Edgar Cayce, the Faithful Psychic 


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Edgar Cayce --

The Faithful Psychic

       The reason I like Edgar Cayce so much is because his childhood and youth resembles mine so closely.   Not necessarily the specifics, such as his birthplace (Kentucky) or the manifestation of his awesome psychic abilities (I wish), but more importantly his affiliation and functioning role within a Fundamentalist Church.  In case you hadn't heard, Fundamentalism is not really the hot bed of esoteric, mystical thought.  That a man like Cayce lived and died in such an institution is fairly amazing. 

    Cayce was an integral part of his church, beginning from his days as an eager student in Sunday School, and including his participation in later youth as a Sunday School teacher.  As a Fundamentalist, his church and belief system must have been very strident and filled with immitigable absolutes.  When his psychic abilities began to manifest, it must not only have been intriguing and mysterious, it must have also been very scary for him.  You see, PSI, or psychic phenomenon, is largely considered to be "the devil's work" by those ensnared in Fundamentalism, as well as many other organized faiths.  Premonition, precognition, dreams and the like are considered spooky and other-wordly, and this in spite of the scores of examples in the bible of similar type phenomenon. 

    I find it noble indeed that, at some point, Cayce was able to transcend the confines of his religion and embrace the fresh epiphany God was intent on delivering to him, and through him.  In the beginning of his mediumship, Cayce agreed to conduct what were known as "health readings", whereby he vicariously scanned a querents health condition and offered diagnoses, as well as advice on healing and rehabilitation.  He took up this role after correctly diagnosing his own ailment, then prescribing the appropriate course of treatment for healing to take place.  (He was correct, and healing did, in fact, occur.)  Cayce agreed to continue in this newfound capacity as he wanted very much to help others, but also because many highly esteemed physicians, upon hearing of his miraculous insight and accurate diagnoses, persistently called for his participation. 

    However, Cayce, being the born and bred Fundamentalist he was, was clearly leery of his own gift.  At some point he determined that, in the event anything "contrary" to his beliefs and/or biblical knowledge ever occurred in one of his readings, he would cease them altogether.  At no point did he wish to operate outside the scope of that which he considered sacrosanct and holy.  He was able to "get away" with this for awhile, and continued on for some time giving health readings alone.

    The turning point came when Cayce agreed to a meeting with a male querent who requested not a health reading, but something called a "life" reading.  I imagine Cayce envisioned himself offering advice in some form or another on the young man's life, career and things of that nature. 

    However, what occurred, in and amongst other things, was the long recitation of the gentleman's past lives.  Cayce, in a trance at the time and unaware of his own words, only found out after the fact that he had indicated the man had past lives, and therefore concluded rather swimmingly that reincarnation was in fact a truth.

    This sent Cayce into a whirlwind, and I can only imagine his confusion.  I'd wager he was infinitely confused as to how to proceed from there, especially in light of his determination to stay within the confines of his beliefs, but also wanting to help all the needy querents that requested his services daily.  Ultimately, and quite valiantly, Cayce decided to continue with his readings, in time becoming as intrigued as his querents with the content of the sessions. 

    Cayce's career as a medium and prophet is well documented.  I would be unable to recount, with any sort of the due deference needed, the vast amounts of esoteric, biblical, spiritual and historical information imparted by Cayce while acting as conduit for the Universal Consciousness.  But there was much.  Because of his willingness to take a leap of faith, he blessed and enriched us all, and for years to come.

    Some look at Cayce's humble, structured beginnings, then his ultimate, rather elaborate end, and think that he, like King Solomon, lost his "first-love holy fire" and strayed from the path.  But I do not share the same opinion.  It takes a strong, courageous person to grab hold of the gifts imparted him by a brilliant and magnanimous God, thereby allowing himself to be used as a pathway to a higher power. 

    This is absolutely what Cayce did.  Perhaps his mediumship was unorthodox.  (Well, it assuredly was.)  But what of it?  Through his readings Cayce enlightened masses, facilitated the healing of thousands and transformed the people of his day, as well as generations to come.  It takes a faithful soul to stand in the gap and say, "I will, regardless."  It takes a faithful soul to break from orthodoxy and traditional thought, becoming a trailblazer for all that is Spiritual. 

    There are many examples throughout documented history of people who have done just that, with varying degrees of success.  Let Edgar Cayce's name be written among them.  

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