Soul Mates---Fact or Fiction?

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   Edgar Cayce defined soul-mates as, "Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another...or in any such where they are a compliment one of another -- that is what is meant by soul-mate.  Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help."  

   Soul mates are not twin souls, for there is only one individual soul, but rather two souls inextricably linked, who have traveled together and known each other for lifetimes upon lifetimes.  Soul mates do not necessarily have to be romantic in nature, nor does the soul mate relationship have to involve any sexual connotation or sexual act.  Soul mates can just as well be tight-bonded friends, or two family members who are uncompromisingly close. 

   However, it is our common belief that our soul mate is our romantic equivalent, the "one" with whom we were meant to be and for whom we are destined.  This too can be true. How do we recognize our romantic soul mate?  Is it possible to miss our soul mate altogether?  

   You will encounter your soul mate in this lifetime.  You and your soul mate decided this before you incarnated on this earth plane.  It was your plan to meet up somehow, someway, even if for a brief time only; to make a lasting contact, fulfilling your mutual desire.  It is important to realize, however, that soul mate relationships do not come in standard shapes and sizes.  To place expectations and descriptions on the soul mate experience is to sometimes cancel it out entirely.  If we expect our experience to look a particular way, we may never recognize it when at last it materializes.  

   The idea of having a soul mate is not unlike the popular notion that we incarnate in soul groups.  The people most present in your life now most likely chose to be, as you chose to be with them, as well.  This can include parents, siblings, certain significant friends and acquaintances, sometimes even pets.  There are layers to soul groups, as well.  There is an inner nucleus, made up of a handful of deeply familiar souls, with the soul mate being centric at one point or another.  The inner nucleus operates like a close knit family, while reserving their own distinct and individual aspects.  There are others in the soul group as well, on the outer periphery, yet very close to the inner nucleus.  They know (and often love deeply) the souls in the nucleus very well and have met up with them in many incarnations before.  (Think of past lovers who didn't work out, but with whom you shared a significant bond.)  Beyond this inner periphery is another layer made up of familiar souls we have encountered many times before, but who have different earth plane experiences which seem to run in tandem with ours.  We may encounter them briefly, or they may be around intermittently, but they are never really part of the inner nucleus, or even those on the periphery.  (Think of friends you have a blast with, but with whom you  never share a significant experience or attachment.) 

   Again, at one point or another, the soul mate becomes centric in a person's inner nucleus. The term one point or another is used because it is not predetermined that the soul mate necessarily will stay for long periods of time.  Sometimes the soul mate in question is too passionate, too reckless, too distracted by karmic issues.  The other soul cannot navigate around them, yet they love them always, despite being unable to abide their presence (or vice verse). The connection never dies, however.  The relief comes in knowing that the love for the other soul will travel into the next life, and into all shared lives after that.  There is hope that enlightenment and progression will occur, and that  perhaps in a life yet to come both souls can share a better experience.  

   It is interesting to note, as well, that one of the soul mates can refuse incarnation, while the other one chooses to go forward.  In this scenario the soul mate that remains behind is a constant guiding force to the one who has incarnated, often visiting in dreams and at meditation times, as well as offering advice and counsel such as a spirit guide would.  The soul mate on the "other side" takes a vested, proactive interest in the incarnated partner, and often is much more present and accessible than a standard spirit guide might be.  

   One should not lament the fact that they have not yet encountered their soul mate.  It will happen, if it hasn't already.  The most telling clue in recognizing your soul mate is the frenetic psychic activity that accompanies the experience.  Thinking the other's thoughts.  Finishing their sentences.  Intuiting their moods.  Always thinking of them.  Thinking of them when they are thinking of you.  A passionate, unstoppable need which is hard to be explained, yet a very distinct and magnetic urge.  

   On the other hand, it may be that you have already encountered your soul mate, but did not recognize the experience.  If this might be you, try to sit down and contemplate your life a bit.  Think back to when you were a child, in school, and to when you were an adolescent.  Think of all the friends you made, the romantic partnerships you encountered.  Write down these names and any compelling attributes to the relationship which you still remember.  Then think further to your early adult life and beyond, continuing to write all the names, considering them carefully.  Does any person stand out?  Is there a fluttering in your chest when your eyes skip over a particular name?  If so, attempt to meditate on the name of that person, on the attributes and facets of him or her which you remember.  What made the connection so profound?  Do any of the examples given above (on how to recognize your soul mate) apply to the relationship in question?  It could be that you have known and loved your soul mate already.  This can be a relief for many, giving them permission to stop the search and be content with their life.     

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