness in the form of information loaded on to them, but by their very nature exhibit intelligence or consciousness. Add that intelligence or consciousness factor to the known factors anent the lines of force of a given field, and you will see that we will soon lay the foundation to empirically establish that the Cosmic-process is a Great Conscious Mind. We who love the Gnosis and have been faithful devotees of It have known that the Seers of every age were conscious of this fact - that the Cosmic-process was also a Great Conscious Mind - but to live in an age when this fact is to be empirically established


reveals to us that the long looked for Great Day is now dawning.

In preparation for this Great Day, or New Cycle, a separating out, a division, is now evident - of those who will participate in the New Dispensation and those others who will have to fall back and repeat the old. Never since the dissolution of the Athenian City State - when overrun by the Roman barbarians circa 200 B. C. - was the admonition, "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve" so pointed, so significant!

The point at this stage of the lesson is learning to think of the fields -shown by the turns of the upper helix - as fundamental or basic to all of which we are conscious; all that we abstract, receive, etc., is derived from the fundamental structure, function, order that we call the Cosmic-process symbolized by these two spirals or helixes. When this is sufficiently understood to become a referent for the word - God - then we can use that word without danger of reifying it, or making That which it symbolizes extraneous to the Consciousness which perceives, receives, abstracts, etc.

In developing this ground or background upon which or against which we will build, relate, evaluate, etc., perceptive insight and deductions anent the problem of good and evil, it may not be out of line to interject a note of counsel to those who have been conditioned in the emotional, devotional, etc., approach to Higher Knowledge, or the Gnosis.

The New Cycle, now upon us, requires that we get Wisdom; i.e., Understanding of the Cosmic-process in which we are integrated. No amount of intellectual information about this and that, particularly about structure, function and order of the Cosmic-process, constitutes Wisdom or Understanding. Information must be identified with Knowledge. One could be a walking encyclopedia of information - even about the Cosmic-process - and be devoid of Knowledge. Infor-


mation pertains to the mental level, mostly cortical functions in relation to the 'objective world'; i.e., images in the psychic-nature appearing substantive, and has no basis in fundamental Life-facts; it rests upon a system of concepts abstracted from the effects (phenomena) produced or caused by fundamental Life-facts or the Cosmic-process. Therefore, do not hold on for one second to any preconceived and emotionally held concept or idea. If you can get the Truth from any source, by all means get it; but you will discover that you cannot get it mentally or retain it on the mental level if you do get it. Truth, Knowledge, Understanding, is attained by Mind on the Mind-level - not mental or intellectual on or in the psychic-nature, which pertains to the reflection not to that shining mountain rising above the waters. Before you had a cortex with which to think and with which you develop your private world, there were no abstractions, you never abstracted anything, you didn't have the faculty with which to abstract, consciously or unconsciously; relative to the aeons you have been in existence, the times that you have had a cortex are, relatively speaking, approximately one second to one hundred thousand years. So why give such value to the mental, rational faculty, to intellectual reasoning? When we look at the race-psyche we don't have to go back very far, for on or about the fifteenth century the cortex began to develop in a sufficient number to become effective. In the 1400s we just began to break out of the thousand-year period of medieval darkness where theocracy held sway, and we believed that the stars, moon, sun, planets and even the birds that flew overhead governed our lives. Nobody thought, nobody questioned, nobody had a cortex sufficiently developed to question. How recent has been the attainment of our intellectual processes! That short period is about one second to one hundred thousand years of our existence in the World Mother; yet in that one second we


have developed a private world, abstracted from that which we have received and derived from the Cosmic-process. So now use this little mental or rational ability and ask yourself a question: who took care of you before you had a sufficiently developed cortex with which to think? Through the aeons you got along this far before you had a cortex with which to think, and now that you have acquired a cortex, are you going to set it up as an infallible guide with which to run the world as well as your own affairs? Well, every time you or anyone else tried it, it ended in chaos. Not until such efforts repeatedly collapse upon you (or them) will you wake up. Wake up to the surrender of your puny human will, mental determinations and silly obdurateness in feeling and desire! Not the emotional-mental basis, but the orientation to the Wisdom is required for you to qualify as a member of the New Order in this New Cycle!

That which these labels - given to three of the turns of the upper spiral: animal-soul, human-soul, spiritual-soul - represent equates with Life-facts, on the grounds that it is the radiating force, electron voltage, intelligence and consciousness of these three fields which motivate every 'thing' that makes us what we are, what we do, every incident of the past of which we have been conscious, etc.; so, these are the Life-facts which govern, rule, regulate and control every 'thing' relative to our present racial state of development. Therefore, it is in Life-facts (motivating force of a given Field or Fields is our referent for Life-facts) to which we must look for guidance, not to our mentalized opinions, values and concepts. As functions in our respective psychic-natures, these Fields are intrinsic; i.e., not operating as something outside of us. That particular differentiated Field which you call your Real Self, or Spiritual-soul, by its lines of force, its radio-active energy, motivates every feeling, desire and thought that you


have; but in accordance with the qualities in your psychic-nature. The motivating force pertains to the Field, the qualities obtain in your psychic-nature. Let us illustrate this with a gadget like one of those old time magic lanterns: the bright light, a disk with various colored sections, a curtain - perhaps a bed sheet - against which to project the colors. Let the light represent the Field - a differentiation in Primal Substance; the colors on the disk as qualities in the psychic-nature; the curtain will then represent the Real Cosmic-process, this world as an energy system. To make the illustration or analogy stand up, equate the differentiation in Primal Substance - the Field - with an octave (band-pass) of the energy system we call this world. Self - the Field - seeing Itself, as, by or in the colors (qualities) in its own psychic-nature.

It is out of identity with these colors - qualities - that the private world is developed. The development of this private world is for the most part a mental process, a build-up of values - and reactions to values - about or given to the projected colors. (We must remember that only a few have thus developed a private world, the many others are followers, believers, sheep, etc., of those who have 'convictions' in their own private world; and when this is thoroughly looked in to we find that the development of these private worlds is a substituted or compensatory form of expression for repressed motivating creative forces.) The motivations, as functions, are therefore intrinsic to the Cosmic-process, our real Nature.

When this private world is developed in anyone, because of pride, egocentralizing factors, etc., he has a strong tendency to become so fixed in it (identifications as fixations) that he wants to run everything according to the manifold of values set up in his private world; that is, he mistakes his mental understanding for the Real. This is the way it has been for the past several hundred years; these "private-world-


ers" have been the "blind leaders of the blind." And this is why there must be a departure from all private world determinations; so that we may get back in line with the Order of the Cosmic-process. This focalization and fixation of consciousness in the cortex, or mental functions on the psychic level, with its clever 'logic' and justification for continuing in bondage to the genetrix - after it has served its purpose in the evolutionary or developing process - is represented by the serpent in the Garden of Eden allegory. This one factor is likened to the hammer which has driven the wedge into the race-psyche, creating the widening dichotomy at the close of the old cycle. (This will be much elaborated at the close of this treatise.) To get back in line with the Order of the Cosmic-process - re-enter the garden of the gods - we must nullify the power of this private world and break the domination of the mental over the functional forces in the telestic work; i.e., break the semantic blockages which prevent lifting the creative forces out of generation.

This fixation on the mental level in our race-psyche requires us to completely exhaust explanation of the Natural Order Process so that cortical squirrel-cage spinning can't dig up anything else to bring in for - why? wherefore? what for? etc. - or as purposes and reasons for doing that which should be perfectly natural. But if we want to get this message delivered, we have to give recognition to this situation; and generally speaking, if we want to destroy this serpent-dragon in the race-psyche we have to enter it, satisfy it, or if need be, beat it to pieces with its own 'logic.'

Outside of, or other than, this cortical squirrel in its cage, i.e., in its private world with its manifold of values - abstracted from what it has a priori received from the Cosmic-process - there is no such 'thing' as values. Below this level the instincts in feelings, desirings and emotions hold sway;


above this level a transformation of the instincts takes place, a transvaluation of values. The transvaluation of all values is indicative of consciousness functioning in harmony and responsiveness to the Order of Cosmos; i.e., to the creative forces of the Cosmic-process survival values. Values developed in the mental or cortical level do not lead to survival. Survival? Preservation of the species? How best to preserve orderly existence? How to prevent destruction? How to fight a menace? How to defeat (at the present time in the race-psyche) the menace of communism? etc., etc. As survival values, in these particulars, the mental creations are abstractions; they are abstractions on the grounds that they belong to someone's private world. Let us find out whose private world and how, as well as why, he got that way; it may be that he had a purpose other than an unconscious substituted form of expression. So let it be restated: outside of intellectualizing, verbalizing, and cortical processes there is no private world; therefore no abstractions and values evolved out of or in abstractions. Let us grasp this functional process, if for no other reason than understanding the Scriptures on this point instead of acceptance on faith:

"Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lillies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

To illustrate this, may I ask you one question: "Why does a bird sing?" Not what you think the reason may be why the bird sings, but from the level of consciousness of the


bird - why does the bird sing? If this sounds silly to you, remember it is only to point up how out of line to the Natural Order is this cortical survival-value business, which the intellectuals are squirrel-caging so much about; i.e., the long asseverations about what survival values are valid and what are not. "Little bird, why do you sing?" It would indeed be a strange question and of course silly, for do you know the only possible answer the little bird could give you? (If we here would intrude with our 'reason'!) "Sing? why there isn't any reason, any value, just sing." What for? "Singing itself is its own reason and justification." So it is we in our own private world to whom these questions and answers pertain; but we can say: "The little bird is so full of life, energy and good feeling, it just spontaneously and joyously sings." On the Mind-level it is this ananda, ecstasy, god-intoxication which returns - with full consciousness of it and its process so that if occasion requires adequate description ('reasons') for it can be given; hence the Scriptural references to that level below or before cortical development.

The entire foregoing was, of course, a lead-up to the introduction of a term used by a Real Great One, where the whole Cosmic-process - its Light-energy-living-matter-substances, its radioactive forces, its dynamic energies, its electron voltages, its resonant properties, its Intelligences, Consciousness, Existences and Beings, joy and ecstasy - was by him labeled The Good; that Great One was known as Plato. Whenever he had occasion to think, speak or write of that whole background, the Fundamental in which every 'thing,' Existence and Being that IS - ever was or ever will be - is intrinsic, or integrated, and from which everything conceived is abstracted (the whole ensemble of percepts, recepts, concepts, values, etc., called the private world), he designated IT - The Good. The All Good equals or means there is nothing in Truth


or Reality but Good. Everything that is, is The Good. In the opinion of many deep and profoundly read students and scholars, this term The Good , introduced by and used for the first time in history by Plato is the origin of our word God. The blind and fanatical - and at times maniacal - zeal, with rack, screw, floggings, burnings, etc., on a wholesale scale, with which the ecclesiastics stamped out the evidence of the source and origin of their doctrines (these measures began in the early third century and in some places continue to this day) has all but obscured our rich inheritance - the Gnosis of the Greeks and Egyptians. In this word - God - we have a case in point; by the simple device of dropping one letter of the word used by Plato, and for about eighteen hundred years never allowing any reference to the origin of it, the uneducated many became conditioned in belief and acceptance. Notwithstanding this possible part of the history of our own culture - as evaluated in the maya - everything in Truth and Reality is The Good.

This term as used by Plato - The Good - is not at all like we use the word "good" today; as we use our word good a semantic blockage is created in us so that the understanding of the way Plato used "The Good" - has become blurred. We use the word "good" as a polar opposite word, in relation to something that is conceived as not good - bad; and we are so fixed in the polar opposite usages - good and bad, vice and virtue, high and low, far and near, hot and cold, here and there, the dual throng these are called - that we lose sight of the fact that not one of those words, high, low, vice, virtue, hot, cold, good, bad, here, there, etc., has a referent. Not one of those words taken singly has anything fundamentally basic to support it; i.e. meaning, substance, significance, etc., to be symbolized by these words. These terms are therefore reified words; they do not stand for any 'thing' and are there-


for just noises; one might as well blow his nose, so far as meaning is concerned. Take one of those words away from its polar opposite and you will find that neither one will have any meaning. For example: take hot and cold - if one does not stop to think he will accept one or the other as having meaning. Ask a person of your acquaintance the simple question - is a block of ice cold? Leaving out the bantering and facetious remarks about your sanity, he will without hesitation say: "Of course a block of ice is cold"; unless he is a student of science or "a scientist." If you would put the same question, in all seriousness, to a man of science he would tell you that a block of ice is as hot to liquid air as molten tin is to ice, and to the exact degree. He could pass this off as having fleeting academic value or interest if it were not for the fact that, generally speaking, this unconscious acceptance of these polar opposite words as valid and representing meaning, causes unending misery, wretchedness, despair, tragedy, etc. As with the words, hot and cold, carefully carry out the scientist's method of relationship and comparison with the words, vice and virtue, also good and bad; this for confirmation of the unending misery, etc., just mentioned. If you will reflect on this for a moment you will see that due to this unconscious acceptance in the race-psyche, these words have been the weapons with which every sadist and neurotic (in occidental history - that is, for the past two thousand years; it is not to be overlooked that these very sadists and neurotics are and were created by those "private-worlders" who caused this unconscious acceptance) has hounded countless numbers into premature death and wretchedness. This is anything but academic! For these are the weapons which have destroyed an infinite number of great efforts, constructive works and splendid achievements for The Good. These are the weapons which are today destroying the foundations of our faith, our


country, our system of government, our religions, etc., and many believe that they are employed in our highest legislative bodies for that very purpose.

But here in this treatise, this unconscious acceptance in the race-psyche becomes one of several factors in the problem of good and evil - yet an important one; for clear perception anent Mukta (True Liberation), the most important factor to be developed in this treatise, it is essential - particularly for the students in our School of the Natural Order - to understand the relativity of these dual throng or polar opposite words. Outside of the values given to these words, in which we have become conditioned and the unconscious acceptance of the values as well as the words - good and bad, vice and virtue, etc. - no grounds whatever exist or can exist upon which to substitute morality for religion. Before those values were cortically developed in someone's private world and before we became conditioned in them after they were developed, try to imagine what a society in such a context would be like. First off we notice that there are no vice-squads because there is no - what we would call - vice to put down. No prohibitions which develop and foster that prohibited - like a vicious cycle - the more fighters and fighting against something called bad, evil, etc., the more there is to fight, etc. In this society there are no "old lady Grundys," no sadists and no neurotics, because the causes for these being such and the weapons which they could use do not exist. There are no vice-overlords, racketeers, big-shot millionaires, and the hordes of depraved men, women and children hanger's-on; no corruption in politics nor politicians permeating this society down to and including businesses, schools, homes, etc., because this society is not founded on morality, but on religion. (This indirectly is the barest "thumbnail" sketch of what is called "our way of life," but by contrast it suggests why so many peoples


of the world want nothing to do with it - for themselves.)

Those who are so deeply conditioned in objective identifications, acceptance of values given to the dual throng words and the code of morals developed therefrom, etc., honestly believe that if a people were released from the imposed restrictions developed out of these moral codes, etc., they would go "hog wild" (we should have said "man wild," savage, or something else; for hogs turned loose are different from what is meant by 'hog wild," and would put man under these restrictions to shame). But these honest ones are unaware that there is a higher governing influence which, if given an opportunity - as animal-groups, primitive organizations, tribal colonies, other advanced cultures, free peoples, etc. - exerts a far greater restraining influence than arbitrarily imposed restriction. This influence, in the heart of every existing creature, is what we call religion. The most devastating consequences which have descended upon church organizations - and are yet to come - were caused by their private-worlders transferring the foundation of their organizations from religion, which flows from The Good, to morality, which is contrived by limited, blind and repressed man; morality changes from year to year, from clime to clime, from people to people, etc., and in this year 1952 old morals are being revived.

In giving the brief sketch of the free society there was left out of account the absence of a devil with his fiery lakes of brimstone, because that had to have special and separate mention. When two factors in the psychic-nature of man are in conjunction, there a devil appears; the fiery lakes are merely adjuncts. The subtle, yet powerful, influence flowing from The Good becomes obscure, cut off or eclipsed; this state combined with the objective - and mental - identification neces-


sitates an objective 'reason' as a substitute for that subtle influence. In other words, if man does not have contact with The Good he must have a devil! This psycho-logical process takes the outer form in expression described as fighting one pole of the couplets in the mistaken idea of obtaining the other; fighting vice to get virtue, fighting bad - or evil - to get good, etc.; not understanding that one cannot fight hot to get cold. (Notice that there was left out: fighting that which is labeled vice to get that which is called virtue, etc., because these "fighters" are only fighting shadows, i.e., values given to words - reifications - and more than likely identified with some 'thing' or person.)

Plato's period was amoral, not moral or immoral, for these values were not then developed; but this period was sincerely religious, for the highest and best in it endeavored to establish and maintain contact with The Good in all of their affairs. For us today - and always - there is in Truth and Reality nothing except The Good. Then whence came this concept of evil into the race-psyche? Why was such a device and invention called the devil ever transferred to the race-psyche? We have described how these ideas became necessities in the repressed psychic-nature of a given man; but how were they established in the race-psyche for a whole culture? To assist us in this description there is here given an outline of three motivations operating in the group or oversoul levels: the animal-soul, the human-soul and the spiritual-soul.

Helpful suggestions for studying this outline: Please keep the referent for the term "The Good" in mind as given when the term was first introduced. The "Highest Aspect of The Good" is not described in this treatise; this is placed here so that students may not dissociate "Ground for the Problem of Good and Evil" from the Whole - Cosmic-process or The




Good. The term "Life-facts" is used so as to condition awareness of the way any creature or person functions as distinct - sharply differentiated - from opinions, concepts, thinking, etc., in the private world, mental values and the objective manifold of values; i.e., we function differently than the way we think we function. To keep these two factors sharply differentiated is difficult for beginners in the study because we have to use words in designations and descriptions that 'belong' to the race-psyche which has been conditioned by mental or private world values, usages, etc. Our occidental race-psyche has not as yet acquired words for designations anent "The Highest Aspect of The Good," so we borrow words from the Greek, Sanskrit and Hebrew languages.

The 'place' or relationship of the three motivations in or to The Good - the Cosmos - is suggested in the double helix diagram; so with these and the "Ground" use your lively imagination and "see" them as 'part' of a Dynamic, Creative or Functional Process; not as something outside of you but in your roots, core or heart of Self. Feel-know your way into It; meditate upon It but leave out (as much as possible) trying to think It.

If our evaluation of "this thing called life" were confined to the objective self-conscious state we might very well conclude that propulsion urges in the evolutionary process began in what is designated the pleasure-pain motive. Carrying our studies in biochemistry back into organic chemistry, or just plain zoology and botany, we observe that the sensitive plants will shrink, shrivel or curl up if touched; but somewhere between the oyster and the starfish, consciousness emerged in recognition of touch, i.e., the faculty of touch exhibited some development. By certain tests the beginning of sense-faculty functioning in touch was thus empirically established; the other sense faculties - seeing, hearing, tast-


ing, smelling - were also proved to be modifications of the sense of touch. However, our point is that when the sense of touch was developed, the organism became conscious of that which produced pain; and from that obscure beginning or through that limited faculty of touch the organism became motivated, in its long evolutionary process, by seeking pleasure and avoiding everything that produced pain; the pleasure manifesting as heliotropic gravitation, ingestion of food, expression of its reproductive urges, etc. This long and gradual evolutionary build-up of becoming more and more conscious of that which produced pain and of that which gave pleasure, laid a deep and abiding foundation for what was later on to emerge as a conviction that evil was not only opposite to good but that both were outside, existent powers, with the greater conviction given to evil as something existing as an enemy and outside of those moments in the consciousness of pleasure - therefore as an outside self-existing power. Pain and suffering, deprivation of pleasure, as well as that which produced or caused pain, not only was an evil but became a generalized evil, or evil in general. This, as a deep conviction, became synthesized or incorporated into the pleasure-profit motive and not until man began philosophizing about it - while still unconsciously convinced that evil was an outside existing power - did he recognize evil as a necessary evolutionary force. But this was long after the pleasure-pain motive became an unconscious motif in the pleasure-profit motive.

