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Mystic Net is interested in building a library of articles, the primary focus or content of which would be esoteric in nature, and geared toward the spiritual.  Articles should be submitted using a Word attachment, and may be sent via email by clicking below.   Although there are no article size limitations at this time, an article should not be too long or too brief.  The author is free to use his discretion as it pertains to the length of said article; however, should an article be unreasonable in length, the author will be notified promptly by Mystic Net.

    Mystic Net will not edit the content, substance and/or theme of any article submitted.  In addition, all representations made in a submitted article must be accurate and true.  When at all possible, please use footnotes and references to prove up any factual assertions made in your submission.  If Mystic Net determines that the subject matter is not accurate and true, the article will be rejected on those merits and returned to the author.

    Mystic Net does not purchase the articles it posts.  However, Mystic Net will list the author and will provide links as mutually agreed.

    All articles submitted for use by Mystic Net will be used solely for publication on the Mystic Net website.  Any other usage by Mystic Net or by the Mystic Net website administrator will be discussed with the author before usage in any capacity other than the Mystic Net forum. If discussion with and approval by the author is not granted, the article will not be published on Mystic Net.

    By submitting an article to Mystic Net, and notwithstanding anything contained in this use policy to the contrary, the author of the article is not restricted or limited to any other use of his/her own article.

    Please expect a delay of two days to a week for your article to be posted and appropriately linked throughout the site.  However, previous to publication on our site, Mystic Net will advise all authors of the acceptance (or rejection) of their article, as well as when the author can expect to see their article posted.

    Authors are encouraged to utilize all formatting and checking tools at their disposal, such as spell check, grammar check and the like.  Please make your article shine before its submission to Mystic Net.  

    At present, and since Mystic Net is for all intents and purposes a "new kid on the [web] block," we are most interested in receiving articles inclusive of the following subject matter:

  • Meditation           

  • Alternative Thought

  • Mysticism, mystical religions and religious practices

  • Yoga

  • Chakra and energy work

  • Eastern religious practices and how they can be reconciled with the practices and beliefs of the west

  • Divination

  • Psychic Phenomenon

    For more information about submission of a related article, or to submit your article via word attachment, please click here

    Thank you for considering Mystic Net as the publisher of your next article!


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