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Below are some links recommended by Mystic Net. Many of the site owners have contributed content to Mystic Net.  

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Astrology, Tarot, Numerology

Planet Astrology - Pam Frank's thoroughly informative website concerning all things to do with Astrology.

Tarot Canada - A wonderfully detailed and informative website dedicated to explaining the Tarot and its many truths, as well as how we can successfully avail ourselves of this form of divination in a variety of ways.


Astral Dreamscape, The - A very interesting site that allows the visitor to to enjoy many articles, method links and shared experiences.  Also a wonderful message board.  

Aumara Light & Healing Circle, The - Healing, meditation, community.  Good site!

Endventure - A wonderful website by Brad Smith, who, as a former fundamentalist, has compiled an exhaustive and thoroughly compelling study on the historicity of Christ, as well as his present opinions on the state of religion today. -  Informative site which posts interviews from a variety of spiritual individuals, as well as an impressive list of essays, reviews and art.

Evolution Products - Comprehensive marketing resources and services for the New Age/Metaphysical and Self Improvement industries.  Recommended. 

Listening In - Website containing information regarding divination, inner guidance and lots of interesting links.

Martinus Institute Webpage - A very interesting site on Martinus Cosmology, a theory of life that can be studied without restriction and which concerns an all embracing spiritual science that describes and analyzes the spiritual laws of life. 

Metamind Publications - Browse the books and articles offered at this website.  Also affiliated with the Church of the Living Truth.

Path to the Source - George Hanover's compelling site filled with interesting channelings as well as information on channeling.

Pooled Resources -  Judith Poole's website offers information on nutrition, reiki energy healing, transformational healing and much more.  Products and workshops offered.

RealMagick -  Wonderful site featuring articles and information on a variety of topics.  Mystic Net is affiliated with this site.

Sacred Centers - Anodea Judith is a renowned author of several books, such as Wheels of Life, A Users Guide to the Chakra System, and Eastern Mind, Western Body.  Her website is uplifting and informative.

School of the Natural Order - Site loading with information on Vitvan, an American Gnostic teacher who outlined a tradition based system of esoteric thought coupled with the clarity of modern science and semantics.  Also provides information on the school itself. 

The Healing Spectrum - Diane Marcotte's website which covers such topics as holistic healing and the chakra system.

The Hermetic Library - The Hermetic Library is the creation of Al Billings and is his attempt to find a place to host his creations and those of others that would not otherwise be available. These creations are, by and large, of a spiritual focus but not the areas of spirituality that you will generally see within the mainstream of American culture.

Truth Be Known - Achayra S.' thought provoking website on the Christ Conspiracy, as well as other issues concerning the state of religion today.  

The Mystica - An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more...

www.Servadei.comSite dedicated to promoting individual healing and social harmony. 



Astral Dynamics -  Robert Bruce's site containing an enormous variety of articles and information concerning astral projection.  Robert Bruce is the author of Astral Dynamics, his most recent book, available in stores everywhere. 

Ballabene's Pages - A wonderful site for anyone interested in Astral Projection.  Alfred goes into depth regarding how to project, common problems with projection attempts, and things encountered when projection. 


Jean Flornoy's Nartoomid  - An excellent site offering an eclectic array of things from Jean Flornoy's own remarkable art (and how to acquire it) to her often-hilarious, often-touching personal journal.  Lots of links regarding website creation and design, most with a spiritual, mystical bent.  A must see. 

KathyAyn's Webworld - Interesting articles by this talented freelance writer

Web Stuff

bCentral - Offers articles, tips and resources focused on Webs site design, development and performance.  

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