Human-soul and psychic-nature are two labels standing for and symbolizing one psycho-logical process and, short of orientation on the Mind-level, is that by which we function; and it is in the psychic-nature that the pleasure-pain motive becomes metamorphosed into a pleasure-profit motive. Obviously, not until consciousness, functioning in the psychic-nature through and with those modifications of touch, called


sense faculties, had developed objective-self-awareness to the mental phase, did the concept of profit enter the evaluation ensemble or manifold. When this concept did enter - as received from the race-psyche or someone's private world - or was developed, it did so as a means of obtaining and securing pleasure. Ask what is euphemistically called "the ordinary man of the street" - "What are you after in what you call life?" In some form or other his answer could be summarized: "Well, I am after money, I want some profit out of my labor, for my services, my time, my investment," etc. "I am out to get what I can get; I want some profit." Press that individual further - "What for?" "Why, that is a silly question, I want a good time; I want pleasure." That idea of pleasure could be played up or played down from having yachts, lots of cars, chauffeurs, a big house, servants, etc., to just having the minimum of something to eat, clothes to cover his nakedness and a shelter over his head, care in these matters for wife, children, etc. The "ordinary man" wants comfort and he wants a good time, period. As per the date of writing, this attitude - the inevitable result of the pattern set by and in the private worlds of Aristotle, Aquinas, Newton, Darwin, et al - has become the most outstanding characteristic of what is called "our way of life." We have become so conditioned to it, so familiar with it that no effort shall here be exercised in description of it; but in passing, the observation should be made that from the standpoint of "The Treaders of the Path" - we will have a pleasure-profit motive on the human-soul level until experience has been exhausted, both in pleasure and in profit; meaning, that until enough of us have run them both so far that we have found there is nothing secure or permanent in either (if we attempt to leave that level before experience is exhausted in pleasure and profit, or until the objective-self-conscious state has changed, we might be caught in repressing


creative urges on that level; they would then overtake us and we would be brought back for fulfillment); the scales in the race-psyche will not be tipped in favor of the Permanent and Real. It may be by reason of our unique opportunity in our School of the Natural Order that we are meeting an ever-increasing number of these "coming outers" (not failures and using the school as a substituted outlet), these genuine ones who are turning their backs on money-making to satisfy pleasure. We also run across expressions here and there (there are more than a few) in literature, public speaking and otherwise from men and women who are saying: "I am just too busy to make money; I just can't waste precious time on it." "I can't take the time off to make money," etc. Many of our young men and women, particularly in the universities, are surveying the objectives of what we call our culture, our way of life, and on high ethical grounds are turning against the profit motive as an objective in and to life. They are seeking some other, more enduring, fundamental and worthwhile value, or they want to discard "the whole thing." Some in utter discouragement seek that way out - suicide. The pleasure-pain motif synthesized into this pleasure-profit motive becomes the basis or 'reason' for a collective - race-psyche - concept of evil, guilt by accusation, condemnation on the grounds of association, etc., if not the basis for a devil-creation; that which interferes with or threatens profit "is evil."

Going back into the history of the human-soul development we find that the personification of the concept of evil, or the creation of a devil began very innocently. In times long past the leader "of the flock," realizing that the members thereof had to be relieved of the sense of guilt, devised a substitute for that sense of guilt (these leaders or medicine-men were psychiatrists or psychoanalysts ages before the labels psychiatry and psychoanalysis came into vogue). So they set aside


one day a year where the people would gather at their meeting place, a goat would be provided and the leader would, with proper mumbo-jumbo, hoochy-poochy, wave the magic wand and lay all the sins of the people upon the poor goat. Then in procession, with mournful dirges the goat was led to the outskirts of the village, and there sent into the wilderness taking with it all the sins of the people. They would return to their homes, singing, dancing, rejoicing and in love with each other; they were again free. (To this day - we may have forgotten the history - but we say "he gets my goat," "he made me the goat," etc.) In the long forgotten past this pattern was set and began in all innocence; but in our own day we have seen the pattern repeated with unspeakably tragic consequences - Hitler and the Jewish people, the 'Kremlin' and the western economic system, the 'Vatican' and all other church organizations, any 'political party' to anyone in power, witch hunters and the witch hunted, you and your enemy, the penitential preacher and the devil, etc., as examples of the forces in the race-human-soul, transferring the loss of consciousness of that subtle influence from The Good - combined with the substituted polarity, pleasure-pain and pleasure-profit motives or motifs - to that which seems mentally plausible in a given environment context.

On the psycho-logical level (and relative to a person when free and in unrestricted expression to the creative urge at his particular point of development) sickness, illness, trouble, accidents, etc., are created - by the psychic-nature - to represent the evil, evil-one, etc., although these creations are also labeled substituted or compensatory forms of expression; i.e., if on the human-soul level there is not free-flowing outlet for creative force coming in from the spiritual-soul level, that same force in the human-soul, or psychic-nature, will develop a substituted form of expression - sensed as a feeling of guilt


- the results of which are called sickness, trouble, loss, accidents, etc. Relative to the private world - consciousness in objective identifications and the mental values developed therein - this process and the human-soul relationships to the spiritual-soul level, are called the Unconscious. So one way of labeling this generally unknown 'inner,' or psychological complexity is to designate it - a guilt complex in the Unconscious.

To one span or phase of development "on the Path" - individually and collectively considered - this guilt complex assumes enormous proportions. For instance: it is called "the original sin," attributed to the mythological Adam and Eve in the Garden; it is designated "the sin against the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit"; it is called "the unpardonable sin"; it is known as "Nature's remedial method" to get the human-soul "back in line with God's plan"; it is called, "punishment inflicted on man for his sins"; it is personalized as "the evil one"; personified as "the devil," etc., etc. Later on in this treatise we shall encounter this guilt complex as "The Revenge of the Will," but now we must consider it as the cause or source of evil in the universe of The Good.

This so-called evil - as perceived from the Mind-level, or viewed relative to the Mind-state - has the thinnest crust of ground to stand on when considered as existing in the universe of The Good. Man, a configurational representation of a differentiated field in the Cosmic-process - The Good - stands on solid ground; is there (or here) in the universe of The Good, but in his own consciousness man dreams; i.e., he abstracts from frequencies registered, builds up in his psychic-nature and in his race-psyche-nature a mentalized world of images, pictures, values given thereto, etc. - called the private world - which 'belongs' to him but does not 'belong' to The Good - in him. The guilt complex, called the evil, is in his psyche (as


a dream picture) and intrinsically he is in The Good - so on this thinnest of grounds the evil is 'in' the universe of The Good. But, there is something else to it: the very flow of creative force by which the abstractions - the private world, the images, the dream, the guilt complex, the values, the evil, etc. - are made do pertain to The Good; hence in a way it could be said to be the creation of The Good. This "in a way" allows for the identification factor which operates in the psychic-nature, so long as the objective-self-conscious state continues; i.e., in the objective state man must mentally have or find 'reasons' for everything, even objective reasons for operational forces in his own unconscious psychic-self. If he externalizes his concept - of The Good, called God - he then has an objective to which or by which he can attribute 'reasons' when he cannot find more convenient or plausible ones. However, this combination of man's proclivity to objectify and the flow of creative process - even the guilt complex - involves such a strong feeling of a religious nature, of substantiality, that confusion seems unendingly confounded. Instead of trying to unravel it, it is a whole lot easier to dismiss it by a wave of the hand; i.e., simply assert: "All is Good," "there is no evil," "nothing exists but Good, all else is an illusion," "there can be no darkness - evil - in Good's perfect universe," "face the light of Good's goodness and all evil disappears," "believe in Jesus who died for you and evil will disappear," etc. There are those of us who cannot so cavalierly wave a hand; we are of a different nature, and stand by the admonitions "with all of your getting get understanding," "it is Knowing in truth which will make you free," "allow nothing to stand in the way of getting Wisdom," "walk by the light of understanding," etc. So we must here continue with our examination of this guilt complex.

It is not difficult to see that the possibility does exist in


the very structure of the Cosmic-process, wherein no blockages, repressions, obstructions, etc., would be created as an interference to the free flow of creative force, and therefore no substituted or compensatory forms of outlet, no guilt complex, no evil, etc. This is like saying: the possibility of developing a psychic-nature in the objective-self-conscious state could proceed without its qualities interfering with the intrinsic forces which develop it. Relative to the context of situation in, or as, the results of said interferences, this possibility is only a theory - "If we had some ham we would have some ham and eggs, if we had the eggs." We have to deal with the situation as we find it, and we must also prevent - no matter how tempting as an escape avenue or mechanism - mooning in vain wish-fulfillments. We - that is, our common race-psyche-self - have been a long time snuggling ourselves down into what we thought was a comfortable and secure bed - the private world - and now that the fundamental, although unknown, errors in its manufacturing are showing up, coming to light as it were, we suddenly become alarmed, run around in circles, no longer can rest, etc., for we see our bed and the 'house' itself breaking up and going down a river as if in a flood. From a relatively higher level, this might seem like watching busy little ants build their nest in the path of a spring freshet, and then in due course watching the waters overrun them; but to the ants this is most serious. Then to expand the analogy into the relationship of the ants to a man in the driver's seat of a bulldozer as it plows through in the course of his design and work and who does not even know the ants are 'there,' would strain credulity within the manifold of values of the ants who in some vague way thought of the man on the bulldozer as a kind of loving Father. The Good - the incomprehensible Cosmic-process - could be thought of, or would at times seem to be a mighty titanic


evil - if evaluation of IT was confined within the frame of reference of one's private world.

When one breaks out of his own manifold of values, those of another or his race-psyche - based upon and oriented to objective identifications - he becomes established on his own Mind-level, his Spiritual Soul; he not only sees that this - developing a psychic-nature without interferences - is a possibility, but it becomes actual, real and very practical; in fact, easier to do than to create the interferences. He sees how the human soul - psychic-nature - individually and collectively can be, or could have been, oriented to the guidance of The Good, through the Spiritual Soul through its contact with the Great Influence of the Christos Power; and he also sees that in doing this there would not be, or never would have been, any 'thing' called evil and no need or necessity for it. In the clarity of his perception - from this level or in this state of consciousness - he can formulate a methodology for any and all who wish to employ it for their own emancipation or development; he also anticipates the day when to follow such a Path or methodology will become the ruling passion of whole cultures. We know those who do see this, and we have the testimony of many who also know those who see this. And yet, after this is generally known, like an echo and with the inner ear we hear questions: How about those of us who are caught in the psychic maelstromic results of evils now released, the causes for which have been created in the dawn of the cycle now closing? Will we have to resort to mooning in wish-fulfillment about the testimony of the Seers?

In the light of that which is now known anent The Good, there is only one consistent answer: After evil has been created and released, view it or treat it as Nature's prod in the evolutionary process, and when opportunity permits work


with it as such. To try escape by suicide is not only cowardly but compounds evil; to seek escape in "mooning" - which, unconsciously, is difficult to avoid, particularly when credulity is avid - causes evil to stew and brew its poisons hidden under the disguise of sweetness and light. The only true and Natural Order Way out of the reach and effect of evil, or that which is called evil, is to lift one's creative forces out of his own psychic-nature; this suggest the methodology for emancipation referred to in the instruction given in the School of the Natural Order. Instead of being "caught" in a psychic maelstrom at the close of the old cycle, we shall see later on in this treatise that it is a great boon to be incarnated in one of these times. For students of the Gnosis, let is be said: Do not rail at or about what for the moment seems to be evil; and particularly do not fight that which is called evil. Rather, learn its purpose - which is never the obvious or given one - and work with that purpose, in oneself and in general. The comprehensive explanations for saying this will, little by little, be found in the instruction; these cannot be given now and for once, although they are ever-present in the Herenow. Carefully analyze this and see what you are going to do about it! For if you begin to call your own sense of guilt the devil, you will be fighting your own sense of guilt. Fighting evil, called the devil, is why the devil seems to be winning the battle, because the more you fight, the more it fights back. Stand between a light and the wall, cast your shadow on the wall, begin to fight that shadow and watch the shadow fight back. If you cannot find and work with the real purposes of evil, the forget the shadow, study the light; don't look at the shadow at all, just keep your mind on the light. In due course you will find that The Good is all; there is nothing but The Good including the hidden purpose of that which


is called evil. Why do little birds sing? Because they are, at or in their unconscious state, filled to overflowing with The Good; so shall we be filled and in a full and wide consciousness of The Good; and we shall sing!






Those who have studied oriental philosophies, particularly the Vedas and the Upanishads, will be familiar with three terms: Purushottama, Prakriti, Purusha. Translating those words into understandable English, we have - Neutral-Force, Mother-Substance, Positive-Power (Father-'Principle'). In our studies of the esoteric doctrines of the Hebrew people, from whom we obtained the Old Testament of our Bible, we again encounter three key words: Kether, Binah, Chokmah; translated they are - The Crown, Negative-Substance, Positive-Motivating-Power. These three represent the highest triad possible to know. Owing to the well-known fact - in esoteric circles - that considerable development accrues to those who meditate upon THAT which each of these words represents, we here place them in synonymity:

Ultimately these three eventuate in a State of Self-awareness. To us now, in our present state, these three are infolded in the heart of every configuration. So, if you wish to think of them, or of this Ultimate Trinity, turn thought to your deepest center; i.e., the deepest center of the Power-to-be-conscious.


In the diagram given, these three are symbolized with a cross and a circle, which also symbolizes the product or union of these three - the neutral, the positive and the negative force - becoming conscious in the One - Logos, the Reason, as Causative in all other subsequent space-time eventuations. This union, or Logos, is called the Son, "the only Begotten," there never being anything else "begotten" by the original three. The Primal Three focusing in the One become the Begotten Son; everything else eventuates by reason of that Son, in earlier times symbolized by the sun of the solar system.

The seven streams of life, the seven rays of development, etc. (like the seven major colors of the spectrum, which can be reduced to the three primaries, red, green and violet - or expanded into an infinite range of tints and shadings), become endless in their ramifications. The foci or aggregate of these seven streams, in terms of Force or Influence and Light, we label the Christos, the Universal Light of Understanding or Awareness. Please do not isolate the 'principles' or factors into categories as objects of perception; do not be content to have them remain as concepts on your mental level, for these are functional Powers of and in your intrinsic Nature and as such seek identification with them. Even our physicists, who study the structure of the atom, find these three in one atom and label them - the proton, the electron, the neutron. But for true development, do not look for them way up in the stratosphere, or way off, and do not look for them outside of yourself. If you want to become acquainted with these powers, these three Great Creative Forces, search yourself and you will find them. You must find them there in yourself before you can recognize them elsewhere. Once you become established in acquaintanceship with them in yourself, once you have become acquainted with these three as forces, powers, in yourself, then you cannot help but see them every-


where; just automatically you see them everywhere you look, or in whatever you look at, you see them. If these forces are obscure, hidden from your understanding within yourself, you will never see them anywhere; but you can develop all sorts of intellectual concepts about them and mentally play with your ideas about them, etc., and the meaning will escape, the vital experience will be absent. To illustrate: any given individual is fifty percent negative (feminine) and fifty percent positive (masculine). Think of these terms - negative and positive - as electrical engineers describe the negative and positive poles of a generator or other electrical systems. The "individual" means the whole man - animal-soul, human-soul or psychic-nature, the Field or Spiritual-soul. The terms "feminine" and "masculine" (above placed in parentheses) are for comment later, but suggest 'outer' representations as the charge in the Field alternates from the positive to the negative pole, or vice versa. Negative force or negative substance on any level is that which gives birth; hence the referent for the word Nature. The positive force on any level is that which motivates, activates, stimulates, etc., negative substance. Treat the negative - in this sense - in you, in any person or 'thing' as the Mother-Principle. In addition to that fifty percent negative force and fifty percent positive force, there is a third force operating at all times in you, in every person and 'thing.' That third force is called the Power of Balance, the Binding Power, etc., between the positive and the negative. As in the atom, the proton and the electron - the positive and negative - if it were not for the neutron, the proton and electron would not be in balance or bound together. The holding force, the cement factor of the universe of configurational representations, the balancer, that which sustains equilibrium, etc., is called the Highest Power of all; hence the word Crown, the Overall Supreme One, Almighty King. This strongest of all


Forces is operational in your intrinsic Nature as the central binding power of each unit comprising that synthesis you call Self. This is at once, i.e., at the same times, very simple and extremely difficult to understand. It is very simple on the grounds that if you have a feeling that if there were no centralizing force or power in every 'thing' - including yourself and the universe - there would be no order, no 'thing,' etc. But when it comes down to understanding how It functions from the center of each unit, atom, cell, organism, group of organisms, etc., on up to the galaxy - to go no further - and on one level (the level with which the physicists are concerned); and then to realize that there are just as many units - if not more - on or in subtle substances, ranging through gradations of living-matter, etheric energy (mattergy), on into energy-light, Light (lightergy), etc. - and to further realize that there is an inter and reciprocally functional dependence, correspondence, relationship, etc., between the units of each gradation, while maintaining equilibrium, balance, etc., between the negative substance and positive motivating power within each unit on each level - or in each gradation of subtle substance - and in addition maintaining an over-all balance and unifying action upon each rising-in-synthesis, helical round, etc., in the Cosmic-process - staggers imagination and makes the statement "but when it comes down to understanding how IT functions," etc., weak and puny.

Notwithstanding this staggering immensity IT is in you as you are in IT and you can recognize IT; in fact, you are now very familiar with IT in a variety of ways; your feel of Being, for example.

Take everyday affairs - the man builds a house, but he can't build a home without - to him - the woman (to us a woman); to the oriental mind it should be said: she is as much a part of that home-building as the man. And then


in the balance between the two comes the child, the reflection of the third aspect of the second triad. Now, that may be a mental child, it may be an aesthetic child, it may be an actual child (and there are more babies that bind homes together than men that preserve their homes or even take into account the preservative power of the woman). In mentioning one of these "everyday affairs" - home building - we have before us an exemplification of the first triad and of the next highest - the second triad; the union of a representation of the Positive-Power with a representation of Negative-Substance, and that Binding Power - the strongest Force in the universe - now called Love. These three - man, woman, love - represent the Highest Triad. One emerges out of the union of the three; that one epitomizes and synthesize the First Three and represents the third aspect of the second triad. The child represents the Logos. These "everyday affairs" are so taken for granted that we often miss the opportunity they afford - for it is the recognition which makes all the difference! Herein lies the Great Mystery!

Take the world's work - the man builds and creates; but do you now that he cannot create without a woman, wife, helper or secretary? Somewhere or other "behind the scenes," she is there, although she may be quiet and obscure; the more obscure the better for her work. The force and influence that she exerts in a going business concern, or other world's work, is not only in holding the works together; it is more in the subtle substance supplied in the creative process. It is thus that the work of the world goes on. Here again we have an exemplification or reflected representation of the Highest Triad and also of the next highest, or second triad. The Work in a given case represents the Logos, the third aspect of the second triad. (Can you locate the others? Two more aspects for the second triad and three for the first?) This is why


man is more concerned, interested, centered, etc., in his work than in any 'thing' else, and this is Natural Order; and this is why woman is more interested, concerned, centered, etc., in man, and this is also Natural Order. (A good sized volume of comment could be written on this theme - and many with more or less clarity are written - but times are not yet ripe for the full exposition to be given. The central factors were here given for the feeling-intuitive ones to supply the unending comment and also to suggest that the very highest is all around us - and in the very lowest, for extremes do meet. Recognition and recollection are the only requirements for full illumination.)

