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"They say the path is difficult.  Allah forgive them!  I passed so easily.  The Holy Spirit is my every breath.  Perhaps I am the second Jesus - who can say?" Gharib Nawaz, Sufi Mystic

"When you make the two as One, and the inside like the outside, you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."  Jesus, Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

"We are imprisoned within a body, like an oyster within a shell."  Plato

"Excuse my enthusiasm - or rather madness, for I am drunk with intellectual vision." William Blake, poet

"To know Tao is the most wonderful thing in the world."  Lao Tzu

"To the man without understanding, the world is as it is.  To the man with understanding, the world is as it is."  Zen Buddhist saying 

"I looked for Him on the Christian cross, But he was not there.  I went to Hindu temples and shrines - but nothing.  I visited the Ka'aba in Mecca, I did not find Him.  I questioned learned scholars, but He outstripped their understanding.  Finally, when I peered into my own heart- there, and nowhere else, was His home."  Rumi

"Seek and you will be troubled.  Be troubled and you will be astonished.  Be astonished and you will rule over all things."  Jesus, Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

"After I'm gone, some of you will seclude yourselves in the forests and mountains to meditate, while others may drink rice wine and enjoy the company of women.  Both these kinds of Zen are fine, but if some of you become professional clerics, babbling about 'The Way of Zen', you are my enemies."  Zen Master Ikkyu

"Behold the One in all things.  It is the second that leads you astray." Kabir, 15th Century Indian poet

"Hence it is that man may find in the Bible the reflex of his own mind, whatever the tone of that mind may be.  The knowledge of God is so small:  that which man has grasped of His nature is so little, that each person who lives on past revelations, and cannot or will not extend them, must find in the Bible the reflex of his mind.  He goes to find his own ideal, and lo! it is mirrored for him in the utterances of those who spoke for persons on his mental plane.  If no one seer can satisfy his ideal, he selects from many the points which please him, rejects the remainder, and manufactures his own revelation piecemeal.  So it is with all sects.  Each frames its own ideal, and proves it by revelations taken from the Bible.  None can accept the whole, because the whole is not homogeneous.  But each picks out its suitable pieces, and from them frames its revelation.  When they are brought face to face with others who have picked out other passages, then comes the twisting and distorting of words, the explanation (so they call it) and the commenting on texts:  the darkening of plain meaning:  the interpreting of sayings in a sense never meant either by the communicating spirit or by the prophet or teacher.  By this means inspiration becomes a vehicle for sectarian opinion; the Bible, an armoury from which each disputant may draw his favourite weapon; and theology, a matter of private notion, backed up by false and misleading interpretation."  +Imperator, as channeled by William Stainton Moses, and as documented in his book, Spirit Teachings.


From time to time Mystic Net feels inspired to post worthy quotes  concerning spirit and the mystical life.  Enjoy! 




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