The Invisible Glass Structure

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The Invisible Glass Structure 

Copyright ã 2000-01 by Isaac E. Nwokogba.  Permission is granted to print the following article in your electronic or print publication(s) as long as no changes are made and the byline, copyright information, and resource box are included.  Please let me know by email if you use this article and a complimentary copy of your publication would be appreciated.  Thank you!

(This article is the second part in a series. Part 1 ended with the discussion of energy. In this second part, I examine the nature of the different dimensions in relation to energy).

As an analogy, assume that you have a glass structure of one hundred stories high. Because it is a glass structure, a person on any floor would be able to have a 360-degree view. We know that as you move from the bottom floor to the top, your views would become broader and farther with fewer obstructions from buildings, trees, and other tall structures. A person on the 30th floor would be able to see farther than a person on the 5th floor. Similarly, the view from the 100th floor would be much more broader than from the 30th floor.

Think of the tall glass structure as the different dimensions. They are all part of the same building, separated only by the different floors. Within this building, is our world as the first few floors and those who have passed through transition (the dead) occupy the subsequent floors. The different floors represent the different rates at which the personalities in the afterlife, and we on Earth, vibrate. We move up the different floors as we grow spiritually and acquire the necessary knowledge and experiences that qualify us to move up the stairs.

The necessary knowledge and experiences are acquired both in our world and in the afterlife, but mostly in our world. The higher the vibratory rate of the level in which people and personalities exist, the better the knowledge and the level of experiences one can have. These differences do not mean living in heaven or hell. They are simply where we are at a given point in time on our spiritual journey. As we evolve, we will all move higher and higher to the top levels until we reach our highest potential and further reincarnation becomes unnecessary.

Because most of the necessary qualifications are attained here on Earth, they cannot be acquired in one lifetime. Reincarnation offers us the opportunity to acquire the necessary lessons, learn, grow spiritually, and to move up the floors. As we alternate between life on Earth and the afterlife, most people move higher and higher up the stairs to the top floors.

The ascension to higher floors and the erasure of the memories of those who are unable to ascend to the higher floors in our analogy contradicts any belief in reincarnation in which a person can regress to a lower animal than human. We can only move up, not lower. Any belief in regression to a lower animal as a punishment for evil deeds, as some people believe, is erroneous and superstitious.

In our analogy of an invisible glass structure are invisible floors and ceilings, separating one level from another. These floors and ceilings are marked by a change in vibratory rate. Because these floors and ceilings are made of energy, it is possible for people and personalities on one floor to occasionally hear, feel, perceive, or have a glimpse of the floor above it, but not usually with the full knowledge and experiences associated with that higher level. However, a personality on a higher level can and do experience with full knowledge, all the experiences associated with all the levels below him or her, but not without effort. This will be explained more as we go further.

The above discussions bring us back to reincarnation and back to the central question about whether contact and communication with the dead is possible. When we reincarnate, we do so from whatever level we’ve reached and exist in the afterlife. And while here, we bring our experiences and knowledge with us. Since knowledge is never lost, we continually draw on these past knowledge and experiences, both ours and other people’s. We draw from past experiences up to the level we reincarnated from throughout life, whether we realize it or not.

From the foregoing discussions, the question is not whether there can be contact between the dead and the living. There can be. The issue now is the nature of these contacts and communications. Are they real contacts or is something else at work? These will be examined in the future parts in the series.

Isaac Nwokogba is a student of spiritual laws and author of two recently published books, "America, Here I Come: A Spiritual Journey" and "Seeds of Luck: The ABCs of Creating Your Heart's Desires." Previews of his current manuscript are available in series, free-of-charge, to anyone who is interested. This article is based on the Part 2 in the series. To subscribe, send a blank email to


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