When we study the palingenetic cyclic process, the functional operation of the Highest - the first and second triads - stands out in bold relief; this is predominantly apparent because the Mind-level, the Noetic-Self or Causative-Self is that which endures and continues throughout all of the cyclic processes of "births and deaths." The study of the palingenetic cyclic process is also prerequisite to recollection, that all-important memory faculty which serves consciousness in the wider or synthetical awareness of The Good. To the Causative or Noetic-Self - in and of the Mind-level substance and on the helix chart labeled the Spiritual-Soul - these so-called births and deaths (so-called only to or in the objective-self-conscious state) are an alternation, a rhythm, between the positive and negative poles within itself. This is analogous to an alternating energy-current, and the putting-forth of a psychic-nature at each 'birth,' the withdrawal from the psychic-nature called 'death,' are like the flow of sap in a deciduous tree. When the life-current - sap - flows from the roots, the leaves, flowers, fruit are put forth; when the life-current flows back to the roots, the leaves, etc., die, returning their substances to mother-earth from which it was


received. That which we label tree continues throughout many of these cycles. Let the roots represent the Noetic-Self, the earth in which roots of a tree are embedded would represent Mind-substance - lightergy; the sap with its properties, etheric-life-currents, etc., would then represent the energies, forces, qualities, etc., of the psychic-nature, and the leaves, flowers, etc., would represent that configurational representation we call "the physical body." The palingenetic cyclic process is not restricted to man; it is just as applicable to the tree, and from a high state of perception it is seen to be universally applicable; i.e., a cyclic 'law' or a function characterizing the Cosmic-process and operating in every 'thing.'

How utterly silly would we think a tree if its consciousness became so identified with its leaves - no room for any other apprehension of itself - that when its leaves, one by one, began to wither and drop away, it suffered, grieved and became afraid! (Teach your children to carry the make-believe on to the weeping and sense of loss over the interment of the leaves.) But, did you notice in the analogy of roots, sap, etc., and the return to the roots phase of the cyclic process, it was likened to the energies of the psychic-nature returning to the Noetic-level? This represents a key to development. This is the way we die to self for the realization of Self; except at the man state and by the Will on the Mind-level coming into functional operation, the psyche with its configurational representation can be maintained if necessity, work, etc., requires. The same process, however, like a slow motion picture, is carried out at each indrawing - return of life-currents - to the Noetic-Self; only the aristotelians call this "death."

This alternating phase between the poles of the Field - differentiated Lightergy on the Mind-level - in which the


Noetic-Self is developed and has Its existence, has particular interest for those whole values are limited to the objective-self-conscious state and manifold: on that level this alternating rhythm takes the appearance of a change in sex. Be it remembered that the Noetic-Self is an androgyny; therefore to Itself these is no essential change in the alternating rhythm between the poles of Its Field. (Do not ask, "what for," "why," "what purpose," etc., on the grounds that these kinds of questions are relative to your private world, or objective manifold of values. But if you want to know the structural-functional process, study advanced field physics, or transfer your consciousness to the Noetic-Self. Until you do either or both of these, let the questions rest or philosophically say: "That is the way it is reported," or check the whole subject out of consideration as unworthy of your interest.) But applied in all seriousness to yourself it does seem that you come into a psychic-nature in cycles of "seven times round" for each phase of the rhythm; i.e., you manifest the female body for seven incarnations and then change over and manifest a male body for seven incarnations. However, the higher the level of development, the greater become the variations or exceptions to this general rule.

If you will be observing with yourself, you loved ones, your friends, etc., you can tell when one of them is approaching the transfer over; because in the case of a female, she becomes initiatively aggressive, positive, exhibits masculine qualities, will even simulate the masculine garb, etc., she is losing the feminine touches or interests and becoming more and more masculine. You can then infer that perhaps the next, or the next after "time round" that individual is going to put forth the positive phase of itself. And so vice versa, observe your boys as they are growing up, if they become more gentle, more feminine, lean more to the aesthetic and all of


those 'things' we associate with the mother or feminine type, you will find that that Self is approaching a changeover. This alternating rhythm continues until a balance in synthesis anent the aspects, phases, qualities, etc., of the positive and negative is achieved. This is going to be the basis for advanced studies in psychotherapy, abnormal phases of psychology, etc., when we get to it.

In the affairs of life, national and international situations, we also notice these three operating continuously and at the same time; we notice that there is a creative power, a sustaining influence, a destructive force in every process. These three are simultaneous and dynamic operations, they do not sequentially follow one another; they are three aspects of one dynamic process. You cannot create a 'thing' unless simultaneously you are destroying former creations, and at the same times you struggle to preserve your creations. You put forth effort to preserve your job, business, house, etc., and while you are doing this, you are ridding out, tearing down and rebuilding. Even in that which you call your life, you are building, destroying and simultaneously sustaining. And so with that which we call growth and development; for you do not grow in understanding unless you discard many of your past held ideas, concepts, opinions, etc., as you are re-creating a future attitude and outlook and maintaining a centralizing gestalt.

Turn your attention for a moment to world affairs; as an illustration: It would be an understatement to label the world situation in this year 1952, "The Greatest Dialectical Exhibition of All Times." We are witnessing the rapid accumulation and alignment of the forces of good and evil engendered during the passing cycle, or the past two thousand years. This culmination in a crisis, called a conflict between the West and the East or between what is labeled democracy and what is


labeled communism, clearly portrays the Power of Balance operating on a planetary scale. The forces "on the side" of The Good represent the positive, while those forces opposed - the evil - represent the negative; or, a creating process, a destroying process and the Balance, a sustaining process. Hidden by the blatancy of the force of evil is the Power of Balance, or a Sustaining Power, which, definitely considered, will emerge out of the Great Dialectic as determinative. This will cut sharply across all nationalistic lines of demarcation - objectively, in a world-wide civil war. Eventually, of course, there will be a reconciliation, because it can't go on forever; the reconciliation will be neither a triumph of good nor of evil. There will eventuate something else, perhaps in 2050 A. C., what might be called a world-wide cooperative commonwealth. And in that world-wide cooperative commonwealth there may be a triumph of individual liberty, an emancipation and preservation of the individual and at the same time a reciprocal dependence-independence. Every responsible, conscious one will be imbued with the idea that the security of the whole means security for the individual; every responsible, liberty-loving and conscious individual, while functioning in that independent-dependence will be primarily concerned with the welfare of the whole. Today we cannot advocate this because we could not be the witness, the onlooker, of the pageantry called life, and at the same times be involved in partisanship; and then even students of the Gnosis know that you cannot safely take a chick out of its shell; one must wait until it emerges of itself. Search for the hidden motive in any ardent partisan; it is not the one advocated! Among other interesting lessons, there is a most applicable one discovered in studying these Higher Triadic Forces hidden in every 'thing.'

When we begin to grasp and then understand how these


three operate in every incident, in every 'thing,' in every individual, etc., in a given event, we endeavor to find the balance between. As sincere students of the Gnosis, it is our dharma to find the Balance between extremes, different points of view, opposite 'standards,' contending issues, etc. Once the harmonic balance is found we mentally orient ourselves to the Balance, never swing to either extreme until consciousness, in our respective selves, can experience the force or influence of That Balance, or maintain orientation to the Balance. Gautama Siddartha, known as the Buddha, based his entire doctrine - the Buddhistic Teachings - upon this centralizing Law; he called his teachings The Middle Path, the Middle Road of the Eight-Fold way. He never allowed himself or his students to swing to either extreme; find a balance, was his constant admonition, find the middle way. Wise philosophers, like Plato, have always striven to find that middle way and to prevent "going off the deep end" on either side; they maintain the middle course, the middle path. Plato understood this Law of Balance, the significance of it so well that he developed his dialectical methodology upon it. Believe it or not, the system of government of these United States of America was molded after, or upon, Plato's Dialectical Methodology. (It has been recommended to students of the School of the Natural Order that they acquire the list of books studied by Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; and it is again urged that this be done. A start can be made with "The Works of Plato," translated by B. Jowett, published by The Dial Press, New York.) It is sincerely hoped that decadency in our race-psyche has not dulled responsiveness to a re-awakening of interest in the ground or background of our cultural existence and the origin of our form of government. Once this interest in the origin of our form of government can be re-awakened, the Balance


amid the present confusion of ideas will also be found; and in finding the Balancing Power the continuance of our national existence will be secured. Evil - in the form and disguise of the subtle and difficult to detect identification of religion with a theocratic (and foreign) ecclesiastical dictatorship - has so infiltrated our body politic that like a cancerous growth it will consume the whole if not checked. This evil has no intrinsic affiliation with The Good, although masquerading in Its name.

In using our modern industrial corporations, business setups and organizations as an illustration (the nearest 'thing' we have to date in objective manifestation) of the Hierarchy of powers representing the Natural Order of Cosmos, no desire to shock the sensibilities of those who consider these corporations and business organizations a menace was intended. No swing to either extreme - to condemn or praise - is required of an illustration. The intention is to show that not a church organization but our business organizations more truly portray structural relationships anent the Hierarchy of powers. A representation in a cultural state can always be found which more nearly reflects the Cosmic Order than any other of the period or of that stage in development. Our considered opinion is that business organizations, with their delegations of responsibility to department heads, and on down the line to the straw boss on a work detail, more truly reflect the Cosmic Order than any other representation of the race-psyche gestalt, or the racial state of development as per this date. According to Plato, government should be the truest representation of the Cosmic Order; that is why he devoted so much of his dialectical process to forms of government. When there are enough of us who can rise to Plato's level of perception, this may yet be a possibility.

As we grow in understanding of the structure, function, order by which we function, and by which the Cosmic-process


is characterized, we are profoundly impressed with the ineffable and ephemeral delicacy of balance which has to be maintained in the psychic-nature until firm orientation to the Mind-level becomes established. It is this period of transition - on the part of consciousness functioning in the psychic-nature - from psycho-logical values, action, reactions, etc., to Mind-level knowings, perceptions, intuitional awareness, etc., that has been called "The Razor Edged Path." There is a gross analogy for this in the study of the physiological organism, wherein we find that a careful balance has to be maintained by the vital-dynamism in all of those glandular secretions, vitamin-mineral combinations, etc., in the metabolic processes. With the doctors it is elementary that if that delicate balance is upset either way, there will follow a manifestation of ill health. Then there is a sensitive balance which has to be maintained - by the psycho-dynamism - in the psychic-nature between the feelings, emotions, thinkings (the psycho-logical processes), etc., and the metabolic functions on the physiological level. (It is the main thesis in our course in psychotherapy that inharmonious, destructive, etc., repressions and reactions on the psycho-logical level represent the etiological factors - and on colloidal grounds - for disturbances in the metabolic balance on the physiological level.) These considerations are reflections of the Power of Balance - of the Highest Triad - on the physiological level and between the psycho-logical and the physiological levels; and illustrative of the close integration of the 'parts' of the whole or that gestalt we label an individual man. But, to those in objective identification - accepters and believers in the objective manifold of values, that ensemble of abstractions called personality, ego, etc. - the most important 'part' of man, other than what is called the 'physical body,' should be the psychic-nature; for, inhering in the psychic-nature and its


qualities is found the basis for the whole problem of good and evil, in addition to those etiological factors anent balance affecting the metabolic processes. By reason of the fact that any physiological organism is the representation of the ensemble of qualities in the psychic-nature - plus the structure upon which the psychic-nature or the psychic-self is built - the real cause for everything or anything affecting the physiological organism must be looked for in the psychic-nature. So with creative forces in the psychic centers stimulated in expression - how to find that precarious balance in and between over-expression, under-expression, degree of expression relative to repression, expression relative to sublimation (carrying forces to the higher centers), suspension or suppression for specific purposes on the five levels of the psychic-nature, giving and withholding in rapports, healing and support, etc. To develop harmonic balance in these respects represents the acme of achievement of "life on earth"; but as was stated, these citations were to serve as a gross analogy for the ineffable and ephemeral delicacy of balance between the psychic-nature and the Mind-level, and in that process of developing the Noetic-Self. Once that Noetic-Self is developed - in Mind-substance - and consciousness becomes established therein, the ephemeral or fleeting phase of maintaining and losing the delicate balance passes into an awareness of being on a vast rock-of-flint; and the ineffable aspect - forever on the unspeakable level - becomes character or quality, the unassumed characteristic and Nature-of-being, therefore needing no verbal articulation.

The concern of an increasing number of persons is: how best to lastingly acquire this Noble Estate? by what process or methodology can it be done? wherein lies the key or secret to It? what Path brings the quickest results? how to find that middle road to It and how to live a balanced life while


accomplishing It? This giving full play to the creative forces in the psychic-nature, without going to any extreme, without over-emphasizing or giving undue value to the separate and different, yet unified, phases of the telestic work is a factor, in the developing process of that Noble Estate, which is most carefully cultivated in the School of the Natural Order. The importance for full blossomed and natural voluptuousness in healthful well-being, a spontaneous yet compassionate heartiness, cannot be over emphasized. This eventuates, of course, as a result of Freedom - Mukta - in Perfect Balance, and in all 'departments' on all 'levels'; but in the developing process it is also important to remember this. A most excellent start can be made by anyone through maintaining that delicate balance in his psychic-self. Be it plainly stated: Freedom or Liberty, is not a God-given right. It is the crowning achievement of individual effort. The relevance for Liberty lies not in the mind of God, and we enjoy its blessings as a gift; it rather signalizes the result of work, of effort, a fulfillment of one's Destiny, a goal accomplished and a high point on the Path attained. To earn it is to value it; such is the Wisdom of the Natural Order.

But, to come back to the maintenance of balance in our respective selves: when that balance is upset, and upset on the side of repression, the creative forces repressed do not spark; i.e., the positive charge is lost and the influence of the Binding Force - which maintains the operating balance - cannot properly function. How can this be known? By what effects - in lieu of clear perception on the Mind-level - can this be recognized? By the substituted form of expression, which is always negative. To explain: whether one is conscious of this operating Power of Balance, or unconscious of it, by its nature it must operate; i.e., function. So, if undue and thwarting pressure is brought to bear upon its normal and


natural order operation, then - it being only a mode of the whole dynamic Cosmic-process - it still must operate; but denied the positive form or outlet it seeks the negative; i.e., it has to find compensatory or substituted outlet. The polarity of its field becomes reversed. Link this functional operation in the psychic-nature with the state in objective identity; so long as the consciousness is in objective identity - identified with images in the psychic-nature appearing substantive - the mental processes of a given person in this context of situation must find 'objective' reasons, alibis, excuses, etc., for manifested and substituted forms and effects of the normal expressions. That means to say that the dynamic force in repressions will seize upon the objectively devised 'reasons,' which are mental, for justifications; the mental processes themselves being "part and parcel" of the substitution. And invariably - there is no exception - those 'reasons' or justifications will be accounted as evil, or blamed, evaluated, etc., as evil influences. Here, in the problem of good and evil, we account for the creation of the 'evil,' and also account for the exceptional force, strength, power, etc., exhibited by what is called evil. We hold the opinion that the psychoanalysts have - in our modern times - contributed greatly to creating these kinds of evil. A fuller explanation for this opinion will be given later on.

But to fully appreciate the significance of this description of the creating process (anent that which is called evil) one should place himself in the position of an enlightened psychiatrist who has been in practice for some years. Over and over, patient after patient, he hears: "So-and-so did so-and-so to me; if it hadn't been for so-and-so I would have been a success." "I would have put over the deal, but for so-and-so." "Do you know so-and-so has it in for me?" "Do you know that even from a child they picked on me?" "They made me


the goat." "Do you know that they are following me now?" "They are after me."

"Well, who is after you?" says the psychiatrist, "you say - 'they.'" The mental processes now get busy; "the commies are after me," "somebody is watching me," etc. One would hear countless variations on this theme, but he who knows, also knows that there is only one answer to the thousands of labels for this one thing. The patient, or patients, consciously or unconsciously upset or lost the functioning Power of Balance in the psychic-nature; he forgot, or never found, how to maintain that middle road. The balance once lost, the patient went to one extreme or the other, ignoring - as a rule - the degrees between. He may alternate between excess in various forms of expression - the form depending upon which one of the five centers (in the psychic-nature) the repressed forces occurred in - and reaction amounting to loathing, hatred, abhorrence, animosity, etc., to any expression in those same forms.

Generally speaking, the psychoanalyst, confronted with a dilemma such as this, goes into mental confusion about equal to the emotional confusion of his patient. The ground for the premise upon which the psychoanalyst mentally functions is the cause for his confusion. He is conditioned in the objective manifold of values - a good aristotelian - and therefore cannot help himself or his patient. This prevents him from analyzing his own premise, and the grounds out of which it developed. Consequently, he substitutes his a priori conceptual, or mental, framework anent the functional processes of what he calls the unconscious for his ignorance, ignorance of the structure of the psychic-nature, the true causes for the patient's dilemma and of the solution. Lacking in understanding of the causes for the dilemma and unable to help his patient, he therefore is forced to resort to suggestion - a mild form


of hypnotism - and if his patient receives some temporary help it will be on the grounds of suggestions, not a release or transfer of his forces from his substituted outlet by reversing the negative forces which - due to change of charge in the field - have replaced the positive. The negative forces of the patient might become repressed in this kind of analytical procedure, and in this case, the psychoanalyst has a paranoiac on his hands instead of a schizophrenic; then in perfect, logical consistency to his premise - or like a good aristotelian - he tries shock treatments. If these negative forces and their form of expression - called substituted or compensatory outlets - are the cause of what is labeled evil, then evil will abound and alarmingly increase in the persons, race-psyches and in the world - augmented by the fight against it - commensurate with the non-recognition and repression of the positive forces which we call The Good or the dynamic Cosmic-process. (Keep in mind that each person, each 'thing,' each race-psyche, etc., is intrinsically integrated in this dynamic Cosmic-process.) So, to repress The Good is to create the evil, until the evil in the service of The Good forces each person, etc., back into line with the processes of The Good or smashes all opposition, together with those who represent it, to smithereens so that The Good can start afresh in the fulfillment of Its Nature, or appointed way.

If it were not for the "blind leaders of the blind" - chief among these being the aristotelian ecclesiastics - this creation of the evil by the non-recognition and repression of The Good would not be difficult for anyone to understand. Let us take an electro-magnetic field as an illustration of a given psychic-nature: If the force on the positive side is not in synchronized balance with force on the negative side, some of the positive force will compensate by turning negative; so on the negative side. Set up an ordinary solenoid with a posi-


tive charge and it will produce its own negative field. Where the negative field 'comes from' the physicists do not know; but it invariably appears. So with a given psychic-nature; if forces on the positive side become repressed, the negative force itself compensates and turns positive; i.e., takes over the creative role instead of remaining the supplier of substance in balance with and for the positive force in the creative process. This action in a given psychic-self is the cause and source of evil, as when the positive force of love upon becoming repressed turns to hate - the negative charge of the same force. That which is called evil - on a personal or race-psyche level - is the negative charge of that same force we call The Good; not another or different force. Once this is understood, the utter futility of fighting evil - even with the force of good - will become obvious. If one with his own forces fights himself the result of the conflict could be nothing except destruction; imagine one dividing his own forces for a battle against each 'side!'

