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  • I find the issue of the historical Jesus to be one of great interest.  Would be great to see more of this on your site.  Also, any sites where I can find more information on this topic?  Colin M., UK  10/01    We at Mystic Net love Acharya S.' website, as it is chock full of all sorts of information on Christ, the Christ Myth and religion.  We also recommend Endventure for an absolutely thorough and stunning comparative article on Christ and the Christ Myth.  We have also included the article "Mythic Christ" on our opening page this month (November), and recommend that you avail yourself of it, as it is highly informative.  Also, see our comment below, about the lack of staffing over the Summer, and our commitment to scour the net for more articles of interest to everyone.  Thanks for the comment!


  • Informative and interesting.  More!  -- Lindy L., North Dakota, 10/01


  • When are you going to expand Yoga section?  Carmen Q., New Jersey, 9/01   I know, I know, it is time, it is!  For purposes of clarification, Mystic Net was sparsely staffed over the Summer and therefore couldn't go in search of cutting edge articles and information as we normally do.  But we're fully staffed once again and we assure you there are more great articles to come!


  • Info is great.  Where can I find an on-line community with people who believe in this stuff?  -- Anonymous 9/01     Thanks for the great question.  Mystic Net has a message board here and recommends that everyone feel free to use it to whatever degree they see fit.  However, there are a few other spiritual communities that we like, such as Circle of Inner Visions and the forums at Delphi.  Also, the selections are nearly infinite at Yahoo.  Check them out and have fun!    



  • This website is sort of on the edge.  I like it.  I'm interested in non-traditional spirituality, and this website gives me a lot of good information.  Thanks.  C. Naly, 8/01

    Thanks so much for the feedback!  We appreciate hearing from the visitors to our site.  For my information on great websites containing more of the same, please see our Links section. 


  • Thanks for making a website that isn't all angry.  I like how you present your case in a way that is not offensive. ...  7/3/01  


  • I encourage you to develop your yoga category.  There's so much more that can be said! I know it is a new site, though, and so far so good.  I enjoyed many of the articles.  Kenneth, California  5/01


  • I am skeptical of any psychic, still, even though such mediums as Edgar Cayce seem to be lauded here at this site.  No matter how they qualify their gifts, I cannot shake the feeling that perhaps the source of their so called "information" is more demonic in nature than anything else.  Carrie R., UK  4/01


  • I enjoyed reading about William Stainton Moses (The Mediumship of Stainton Moses); your site spurred me on to learn more about him, and others like him.  I find it particularly interesting that he had his roots in orthodox Christianity.  The thought that both mediumship and Christianity are not mutually exclusive is an encouraging one.  I suggest your site post some articles on the Fox sisters, as well.  Thanks!    Ursula P., Arizona  2/16/01  


  • I guess I never knew that reincarnation was actually an accepted idea, as is asserted in the article by Kevin Williams (Christian Reincarnation, the Long Forgotten Doctrine).  I was always brought up to think it was heresy, but that never really made sense to me; reincarnation seems so logical.  I am glad to know that the termination of reincarnation as a doctrine had more to do with politics and a certain group's avid belief rather than any sort of real truth.  Anonymous  1/01     


  • "Great article.  I used to have many of the same beliefs as fundamentalists, although I have never considered myself one, because of their snotty attitudes toward anyone who dares disagree with them.

    Now, though, I have seen the light and am much happier and free as a result. I have realized that many of those views were wrong, and am now more tolerant and enjoying of life.  I still attend church, although not every week, and I also realize that I am free to disagree with what I hear there.  I used to think that playing the lottery, drinking, dancing, and all sex outside marriage were wrong, but I know now that isn't the case.  Legalism hurts so many people, and if they'd get away from it, they would be so much happier."  PD Ladd, in response to The Fundamentalist's Problem.  12/24/00

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