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Story of the Soul Tarot Layout

I have developed the following reading based on some of the higher concepts and lower limitations of our souls. This is a 22 card spread and the whole deck is utilized. To prepare for the reading create your atmosphere as per your typical routine, I recommend a white candle. Close your eyes and focus your consciousness on your soul space, the space between your rib cage and your back. Relax and bring your focus inward. Inhale deeply and release the breath. Formulate the question "What is my soul's story?" and let it drop into your soul space, visualize or simply feel this occurring. Listen for the answer and continue holding the question in your soul.  Go to Article

Commentary on Zodiacal Magic 

The purpose of zodiacal magic is to allow the magician to approach, contact, and direct the energies of each of the Signs of the Zodiac.  This is first done when the Sun enters each of the Signs around the third week of each month, and can later be done at will by the magician.  The energies of the Zodiac have planetary and Elemental qualities to them, but on a much larger and potent scale than if either of them were invoked individually. Thus, the Fire of Aries is more potent than just Elemental Fire, and the forces of Mars more direct and focused than if Mars alone had been invoked. Go to Article

Mythic Christ

Who was Jesus? Seems like such a simple question. Yet the more we study the Life of Jesus the more difficult it becomes, there are so many opinions, so many interpretations and bluntly, so little historical fact. Yet the question which must be asked is whether the historical Jesus is of that much importance. If we were to discuss the power of the image of Osiris, Dionysius even Krsna, the immediate question is not where are they located in time or what is the proof of their historical existence. No, we examine them as mythic qualities, as images and icons, tales and legends which embody principles rather than history. This is not to deny that the historical element behind mythic figure is not interesting, intriguing, even important, but that it is SECONDARY to the mythic quality. Much the same needs to be applied to Jesus, the Jesus of history will never to truly found. The evidence is there, but is so fragmentary that every interpretation is possible. It is only when we enter into the mythic Jesus, the Cosmic Christ, that we can begin to interpret what the scant elements of history many mean.  Go to Article

He who knows not and knows not he knows not,
-He is a fool- Shun him.-
He who knows not and knows he knows not,
-He is simple- Teach him.-
He who knows and knows not he knows,
-He is asleep- Awaken him.-
He who knows and knows that he knows,
-He is wise- Follow him." -

~Arabian Proverb/Bruce Lee~

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