That binding Power of Cosmos, the highest aspect of the Higher Triad of Self, Logos, which on the psychic-level of human relationships is called love - as it is evidenced in the psychic-nature of each of us we speak of its attractive influence in our rapports as love - is the most powerful force of which we are conscious. No one whose consciousness functions in or on the psychic-level, i.e., in his psychic-nature, can control this force called love; but in every 'department' of his existence he is controlled by it. Therefore this love-force is always positive, whether in a positive charge or in a negative charge and relative to the objective-self-conscious state. In short, man is controlled and motivated by either love or hate - but cannot control either aspect of this one love-force. This means, in the final analysis, that each of us is going to be obedient to the Cosmic Will, either through


intelligent cooperation with its Natural Order - Love - or coerced, compelled, prodded, etc., by (our own reversal of the "Law of Love") evil. From a higher level of consciousness - the Mind-level - evil is also The Good; the devil is (in the reversal of the Positive charge) also The Christos. From this same higher level, that which is for us, is for us, and that which is against us is also for us.

When the intrinsic love-force is repressed (we are on the psychic level now) as a force its positive charge turns negative and the person in whom this occurs is hating; he transfers his own hate-force to something or someone else, his mental processes in objective identity finding 'objective' reasons and excuses. If he fails to reverse the charge in his psyche, he becomes a despiser of life, a hater of everything, a man-hater or a woman-hater, a hater of organized society. The moment a trained psychiatrist hears the story (alibied of course, and wholly unconscious of how he - the patient - became so resentful, how he hates this or that, and can't get over it) he back-tracks in that person's life to the point where the love-force was aborted or repressed, and thus uncovers the cause of the hate; and also uncovers the reason for the transfer to this, that or the other 'thing.' This phase of psychiatric practice is now so generally well-known and therefore elementalistic there would be no purpose served by restating it here, except for the fact that the operational process amounts to a modus vivendi; the modus operandi results in a modus vivendi. That is to say, it is all so palliative and is not carried far enough, not carried into the root causes of evil, into the causes for our national and international troubles and woes; and therefore not making restorations - cures - for both the patient and the race-psyche permanent. Here, as a people, we stand with frightening power at our command,


and without the understanding of the cause for hatred and evil in the world. The angels on higher levels tremble!

This reversal of the positive charge in the psychic-nature to the negative, in our studies, will represent the secondary basic cause for what is called abnormal psychological situations, effects, afflictions, deviations, etc. The primary cause was given in the description of the palingenetic cycle; that alternating process in seven turns on the negative charge of the Field and seven on the positive charge of the Field; but that was relative to the Mind-level - therefore primary. The differentiated Field, on the Mind-level, must not be identified with the psychic-nature, even when spoken of as a field, relative to the objective-self-conscious state. In one sense or aspect, the psychic-nature is called a reflection in mattergy of the Field on the Mind-level; hence, secondary relative to causes on the objective level.

During the many years in consultation service, we have found a surprising number of persons who have gotten crossed up - mostly due to karmic causes - in their sex relationship between the 'body' and the psyche. For some difficult to locate reason, these persons have become unbalanced; i.e., have lost the middle path and consequently temporarily have lost contact with that influence we call the Power of Balance. In a former earth life (to use one as an illustration) one may have become unduly attached to a parent, to some person, to objective interests, 'things,' etc., and comes into the next, or present earth life, precipitously or prematurely and before the cycle of the Field had completely turned from the positive to the negative pole, or vice versa, as described. This means that a female psyche, incarnating on the negative side of the governing Field, will take a male 'body'; or a male psyche will take a female 'body.' If for instance we find a female psyche in a male body, and knowing the laws of polar-


ity - i.e., that the negative can only attract, respond to, synchronize with, etc., the opposite pole or positive and vice versa - we also know that a rapport is possible only with the opposite sex, and with the opposite sex of the sex, or charge, of the psyche. (These 'cases' forcefully highlight the fact that the psychic-nature 'in' each of us is the true person; i.e., we are not a 'physical body' with a psyche, but rather a psyche having an image which appears substantive, called 'body.') In an organized society wholly oriented to objective identifications and mentally functioning in a manifold of values evolved therefrom, this female psyche in a male body looks like a man who must also be attracted to some other man. What a karmic situation to get into! However, this was the first reason for what is called an abnormal psychological situation.

But there is a second reason that follows it and right on its heels, and that is where the polarity of the force, as between the psychic-nature and the Field, becomes reversed. The polarity of the force in the psychic-nature, as for example the love-force, due to being repressed reverses its positive charge, assumes the negative charge and becomes hate; the same force, remember, not another force. (Those good intentioned people who do not understand the operation of forces in their own and others' psychic-natures try objectively, mentally, in ethics, arbitrary morals, rules and regulations, to discipline their respective selves, try not to hate when they have the urge to hate - "Oh, you mustn't hate so-and-so; hate is bad, evil; don't hate anything, just manifest love," etc. - some call them "sweetness and lighters." These good people might as well save their breath and energy and agonizing, and it would be far better for them if they did so. For, first, find out why the force reversed its charge, because so long as that force has reversed its charge in the psychic-nature - let us say


from the positive to the negative, as in the case of love - one just has to hate and should do so. If that hate-force is dammed up, one who does so is compounding repressions; the first repression turns his love-force to hate-force and then if he represses the hate-force, it develops some form of malignancy in the physiological organism, a representation of the content of the psychic-nature. More "sweetness and lighters" develop cancer than any other type of person. So trying to be good by ignoring or fighting that which they call evil, they become more destructive. Instead of these admonitions, external rules and regulations of conduct, predicated on the concept that we become safe, secure, good, etc., by fighting or striving against evil, we must learn obedience to the dynamic Will of The Good; i.e., we have to understand how the Cosmic-process functions in us and then cooperate with It; this is called "The Law of Dharma.")

By reason of experiences in life, external influences, semantic blockages, arbitrary impositions, etc., the natural creative forces in a given psyche - person - become so repressed that, as a compensation, the polarity of the psychic-self reverses; we then have this second cause or reason for so-called deviations from the norm, or abnormal psychological context of situation. This second reason is the cause for more of these cases, and gives a much greater justification for the general condemnation; yet is understandable on the grounds that intrinsically, i.e., in the essential Self, the two forces - the negative and the positive - are one Individual and alternately manifest as separate persons. If it were not for this basic fact, there could be, or would be, no possibility of a reversal in polarity on the psychic-level.

During that phase of functioning under the pleasure-pain motive, that which produced pain was reacted to as evil, relative of course to that which produced pleasure; and if the


pleasure was thwarted that pleasure-force became painful, or as some 'thing' reacted to as evil. Can you follow through? Think it over and over until you can feel your way into it, and you will see that the sensations of pleasure and/or pain are reversible; like paroxysms of laughter starting pleasurably can become excruciating pain, and excruciating pain can become pleasurable. There are those who seek excruciating pain to get (what we would call morbid) enjoyment, as the flagellants. These references are given merely as indexes of the positive-negative forces in polarity in every 'thing,' in any 'thing' and with no exception. Further along, in what we call evolution, came the pleasure-profit motive, seeking profit to secure more pleasure; in this phase when profit was not secured - the negative pole of that polarization process in the operational forces called pleasure-profit motif - then an unbalance is experienced, the middle path is lost and the balancing-force-between must seek some compensation to replace the sense of loss; for the positive pole of the operation, pleasure, must come into balance, even though it is a substitution for the legitimate - pleasure, per se, as a result of profit. So, the balancing-force-between - as an unconscious force at this level - flows into man's devices of an evil as a substitute for pleasure. Again the objective-self-conscious proclivity to thingify comes to the aid of the balancing-force-between; so someone, some 'thing,' some race, some foreign people, some goat, etc., is to blame; "it," "they" - or whatever - represent the evil. "Pleasure is found!" "Hurrah!" "Hurrah!" "We have great pleasure in fighting . . . " the devil, evil, Jews, New Dealers, etc.; "Kill them," "Crucify him," "Throw the rascals out," "He is an enemy of our way of life"; - slogans for the mob. Where is considered reason, based on clear perception, going to hide - when the mob takes over?

A beginner in the study of the instruction given in the


School of the Natural Order asked a question after a point similar to the above described, which - together with the answer - may have significance for others. The question: "How is it possible for this third force on the Mind-level, you call the balancing-force-between, or any force on the Mind-level, to seek some false or substituted outlet?" "I have always thought of Mind, as a Universal Mind, acting like a kind and loving Father toward us mortals." The answer: First, the error in the question reveals an error in the structure of the thinking processes, and we should clear that up before proceeding with an answer on two non-related premises; let us get a common premise established. Unconsciously you reified the word - Mind; that is, you gave a value - your value - to a word. This word has no intrinsic worth, meaning, value, etc., we use it like any sign, mark, symbol or gesture to convey meaning from one to another. The meaning 'resides' in the speaker's or writer's consciousness in a context of harmonious waves and frequencies connecting two or more minds - states of consciousness - en rapport, but not in sign or symbol. If each synchronized in the harmonious wave-frequency context - meaning - and could be aware of that context and without thinking (resorting to the mental level) we would dispense with all words, signs, symbols, etc.; that is we would have no need for them, and then we would never fall into the error of attributing meaning to them. So keep the meaning in consciousness, separate and distinctly apart from the words - signs - we have to use to satisfy our respective objectified and conditioned ways of functioning in and for communication.

But there is another factor in your question which we should bring out into the light of understanding before proceeding with the answer. This one is hidden in your emotional department, or as we say in our school, represents an urge-force in your psychic-nature. Relative to your present ob-


jective-self-conscious state, and your functions in understanding, awareness, etc., confined - at the moment - to the boundaries or limits of that state, you have a need and an urge to know some 'thing,' person or Being beyond or other than that objective state. Your mental habit of naming, thingifying, objectifying, etc., prompted by this unconscious urge - unconscious to your mental or thinking processes in objective identity - calls the assumed object of the urge - Father. In this you tell us that you loved your father, grew up in his kindness, love and protection, or you always imagined and longed for such a father. In any case that is why your mental processes hit upon the idea - labeled father. But, unconsciously you transferred this and incorporated it into your reification of the word - Mind, and then expanded the ensemble (gestalt) into a greatness and labeled that Universal-Mind.

Now please do not get panicky and think that we are going to take your kind and loving Father away from you - even though we view it as your emotionally cherished concept - for there is a basis in fundamental fact, Truth and Reality for everything you unconsciously did. In fact (this can be empirically substantiated), everything you unconsciously did was motivated by a structural reality which, by reflection, you exemplified in what you did - consciously or unconsciously. To describe, let us begin with your objectified state, wherein you have an urge, feeling, sense, idea, etc., that there is something beyond or greater than anything of which you are now conscious. Your early training, reading and studies, schooling and experiences in living have convinced you that this must be so, you also want to believe it, so to you it is true. Those of us who have had this same state, with its limitations, and have expanded awareness into more comprehensive perceptions of the whole Man, or Self, can say to you: "Yes indeed! and


in fact it is so." That which transpired in you was simply your Natural Order functions translated, labeled and interpreted by you to suit your identifications in objectivity and the system of values developed and accepted therein. The you - and your - as used, stand for what is sometimes called a psycho-logical aggregation, ensemble, gestalt of bundles of sensations, feelings, desirings, lovings, and thinkings held together by a central and centralizing Power-to-be-conscious; and having an image of this ensemble, which appearing substantive you called your physical body, identifying this image with a configuration in living-matter substances developed by these bundles of sensations, etc., or by this gestalt of these bundles, for their or its functional purposes. In other words: on your emotional-thinking level you sensed or felt your True Higher Self - the Power-to-be-conscious - but due to your habit of thinking 'out' instead of 'in' mentally you reified the word Mind - or Universal Mind and conceived It - the Power-to-be-conscious - to be outside of yourself.

Imagine yourself to be a motion picture projection machine. Let the bright light represent your True Self - the Power-to-be-conscious, let the film and the images on the film represent your psychic-self or psychic-nature, let the screen represent the configuration of living-matter substances - what we call mineral, plant, animal, man, etc. Now, you can become so absorbed, interested in and identified with the pictures on the screen and the values you - and others - evolve about those pictures that you forget about the light, you do not remember it, even as you feel it in a vague way; and if in your manifold of values and identifications with and about the pictures someone mentions the light or you think of the light, you will conceive it as something behind or back of the pictures, extraneous to the pictures. The light represents the kind and living Father, but the film represents the state in which you are


now conscious and you in that state are the creator of the images; therefore the light will shine through whatever images are placed before it - in values given to the pictures, whether good or bad, vice or virtue. The Good or evil - and do so just by the Nature of It.

But, when we develop the ability to pull attention away from the pictures and values given to them (the 'objective' world), away from the film and images thereon (the psychic-world), and concentrate attention on the Light (the Real World) we find that It represents or is composed of a triplicity, a Three in One: A Power. A Substance and A Binding Force or Balance of these two. This triad or triplicity becomes manifest or evident - as the Power-to-be-conscious - in all that is or all that exists, constitutes the center, heart and core, as the motivating and creating source of every 'thing,' including motivating urges and thinking processes about the effects of motivating urges. If with Plato we label this The Good, or God, then truly The Good is All - in all; even 'in' the evil, as the light is 'in' a red colored image on the film or 'in' a beautiful mauve colored image. We trust that this will serve for an answer to your question.

The pursuit of profit for pleasure as a motive in a given psychic-nature is, in the expanding or evolutionary process, replaced or gives way to a motive on a higher turn of the palingenetic helix. This higher motive - a motive which will usher in a new cycle, a motive which will characterize the New Age - is labeled the Love-security motive. This Love-security motive is difficult to describe, on the grounds that in our race-psyche we do not as yet have an adequate referent for it; but there is much about it that has to be given in preparation for intelligent participation in the new cycle now dawning, although some of our students may have to take what is given on faith, until their own respective understand-


ing clears, clears in perception and recognition of its factuality. The values given to this word love, generally speaking, have developed a semantic blockage to understanding the true significance which it represents. Some will either think of a biological urge and its expression, or will think of an emotional urge and need for companionship; while some others might think of it as devotion to a cause, community interests, a rapport on the psycho-logical level - in one's psychic-nature - with one of the opposite sex (that rapport is wonderful, enjoyable, pleasurable, comforting and needful and there is no intention of demeaning it), etc.; but, we are not using the word love here to represent any of those levels or meanings. Think of THAT which this word symbolizes as the highest Mother-influence, as a Substance in Cosmos, called Binah, Aditi, Negative-force, the Light Mother. If one who reads this happens to be a physicist or an electronic engineer, let him label the Negative pole of the Cosmic Field - Love; and he will be on the beam.

On a relatively lower level or state, than this negative pole of the Highest Triad, the referent for this word love - used in the Love-security motive aspect - is called the Great All-inclusive Power of the Christos; it is universal, and irrespective of persons, rays out like the sun which shine upon all. It shines or rays out by its nature, the creating nature of the Cosmic-process itself. With what words can that be portrayed? When contacted, one's very being, his heart, mind, physical-self and even the molecular structure of his body thrills in response to the power of pure Love. When one is filled with its radiance, he does not love anything particularly, he does not particularize nor does he identify it with any special one; he just loves, loves the sunshine, loves the grass, loves the trees, loves dogs, cats, birds, men, women and children; love pours out in streams, waves and rays, impersonal and universal.


Those who have been touched by It exclaim: "This is God." To them this pervasive force called Love seems omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Love is God, and all that the attributes signified by omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience connote. That is why Plato used the term "The Good."

There is nothing other than THIS - The Good - Love polarized with Security. In all seriousness it is said, women found this out long ago, but only a relatively few men have. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High" abideth under the protecting care of Love and Security, "the shadow of the Almighty." Portray, if you can, the highest conceivable form of Security and you will find that it cannot be without Love. In living experiences, functional Life-facts, we prove this continuously. There is no Security without Love. Provide unshakable Security - for anyone - and you have Love. Security inspires respect, and out of respect emerges Love; but once lose respect and Love will vanish - then Security quickly flies away. In the age now coming in, these three as guiding principles will constitute "foreign policy." If we could exemplify these three now, stick to it, mean it, the world's troubles would clear away. And this we are going to learn, learn not the easy but the hard way. In your home, in your country, in your world, Love-Security - Queen and King - must reign; for if they do not reign you will soon lose home, country and world. And the Third Factor - Respect - the Binding Power, the Balance, accompanies the Queen and King; but vanishes if the Polar Pair disappear.

Verbalistically we had to introduce these three separately, first Love, then Security and finally Respect; but let us school ourselves to think of these three as one. And to feel, experience and know this One, not as words or mental concepts but as a vital Power. We must, of necessity, cultivate this experiencing of these three as one by feeling each in turn


as if separate, until synthesis emerges. Take Respect for example: that which this word represents was the determining factor in founding these United States of America. It was a new idea in the world, a radical departure which frightened the ruling powers of Europe. To them the idea of founding a government on respect for the person, his rights, security in possessions, etc., was preposterous. The dignity of man grew out of this respect for him; for to respect one is to dignify him. Until every 'common' man feels himself a King - Security - and in that feeling of largeness he Loves - finds his Queen - and so out of one of the three the other two are found. But let any man lose his own self-respect and he soon loses the respect of others; then follows loss of Love and Security. A book should be written showing that these three cannot be separated. Again for example:

Take Love out of your life, work, interests, and you will have lost Security, for without Love you soon won't give a "tinker's dam" about anything. Then follows the loss of Respect for everything, everyone, including yourself. So long as you have Love you have a home and Security, where mutual Respect resides; lose Love and only a house is left giving no Security. The greatest need and necessity in the lives of children repeatedly comes to light in our psychosomatic investigations, for we find more maladjustments, psychosomatic troubles, illness, diseases, etc., traceable to insecurity in the childhood years than any other cause. The greatest need of little children growing up is to feel Love, which means Security; the child needs Security over and above everything else. When, with the loss of one, the other two of these Primary Three are also lost, to replace them there appear three evils: hate, conscienceless mendacity, malediction. A wide variation in synonyms for these three evils represents the spread of the wave-frequency band of forces sym-


bolized. In every case where these evils are evident or uncovered - from beneath the cloak of austerity, severity, civility, sweet-hypocrisy, etc. - strive to replace the Primal Three for the complete and permanent cure, since no amount of condemnation - fighting - will succeed, not even in the slightest degree. Use yourself and your home as your laboratory in dealing with these and other evils, then you will know the proper procedure in and for country, the world and race-psyche; for the old adage does hold true - as in the microcosm so in the macrocosm. This is because the Higher Triads are endlessly repeated, both in differentiations and in reflections.

The women fold may not mind if we give away one of their secrets: a woman is incapable of loving except as a mother, and in or for security. To rule out unnatural or perverted aspects of Love we repeat: any normal, natural order psycho-logically healthy woman is incapable of loving except as mother and for security. Woman (man with the womb, womb-man) personifies and epitomizes Nature's genetrix, a reflection in living-matter of the Negative Pole - Light Mother - of the Highest Triad. Run the history of the evolution of the race way back to the cave-man state and beyond, where the woman could not go out with a club, stone axe or spear and bring in the food; if she wasn't heavy with child or nursing a child, potentially she was both and physiologically she was incapable of going out and bringing in the meat. Through the ages and out of stark necessity the physiological handicap became a psycho-logical functional fact or force. She must have Security before she can entrust herself to Love.

As woman intrinsically represents Nature's Negative Pole, so man intrinsically represents Nature's Positive Pole; therefore in Life-facts, on all levels and in all departments of what is called human endeavor, man expresses and exemplifies


the creating aspect of Nature's functions; while woman's substance - in living-matter, etheric energy or vital force, psychic effluvium or dynamogeneic fire - is that in which creations are given form, configurated, born, etc. But woman also represents Nature's preservative function anent those creations, by maintaining the environmental welfare and circumstances - on the three above designated levels - for the bringing forth and safeguarding of those creations. Then the third factor intrinsic in Nature - Cosmic-process as World Mother or the Genetrix - the Binding Force; the bond, marriage, or whatever label is given to that intangible yet powerful influence which holds the man and woman in union for carrying on Life's factual executory purposes. When blindly, ignorantly, foolishly, etc., or by intent, any one of these three functional forces of Nature (while "under the law of sin and death," as Paul would have stated it) is contravened, then evil in some form eventuates. Thus again we find the source or cause for evil; and in contravening Nature's functional forces in these three aspects, on these three levels, we engender three most destructive evils to orderly continuousness and progress. Today these evils are wrecking our society, and doing a more effective job of it than any 'foreign' enemy could possibly do.

For those who survive and for those coming in who will take our place, a Love-Security motive, displacing the older profit-pleasure motive, will bring out and establish a new culture and civilization, on a new and higher level. Love-Security, a Cosmic force, having universal and planetary implications, is now motivating members of the vanguard of our race; as its influence permeates the top echelon of our race we will, at long last, witness the advent of the brotherhood of man in a cooperative commonwealth. There will be a new people, having a new order and a new civilization. Legislation, for-


mation of governments, partisanship and advocacies of ideologies will follow, as configurational representations; never can these precede or usher in the New Order. Here in the United States of America we once occupied a unique position in these developments. Our form of government was founded on the principles underlying this New Order, and in anticipation of it. At the time of inauguration it was too far in advance of the understanding of the many. By reason of this ignorance, evil forces crept in - particularly in the form of a foreign ecclesiastical state masked behind 'revealed' religion - which now threatens maintenance or recovery of our unique position. Students of the School of the Natural Order have now a double duty to perform: First, each one must so fill his own consciousness with the radiating power of the Love-Security motivating force that, on the higher dimension or Mind-level, Its influence becomes potent for The Good; and second, actively lend support and all possible assistance to those who are working for the reinstitution of the original principles upon which our form of government was established.






In this consideration of the Problem of Good and Evil, there now remains a gathering up of some loose ends, a more detailed explanation of some factors mentioned and a general summarization. Subject matter, therefore, will be separated by some printer's device to indicate the specific non-relatedness of points revised or described.

* * * * * * *

One of the objectives of the School of the Natural Order is the revival of the pre-christian Gnosis, as the source and origin of what is called the Christian Culture. In this effort a correlation of the Gnosis with our understanding of scientifically established facts anent the structure, function, order of cosmological findings follows as a necessary and inevitable definitive consequence, contexture, etc. In the pursuit of this objective it became clear that there could be no place in the rearticulation of the Gnosis for mysticism, occultism or metaphysics, on the grounds that every point or factor of man's relationship to and intrinsic integration in the Cosmic-process could now be empirically established. It can therefore be established, as a Kantian categorical imperative, that in the non-aristotelian culture characterizing the New Cycle there will be no systems which can be labeled mystical, occult or metaphysical.

Spinoza (1632-1677) tried to correlate the Gnosis with the Euclidean geometrical propositions in pursuit of a similar pur-


pose - to place the Gnosis on empirical grounds. But the instruments, language, sufficient information, etc., were lacking in Spinoza's day whereby this could be accomplished, and Euclidean geometry, being relative to the objective frame of reference, imposed a limitation which was insurmountable, resulting in logical errors in Spinoza's philosophical system. Today we have a considerable number of men and women who are qualified to do what Spinoza could not do; yet Spinoza's name, through the years, has remained alive by reason of his attempt to do what was then impossible.

Those who are most canalized in objective identification, even though believing in the metaphysical doctrines of christian church organizations, will have difficulty in understanding our description of the basic process anent the cause of evil. It would be most advantageous for those who have accepted the doctrines of mysticism, occultism and metaphysics, and for those canalized in objective identification who may never have seriously considered these doctrines, to study "The Christos" series Book Five, and "A Treatise on Faith"; then reread this work, "The Problem of Good and Evil."

* * * * * * *

Students in the School of the Natural Order (and of course anyone trained in conscious abstracting) gradually develop an attitude of silence in the presence of one making dogmatic assertions about evil, blaming their own and the world's troubles on "forces of evil," etc. The silence is imposed by the understanding of the monumental task required to straighten out the thinking processes, unconscious assumptions, unknown inferences, etc., upon which or out of which the dogmatic statements are predicated. In such circumstances the only polite way out is to refer to The Good - or some phase of the Cosmic-process - the beneficence of its fundamental ac-


tivity in our respective selves, and that there would be no evil if we knew enough to be obedient to its promptings.

* * * * * * *

When identification with the Intrinsic Nature - The Good, or Cosmic-process - of our respective selves is accomplished by a given person, he passes, in consciousness, from the process of becoming into Be-ing. Before this identification of consciousness with the Intrinsic Nature, the Be-ing existed only as a potentiality; like the flower of a plant is only potential during the cycle of growth of the plant. However, in Be-ing there is no evil, by reason of the fact that there is no repression of the fundamental processes of The Good.

* * * * * * *

It has been said that those who perfect the transition from becoming to Be-ing are most difficult to understand. This should not be confusing if it is remembered that they see fundamental causes as easily as others see effects - erroneously calling these effects, "causes" - and consequently their way of evaluation is entirely changed or different. When a person is fighting to overcome evil in his life and members, and has been admonished to do so by good intentioned advisers, the clear Perceiver knows that this will accomplish nothing except more evil, or worse, the repression of those forces called evil. Then the person is worse off, for evil will then compound its substituted form of expression in some more virulent manner. If the Clear Perceiver voices his knowings it appears to the person and his advisers that he is endorsing, or on the 'side' of evil and therefore difficult to understand, etc. (The "etc." here means that the Clear Perceiver might be condemned as a dangerous menace to society.)

He is far from being a dangerous menace for he stands ever ready to help any and all who can or will put forth


some effort to help themselves; but the Clear Perceiver cannot pretend that there is any virtue in fighting oneself - as is done in fighting self-created evil. Neither can he pretend that the system of values evolved out of objective identification has any merit; particularly when he sees it used by clever demagogues for the greater enslavement of others or for personal and political reasons. The Clear Perceiver is, in his consciousness of "the ocean" of bliss and light, like one who says: "Come on in the water is fine; let's splash around and have fun while we work." But, don't expect him to come 'out' or 'down' and make believe that your evils, troubles, etc., are real and help you obtain the objects of your desires in more evils; for he wants you to abolish the cause of all evils.

* * * * * * *

The wrong track which the psychoanalysts, and most psychiatrists, have taken - evaluating the so-called "unconscious" from the basis of objective identification and in the objective manifold of values - will become sharply etched against the clear light of understanding the cause of evil. They may appear, in this light, as being more in the position of contributing to evil than in the 'cure' thereof. How many out of fear of repressing (not repressing functional forces of The Good, but repressing urges which are the results or effects of suppressing functional forces of The Good) have "jumped overboard" into ill-considered 'expression'? And with a train of disastrous consequences! How many? They could not be counted. This is more "blind leaders of the blind," more "hells paved with good intentions," and accepted by reason of the word "science" attached to their labels.

* * * * * * *

When finally there are many of us who will have worked through the becoming phase in our respective ongoings, at


least to the stage where an Oversoul or Group-consciousness comes into functional operation, the Way will be made much easier for the many others. It is like pioneering on any level, where the wilderness must be conquered, organized and brought under control for orderliness to make possible freedom in creative work and in preparation for another Great Advent.

Each great cycle must have these pioneers; for fulfillment of Destiny would be a much longer and more drawn out process without them. No one lives to himself alone, his destiny is integrated in the Destiny of that whole in which he is likewise integrated.

The pioneering phase in the fulfillment of Destiny seems more interesting and inspiring to many of us! "Come on in the water's fine"; even when its rugged.

* * * * * * *

Blockages - semantic or otherwise - obstructions and inhibiting influences to the release of motivating forces, relative to one's basic state of development, are more immediately cleared away by lifting or directing the current of the motivating forces above the level - or center in the psychic-nature - in which it is functioning; i.e., ignore the blockages and concentrate attention on the current by directing it away from the blockages, etc. The structure of one's psychic-nature (which is the same 'thing' as saying: the structure of what each one calls himself) and the way or manner functional forces operate in that structure, pre-determine a Natural Order process for this directing the current - motivating forces - to other and higher levels.

In the understanding of this structure-functional system of Nature, or configurational representation of consciousness and Its States, the problem - anent evil, as a substitution


for suppressed forces of The Good - is solved. In fact, in this understanding, the 'problem' appears so simple that no solution seems necessary; it just disappears.

Have not all of us had similar experiences? Something that seemed so complex, baffling, difficult to solve, or even cope with, when viewed synthetically and from a higher level appeared so unutterably simple? We felt foolish and weak at the thought of the fuss, agony, worry and contention - "much ado about nothing"! So it is with this problem of good and evil, and yet we wonder why the gods laugh!

* * * * * * *

If we designate the Natural Order successive stages on the spiral movement characterizing the Cosmic-process - territory-to-be-traversed; and the way we have lived, acted, reacted to values, etc., under the belief in evil - a guide-map, out of sorrow and suffering, we are awakening in the discovery that our map was far from representing the territory. Those who perceive both territory and map most clearly, amazingly marvel over how we avoided compulsions of evil into chaos as long as we did, where - in chaos - we have discarded all maps and have no perception of territory (the antecedent of "we" as used, the persons of occidental culture; and "chaos" beginning with World War I).

There is ground for encouragement, even as chaos increases, for many signs are evidenced anent the awakening. The aroused and stirring "soul-searching" in many quarters, the change transpiring in our top literary craftsmen, the increasing consciousness of responsibility in our scientists, serious questioning of premises - heretofore unconsciously accepted and ranging from inquiring into forms of government, political ideologies, economic systems to morals, ethics, faith and religions - on the part of those best qualified for such


serious questioning and whose impersonal approach and integrity in Truth places them beyond being affected by scurrilous attacks from instruments of evil, called perfectionists in polemical calumny and wantons in defamation of character.

Watch for and lend encouragement to these evidences of the Awakening; for as students and devotees of the Gnosis we know that the only way out of chaos is to become realigned to the creative forces flowing from The Good at our respective intrinsic and basic stations on The Path.

* * * * * * *

Life-facts are never tinged with evil. The term "Life-facts" is used to represent the way we function, not the mentalized values given to the way we function. The difference is like a chasm separating one's private world from the World - the Reality - in which he actually, factually and intrinsically is integrated. Evil, as a compensatory form of creativity, pertains to the mentalized private world, or worlds, but has no existence 'outside' - in a state of consciousness emancipated from any private world, or all private worlds - in Life-facts.

One's private world represents, to him, the world in which he thinks he functions; the Cosmic-process, with Life-facts as intrinsic motivating forces, is the world in which he really functions.

The often quoted Scriptural text - "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" - has been as difficult to understand in these times as it was for the 'Jews' to whom it was directly addressed - in the allegorical rendition of the relation of the Christos to those ("Jews") in objective identity. Read the eighth chapter of the Book of John, keeping in thought that this is an allegorical portrayal of the correspondence and relationship of That level of Power and Light called The Christed State, or The Christos, to that


objective-self-conscious state (in identification with an image in the psychic-nature appearing substantive) labeled Jews. (As one reads he might also ponder on what this other identification - identifying an allegorical term, Jews, with an ethnological branch of the race - has done to the Hebrew and Israelite peoples, since this esoteric instruction was released.) However, if the student of the Gnosis will use that which the term Life-facts represents - as described - as the referent for the word truth, and stress the word know, he will come close to understanding the scriptural quotation. We say "close," for full understanding is not mental or intellectual, but means at-one-ness with the functional processes of The Good - the Dynamic Cosmic-process.

And when you know Life-facts, as Truth or Reality, Life-facts shall make you free from all objective identifications and consequently free from the evils engendered therein.

* * * * * * *

Values given to psychic images appearing substantive become pivotal to all considerations, understandings, analyses, etc., of causes for evil, and incidentally for solutions to psychosomatic ailments - results of evils - as well as pivotal to the abrogation of semantic blockages. Therefore, discernment of these values, their nature, origin, character and qualities - in a given case and in a race-psyche at a given date - places the discerner in a unique and advantageous position, giving him full comprehension of all etiological factors for diagnostic purposes.

* * * * * * *

It is indeed inspiring for many workers in our school (and no doubt elsewhere) to witness the Dawn breaking. After the long dark night of groping for clarity in perception of fundamentals - anent structure, function and order of Cosmos


and man's status, his integral and impregnable position or post therein - it gladdens the heart of Be-ing to witness the break-through (the veil) into light, the light of understanding in the race-psyche. Strange, to some, is the fact that our embryologists head the vanguard in this break-through, when they expected the religionists to be those who would first "see the light." And stranger yet, the Gnosis has been with us always; throughout the dark night of groping; but we could not understandingly read it until the Dawn was approaching. Now we can confidently look forward to functioning in the Gnosis, as the basis for our form of government (which has from the beginning been founded on it), educational systems, religions, structure for our organized relationships - society - and every department thereof.

In one aspect of the process, as it affects our race-psyche, it has required more than one hundred and seventy-five years for us to catch up with the clarity of perception of our Founding Fathers. Those who must have some objective reason for any 'thing' and every 'thing' blame the churches and the doctrines taught therein for this lag; but there must be some more inherently fundamental cause in structure-function cyclic processes for this, on the grounds that 'objective' appearances and configurations never can be other than representations of psychic and intrinsic - Mind-level patterns - states in which the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious. (In this observation we seem to have mixed our levels; phenomena or appearances have causes in the psychic-nature, while the reason - Logos - for configurations is ever in Mind-substance - Lightergy.) However, the Dawn is breaking and all Nature which "groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now" is glad.

* * * * * * *

The psychic-nature, like a Janus, can face two ways. It can face the world of configurations and it can face the world


of Mind or Light. We label this facing process - orientation. But, it is the Power-to-be-conscious which motivates the psychic-nature; so when describing some way or aspect of orientation - on the part of the psychic-nature - we must remember that it is the Power-to-be-conscious in connection, identification, etc., with the psychic-nature which is the Prime Mover. For the understanding of those who have not as yet trained their thinking (respectively) in the various 'departments,' levels or states of the Triune Man we use two terms as synonyms for the psychic-nature - "the unconscious" and "psycho-logical processes." The three terms - psychic-nature, the unconscious, psycho-logical processes - are symbols representing a state in which the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious. (As you know, anyone can doubt any 'thing' or every 'thing,' but no one can doubt the Power-to-be-conscious, or the Power with which he doubts, is conscious of that which he doubts, is conscious of doubting, or is conscious; period. That indubitable or axiomatic fact is, by the way, the point upon which we start all beginners in our school.)

The psychic-nature is that ensemble, or gestalt - of sensations, feelings, desirings, lovings, emotings and thinkings - in consciousness with which a person identifies himself; in actuality this ensemble is that which the word "person" means or represents. The basis for the science of therapeutics which will characterize 'medical' practice of the future, or this New Cycle, can be described in terms of body as an exact representation of this gestalt called psychic-nature; i.e., the physiological organism is the exact representation of the content of the psychic-nature. But, there are two factors which must be quickly added, and must be incorporated into the statement: the psychic-nature does not exist separate or apart from its oversoul or race-psyche, and when the atomic


and/or electronic status of a given 'physical' body - as mass - is considered, taken into account, etc., we find the fundamental configuration (of units of energy) which is not a representation of the ensemble of the qualities in the psychic-nature, but is a representation of the pattern (lines of force in the field) in the individualizing consciousness on the Mind-level. This statement may be obscure to some, so a reiteration may help: The basis for the science of therapeutics which will characterize 'medical' practice of the future, or this New Cycle, can be described in terms of 'body' as an exact representation of this gestalt called psychic-nature; that is, the psycho-physiological or organismal function is the exact representation of the content of the psychic-nature, but when this 'physical body' as mass is considered from the electronic-field level we find that the configuration of units of energy is not a representation of the ensemble of qualities in the psychic-nature, but a representation of the pattern, the lines of force in the field; i.e., in the individualizing consciousness on the Mind-level.

Mental activities, intellectualizing, etc., are described as functions of consciousness on the highest level of the psychic-nature. These activities, in the form of faculties, aptitudes and attributes, are evolved or developed out of abstractions made from stimuli - light-energy waves and frequencies registered - received through the sense organizations until the results or effects - sensations, feelings, etc. - in the psychic-nature can become dissociated, or differentiated, from the causes thereof or from objective identifications; then these activities can develop concepts about the effects or results; i.e., about the sensations, feelings, etc., in the psychic-nature. (This separation of results from stimuli from the 'things' apparently causing the sensations, feelings, etc., was called, in the old aristotelian age, "subjective experiences" in contrast


to "objective experiences"; and out of this came the concept of "a subconscious mind.")

Each stage or phase of this developing process on the mental level of the psychic-nature has a corresponding development - as representation - in that part of the physiological organism called the brain. The beginning of the development of the cortex - which is still going on - as distinct, in functions, from the thalamus, signalized that differentiating ability in the psychic-nature or that separation of the results of stimuli from the stimuli of that which caused it. Those in the state of objective identification (which it will be remembered is nothing more nor less than believing the image appearing substantive is real and becoming identified therewith) always gets the cart before the horse, for they believe it is the brain, its structure, multiplicity of neurons and their organization, etc., which causes, is the reason for, the basis of, etc., the thinking processes or functions. No use to debate the point with these objectifiers or thingifiers, for if they cannot see how they, respectively, made a picture out of an aggregation of submicroscopic and whirling units of energy - the configuration - they could not see how and why what is called physiological organisms is developed as a representation of the dynamic processes of consciousness in the psychic-nature.

However, one can evaluate the degree of the expansion of consciousness into an individualized state by closely observing the stages of development of the cortex, or on the lower levels (lesser states) note the stages of organization of the physiological organism. This can be done up to the point where consciousness in the psychic-nature, or on the Mind-level, functions independently of the brain - cortex or thalamus - but can utilize either, if occasion requires.

The development of the psychic-nature and its repre-


sentation - the 'physical' body - proceeds through these two phases, or stages (thalamic and cortical, 'objective' and 'subjective,' personality and ego) before, like a Janus, it faces the Mind-level and gives recognition to it. In this third and final phase of the development of the psychic-nature, consciousness in the psychic-nature orients to the Mind-level, and begins the reflection of Its qualities. This reflection of the Nature and qualities of the Mind-level is preparatory for the Great Leap - across the chasm or Second Crossing - into Be-ing. Relative to human evaluation, or the higher values of man, this "Leap into Be-ing" signalizes the greatest event in the palingenetic cycle. There is nothing which lends comparison to it, for this is called the Birth of the Christos, the birth of a Be-ing.

In the early phases - called instinctive or thalamic - of the developing psychic-nature there is little or no thwarting of the dynamic activity of the Power-to-be-conscious; therefore no evil, no "sin against the Holy Ghost." Evil does not appear until tribal taboos - contrary to the Natural Order process, or thwarting the dynamic activity and not truly representative of a given point or phase in the developing process of the psychic-nature, or group consciousness of the tribe - are created. Extending these tribal taboos into dogmatic doctrines set up by ecclesiastics, or equating the multiplying of evils with development of objective-self-consciousness - represented by cortical organization - we can trace the history of evils in the race-psyche down to the present; where, in recent times and under persuasion of "sweetness and light" ideations, these multiplied evils became repressed, thus creating an ever-renewed plethora of viroses, troubles, worries and fears.

These evils and the consequent results of repressing them have hastened the orientation of consciousness in the psychic-


nature to the Mind-level; but do not get the impression that this was needful, necessary, Nature's method, etc., because this is not true of the Natural Order process, "It is impossible but that offences (evils) will come; but woe unto him, through whom they come!" Luke 17:1. These offences or evils have eclipsed and cut off understanding of the Natural Order method provided by Nature for the orientation of consciousness in the psychic-nature state, to the Mind-level, and for a very good reason: once this orientation is effected all evils are cleared out of the psychic-nature, and fast. This cleansing of the temple is called the purificatory process on the Path or in Self-development. So those who temporarily profit by maintaining evils, devils, etc., will prevent this orientation if they can, even the evils, as perverse urges, habits and appetites, will clamor for continuance in their "rats' nests" in the psychic-nature. Re-learn the Knowledge which has been held from you, forgotten and lost; regain the understanding of your own Self and the Way to it!

* * * * * * *

In one of the rare public addresses given by Professor Albert Einstein (c. 1940) with disarming candor and in characteristic child-like innocence, he said to his audience: "Give up the idea of a personal God," going on to explain why holding on to this idea is so self-defeating and retarding to true progress for society. Reporters for the newspapers present played up the remark for their editors, out it went on associated press wire services, and a storm of protest followed. Loud and long denunciations sounded off from pulpits throughout the world, which in turn echoed and re-echoed on radio broadcasting. This was Professor Einstein's last public address; and he put up no defense for his kindly suggestion.

This passing incident was startling in what it revealed!


Here was one of the great minds of our times, inadvertently placed in contrast with the level of development of the best and most generally accepted of the race-consciousness. It was not the emotional fog released, distorting the remark out of every semblance of intent and meaning, which was so appalling; it was the absence of any voice or word raised in question and inquiry, deference and respect, eagerness to know, which left one suddenly hollow with shock - and afraid. This haunting fear for an unconscious and indifferent people, the feeling of helplessness to do anything about it, the knowing, that dreadful knowing which one has in times of danger when children are asleep, the emptiness, voidness and aloneness in knowing, the gulf which yawns - compels renunciation of anxiety and all the rest, in the Peace which Mind enfolds. There, no doubt, is the resort of that one - Albert Einstein - who became the personification of a turning point of an Age.

* * * * * * *

Prophets of old, in times like these, thundered their warnings: "Hear ye, Oh my people, and give heed! Fear ye not the wrath and destruction of God? Mend ye thy ways, walk in the righteousness of God's laws! For the day of God's judgment cometh." "For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away. . ."

The Prophet's warnings, the commentary given hundreds of years later at the turn of another and subsequent cycle, couched in words suitable as well as representative of the contemporary status in the developing process, are clear references to that which today - at the turn of another and subsequent cycle to the one in which the commentary was given - we call "The Revenge of the Will." Consonant with our psy-


chologically conscious era the "wrath and destruction" aspect of the intrinsically functioning and dynamic forces of That, which we label Power-to-be-conscious or the Cosmic-process, is equated with the meaning of Evil and designated the Revenge of the Will. The "wrath and destruction of God," "Evil," "Revenge of the Will," in this thesis on the problem of good and evil, are synonymous terms.

* * * * * * *

The segment of the age in which we, in this mid-twentieth century, now live has of late been likened to a "turning point of history." Philosophical explorations of communism, its doctrines and ideologies - as given in books, magazines and lecture series - have stressed "the purpose of history," as conceived by writers and supporters of dialectical materialism, for a basis of critical evaluation and counter interpretations of "history." "History," its meaning, trends, indications, etc., as 'purposes' and 'determinations' has become such a major occupation with so many 'thinkers,' whom one would expect to know better, that this asseveration anent "history" has been inspirited, or better yet, excited.

The word "history" - a label for a higher order abstraction - represents no meaning, has no referent, outside of a given person's conception or opinion of evidences (as representations) yielded or 'brought out' by the expanding consciousness of a race-psyche - its states or stages - or value given to some person's opinion of these evidences. History, therefore, can be described as man's opinion of the evolution of consciousness; gathered or formed (abstracted) from values given to 'objective' appearances thereof.

To seriously talk about "turning points of history," "the purpose of history," "determinations of history," etc., indicates nothing, other than ignorance, nonsense, idiocy, etc.,


and - at the very best - identification of abstractions made from generalized images appearing substantive with sequential representations of qualities in a given race-psyche.

The person who was the most adept in effecting this identification was Karl Marx; which - considering the disastrous consequences to millions now 'dead,' 'living,' and unborn - superficially evaluated would be labeled a "decisive point in history," "an historical determination," "purpose of history" electing Karl Marx as agent, etc. But when this superficial mask is penetrated and motivating factors and forces in a race-psyche (Russian) are exposed to view, an entirely different picture, pattern and causes are brought into perceptive focus. The set of opinions and abstractions - ideology - of Karl Marx and his identification of these with 'history,' the acceptance of and belief in them on the part of a few men, was just as convenient an excuse as any other for mental justification - or a mask - 'behind' which the motivating forces of a given race-psyche, in its karmic entanglements with other race-psyches, could exercise its designs, i.e., qualities. If Karl Marx had never 'lived' or no one had concocted a set of opinions and abstractions, made similar identifications with 'history' - i.e., identifying a gestalt of abstractions with another abstraction called history - the given race-psyche would have found some other 'reason' to justify expression of its motivating forces, the qualities thereof, etc. These qualities in that race-psyche called Russia exhibit an unbelievably powerful force, by reason of the deep and strong anchorage of the roots of that race-psyche in the elemental formative forces - 'soil' - of Nature. But, due to hundreds of years of severe repression they have turned evil, and in such a staggering degree of blackness none of us in the West are capable of conceiving. The ground swell, like power and force in this particular race-psyche, coupled with the abysmal blackness of evil (the


evil turn it is now exhibiting) eminently equips or qualifies it as the instrument of world-karma - karma on a world-wide scale or for the whole race on the planet. One may rightly infer from this that it will be a much longer period than he wants or likes to admit, before the race karma is expiated. But, paralleling this expiation of karma is the organization and preparation of the nucleus for the new culture, representative of the cycle now dawning. This becomes the work of every forward-looking man and woman, those who do not lose faith in the ultimate triumph of The Good. In this Cause students of the School of the Natural Order are enlisted, and for the duration.

* * * * * * *

For those who should be apprised of errors in the prescriptive and explicit manifestos of Karl Marx, the centralizing factors of his thinking processes are here given, with the errors appearing therein. Recall to remembrance that the Highest Triad is the 'deepest' in-ness of all that IS; and also is the ultimate and final fundamental basis of all that exists. Plato so clearly understood the functional aspect of this Highest Triad - its Positive Power, Negative Substance and Binding Force (Balance) between - that he devised and patterned his dialectical determinism upon it.

Georg Wilhelm Friederich Hegel (1770-1831) revived Plato's dialectical determinism, utilizing it to revamp the doctrines, philosophies, systems, etc., of both Kant and Fichte - but never giving recognition or credit to any of these three who preceded him, as the source from which he abstracted his philosophical system. Today we consider Hegel's system of thinking an inadequate and unfinished blending of the philosophies of Plato, Kant and Fichte having no creative originality; but in his day he became famous, and after 1865


became quite influential in American university circles. His influence in England and the United States remains to this day, as it was largely the 'reason' ('objective' justification) for materialistic focalization of thought in the development of what is called "Capitalistic Economy," "Free Enterprise System," etc. And this 'influence' stems from a distortion of Kant's system; but that which will cause Hegel to be remembered, so long as the objective-self-conscious state of Self (Man) remains on this planet, resides in the obscure attendance of Karl Marx in Hegel's classes at the University of Berlin some short while after 1818.

To the credit of Hegel, let is be said that he never identified the three prime forces in the movement - processes and evolution - of thought with any objective appearance or form; but like Plato, the real master of dialectics, described the three prime forces as the basis of all, or any, thought processes. Away from Germany - where his gross and absurd corruption of Hegel would have been laughed to scorn - in practical exile in the slums of London, Karl Marx took one phase of Hegel's adaptation of Plato's dialectical science - thesis, antithesis, synthesis - and made the first major error; he identified the thesis with 'capital,' and antithesis with 'labor' and the synthesis with "the dictatorship of the proletariat"; blissfully unconscious that the term "proletariat" - a label for an abstraction - represents no referent, meaning in Life-facts or reality, the same also for the words "capital" and "labor." This was, on empirical grounds, really a series of errors; but outside of considering reifications of labels for abstractions, the major error was the identification of the Three Prime Movers - as thesis, antithesis and synthesis - with any 'thing,' in the world of thought or in the world of phenomenal representations. If we were good aristotelians we would say that in the light of subsequent eventuations, this first major


error on the part of Karl Marx has become a colossal blunder; as millions have already been put to death and millions more are yet to die by reason of it; cultures with their cities, organizations and institutions have perished, and many more are yet to perish because of it, etc. Not being either good, or bad, aristotelians the only observation which can be made is that these eventuations, transpiring in the name of Karl Marx's manifestos, would have come to pass whether Marx had lived or not, and whether "the bear who walks like a man" never existed.

The second major error in Marx's 'system,' as set forth in his manifesto, was the identification of the Prime Movers with 'history.' The denseness of the consciousness of Karl Marx, shrouded by and conditioned in objective canalizations caused him to transpose effect into cause - getting "the cart before the horse" - for in this denseness he attributed the Prime Movers to 'history', instead of the indubitable Natural Order Process of the creating of 'history' by and as effects of the functional process characterizing the Prime Movers. Hegel was incapable of making such a gross mistake, although there is one point in Hegel's description of the relation of the Prime Movers in this world, as the only real world, to phenomenal representations - the categories of Kant - which may have given Karl Marx justification for his starting point and basic premise. Upon this point Hegel was not clear. Kant closed his critique with the generalization that the Real World - 'behind' or other than phenomenal appearances - could never be known and therefore we must accept it on faith and faith alone; for this Real World could not be known, neither could It be dispensed with. Hegel challenged this assumption or observation on the part of Kant, stating that the Real World "behind the curtain," could be known; but in attempting to support his challenge he became


terribly involved and lost in his own identifications. Instead of separating the phenomenal world (which we do today), as relative only to the state of consciousness of a given perceiver, from the Real World, Hegel attempted to prove that the phenomenal world was that by which the Real World could be known. We now call this attempt of Hegel's the identification of a private world (in this case Hegel's) with the Real World; we clearly perceive that any given private world represents a gestalt abstracted from the Real World and can never exhibit, portray or represent any 'thing' other than the qualities in or content of the psychic-nature which creates the private world; but - and here is where Hegel got lost - to create the private world, the activities, functional forces, Prime Movers, etc., of the Real World are and must be utilized, and that is why he could not dispense with the Real World; but he did not know how to "cross the abyss" over to the Real World.) Hegel did not see this as clearly as Kant and therefore - perhaps in pride and egoism - tried to prove Kant wrong, and became involved in identifying his private world and Kant's categories with the Real World by asserting that the phenomenal world was a representation of the Real World and therefore it also was real. This became fatal to Karl Marx - and from the aristotelian standpoint - fatal to the whole world.

We, of course, can see where this fatal error on the part of Karl Marx, a confusion in understanding on the part of Hegel, multiplied by the thousands all over the world, has set up a blockage to the free flowing powers and functional forces of The Good; thus creating a dumbfounding evil. If the aristotelian segment of persons in the world - in their own respective private worlds - identify this evil with a few men in the Kremlin, with communists, an ideology, etc., then a


giant devil is set up; something to blame for every dialection from The Good, something to fight instead of expiating the cause of evil, an objective 'reason' for a host of concealed and substituted motivations, etc. But we can also see that if this particular evil was not created another one would have been necessary, so long as the cause for it continued in the many psychic-natures. The lesson for all men of good will is to walk the Path carefully and with great circumspection!

* * * * * * *

A word of caution must be given to sincere students - devotees - of the Gnosis, anent this problem of good and evil and relative to the transition period between two great cycles in which we are now living.

When the breakdown of safeguards, restraining influences, moral values, etc., of the former cultural standards release a welter of pent up evils, as soon as possible withdraw yourself from all affiliations except with those, who like yourself, are genuine seekers, "Treaders of the Path," etc. If you are situated in a combination of circumstances where you cannot find others - objectively speaking - who are beyond the dabbling or dilettante stage, then perfect yourself in meditation and form your desired affiliations on other levels.

Do not over-sensitize your 'physical' body with a refined diet. Learn by experience just the right amount and kinds of foods to ingest so that a balance - degree of tamasic or sattvic quality - may be maintained with environmental frequencies in which you have to live and work; do this until you can become immune by the conscious exercise of power over forces directed and controlled from the higher levels of your psychic-natures.

If you meet with a situation where inharmonious and destructive forces - in waves and frequencies - are affecting


you: solar center attacks, gas cramps, abdominal pains, sudden diarrhea, etc.; on the heart center level: depressive feelings, sadness, heartaches, sharp stabbings, band tightness, tendency to tears, etc., quickly do two of the following exercises. (If these symptoms, due to registry of inharmonious and destructive negative forces, continue over a time-span, consciously or unconsciously, effects will develop in some organic form. The regular run of diagnoses by aristotelian diagnosticians seldom extend beyond these effects - disorders, diseases, etc. - and invariably they will transpose effects into causes, naming the effect as the cause of a person's troubles.)

Take the back breath and concentrate attention in the conarial region; as a rule, do these two exercises in anticipation of some such situation, for the quicker the better - before you get caught off guard. The point is, of course, to get your own forces out and above the level upon which the destructive frequencies are operating. During this transition period, when there will be more of an onslaught of evil forces - and rampant on the lower levels of the frequency world - do not get careless; keep alert, on guard, maintain your forces under control and on a higher level.

Many of us are finding that where only a few years ago we found it convenient to maintain our respective forces on the anahata level - the heart center - particularly when dealing with, meeting, associating, etc., with friends, relatives and others not much interested in the Gnosis, we can no longer do this. Inharmonious and destructive frequencies in the race-psyche and on the anahata level are becoming too strong to conveniently handle on that level; so we are forced to "beat a retreat" to a higher one. This came as a surprise, because for many years - going way back - we never expected destructive frequencies to reach higher or beyond the solar center - manipuraka - level. We became so conditioned to


this that we took it for granted that no destructive force operated on any level beyond manipuraka. Mistakes were made in general instructions to the student body, predicated on this conditionality.

Now that destructive frequencies in the race-psyche have reached the anahata level we may expect a much higher rate of crimes, murders, suicides, etc., 'due' to "love affairs" than formerly; for those who do not understand functions of the psychic-nature, and the corresponding functions in the race-psyche, are helpless when these waves sweep through, tensions increase and destructive frequencies are released. Of course the aristotelians will find any number of 'reasons' for this increase in crime, suicides, etc., from movies to television, but all motivating forces in the psychic-nature operate from the basis of affinity, susceptibility, negative registry and rapports.

The release of evil in that period between two major cycles - restraining influences pertaining to the older one breaking down and the new culture not as yet having sufficiently developed to create new ethics, moral codes, etc. - and the termination of both the rampant evil and the transition period are symbolically represented in the twentieth chapter of the Book of Revelation: "And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season."

* * * * * * *

In the process of becoming conscious of Self - which is described as becoming conscious of the Power-to-be-con-


scious on the Mind-level - there are two transitions, or transfers in identification, three transitions if we count the highest and last one, the identification with Logos.

The first one is a transference of consciousness from objective identification to the psychic-nature. The second transition is a transference of consciousness from the psychic-nature to the Mind-level; becoming identified with the Power-to-be-conscious in Mind-Substance, characterized as Knowing - wherein no thinking is involved.

So long as consciousness is in that state called objective identification, functions of and in the psychic-nature are evaluated - particularly by our modern psychologists - as pertaining to the unconscious; meaning, of course, unconscious to mental or cortical awareness in and occupied with thingifying (extraneously or in extrinsicalizations). The "stepping stone" to making the first transition is in training the mental processes to turn in, internalize, thus breaking the age-old habit of externalizing. The rule to follow: within the confines of Natural Order structure, one's consciousness will become identified with that upon which he thinks. This means, that upon which he thinks steadily and continuously until identification is effected; or, generally regarded, as often and long as circumstances permit.

It would indeed be priceless if it could be said: skip the first transition, ignore the psychic-nature, concentrate attention on the Mind-level, etc. For those who have made the first crossing - the first transition - this can be said and can be done; but not those in objective identification. The Natural Order Process allows no skips or jumps. To say, "skip over the psychic-nature to Mind," would be comparable to saying: do not try to find out how you function; ignore discovering the hidden and unconscious motivations of every feeling, desire, thought, etc., you have, or ever have had; give up


the effort to organize your forces, control them and reorient them to the Christos Power on Mind-level; do not cleanse and purify your nature so that you will be accounted worthy to enter the Holy of Holies; avoid coming face to face with each hidden evil - evils of your own creating when you repressed the Love-forces of The Good in your soul; delude yourself by keeping the "outside of the cup" looking clean, while the "inside of the cup" is full of stinking "pollution, unseemly things and rotting dead men's bones"; play "hide and seek" with yourself (for you cannot deceive anyone else and not even your Self for long) so that if possible you will not have to endure, or can put off, the shame, mortification, disgust and utter humiliation (until the ego gives up and dies) of facing each evil creation of the long and forgotten past, and in recognition, genuine contrite acknowledgment: yes, you are mine own, I did deny Love-force (my Lord) twice, thrice, yea! many times and thereby created you, etc., etc. These and many more subtle, recondite and difficult to describe 'things' and processes would remain to be done, understood and passed through - not over - if a jump to the Mind-level would be attempted. Those who, in a state of objective identification, do idealize a transition into Mind-consciousness succeed only in self-delusion, described as a series of reifications of words and a fool's paradise abstracted from labels for higher order abstractions. Dynamic Life-facts soon overtake these tender 'beautiful souls' dreaming so blissfully in sweetness and light idealizations.

Whereas, in the Natural Order Process, one courageously enters into the psychic-nature - the hall of learning before the sanctuary - purifies his nature sufficiently to reorient all the forces received from the genetrix to the Mind-level, makes the grade (achieves the second transition). Fortified with the Great Power of The Christos, he must then de-


scend into "the bottomless pit" and rout out "the Dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan," bring him out for the final battle - which after many temporary setbacks, defeats, vicissitudes, etc. - results in his complete expurgation. (No fooling! Timid 'souls' keep out.)

* * * * * * *

Students of the Gnosis must remember that the psychic-nature can function only by reflecting. Carry this to such an extent that no exception whatever is made to it. Relatively speaking, in the breaking-through process into the Real World, the understanding of the psychic-nature functions is not considered exceptional or even a very high point in attainment; but relative to the objective self-conscious-state it is extremely important; for to understand that every simple and inconsequential little feeling, desire, thought and action are due to some frequency picked up by or in the psychic-nature is to expose the whole "content of the unconscious" to view. Many 'things' cannot operate in the full light of understanding, which flourish and wax strong so long as they can operate in the dark. For example: you have an impulse, a thought, or idea, you act upon it; if your consciousness is identified with the objective manifold of values, you never question where you got that impulse or idea, never analyze where did I get it, from what source, or from whom, etc.; you just think or say: "I thought that," "it came out of the blue," "it just came to me," etc. Some think or say: "I originated it in my brain," "it is my thought," "my feeling," "my desire"; "it doesn't belong to anyone else," "no one else was concerned," etc., etc. We are here saying that the slightest little thought, feeling and/or desire that anyone has, to the so-called greatest, is due to the frequency that was unconsciously picked up by or in the psychic-nature - and we must quickly add - or con-


sciously, if one functions with full consciousness in the psycho-logical processes; that is, in his psychic-nature. So the point is: that irrespective of persons, anyone who lives in objective identity functions by unconscious registry of frequencies in his psychic-nature. And this is called functioning by reflection; that is the only way the psychic-nature can function.

Notice the terminology used: "registry of frequencies," "frequency which is registered," etc., showing that there is "something" which registers, there is the act of registering and that which is registered. That which registers is called, the Power-to-be-conscious. (Is it not obvious that there must be a Power-to-be-conscious before there can be consciousness or before one can be conscious? A priori to being conscious, there must be a Power-to-be-conscious.)The act of being conscious resolves into registering frequencies; i.e., one could not be conscious of himself in an objective-state without registering waves and frequencies of light-energy; the point is, unless there is a Power-to-be-conscious there could be no registry and there would be no consciousness in an objective-state in the absence of wave-frequency registration. By the act of registering light-energy waves and frequencies one becomes conscious, through a long evolutionary process of building light-energy received into living-energy-matter configurations - body, nervous system, blood, brains, etc. This process continues until some of the light-energy registered is formulated into an image; the image appears substantive, values are given to the image appearing substantive, reactions to values given - act of being conscious - create blockages to the process of converting light-energy into energy-living-matter configurational representations of states, ideas, faculties, aptitudes, psychic-nature, higher becomings, etc. The blockage in and to this processing of light-energy into energy-living-matter is the only cause of evil; so these causes must


be undone - down to the bottom of the "bottomless pit" - one's own unconscious or his psychic-nature - before one can go on into Be-ing a Logos, the Reason for all of which he is conscious, the Word - Resonant Idea or AUM - made flesh.

This imposition of Evil - the Veil - by arbitrary values given to self-created pictures, into or upon the Natural Order processing of light-energy into energy-living-matter configurations, becomes the root of all hindrances when the transfigurating process of reconverting living-matter back into energy and energy into Light signalizes The Return. This return "of the Prodigal Son" begins, in the Natural Order cyclic process, when the objective-self-conscious state (full development of the psychic-nature) has been completed. Consequently the curtain, veil or evil must be cleared away first before the Return Process can proceed without hindrances. This has been the deep and hidden mystery of the ages; today the unsolved problem of good and evil for those in objective identity is to lift the Veil of Isis - the genetrix - undo the Evil and the causes therefor.

Perceivers of old labeled Nature, in its totality - Maya. Nature, in this usage, represents all configurations in and of energy-living-matter substances, and the substances from the essences of elemental formative forces to mental substance - psychic light. This includes That which we label the World-Mother, Genetrix, Negative Pole of Cosmos, Mattergy, etc. We do not call these essences or substances and the dynamic configurations thereof - Maya; we reserve the word to represent abstractions which man - in his frame of reference - develops, makes, performs, deduces, etc., from Nature. These abstractions, images, pictures, notions, concepts and results of values given thereto are relative to man's private world; i.e., each for himself builds up a private world


out of these perceived abstractions - but these are more what he accepts, receives as suggestion, believes, assumes, simulates, imitates, etc., from one or more persons, rapports with others and with his race-psyche or cultural pattern. These abstractions, as images or pictures, appear substantive, so long as consciousness - the Real Foundation of man - remains in an objective state. The substantively appearing abstractions, images or pictures, are what we label phenomena; i.e., 'things' and 'objects,' the world as an objective creation. Living in this objective-self-conscious state, man accepts the world as it appears to him, wholly unconscious of how he created it; that is, the phenomenal appearance. From the animal state to the Dawn of this New Cycle - with few exceptions - man has developed a manifold of values about these phenomena. It is this totality, or gestalt - abstractions, images, pictures, substantive appearances of these as 'things,' 'objects,' phenomena, impressions and concepts about them, the objective manifold of values - which we label Maya, not Nature, the World-Mother, from which the abstractions were made. We therefore equate the terms Evil, Maya, Veil, Curtain; that is, this gestalt, as described, relative to the objective-self-conscious state, or man, becomes the referent, or that which we mean, when the words Evil, Maya, the Veil - or Hegel's "curtain" - are used.

* * * * * * *

The Great Objective, Work-to-be-done, Dharma, the Goal, etc., of this New Cycle (the einsteinian or non-aristotelian age) is to effect the second transition, or the second crossing. This is described as changing the orientation of consciousness from the psychic-nature to Mind. A carefully worked-out methodology, consonant with the Natural Order Process, to assist in accomplishing this reorientation is featured in our


School of the Natural Order, for "Faith without works is dead."

The change in values, from the old cycle to the new one, will stand out by contrast. The possession of wealth, the symbol for output-of-energy-per-man-hour, was the criterion of excellence in the old cycle; whereas in the new cycle the service rendered to the many others for and in orientation to the Mind-level will be designated meritorious. This represents a change from property values to human values, more consideration given to the welfare of man than to property, 'things,' possessions, etc. And the greatest of all welfare is the Kingdom-of-God-Consciousness, for all needful 'things' will be added. This change in values may be labeled, "Service to the Coming of the Christos"; for to help man - one by one - to reorient his consciousness to the Mind-level brings the Christos power into the race-consciousness.

In the changed values anent merit, criterion of excellence, etc., there will be a world-wide brotherhood of man; with the elder brothers conscious of their responsibility for the younger. In a three thousand year space - which will measure this new cycle in terms of years - do not expect this to happen all at once. But note the indications and how they will steadily increase, even as chaos increases; the two are opposite poles of the movement during the transition period. Chaos will subside as the karmic forces come into balance; then the Overall Field will shift its charge to two other poles: The elders (many not yet born in 'physical' form) will represent the positive pole, the lesser developed the negative. In considering change in values, this will be the most unique departure since the advent of man on the planet. An influence flowing from those who have an inherent consciousness of responsibility for the welfare of the whole - particularly for the lesser developed - being the most compelling force


in the affairs of man. This will effect a change, difficult for many now to understand, a change in levels upon which Love-force will function. In the old cycle this powerful force functioned on the personal or human level; as the new cycle representations become configurated Love-force will operate on an impersonal and universalized level. This is not a cold, remote and indifferent kind of love; it is warm, compassionate but non-emotional. it is a synthesis of all personal kinds of love - from the love of a mother for her child, a man or woman for his or her mate, to love of country and world order - more truly representative of Logos, as Heavenly Father, meaning what those envisioned who have said: "Love is God." As the influence from this Love-force, and on this higher level, permeates the race-consciousness, the grounds for the creation of evil commensurably disappear.

* * * * * * *

"Grow as a flower grows, and as it unfolds its beauty to the light," once said an angel who took human form. Meaning, of course, that which all perceivers of the Natural Order Process understand: no one can help 'humanity,' for there is no referent for the word "humanity"; there are only individual persons. (Try to find or contact 'humanity' and you will meet John Doe, then Richard Roe, etc., etc.) Each for himself and in his own psycho-logical time-rhythm, will grow as the flower grows - from the within out; i.e., in response to creating forces, intrinsically motivating expanding consciousness. But, like the life-forces of a plant are stimulated by the light, warmth and radiant energies received from the sun, so each person - when ready - will experience an urge to growth if "suns" (sons) are contactible in their respective orbital courses; i.e., when the student is ready, a stimulating contact will be found, for when genuinely ready and raying out "the


silent message" one is not left alone. We are guided by invisible helpers, provided that, respectively we are deserving of such guidance.

As an edifice of bricks is not built by shoveling bricks wholesale into place, so a culture is not formed by any generalized laws, methods, procedures or legislative indications (all dictators soon find this out). Strict attention to one, then one, etc., working with the consciousness and understanding of the plan or pattern in Mind, brings into configurational representation the edifice. This is illustrative of the Natural Order Process in each particular differentiated field, from atom to galaxy, including the Cosmic-process as a Whole; therefore, any other idea or method of procedure is born of evil.

Lovers of the Gnosis are not patient, as many believe they are who witness the way they work; they simply understand this Natural Order functional process and endeavor to reflect it, pattern their own conduct and methods in accordance to it, with it, etc. "Thy will be done" in the outer sense as it is in Life-facts, the Real or inner fundamental sense, is no idle mumbling of words with these Lovers of the Gnosis. They know the Will of The Good will be done, even though multitudes oppose it, so they gladly and eagerly elect to go along with it. In consequence, these Lovers of the Gnosis work with one, their own respective selves, then with helping one, then one, continuously and everlastingly - one; until in due course they become aware that this is really It! There is only One! That the One is only and always one and is found in one; one atom, one cell, one organism, one person, one group, one culture, one people, one world, one universe, etc. The oneness - of whatever segment of the spiraling whole - in unity reveal the One which in Itself represents the Three.

Evil appears where separateness begins, disappears in unity. Evil, in the ultimate analysis, is caused by dichotomy. To


successfully fight evil, work for integration, union, unity and oneness. Do not mistake this for external pressure to produce regimentation; for this is the precise opposite. No effort, pressure, etc., arbitrary to the Binding Power - Love-force can effect oneness. Ideally, man-made laws are made to restrain the sick (physiological and psycho-logical), the irresponsible, those who have no consciousness of responsibility, to safeguard orderliness and to protect the younger ones - even against themselves. But all too often man makes laws to fortify a selected few in their devised dichotomies, thus sowing the seed of more evil. Evil grows in all those 'things' which create and sustain and multiply divisions, until it destroys all. All opposition to Love-force, the functional aspect of The Good must, by operation of Natural Law, be overcome. This is the negative phase of dialectical determinism, or dialectical determinism in reverse.

Functional forces of The Good are called dialectical determinism, functional or operational forces of the Evil are labeled the reversal of dialectical determinism. Ultimately and in any or every case, the results are the same - compliance with The Good, or annihilation.

* * * * * * *

Orientation of consciousness - by each developing Be-ing - to or on the Mind-level has been described as the Work-to-be-done for and in this New Cycle.

Underlying this there is a structure which must be understood for intelligent cooperation with and furtherance of this truly Great Work, the Dharma characterizing the New Age. More strictly speaking this structure represents a dynamic functional process within a definitely greater and more comprehensive structure-function; like a smaller wheel revolving within a larger revolving wheel. Using this crude analogy,


let us label the smaller wheel: a duality of psychic-nature and 'physical' body; the body as a representation in living-matter substance of the ensemble of qualities in the psychic-nature. And the larger wheel - also an apparent duality of Mind-Sphere (Autonomous Field) and configuration - the configuration as representation in energy substance (at the atomic and sub-atomic levels) of the pattern, Arche, of the field, or a representation of the State in which Power-to-be-conscious is conscious in Mind-Sphere Substance.

Since the advent of man, in the long evolutionary process, a psychic-nature has differentiated within the animal group-soul, or animal oversoul, and has long since become independent thereof; but has, with few exceptions, remained oriented to the animal nature. This may be described another way: with the appearance of man in the aeonian evolutionary process, certain animal group-fields have expanded into race-psyches, or race oversouls, and a given psychic-nature (person) represents an individual differentiation of and in one of those race oversouls; but in the largest number of these differentiated psychic-natures (persons) the influence of the qualities of the animal nature predominate.

In what is called the civilized level of human beings (and since World War I has facetiously and even derisively been called 'civilized') the problem of good and evil has centered on man's struggle with or against his own animal instincts, urges, nature, etc., and in the main with disastrous consequences; for proof witness the increase in mental cases as the result of this conflict. The allusion to mental cases is to only a fraction of the consequences of this conflict, for the generation of the causes for most of the diseases (viroses, etc.) afflicting modern man stems from this conflict, saying nothing about the untold psycho-logical anguish, fear of after-death states, sense of guilt, loss of self-respect and faith. One of the pur-


poses for writing this treatise on the problem of good and evil, and for all students of the Gnosis, is to point out the logical error in and fallacy of suppressing, fighting and dominating evil; we should stop creating it by compliance with The Good. Those who advocate fighting evil are representations of evil, whether they are conscious of it or not. Like those who take a dogmatic stand (where they stop abstracting, there they begin to dogmatize) on division, separation, etc., thereby placing their motives in question, which if inquired into would also reveal advocates of evil.

All this - and much, much more should be written about it - points up the Dharma for the New Cycle, for this highest objective, duty, work-to-be-done, focuses attention on reorientation of consciousness, in our respective psychic-selves, to the Mind-level (consciousness in the smaller wheel transferring to the larger wheel, causing the spinning of the smaller wheel to stop as the transfer becomes complete). In the process of this reorientation of consciousness to Mind-Self, elementalistic and animal qualities, all representations of repressed evils (diseases) together with results of mentalizations about these and other objects of sense will disappear - gradually of course - from the 'physical' body. And with the acceleration of activity (vibration) in the constituents of the configuration - which, due to the acceleration, becomes a vehicle of light - begins the development of the immortal body; this mortal body shall put on the immortal, "For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality." Gradually the configuration, as light, shines through the dense tamasic animal living-matter substances created by and representative of qualities in the psychic-nature while oriented to the animal nature. This, and more, is only the effect of the reorientation process on or in the representation 'side' of the 'dualities'; what about con-


sciousness functioning in Mind-Self and on Mind-level? The description of which would be beyond belief, as it exceeds by far the orthodox, metaphysical portrayal of heaven in some so-called after death (objective and literal) world. Our aristotelian and literal minded orthodox friends have misread the meaning which the word death signifies. The dead and buried Spiritual Self - Mind-Self and Its configurational representations - heaped over and entombed in a mass of animalized matter rises from this death in sense and evil, puts on its shining garb of light-energy substance and consciously takes Its place with the immortal gods - Herenow - in the next and coming phase of the evolutionary process! Passing out of the 'physical body,' in and with the psychic-nature, necessitates a return to another 'physical body,' until consciousness can break with orientation to the animal nature, reorient to Mind-Self and pass out of the psychic-nature, over into the Spiritual or Mind-Self!

This forever solves the relative problem of good and evil - as well as the relative good and relative evil problem - and establishes the Absolute Good, in which no evil can be.

* * * * * * *

The highest level of the psychic-nature has been designated mental, intellectual, represented by a corresponding highly organized cortex wherein functions of coordinated banks of neurons - running into millions of neurons per bank, or group - result in conceptual thinking.

Knowing, without thinking - complete quiescence of the cortex on the concept level and intensifying force-currents of the psychic-nature centers in the conarial center at the top of the head, is called true intuition, a function of Mind.

Between these two - mental level, conceptual thinking in the psychic-nature and Knowing on the Mind-level - is an


area in consciousness which can be likened to a bridge between the psychic-nature and Mind-Self; the Autonomous Field. It is sometimes called a bridge, on the grounds that the activities and functions of consciousness in this area partake of both, or a combination of fast, quick conceptual thinkings and Knowings; and it is a provision of the Organizing aspect of the Power-to-be-conscious that this area be utilized for a gradual evolutionary transition of consciousness from the psychic-self to the Mind-Self, from the personality to Individuality, or from the process of Becoming to the Processes in Be-ing.

For thousands of years in ancient Egypt, those selected for special development were trained to orient self-awareness on this level; they called it The Garden of Aarru - from which came our Scriptural "Garden of Eden" and the idea of the "Garden of the Gods" - for on this level contact with the Higher Beings could more easily be made. Whereas the goal of this new cycle is to effect the transition to the Mind-level, in old Egypt the highest objective was to reach the Garden of Aarru. (In the early organization phases of this new cycle, and in the United States of America, we are to witness a great influx of these former and best developed Egyptians; with this in mind it is quite interesting to observe the large number of precocious children now to be seen everywhere.)

If the consciousness of a given person would, for a short period, become established on the Herenow (space-time-continuum) level upon or in which the evolutionary process operates and would 'return' to us for a report, he would say: "relative to your biological time, to your cortical sidereal time, to the time sense in your respective psycho-logical private worlds, and even to harmonic time in the race-psyche, those Great Beings governing the evolutionary process do not function; nor do They know these kinds of time." "What


is to you a million years, or any number of years, does not exist to Them." "They function in eternity, which is the complete absence of all kinds of time that you know; and there is no use trying to describe it to you for you have nothing in your experience which would enable you to understand it."

But we are an impatient aggregation of persons, when we really see that there is a Work-to-be-done, even though we are convinced that we are in the evolutionary stream, we are not content to wait any ten million years or any ten thousand years to get the Work done; we want to do it right Now. And we discover a way whereby it can be done! This discovery, or way to get the Work which is laid out for us over and done, is called "The Spark-over."

This "Spark-over" is comparable to an electric spark which leaps a gap. Those of you who have seen man-made lightning at one of our world's fairs or elsewhere will know that this gap between a positive and negative pole can be thirty feet or more, which is quite impressive. In these demonstrations of man-made lightning there is a considerable build-up of energy in specially built transformers before the spark leaps the gap. In a man this area in the structure of his psychic-nature, called Aarru, is where his energy is, or can be, built up. Not by the repression of forces expended in generation but by the liberation and direction of these forces to this area - reached by directing generative force through the conarial center at the crown - which releases the great force in the sacral center. With the build-up of these energy currents in "The Garden," the evolutionary leap is effected; "in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed."

The reason that there are so few who are inclined to pay the price in effort to accomplish this "spark-over" method is due to the inability of really seeing and understanding the Work-to-be-done; hence these educational programs, such as


the courses of instruction given in the School of the Natural Order. There are many evils, unknowingly engendered by good intentioned "blind leaders of the blind," which must be understandingly counteracted before some persons can see the Work-to-be-done. This in itself imposes quite a Work-to-be-done, but there is no other way out; we go on together in groups or we don't go on; i.e., we must form a new race-psyche in order to go on.

* * * * * * *

In the first stages of developing consciousness of Individuality, the concept of personality becomes focalized into egoism - intensification of I-ness - before there can be a genuine surrender of self to that Individual, or Higher Self we call the Mind-Self. As there can be no personality, feel of being a person, without many points of reference in a particular race-psyche, so there can be no ego without developing - and in some cases assuming - a positive charge in and to those many points of reference (other persons) in that context we label a race-psyche. Those in whom this self-confidence, intensification of I-ness, ego, etc., has been developed are the most valued men and women in an organized society; but they can become a real danger to society if this ego gets out of line with the true Individualizing process, for they then become the creators of evil. In line with the Natural Order in the Individualizing phase of the Cosmic, or evolutionary process they are called gifted, natural leaders, quality to emulate, esteemed, honored, etc.; which means that these valued ones are in advance of the dead level or average state of development of the society in which they live. Their karmic responsibility is, therefore, much greater than any of the lesser developed; for if they use their superior abilities, powers, attributes, etc., for selfish purposes they are in grave dan-


ger of losing their evolutionary status. Here is where the philosophical, or ideological, ideas, ideals and principles - as ground - of the race-psyche play such an important part for the good or evil of the members of the society to which they belong.

However, this ego must be developed, its possible dangers faced and somehow or other surmounted before the surrender of it to the greater Self can be made. This surrender reaches a point of zero-awareness; of myself I am nothing. Those who have fallen into the trap of pride in intellectual acuteness, mental prowess, etc., have created an evil which operates on the mental level; and a most difficult undertaking is ahead of them to surmount this evil. To avoid this great evil the "treader of the Path" should as early as possible keep before him: "Of myself I am nothing," "why callest thou me good? for there is only One Good," "The Father worketh hitherto and I work," "The all is God, for He - the Cosmic-process - is all in all." This should be a must in training and raising children; for thus the mental functions are developed as a fine instrument for the use of the Greater One. It can become an exciting as well as pleasurable creative offering to perfect and sharpen up this instrument for Him! Naturally and gladly will one so trained reach the zero-point in self-surrender.

* * * * * * *

If we could be at peace in leaving many asleep in ignorance, particularly when we witness their struggles to awaken, the following would not be introduced and classified a most deceptive evil. The reference is made to the spectacular observance of Easter Sunday. To Those who see clearly, this Dionysian pageantry and Apollonian spectacle could be given as it is now being given - provided the emphasis was given to remembrance of and in anticipation of the Awakening


Christos Power within the consciousness of each participant. But where every device is used to divert attention away from Self to an ancient allegorical person, the whole resting on belief fortified by arousing deep-seated and powerful emotions, the race is faced with a subtle and dangerous evil, an evil which has utilized the finest and best in human nature to further unconscious - or perhaps in some, conscious - ulterior motives. The danger lies in the inevitable recognition of the deception; if the leaders and designers of these pageantries and spectacles could forever keep these multitudes of dynamic persons from awakening, there would be no danger to them and the institutions which they represent.

These leaders could, even now, change the idea of the Resurrection by giving the truly wonderful and most beautiful gospel story as an allegorical portrayal of the Resurrection toward which we are evolving, and in anticipation we eagerly look forward to and work for - the greatest advent which can happen to man! For how about the noble civilizations which existed, with their teeming millions, before His alleged date? How about the countless millions who never hear of Him? How about those other millions who reject the objectifying idea? And in the evolutionary stream, how about the great cultures yet to come, wherein the literalized and historicalized allegorical representation of the Resurrection of the Christos will seem unbelievably childish? The answer to these questions has been and is still being given (and imagine on the radio; the development and perfection of which has opened a world of fundamental facts anent the structure, function and order of Cosmos which gives empirical substantiation to the True Resurrection) - they will all burn in hell forever! These leaders of the many sheep-like followers must stop this beautiful, respectable, yet deceptive


evil, before they bring the devastating holocaust upon all that they hold most dear, and upon all the rest of us!

* * * * * * *

"The source of all evil is in the very substance of man. To extirpate this evil we must neutralize not only the instincts inherited from our animal ancestors, but the superstitions transmitted by our human ancestors, the excrescences of an uncontrolled mental activity, of misguided ambitions, and replace them with the sense of human dignity."

This quotation from Lecomte de Nouy, a concise summarization of his thinking and attitude toward the problem of good and evil as applicable to the world problem, is exemplary of expressions of many brilliant predicators anent the world problem. But, this expression of opinion, the lengthy and detailed explanation gives as elucidation of it, represents a transposition of effects into 'causes' leaving the fundamental cause undiscovered; for example: the source of all evil is not in the very substance of man - if we mean by the word substance, energy-living-matter fields in which the consciousness with which man functions is differentiating its self-awareness; neither is the source of all evil in the very substance of man - if we mean by the word substance, the psycho-logical or psychic background of animal, generative, instinctive, etc., elementalistic forces and ancestral ignorance, superstitious fears, beliefs, etc., held over in the race-psyche. In both respects these are effects - as representations of specific states in the expanding processes of consciousness and could not be labeled evils even though contrasted with a mentalized manifold of values offered or imposed upon a generalized concept of present-day status in evolution of a designated culture.

Evil is rigorously relative, relative to a blockage of Crea-


tive forces of The Good - Cosmic-process - at a given point in time, to a designated event, etc. The Good is absolute - in, or to, one state, to all states and in Itself.

* * * * * * *

For those who cannot as yet perceive fundamental causative factors, i.e., the etiology of phenomenal effects, there is one unfailing rule which can be applied as definitive about evil. The rule: That which circumscribes or prevents liberty of choice and/or freedom of movement - of a given 'thing,' person, etc., and within the natural limits of structural relationships, state of development, position occupied in the Cosmic-process, etc. - can be called evil, for it is the sole creating cause of evil.

If we understand that the meaning which the words liberty and freedom represent is not the same meaning which the word license stands for, and taking the explanatory verbs, qualifying and limiting adjectives for granted, we could reduce the rule to six words: That which curtails liberty creates evil.

This rule has an impregnable foundation; for that which outstandingly characterizes the evolutionary process - from the formation of the cell, on - is the groping for, the finding of and the provision for, liberty. Where the organisms in the evolutionary stream have not found (afforded) liberty of choice and freedom of movement - out and on - they have been cast aside and have died. We can read this aeonian search for liberty as a declaration of the evolutionary process some hundreds of thousands of millions of years before Patrick Henry formulated it in words. Those who Know the truth - to us the intrinsic workings of the Cosmic or evolutionary process - also know that liberty and freedom, absolute and complete, represent the end product thereof; and that evil is the result of interference with the evolutionary pro-


cess. This means, that any interference with a part, phase or aspect of the Cosmic or evolutionary process is an interference with the whole, and the cause of evil.

So it has been said: "Evil is the measure of distance between truth and the soul"; but, relative to a given person, evil is that which prevents the free expression of Truth - the Good - in him and at his basic evolutionary point in the unfolding process. Not until we understand this in a person - oneself - can we apply it to a society, culture, the world, etc. When we see this, understand it, we will know that the only successful way to fight evil is by liberating Truth - The Good - in our respective selves and at our basic state in Self-awareness. However, this is a large order; for when evil "comes in" to communal and national life, many cower in fear before it, leaving it free to uproot the very foundations of that society, to spread confusion, until that people exhibits no standard of high purpose, no aim, except to stay alive!

Our Patrick Henrys must writhe - not in their graves, for they are not dead - in shame and self-mortification; is this the people for whom they created a new form of government? based on Freedom and Liberty! It would sound, to those whose highest aim is to make money, hold a job, "stay alive," melodramatic; and it would be called "corn," for someone to declare in the face of those protagonists of evil, "give me liberty or give me death!"

* * * * * * *

Many of the "hair shirt type" of anchorites view the sense faculties as evil, sources of evil and representations of evil. The vogue of the images of three little monkeys, with the motto: "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil," was a modification of the view held by these anchorites. Is there really any justification in Life-facts for this evaluation, attitude or view?


Yes, strange to say, there is; but it is due to a confusion in making a fraction of truth the whole truth. An identification of a small aspect with the Whole.

These anchorites do see that the reports of the sense faculties to the Presiding Spirit are false, untrustworthy and misleading; but they do not see that this is only relative. Relative to the consciousness - Presiding Spirit - on its psychic and/or Mind-levels these reports are false, but relative to the objective level or state, they are not false; but rather marvelously designed for the purposes and functions for which they were intended. On the objective level these sense faculties, with their intricately designed neural energy-matter organizations, are not only trustworthy, they represent the only instrumentalities with which consciousness can function. To tell a person who knows of no other level - or that there are 'levels' - upon which he can function, i.e., who has never experienced any other level than the objective world of things and objects, that his faculties of sense perception are false, misleading, evil, etc., is to outrage his intelligence. He would naturally think that the one foolish enough to say such a thing was crazy; for did he not depend entirely upon that which he saw, heard, etc., was this not to him the only reality?

The Great Organizer guiding the evolutionary process developed these sense faculties for purposes other than for functioning on the objective level. This does not become apparent until after the evolutionary process has carried man beyond and into the focalization of consciousness in psycho-logical processes. Until that point is reached or developed in a given person, the fact of correspondences or extensions of sense faculties to the psychic-nature must remain an idea or concept - to be accepted or rejected. The transference of consciousness from objective identifications with the manifold of values pertaining thereto, to the psycho-logical processes


- awareness of functional motives, operations, etc., anent feelings, desirings, lovings, emotings and thinkings - is called the First Crossing or the First Transition, in the instruction as given in the School of the Natural Order. As has been previously described, this is not only needful but unavoidable as preliminary to and in preparation for the Second Crossing, or transition of consciousness, to the Mind-level. To uncover and bring into the light of understanding all the heretofore hidden motives in feelings, etc., should be highly desirable, saying nothing of the wider field of awareness in which the counterparts or extensions of the sense faculties function on the psycho-logical level, in the psychic-nature.

For the average - those who represent the mean or middle phase - in the evolutionary status of our occidental culture the transference of consciousness to the psychic-nature is the next rung on the spiraling ladder of evolution - development. Hence the general and widespread interest in psychiatric subjects as this phase is dawning. For those who would like to advance their understanding of this phase in the evolutionary process it is suggested that they study, "A Grammar of Motives" by Kenneth Burke, published by The Haddon Craftsmen, Inc., Scranton, Pa. The publishing of books on the subject of psycho-logical motives is significant and indicative of the turning point in the evolutionary process.

The particular point, however, for students of the Gnosis is to keep the levels, or states, sharply differentiated. This is precisely what the anchorites do not do; for as they experience the false reports and unreliability of sense functions on and relative to psycho-logically developing awareness, they are inclined to label these sense functions evil, no truth, substance or reality in them and the matter with which they are concerned. It may sound noble to them to categorically call sense functioning a lie, an evil, the father of all lies, having


no truth in them, etc., but it sounds foolish to those limited to sense and also to those who understand the relativity of functions on different levels.

The use of the polemical expression, "the lie, and the father of it," is justified if one can sharply differentiate a substantively appearing image from the configurational reality - with which it is generally identified - and apply it to values given to the image. Even then it must be remembered that only relative to the psycho-logical frame of reference, standpoint, values, etc., do the sense faculties represent a blockage which could be called evil.

But those subscribing to the anchorite pursuance or methodology, becoming impatient with the interference of sense functioning (thinking, etc.) in orienting consciousness to psycho-logical - called "spiritual" - processes, consider these interferences evil. Life-facts invariably contradict this erroneous assumption, bring the sincere searcher for Truth back to evolutionary reality, and in due course develop understanding of its nature, operations and functions.

* * * * * * *

The metamorphosis of living-matter into energy, and energy into Light - into the Light-Self as the Resurrection - represents the unfolding process of the infolded universe. This infolding-unfolding represents the two poles of the Cosmic-process, the unfolding phase called the evolutionary stream or just evolution. (See diagram, "The Synthesis of All Fields or Logos" page 58.)

The little circle in the middle of the two larger triangles represents that which is beyond eternity, beyond name and form, known only by its resonant properties. When we consciously tune in to the registry of waves and frequencies from the Light spheres, differentiating these from phenomenal ef-


fects on the psychic level, we know them by their clear resonance, like a sounding forth of a continuous high-pitched note; objectively, ranging from the level of the ears to two feet above the head. This continuous resonance or sounding forth is called "the word" which was "in the beginning"; it is a synthesis of all resonance, or resonant properties, of all possible waves and frequencies, the creative sound - AUM.

The differentiated fields - in and representing that which we call the Cosmic-process - or the spheres which eventuate out of the Undifferentiated Oneness, are all sustained by the synthesis of the resonance, the Creative Power; the Creative Sound represents THAT which most immediately engages our attention. As we break out of the limitations within our respective private worlds, out of our abstractions, out of being content in mentalizing within the limitations of that which concerns the ego and as we liberate ourselves from the confines of the sense faculties (that is, limited to functioning in sense faculties) we are in and become conscious of the Creative Sound. Let us condense the preceding sentences of this paragraph: in the degree that each person breaks out of self-limitations, he becomes conscious of Resonance, the Creative Sound.

This becoming conscious of the continuous Creative Sound signalizes the beginning of the Second Transition, the Second Crossing. For those who are helped by analogies: it is like standing under a mighty water fall, where one feels the earth trembling and shaking, but is more conscious of the continuous roar of the falling water; only the pitch of the overall note is very much higher. In actual experience the breakthrough is known by hearing a high pitched singing-sound, ringing-sound (do not mistake this for a singing, which pertains to the psychic-level; this "break-through" is from the psychic-nature, or level, to the Mind-Self or Mind-level),


in and around the head, rising at times and seemingly as much as two feet above the top of the head. Many mistake it, at first, as something wrong with the configurational 'mechanism' of hearing, and have gone to ear specialists, who found nothing amiss, etc. No doubt but that there are some forms of physiological and mental disorders which produce sounds, which one so afflicted hears, giving grounds for some identifications. Experiencing "inner-ear" hearing Resonance - the dominant note of the Universe of Being - is accompanied with a deep inner feeling of peace; entirely different from anything ever known before or found in 'objective,' or psychic, sense. Try to describe to a person who never had the sense of taste what sugar tastes like, and you will quickly grasp the idea that here we must let further description of the subject rest; for as your chore would be centered on restoring the sense of taste in the person, so our work centers on awakening consciousness in others to perception of Mind - the permanent, invariant Reality.

The earth-trembling and shaking effect which is experienced - as mentioned in the analogy - is due to the shaking up, or jarring loose of all matter and qualities in the psychic-nature which have to be expurgated and which cannot be used in configurating the New Temple or Body of Light. In our Scriptures this is called "casting out all evil"; it is the metamorphosis of matter and energy into Light, the transfigurational process.

* * * * * * *

Those who personify evil - evil incarnate - have learned that the psychic-nature of each (meaning each person) functions only by reflection; although they may give different labels to this. For instance: these evil ones will reiterate a lie - the bigger the lie the better - keep on repeating, reiterating, giving new emphasis to the same old lie, until many


register and reflect it; the reflecting is what is called believing.

There are only two types - grades in evolution - who can resist functioning by reflection; i.e., under the power of suggestion: those who are sufficiently individualized - to a measurable degree no longer focused in the psychic-nature - and those who are firmly oriented to the Mind-Self, or the Mind-level. (There is a third type which simulates one or other of these two: those who are positively charged with force of opposite suggestion. In these it depends upon which charge is stronger, the force of suggestion or the charge characterizing the force of a priori registered countersuggestion. This causes the maintenance of position, in the third type, to be precarious.) Intellectuals are more susceptible to reflection - suggestion - than the submental types, on the grounds that their forces of consciousness have been pulled out and away from Natural Order functions of the psychic-nature and into objectively based private world concerns, leaving the main functional operations of the psychic-nature unprotected and exposed.

That which sharply differentiates what is called black-magic from white-magic - and fundamentally evaluated - is not in any generalization about good and evil, but rather in a question anent each minute particular in thought, feeling and action while in association or relationship with another person. The question: Is this representative of evil - that which I think is good for him - or is this representative of The Good intrinsically operating in his own nature? This pin-points the use of this power of suggestion, and in thought, feeling and action ("action" here meaning the spoken or written word, as of course, any conduct which might be emulated or imitated). (Now do not get disgusted and throw this book away, saying or thinking "that is drawing the line too fine," "impossible in practice," "clear out of this world," etc.; for this sets forth an impersonal evaluation - in the problem


of good and evil - of that which distinguishes black-magic from white-magic; and at the same times describes the state of consciousness toward which we are growing, developing, evolving, etc., and, in order to keep in the evolutionary stream, must eventually be accomplished.)

However, we can pick up a good and valuable tip from these personifiers of evil; let us enunciate the Truth (let us also not forget the referent for the word - Truth), keep repeating It, reiterating It, and giving ever renewed emphasis to It, until the Positive Charge of Truth overcomes and vanquishes all evil.

* * * * * * *

For a student of the Gnosis: To work understanding into clear perception of this Cosmic-process, in which - essentially - you are integrated and which governs, sustains, motivates and directs all that IS, a few simple rules must be observed.

1) Do not try to fit descriptions of the Cosmic-process, any phase or aspect thereof, into your frame of reference (your preconceived notions, concepts, attitude and outlook toward "life," the universe, etc.).

2) From start to finish Attainment, Liberation, Understanding is characterized by self-surrender to the Power-to-be-conscious in you; never to any one, organization, system, ideology, etc., outside of you.

3) Learn conscious abstracting, in order to protect yourself from dogmatizing, and from dogmatizations. For where one stops abstracting, there he begins to dogmatize.

4) Train your thinking, evaluating, reactions, etc., exclusively to this world as a dynamic energy-system, not 'things' or 'objects'; that is, think in terms of forces, waves and frequencies ("vibrations") which motivate every 'thing,' event, happening and phenomenal appearance.


5) Assume and maintain the position (state) of a gnostic and an agnostic in one - in one attitude. This means: do not make a final acceptance of any 'thing' - thought, idea, pronouncement, statement, etc. - until you have proved it by experience in your own functional processes and after you have checked and double-checked against possible self-psychologization; and at the same times do not reject, shut out or close yourself to any 'thing.' This gnostic-agnostic attitude is called "standing on extensional grounds."

6) Do not forget that you function - and can only function in a state or on a level - by reason of a creative-force in you; therefore, the secret of Attainment, Liberation, Understanding, is to consciously control, regulate and direct that creative-force or energy.

7) The ultimate and final Liberation is to become consciously identified with the Power which is Conscious of Itself.

Relative to the understanding of Those who have attained anent the Path or Way to clear perception and Liberation, and departure from the synthesis of these rules - as the modus operandi - is labeled, by Them, as some form of evil. But these rules were never given to those who were not sincere in their seeking to Know and Understand the Truth; nor are they intended here for the crowd. Hence, the opening sentence, "For a Student of the Gnosis."

The question might very well be asked: then why put these rules in a book, a book which may be intended only for students, but goes into general circulation? The only answer which seems to fairly meet the question is that in olden times - before the printed word - those with an urge to become students were conditioned by accepted racial values, customs, etc., to go looking for a teacher; for the simple reason that communication was only by the spoken word. In


those times higher instruction was never given to a woman, so the seeking male youths gathered around a teacher, traveled - on foot - with him, foraged the countryside for food, found a place to sleep and generally, in any and every possible way, took care of the teacher and themselves. From Egyptian, Oriental, Greco-Roman times down to Paracelsus (European times of the sixteenth century) this was the only way "to seek and to find." Then, as now, this did not apply to the prescribed orthodox systems of what is called education, if and where such existed.

From the surface aspect - but not fundamentally - how 'times' - customs, usages, mores, etc. - have changed! No discrimination is made about the sexes; instruction is not only given to women but they now are valued for three specific 'reasons' - which are more in the nature of recognition of three intrinsic qualities. They personify the preservative-force of the World Genetrix, their nature functions more in the feeling-intuitive method of approach to Higher Perception and energy-substance (of the Cosmic-process) flows through them to the creating opposite pole, without which there would be no creating opposite pole, without which there would be no creating effort in what is called "life." Instruction to woman is therefore designed to bring her understanding to the acceptance of and intelligent cooperation with this High Office.

No longer can teachers travel around - on foot - with a 'gang' of youths! They would be run out of town or locked up in some hoosegow - perhaps put on a chain gang to repair roads with guards having loaded rifles "at ready" standing around watching them. We now have grade schools, colleges and universities where one is supposed to get 'educated' along carefully prepared and supervised channeled lines of coaching, for and as preparation to cope with "life's problems."

And we now have the printed word, where in only a few


countries (at this date 1952) this method of communication can be employed. Therefore, what must be said and intended only for students - which means all and none - of necessity has to be printed, mailed out and given the unavoidable general circulation, thus allowing each for himself to do his own choosing. He can elect himself a student seeking Wisdom and Understanding, or not; so everyone can practice "living and let live," if he cannot rise to the higher estate of "living and help live."

Do you not think that anything short of this "cometh from evil"?

* * * * * * *

We can now chart the 'stream' of the Evolutionary Process! To those of us conditioned in our occidental culture - the legacy handed down to us from ancient Greece - this indeed represents a startling and an electrifying pronouncement. Emergent consciousness, after organizing Cosmos out of Chaos, groping through the unimaginable millions of years in perfecting configurational vehicles and instrumentalities in Light-energy-living-matter substances with which to become Self-conscious, can now review and chart the past out of which It has emerged; and also can clearly and accurately perceive and chart that "course of Destiny" yet to be fulfilled.

As the Eye of Mind opens, giving one the first insight into this stupendous process, he is stricken dumb and dazed, lost in wonderment.

Only after recovery, descending to a lower state of self-awareness, can he think about what he has seen. But he has forever been changed. He knows that the only worth - here or hereafter - is in complete cooperation with the Evolutionary Plan. Any and every problem anent Evil is resolved; only that which operates adversely to fulfillment of Destiny is Evil. And even in that as in all - there is only The Good.